Mufti Menk – Migration within Ourselves!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming ninth connecting the pearls conference, which is a series of exam questions and tests. They emphasize the importance of learning to manage one's life and staying true to Islam, as it can lead to spiritual health. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the origin of the title of Islam and the use of the word Islam in English. The importance of following the Bible and not allowing people to commit suicide, and emphasizes the need for disciplined behavior and forgiveness. The speakers also stress the importance of changing one's behavior and not allowing people to commit suicide.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved brothers and sisters, Masha, Allah, Allah, I first want to commence In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala by saying Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. We start in his name Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy. When I started in the name of Allah, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala upon all conditions, we send blessings and salutations, upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, may Allah bless them all, and bless us all as well. So I'm so delighted to be a part of this beautiful connecting the pearls online conference entitled lockdown, and this is the eighth connecting the pearls conference. Now, my brothers and sisters, life has changed drastically over the last few months in this year 2020. And we need to realize one thing, and it's a very, very important thing,

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no matter what happens in our lives, our duties unto Allah remain the same, and the prohibitions shall remain the same.

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Allah Almighty has sent us on earth, He told us, I sent you onto this earth to test you.

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And in another place, he says, I sent you on to the earth. I created you, in order that you worship me. So he wants to see in good days. Do you worship Him? in bad days? Do you worship Him? Do you worship anyone besides him? Or just him alone? Very interesting. When I was much younger, I used to think to myself, Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us to test us What does that mean? And as I grew older, I started realizing that every day there is a new challenge in our lives. Every single day. Sometimes good things happen. A lot is just watching to see how we process these things. What we do, do good things make us haughty, arrogant, make us forget Allah turn away from him, or do they

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humble us? Do they bring us close to Allah? Do they help us change our lives? Do they make us give up sin? You know, beautiful drought of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allahu mfine behala Lika anharmonic was a ninny before Polycom and see wack. It's a powerful tool that we should be making supplication. It means Oh Allah, I seek independence. In fact, we're saying Allah hum makini Oh, Allah, I seek sufficiency in that which is halal so that I don't do that which is haram, make halaal enough for me sufficient for me, so that I never have to wander into haram territory. That's the first part of the drama, woven into the fabric and I grant me sufficiency through your virtue,

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so that I never depend on anyone besides you. Wow. So this is in all conditions.

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Sometimes bad things happen. So when bad things happen, Allah is just gonna watch you to say, do you turn away from Allah? Do you do haram to to help yourself? Or do you still stick to heroin, you might lose your job, you might earn less, you might not have enough money, you might have health problems, you might have lost a loved one. You might have had issues in your families, you might have been through struggles and floods and you might be falsely accused of something you might not be able to achieve something you really wanted to Allah knew this already. It's part of your exam questions. It's part of the test paper that Allah chose for you. And guess what, it becomes more

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difficult or it becomes more challenging as time passes. But if you build your faith in Allah, then definitely allow will make it easier for you. Even though the test is bigger, you find that this will be the case. The closer I get to Allah, the easier the test is, even though it's a bigger test. So Allah says, I will test you with bigger tests, bigger tests as you get closer to me, but they will become easier and easier to handle and manage. Some people cannot take a prick of a phone on their finger, whereas others the whole hand is chopped off and they're still saying and hamdulillah Allah Allah and Allah, Masha, Allah, Allah, the prophet SAW Selim says, Oh Allah, if you are not

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displeased with me, I'm okay. If you are happy with me, I am fine. Although he was being treated very badly in pif. May Allah protect us, so

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That's why the Hadith says the prophets who are most loved by Allah have the greatest tests. But they know how to navigate through those tests. They have the greatest when unfun for those who are the most exemplary or closest to them, in example, and then the next and the next. So if you are pious, you're a good person, you tend to the dean, you came closer to Allah expect a lot to test you with bigger tests. I mean,

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the school does not test people who don't belong to the school. And when you come to the school regularly, you get bigger tests and greater challenges. Recently, someone joined the gym Mashallah halogen. And so, the trainer kept giving the people are the one who attended regularly more and more tests and they found they could do 100 pushups, they could they increased it 250 200. When they started, they couldn't even do 10. But it's because they, they got used to it, they knew how to manage it. And I'm only giving you an example of push ups but it becomes more and more. In all different exercises you become with practice, you'll become better and better in anything. The same

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applies with your Eman. Allah gives you a small test. If you're going to come out of it with Alhamdulillah he will give you a bigger one. You come out of it with Mashallah he gives you a big one, you come out with it. From it with Kabbalah, Kabbalah, and so on and bigger and bigger and it gets more every test that comes in your direction. Ask yourself, did it draw me closer to Allah? Or did it take me further from away from Allah? If it drew you closer to Allah, it was a gift of Allah and it was a test. But if it drifted you away from Allah, it might have been a punishment. Remember that?

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So it's easy to distinguish right now with this Coronavirus and people losing their jobs. And like I said, so many things happening. We're on lockdown in many countries, other countries it opens it closes, restriction, no restriction and so on. Do you know what if that drew you closer to Allah, it was a gift of Allah. It was a gift of Allah no matter how difficult from a worldly perspective it was, it's a gift of Allah. But if that drifted you away from Allah, it may have been the punishment of Allah, the rejection from Allah. Therefore, learn to say Alhamdulillah Allah Callaghan, All praise is due to Allah upon all conditions. On the day of judgment, there will be a call a calling

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out, Anan Medina Kang Ramadan. Allah Hafiz Salah Eva da, we are those who used to thank Allah and praise Him upon all conditions, ease and hardship, they still used to say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. You know, you notice how a true believer when someone says How are you? Even if they're going through hardship, they say Alhamdulillah it's such a generic answer. But if you really mean it, it's full of faith, conviction and love of Allah. You really going through turmoil and someone says, How are you my sister? You say Alhamdulillah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, may Allah bless you. May Allah grant you ease and goodness, my brothers and sisters, you know, we're

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talking about migration within oneself.

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So we all know that when we talk of the hegira, we talk of a hegira calendar, you know, we're sitting now for example, the month of sofar. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with a lot. And in this month, we know it belongs to the year 1442. When we say hijra, it takes us back to the physical movement and migration from Mecca to Medina of the province of Solomon his companions, and we say so many years after he joined, so that is very interesting because it means they left Makkah harder, I mean, Mecca and Medina. They left from Mecca to Medina, it was called the hegira. They left What did they leave, they leave, they left their loved ones, their belongings, they left so

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much more they left their city and their town, their birthplace, and something they were connected to. They left it why, for the pleasure of Allah in order to be able to serve their maker, in order to be able to practice Islam. That's why they left their place in order to practice Islam without persecution, they left their place. But after that, Hydra, the professor Sela made an announcement law, he wrote about the fact that there is no hegira after, after the victory of Merkel. Nobody can make his run from Mecca to Medina and call it the Hydra. But there is another type of Hydra. What is it? Al muhajir Al muhajir, meaning the one who has made hegira and this hadith the prophet SAW Selim

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has mentioned it and it's an authentic hadith. He says, Man hajra alhaja was wrong. Oh,

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anhydrous a at a person who has migrated or done Hydra nowadays is the one who has quit since or they have quit that which displeases Allah, you know your bad deeds and your sins and papaya with boom. So my brothers and sisters remember something, when you leave something for the sake of Allah, it is equivalent to those who left Makkah for the sake of Allah and went to Medina

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on a different scale, but the equivalency meaning it's similar the similarity in the sense that you've left something for the sake of Allah. In order to worship Allah correctly, you left something so someone who's drinking, they quit drinking, in order that they can worship Allah correctly, they have done a hegira. Internally, a migration internally, someone who has an addiction to * and they quit it, what did they do? They did, they left something, in order to be able to worship Allah correctly. They left it in order to be able to worship Allah freely, without that toxic mind. So someone who's involved in adultery, in fornication, if they were to leave it for the sake of

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Allah, they have done a hatred for the sake of Allah. So to quit your sin. Also, if a person has been leading his or her life in transgression, you don't dress properly, your relations are hard on your food and drink is hard on your income is hard on your acts of worship or not being fulfilled correctly, Allah will continue to send you reminders. He has to

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while I'm no.

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Maya data, movie man that can watch

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komen as the, Allah will ask, did we not give you enough life? For those who wanted to take heed to take heed? Did we didn't we give you a long life? Like, didn't we give you enough time for you to take heed? You know, and didn't the Warner come to you? So who are the who is the Warner? Some of them have a Syrian speak of the gray hair and you know, difficult health and so on. Allah says we sent you Warner's to remind you, hey, you're going back to Allah, you better change your ways. It's gonna be a little bit too late very soon. You know, you better turn to Allah soon soon. Do that. hegira You know, you need to come out of your joy helia your ignorance. Don't be ignorant of Allah

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because when you go back to him, you're gonna need it. You're going to need the goodness. So Allah says, We sent you messages and messages. These messages are made up of revelation made up of scholars who might talk to you made up of reminders that you might hear makeup made up of signs or some calamity that might come your way. You know, some people when life is too good for them, everything is smooth. They are pretty Mashallah good looking and hamdulillah Baraka Allah, Mashallah. Mashallah, everyone is looking at you and they're all like, ooh, lovely, Subhan Allah, and you don't realize if you are away from Allah, that prettiness won't help you on the day of

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gamma. You can come on the day of tm I say, I didn't do Salah I didn't. I wasn't truthful. I used to drink I used to watch *. I used to do this and that but you know what? I'm so pretty. You can't take me to jahannam I'm so pretty. I was so so good looking. You have to give me Jenna. It doesn't work that way.

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You must be thinking how am I explaining this but I'm trying to explain it to you talking to you.

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To engage your mind to tell you listen, no matter how handsome you are. You cannot come on the Day of Judgment. If you were wealthy in the dunya and say, Hey, listen, I can't get this punishment. I had a lot of money. You know that money Allah says you left it there. Allah says Orman arama

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como una de Nizam.

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Fi comm Shoraka we don't even see those intercessors whom you used to think or you used to say that from amongst you. They will intercede on your behalf? Where are they? Allah says one aka DJ to Muna fora come and call upon and come.

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Here you are, come to us alone. Just like the day we made you when we created you in the first place. You were alone. Before you came into the wombs of your mothers, you are alone with Allah. When you leave this world you will be alone again with Allah, you answer to Allah. So while you're in this short stint in the dunya do good deeds so you go back to Allah with good deeds. Yeah. Are you headed levena mano de la well,

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them at Nevada, you who believe be conscious of Allah and each one of you. Each one of you look into what you have prepared to give

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For tomorrow, for tomorrow, you know, we're sitting in lockdown. This is the time get close to your family, quit your sins. This is the time get close to Allah begin to fulfill your acts of worship your Salah, take your time, you know what it might be your last few days on Earth. Who knows? This virus has proven to us that any one of us can get sick with anything at any time and be given a few days and we're gone. You cannot breathe and something happens to your lungs and you're out. What did you do to prepare for that day? I mean, in this world, I'm going to live I'll have food. I've got a few family members, I'm never going to have everything I want. Not a single one of us will have

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everything we want. Not even one, not even one because that's the nature of the earth. It's not paradise. It's Earth. Earth is very, very imperfect. Allah created man and the earth. imperfect. imperfect means there will be deficiency you need to use the toilet, don't you? That's an imperfection. Subhan Allah. Yes, Allah created during the best posture, no doubt, la casa de la Canal, San Effie x Anita ko him. Indeed we have created man in the best of postures. That doesn't mean he was perfect. And is weak, he forgets. And a man knee will go to a place where he will be perfect and the place will be perfect for now. We are imperfect. And the place we are in is also

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imperfect. So we have sickness, we have cough. We have so many other things. We have things we don't know we've got to work, we've got to earn we will struggle we won't get to marry who we want to marry. We won't get to work where we want to work. We won't get a nationality of a country we'd like to be in, we will have restrictions we will have so much and so people will dislike us they will work against us they will harm us Alhamdulillah This is the world it's the nature of the word Allah says there is jealousy, there is hatred, there is envy on Earth, but come to the hereafter.

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Why does that

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mean real losses we will remove from their chests from their bosoms whatever there was in it in terms of jealousy and Ill feeling gone why you're in Paradise, you have a perfect body you have a perfect soul. You have a perfect surroundings you have everything you want and you wish for what you need to prepare for that day. This world is to temporary how many people have died just with this Coronavirus? How many people die every year with the flu. Now I know I didn't know before. But I know large numbers, hundreds of 1000s Subhanallah die every year millions of people die. And some of them are young, my age, your age and whoever else is age. How do I look at death death is a gift

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because when I die I will go to my price what's my price? Who I get what I want what ever I wanted I will have the hammer dish the hill.

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Allah says in it they will be what you like, whatever the soul desires, but to get there must prepare.

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I must prepare by doing what the migration what migration? fulfill Oh Illa Allah in Nila comb in hoonah do ob so run towards Allah indeed I'm a clear warning to you. That's what Allah says in the Quran. rush towards Allah indeed I maclear wanted to you make haste towards Allah indeed I'm a clear warning to you. Run away towards Allah not away from Allah. run towards Allah. Why am awana a day will come when you're going to regret you What are you going to regret? You didn't pray you regret you didn't dress properly you regret you didn't turn towards Allah you regret you committed to morality you regret. You didn't work on your values and characters you regret you treated people

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badly you regret you swore people you regret you stole from people you regret you insulted people, you regret your back but about people who regret. These are the regrets. Great regrets. Allah says in Surah Furqan as well.

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And it's very shocking. When you Myra Bhavani Maria de

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la Tony. Tomorrow as soon as availa on that day, the oppressor will want to eat his hands in regret. It's an Arabic statement of expressing the height of regret, such and such a person at his hands in regret, which means they really they had to clear their organs in order you know, to express their regret biting on your hands. Why? Because they say oh, Allah had bad company man. I had this ayah Allah says you know what, it's too late. It's too late.

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Well call Elena.

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Find out about Allah.

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tala mean, those who used to worship people or deities or things besides Allah on that day, they will be told

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that you know what, look at the Sheikh. You've done

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You failed and they will tell each other. The ones who were following will tell those who they followed that, Hey, are you going to help us and avail us here today? They will say no, we're all in this together. And Allah, they will tell Allah, they will hope that they could have gone back. They could have gone back to the earth and started it afresh so that they could disassociate from these people like the disassociation of that day. Allahu Akbar. And there are so many other verses where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, had either

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had a hormonal moto balarabe regime, Jonah Lee, man, oh, sorry, ha. when death comes to the wrongdoer, he will say, oh, Allah sent me back to the earth so that I can do good deeds. Now. I've seen everything. I'm gonna come back with good deeds. Allah says too late we send you What did we tell you on Earth, we just told you to do good deeds, be disciplined. Islam is a religion of discipline. The original teachings of Christianity and Christianity and Judaism have discipline in them. Unfortunately, things have changed over time. There are more than 40 versions of the Bible, for example. But somehow, like if you were to look at the pristine teachings of Jesus May peace be

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upon him, you will immediately find these disciplined rules and regulations governing how you dress, how you talk, how you have relations, your character, your conduct, how you worship your maker alone, without associating partners, how you believe in the last day, you believe in resurrection and the day of judgment and answerability and how you seek the forgiveness of Allah alone directly. All those are the teachings of Jesus made peace be upon him.

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But unfortunately, people don't like rules. They don't like regulations, do what you want. Just do as you please, they will say

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that's not a believer. We will do what pleases Allah because we're going to return to Allah in the law. He was in LA Rajon I belong to Allah, and unto him, we will all return we belong to Allah, and unto Him we will all return. What's the meaning of that? It goes to show me that you know what? I cannot do what I want. Who sent me here? I need to do what he wants. And what does he want? Good things, discipline? Is it too much to ask you to pray to the one who made you? Is it too much to ask you to dress properly? Is it too much to ask you to

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fulfill your sexual desires in a possible way? Is it too much? Is it too much to say? Notice how I said fulfill your desire your sexual desires? I didn't say to stop yourselves, you fulfill it. But regularize it do it a proper way? Is it too much to give charity to the poor? Is it too much to be kind to others? I mean, is it too much asking too much to say don't? backbite? Is it asking too much to say don't deceive people? Is it asking too much to say fast in the month of Ramadan? Is it asking too much?

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Well, ah, he's not. Allah gave you 136,000 heartbeats a day for free for free.

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Allah gave you 24 hours of the day, he says give me 24 minutes in prayer. Is it too much? It's very little 136,000 heart beats. And Allah says, Just don't worship anyone besides me. Subhan Allah, Allah just follow the messenger. He has a path be clean discipline, no intoxicants, no gambling, no drugs, no *, no immorality, no evil, no adultery. Allah says, I give you 136,000 heartbeats every single day. I won't charge you a penny. I'll give you a fresh air to breathe free oxygen going in coming out free. All you got to do be disciplined hegira the migration leave and quit your sins for the sake of Allah. Change Your Life during the lockdown. People during lockdown

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are spending time on their phones, doing some dirty stuff sometimes

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or wasting their time.

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Don't do that. You're a believer. Every moment is recorded for you or against you.

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Also, seeking forgiveness of Allah is a very big thing. Many of us we're human beings, we make mistakes. We are human. We are not angels. Angels don't make mistakes. We are not devils, we don't defy Allah. We do not defy Allah. So we're not devils, we're not shade bands. Right? We are meaning believers, but we are human. So what will happen? We will falter but we will quickly turn to Allah. Oh ALLAH forgive me. I was at a point of weakness and I did something wrong. Whether you kiss someone whether you ended up committing adultery or fornication or intoxication or *, it's not the end of your life. Turn to Allah seek forgiveness, he wipes it out immediately.

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Don't allow shavon to come to you after that, and make you doubt the forgiveness of Allah. If you sought the forgiveness of Allah after committing a sin, you are forgiven, wiped out gone, released. Allah says in the Quran,

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Subhana Allah. In fact, in another place, Allah says, woman bhawani lasala

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in huya tube Illa Allah He metabo Allah speaks about how beautiful the return to Allah is Toba. You know those who seek forgiveness and turn they change their lives. They are the ones Allah says Allah will accept them. They're returning and Allah will convert their bad deeds into good deeds because he loves the fact that they turned to him. So

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there is a difference between ecfr which means seeking forgiveness, and Toba which means returning to Allah. Okay, big difference is still far you sought the forgiveness, Allah forgave you, then you must do Toba.

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Then you must change your way change your life. Look at what Allah says in the Quran, about some of the prophets of Allah who were instructed to tell their people the following. One is tell Pharaoh Fiero, back on thumb, moto Mo, LA. And that you seek the forgiveness of Allah and then change your lives turn to Allah. So you do two things. seek the forgiveness of Allah and turn to Allah two things. They are different things. If you do both, you will be considered a muhajir you will be considered a person who did Allah for Allah, that internal migration. I sought the forgiveness of Allah all I did wrong, forgive me. I'm not going to do it again. I'm changing my life. changing my

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life. I've never dressed appropriately in my life.

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Now I'm changing that. I'm going to dress appropriately. What did you do? hegira Mashallah, I don't read the Quran. Now. I'm going to read it. What are you doing? aedra I never used to worship Allah. Now I'm going to worship him. What did you do? hegira. Imagine, these are the gifts of Allah. So this is the eighth connecting the pearls online conference. The first time it's online, but it's the eighth connecting the fourth conference entitled lockdown I've just spoken about the importance of the migration, internal migration, turn to Allah. The way to success is to turn to Allah don't wait. It will be too late. Turn to Allah. And remember, if you are steadfast on the path, don't become

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arrogant. Allah can take it away from you any moment. Don't go back on your achievements, my beloved sister, my beloved brother, don't go back on your achievements. If Allah gave you the trophies and acceptance to dress appropriately, don't ever downgrade go backwards. No, don't. Don't go backwards. No matter what people say to try and convince you to go back. Don't go back. No, you've achieved something you're risking too much.

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Same applies if Allah gave you that trophy for the acceptance to quit a sin, be *, be it. alcohol, drugs, whatever else it may be adultery, anything else it may be. If Allah gave you the acceptance to quit, don't go back. Don't go back.

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Allah loves you enough to hold you where you are, if you love Allah as well.

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And that's what I say my brothers and sisters, I was looking forward to visiting the Philippines but unfortunately, that might happen at some later stage if Allah wills but for now here we are connecting the pearls. So May Allah bless every one of you and grant your goodness and ease. Remember, help others as well. during these times of hardship, it's not just about you. It's about everyone. It's about your family, your community. Reach out to people. If you think you're struggling, look at those who are struggling more. If you think that you have it hard, look at those who have an even more hard look at the try and help them and Allah will make things easier for you.

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And also, remember that Allah has given you many easy days in the past. Now he's gonna test you with a few difficult days. He tests you with plus, now he tests you with minus, he tests you with addition. Now a little bit of subtraction, that's Allah. Don't let it make you despondent.

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Learn to turn to Allah do a lot of the engaging they can do your Salah, take your time in your Salah. Do your car properly in Salah. Praise Allah and be kind and good to others speak good about others. Try to follow the beautiful teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam and inshallah you will never, ever regret. I love you all my brothers and sisters for the sake and pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and until we meet again, I must say akula Kohli has a masala who has LMR about a carolann Amina Mohammed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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