Mufti Menk – Lessons from Abdurrahman bin Auf RA

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of not changing one's name during Islam's first ten years is discussed, as well as the success of successful Islam workers. The speakers touch on personal and financial struggles, including the loss of loved ones and the importance of remaining positive even in difficult situations. They also discuss the topic of wealth depleted in charity and how it can be used to make one's own money. The speakers advise against rebirth and suggest working hard and giving oneself the opportunity to become a good person.
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was happy Ah man, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Jalla to bless his household, his companions, and every one of us and humanity at large. I mean, my brothers and sisters, I'm so, so honored to be given the task to speak about one of the wealthiest of the Sahaba of your loved one whom he was very, very rich. And it didn't start at the beginning of his life. He did not inherit that wealth from someone, but rather, he earned it. He earned it more so after the hegira and this is a very

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important lesson that we're going to learn. Sometimes we lose things. Sometimes we lose wealth, sometimes we've lost a lot of money, we might have lost a job, never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. A day will come when Allah will bestow upon you whatever was written for you and you will never die until you eat the last morsel that is written next to your name. You will never die until you have in full, whatever wealth whatever sustenance was supposed to be yours. So who is this great man? His name is Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman, Ravi Allahu Allah. He was born and his parents had given him a different name. Some narration say they gave him a name Abdulkadir, the worshipper of

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the Kaaba, some narration say he was given the name of the worship of Allah. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave him the name of the right man. And from this, we learn that although most of the companions when they accepted Islam, they did not change their names. They did not change the name. It's not a condition that the name be changed, except when the meaning of the name is bad, then it should be changed. Especially when it is haram, like you say, worship of the Kaaba. He had a better name worship of Allah man, the Most Merciful. So

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it was 10 years younger than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which means when Prophethood had come to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was 40 and

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30. So how did he accept Islam? He accepted Islam by the efforts of the man I spoke about earlier today, Abu Bakar, acidic of Allah and remember I told you to have good company, because your company will remind you about what is right and wrong. If you are not interested in having good company, how do you expect to be reminded time and again, and when people remind you don't feel bad? Listen to the remainder. If they are right. Take it from them. If they are right, take it from them. And if they are wrong, excuse them with a smile. Even if you have races.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. It's quite painful, by the way.

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I started becoming conscious of the people who have braces after I got mine two weeks ago, and I noticed a brother Mashallah with huge hair.

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Moments ago, I actually had to take a picture with him and put it on Instagram.

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And one thing I noticed immediately was these braces. You know, they say when you buy a car, you suddenly notice people with the same car before that you didn't even know some Hana lights amazing. May Allah grant us goodness. Now for the man who he was in the company of abubaker City.

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You know who their friends were. And I want to show you when you interact with the best you can become one of the best. The Friends of Abu Bakr Siddiq

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did not obey the law.

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Did you hear five names? Five of them are from among the 10 who were given good news of Jenna by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all five of them were encouraged to enter Islam by Ababa, Casa de la Juana. So not only did he encourage them to enter Islam, but it was so powerful, so convincing that they became the best of the Muslims.

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imagined. Imagine you are a friend of someone, they go to gender and suddenly because you also became a good person, you're granted gentlemen, that's exactly what happened with Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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He was a friend of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He accepted the message first. He went to his buddies, and he told his buddies You know what, guys? You need to listen to this. This is the man he's come with a message he's speaking the truth. He's speaking whatever is correct. We better follow Him and you guys better come along. They took he took them to Mohammed Salah.

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While he was suddenly heard a few words they became muslimeen. So panela each one has a unique story but

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a lot of animal who was not so wealthy at the beginning but guess what? He was one of those who became even wealthier. By being told you are from Jenna mela make it easy for us. I always sit and I think Imagine if we were told you are from gentlemen. I wonder what we would do so Allah, you are from Gemini see a lot of the young people, you know what they might say, Wow, I've achieved my goal. I no longer need to work. I no longer need to pray. I no longer need to do anything. I don't need to worry about anything with the Sahaba

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that was not the case. When they were told you are from Jenna. It made them stronger because Jenna has ranks so Pamela it made them more powerful closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah grant us Jana, amin, amin, Masha, Rosa, nice loud amin, may Allah grant us goodness in the dunya as well. So this man as he grew older, like I explained, he became a Muslim. What was his description, he was tall, he was reddish fair in complexion. He was actually a person who was quite big, you know, tall, a big person wearing complexion, and at the same time, very good looking Mashallah handsome guy.

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Initially, they began to persecute him, among others, and he made a he job to EPA senior, he actually had to flee. He went with the people who went to EPA, sr, two and the joshy at the beginning, and listen to the beginning, because a lot of us

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we make money, the main aim in our lives, not realizing that yes, while it is very important, it's not the main aim. It is there and we will give it some importance because we'd like to live and a lot of us would like to lead a comfortable life but ask yourself, the more the comfort, are you becoming closer to Allah or distant? That's the thing. We sometimes get a lot of wealth and as a result, we forget Allah. Well, here is an example of a person who started getting so much of wealth and you know what, that brought him so close to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he had a few names that were given to him. You know, like you have Abu Bakar acidic, acidic was like a title given to him.

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You have Omar it, he had a title Alfaro. You have a barrage man, he has a title alleghany, you shocker. He that means the one who is so wealthy and yet so thankful to Allah, humble, humble, so humble, that you won't even tell this is the man who gave so much. I remember I went to one country recently, and I was sitting with a brother who had built a few massages.

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And speaking to him, we asked him about what you know, some of the interesting things that happened in his life and he says, You know, I was once going for salata, Dumas, and there was a parking slot, they didn't allow me to park there. Because the warden or whoever was there told me to move just like everyone else. No one knew that he had built the machine. And he says, As tempting as it may have been to tell him, Hey, listen, let me park here. You know, I'm the one who built the machine. He said, I didn't say that. Because in my heart, I told myself, I will sell my whole contribution for the parking. So Pamela, so he said, I left it, I packed with everyone else. And I walked later

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on, he said, there was another machine Some time later, at in a different city. 10 o'clock in the night, he needed to actually wash up and so on. And he thought, you know, we built a machine here. Let's go there. And we will try and see what happens. And as he went there, they told him, sorry, it's closed. We're not going to open this place. It's closed. Everyone's gone. And they did not. And he says, again, As tempting as it may have been to tell the guy you know what, I bought this machine. I just like to use the bathroom. You know, I didn't do that because I thought to myself, relieving myself.

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And I probably sold the whole project in the wrong cause. May Allah make us from among those.

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He had this habit, he used to do good quietly, they only found out later what he used to do. He used to send finances money as gifts to a lot of the people, the widows and Subhanallah those who are poor without anyone knowing that he did this. Now how did he get this wealth? Well, he made the job to have a shot there after he made the hedgerow to El Medina, when he got to Madina munawwara there was something unique happening, something amazing that was happening. It was called Elmo, aha, the fostering of a brotherhood between the people from Makkah and the people of Medina. So there was a man by the name of sad,

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man who was one of the wealthiest of the unsolved meaning of the people of Medina. So they love the people who came from Makkah so much, although in our terms today, if people had to come in similar circumstances

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We will call them refugees green refugee, that's a camp. They've come from refugee camp and so on. At the time of the prophet SAW Selim, it was so easy. The 1000s who came from Mecca, he got a family from Medina, each family taking one family, each family taking one each family and you know what they were dispersed. And they were looked after well looked after by their brothers and sisters from the unsung May Allah make us from among those who care for each other. Today when a donation is being asked for, and it shouldn't be asked for we should donate before they asked us. But even if it is being asked for, we sometimes feel ashamed.

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You know what my sister, my brother, even if it means one pound $1, even if it means two or five, it makes a difference.

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I'm sure you might have seen the science at certain businesses where they say you change will make a change. Your change will make a change. That's a very good catch line. I tell you why your change does make a change. You think when it's 25 p 10? p that 10 p 25. p means a lot. Imagine if 1000 people gave 1025 p What do we have? We've got 200 pounds, 250 pounds? If my calculation is correct, if not, then at least 25 pounds from Kerala so we can do something with it. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. So

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I've had this brother of his bio aha in Madina munawwara known as Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi sad came to him and said, my brother, I am one of the wealthiest from the unsolved. And I tell you, I'm going to split everything I have into half, and I will give you half and I will remain with the other half. Wow, we would not do that for our real brothers and sisters would mean we keep them when someone's passed away. Inheritance comes it has to be shared what's legitimately not yours. It belongs to them. We still don't want to give it to them. And we have millionaires sometimes I've seen the problem is bigger with those who have more wealth, they become more miserly. You find a multimillionaire fighting for 100,000 because his father passed away. It's supposed to go to his

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sister, and he doesn't, that is a test for him. He was never going to get wealth. Besides that, which was written for him. And if he ate something that wasn't his the adage says in the Mahabharata, millenary fun, yada, yada. It is indeed a piece of the fire of jahannam of hellfire. He can either take it or leave it Subhana Allah What a powerful piece of advice of Rasulullah Salah May we be encouraged to sort out our matters and on top of that, be charitable, especially when it comes to our family members, my beloved brothers and sisters, take a look at a man ignore Formula One. So what happened? He says, may Allah bless you may Allah bless you show me where is the marketplace.

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I'm a businessman. Show me where is the marketplace. So he refused to take from the wealth of Saudi Arabia.

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Although legitimately he had he taken it, it would have been okay. He refused to take. He says, show me the marketplace and this shows us my brothers, my sisters, when you work hard, your own perspiration and you've earned something there is greater blessing in it than you can imagine.

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There is greater blessing in it than you can imagine. Call out to Allah. Don't give up your faith. Don't give up your duty unto Allah call out to the same Allah Who is the owner of your sustenance to give you and Allah will open your doors.

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He came back the same day.

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Imagine he arrived at the souk of Manu Tanaka where there were a lot of Jewish people. He dealt with them for the day, the same evening, he came back with some foodstuffs so had Allah when he left he had no money on him zero nothing. He went he did some deal somehow a few dealings, Mashallah, he came back with some food items, Mashallah, the following day he went a few days later, he got married now to get married, you know, what you need is you need to pay a Maha, you actually need to do quite a bit Subhan Allah and the prophets of Allah Salaam saw him some days later.

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And he had a yellow mark on his clothing. Some say it was of perfume, a mark of perfume, you know, when they when you use the perfume, sometimes it leaves a bit of a mark on your clothing. So he says, What is this?

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You know, to have perfume on his luxury Mashallah, you know, what is this? He says, there's a wedge to jasola He says, I got married or messenger peace be upon him.

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He says, And what did you give her? What did you give her as a Maha Subhana Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told that he gave

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a certain amount of gold coins. gold coins. Wow. In a week. You already given gold coins.

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Murphy's Law. You know what he says?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him only

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have a little party have a little demon, even if it means with the sacrificing of one sheep, one one animal but have a little party call your friends and you know enjoy it Mashallah. It's something to be happy with. What do you learn from this? This is a Sahabi, who just made his money he got married, and who were his best friends. While I promised you the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him must have been so close to him. But he didn't know that he got married. Now I want all the parents here to listen very carefully. And I want the young people and the adults to listen very carefully and even those who are far away Don't feel bad when someone leaves you out and lists when you they

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invite you to or they don't invite you to the weddings of their sons or daughters. Your duty is to make it to alpha them here is the messenger peace be upon who did not know that.

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For the love and who got married. He didn't even know about it. Forget about being invited. If it was us, and we asked a friend of ours what happened and he says I got married he said that's it. Done block block from WhatsApp block from this block from that. What buddy? Am I a friend of yours? Man? You got married and you didn't invite me? My sister's a plate of Marianne is not going to kill you if you don't have it, man.

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Some people die for it they looking for where people have died and they're looking for where there's a wedding. Why? Because when someone dies, they get free food. And that also is wrong by the way.

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And when someone's getting married to get free food, that's it so they won't be invited just to go there. You know, you talk up as best as you can you show all your accessories. You've got everything done. Some of the people who attend the wedding function, spend more on their own clothing and everything else than the people who are getting married themselves Mashallah Baraka Bella, forgive us keep it simple inshallah Remo Baraka, look at Adorama limo, he kept it simple. The province also loved you know, don't feel bad, and don't have such a massive thing where you're wasting money, invite the people what is more important what a lie is the Baraka the DA make a prayer the prophets

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Allah told him Baraka Allahu Allah kaffee Marika. Listen to the drama that changed his life. For me to attend the function is not important that you are that you will receive is way more important. Remember that many weddings are grand but the marriage doesn't last right? Many people take bank loans in order to show the Joneses that Guess what? We have had a marriage just like yours, but they don't know the Joneses have bitcoins mela, forgive us?

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subhanho wa Taala forgive us it's reality. don't compete with the Joneses. Not at all whatever you can manage and handle at the Baraka Listen, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not invited to the wedding. He made it to Allah give you Baraka, genuine, Allah give you back in your wealth and in your family. You know how many children are left behind? Subhan Allah? Do you know how big his family groups? Allah Subhana Allah, I want to cry when I think of it. Where are we? We are trying to compete for the dunya dunya the worldly materialistic life will run faster than you remember, the more you run behind it, the further it will run, but you run behind a large command. And I try I

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promise you that dunia will be thrown at your feet.

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Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, here is how he received the two out of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Immediately his wealth started multiplying, his wealth started multiplying. So Pamela

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it's amazing this man.

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I actually try to think about how he grew and how he developed and I say to myself, where are we talking about missing Salah? No Salah must he was a man who didn't drink even during the period of genelia. He reported he was one of those friends of Abu Bakr Siddiq. On the other hand, remember I told you when you're with friends, it's easier for you to do something when they abstained from vice you abstain from it as well. When they do something good. You do it as well. So therefore, make sure your friends are the best friends choose them wisely, because their habits become yours and yours sometimes become theirs. So this man mouth

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the lesson I drew from his marriage is very, very interesting.

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He had a walima thereafter a

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few of the Sahaba Viola and Mashallah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam prayed for him.

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They came a time when the battles had started. He participated in a lot of them and in the most important ones, he was always there, but he gave a lot. He reported that he gave 40,000 gold coins on one occasion, another occasion

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Gave half of his wealth. They don't even know how much it was. On another occasion he gave 500 horses and another 500 saddles. Some handle the 500 horses. Do you know how much is one horse today? It's like giving 500

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Mercedes Benz s 500. Yeah, promise you 500 of them. And this was a man who started yesterday, and they were no bitcoins at the time, by the way, not at all. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us what is Helen,

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but my brothers and sisters, remember, it's the two out of the prophets of Salaam, please make dua for one another big draw for people who get married, make do out for those who come together. Even if you were not invited. Don't be sad, be happy. Be happy for the happiness of your brother. That's a sign of a moment. Be happy for the happiness of your sister. today. When we see people breaking out of love. We become excited, happy. I remember. I was I overheard a discussion of two people at somebody's wedding. And they were talking of another wedding. And he said Do you remember that wedding? And the guy says yeah, remember Oh, the the the groom came down in helicopter. Do you

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remember? And the guy says, Yeah, I remember he says that was about two years ago. Are they still married, not yet broken.

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And I'm thinking that way yet actually made me scared. Not yet broken. It means like the norm is to marry and break. So if you're if you're together, then it's abnormal. stavroula that's the attitude we have today. When people get married and we waiting for them. We're waiting for something to go wrong. And when it when anything goes wrong, a little bit of gossip. We're the first to spread it my sister, my brother You want the blessings of Allah will ask Allah to bless others and the angels will pray for you. May Allah bless you in a similar way. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us genuine this. So this man after a man in the long run, he used to look after the widows and the

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orphans, even the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he used to sing a few gifts here and there.

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And he used to make sure that he looked after them even after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed on, he used to take care of the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim. He used to give gifts. He used to make sure that whatever they needed, he would do. And when he passed away,

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he passed away at the age of 75.

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He passed away at the age of 75. So he was 10 years younger than the process of selling but he passed away at the time of man didn't have fun, but in the long run, when he passed away, what do you think his wealth was?

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What do you think his wealth was? Well, listen to this I had to write the figures down.

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He had written

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to give to charity.

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For sorry, 500,000 gold coins

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500,000 gold coins to give to charity that was in his will. And you and I know you cannot write a will have more than one third, you know that. So on top of that, he said anyone who participated in the Battle of better give them 400 coins, there were 100 people from among them who were still alive. They all got 100 gold coins each. We don't even have a single gold coin, right 100 gold coins each from who.

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Who made heat up Sabine in LA, he was in Madina, munawwara, he has zero the day he started zero, and he did not take wealth from Saudi Arabia.

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He worked hard he did business he came, he used to be charitable, he was known as the person who has a shockwave, which means he was so thankful to Allah, He used to spend what he had in the good cause. He used to look for the poor, and give them quietly

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with us, the poor look for us, Subhana Allah and still we don't give them we don't give them Subhana Allah.

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Allah says, As for the one who is asking you, the one who is asking you to rebuke him, don't rebuke him. Why

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Subhana Allah, Allah tests test, even if a person looks like he or she perhaps, is using that money on something negative. Sometimes we see street kids and I see them in my country. They're sniffing glue, you know, that means they have a little packet packet or something, they put blue in it and they stuffing it to get a little bit high, you know? So when you tell them Hi, instead of saying hi, they say yes. supanova Yeah, when I say high,

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which means yes, we are high. But when you see that now, in your heart in my heart, I feel like I don't really give this person because if I'm gonna give them something, perhaps they will be they will probably become even higher, you know. So what you do is you say you smile at them. Oh, have a nice day. Have a nice day, you know, or something like

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But you don't rebuke them. You look at what you're using your money and look at what's happening. You're, you're this and you're that with all negative words, that's not a moment, like I said earlier, don't become negative because of the negativity of someone else. You remain positive. You remain a good person, you remain a kind person, even if others are unkind that's what makes you a believer. People can say the nastiest things about you still be yourself. Smile Subhanallah Yes, where you have to respond because maybe people are accusing you of something. SubhanAllah There are two ways of doing things. You either leave it to Allah, like Allah tells Maria Maria has thought was

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Allah and Allah says to Zakaria, Allah salatu salam, to remain silent, it can work. But sometimes you have the right to in a proper way to respond. But you don't do it in a derogatory way. When someone asks you reply in a positive way, give them if you think that it's okay, they deserve etc. It's Allah, Allah gave you you give Allah will give you more. And you know, when you pledge, I can teach you something about pledging.

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When you pledge what happens is, you say, I'm going to give 50 pounds a week, to these orphans or to this course, Allah has written their sustenance, and it's going to come through you so he will give you first and then it will go to them. So you keep getting more and you don't know Wow, getting so much but Allah says Hang on, if you stop giving, another person will give them are going to stop. But the fact that you are giving, we're going to give you first. So say you get 500. And you wonder why because this 15 day for the orphans. And that's why the Hadith says Manasa Milan, min sadaqa different variations of the wording, but what it means is, wealth has never become depleted because

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of a charity that was given evidence of it is after a man. Every time he gave he got more Subhan Allah. So he wrote 500,000 coins for the poor for civilian law for charity. And he gave 400 gold coins for 100 of those who are remaining from the people who took part in the Battle of battle. And on top of that, he had 1000 camels in Medina, 100 horses in Medina, and 3000 sheep in Madina munawwara and he was a person a few years before that he had zero. And on top of that, he had four wives. And one of them had just given out an amount of 80,000 gold coins. Wow. Wow. So you don't even know how much they had? I say, if you work out what he gave in charity, and you say for

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example, that's the maximum he could give. And it was one third of his wealth, you have to multiply that by three to get what exactly he was worth. Otherwise you wouldn't know and it goes into the millions and the billions we talk about people today who become wealthy in the world, I promise you when I sit and read 500,000 gold coins, I think to myself, super wealthy Subhana Allah 500,000 was only for charity. Double that say a million multiplied by three 3 million gold coins. minimum minimum Subhana Allah May Allah Subhana Allah bless every one of us, my brothers and sisters. Do you realize that half an hour is up?

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Mel have given us 28 minutes 21 seconds and you know what I said before that I will end on the doc by the will of Allah but I've spoken about

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I hope I've inspired myself and yourselves reminded myself inspired you yourselves to actually become closer to Allah. There are a few very, very interesting points that I raised. And I pray that we can all take heed by the will of Allah make it easy for your children to marry. And don't delay. Look at this. He got married without delay. The Baraka came, the minute we delay delay, the Baraka is getting snatched away because when you know who you marry, and you just delaying for no reason you know what happens? It's just a time for Baraka to be snatched away. What will happen is only Hara only that which is detested. In most cases, that's not delayed. If you make easy for your

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children to get married, Allah will make your path gender easy, because you've helped them in a great act of worship. Allah will help you in earning the reward of the act of worship. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all the true census. I know there are parents who actually say yes, yes, yes, but they are the ones making it difficult for their children because we know they sent us little emails to come and try and help them and when we do we become enemy number one. So I don't know why. Because fathers are racist sometimes.

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Allah forgive us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala opener those who do kolyada masala Salam O Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah and then a stockbroker.

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And I still have 10 seconds so I can give you the smile again. kyrgios with braces

Light upon Light UK, December 30, 2017

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