Mufti Menk – Eidul Adhaa Reminder 2017

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of happiness and joy during busy Easter seasons, as it is crucial for everyone to fulfill missed promises and not try to be perfect. They stress the importance of doing good deeds and not hitting people by proud or negative language, as it is crucial for building a strong personal connection with Allah. The speakers also emphasize the importance of fulfilling Sir Nadia's projections and not just praying five times a day. The importance of positive attitude and not just giving up one's own happiness is emphasized, along with the importance of being a positive person and not just giving up one's own happiness. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling Sir Nadia's projections and not just praying five times a day.], [The speaker discusses the importance of positive thinking and not just giving up one's own happiness. They emphasize the importance of positive thinking and not just giving up one's own happiness. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and not just giving up one's own happiness, as it is crucial
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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he may indeed All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us, our loved ones, and people must

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send them my beloved brothers

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and sisters in Islam.

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Read is a day of happiness. And every single one of us is searching for happiness.

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Don't you see how Allah subhanho wa Taala has bestowed upon us two days of leave in the year, the first day of happiness, that truly we are meant to rejoice if you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and you believe in the last day, you would have to rejoice and you would have to declare the praise of Allah the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala on these beautiful days, the first one being after having engaged for an entire month in fasting. Allah says it is your duty to have a day such that it is prohibited to fast so Pamela, look at the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows that every human being shall be searching for happiness and searching for contentment. And this is why at

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that time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to us, Lissa me haha Tony. Forgotten in the factory he will forgotten indelicato be a one who has fasted through the month of Ramadan will have two points of happiness. The first point is when they have completed the prescription of fasting the entire month. You know, this narration also means that the person will have happiness at the end of every single day when they are opening the fast but when the whole of Ramadan is over, they will have the first point of great happiness that is a daily eat. And then it'd be saying the ration says the other point of happiness. What is it referring to? It is referring to the day that they meet

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala when I meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala I will see the joy and the happiness of the rebounder and the acts of worship that I have taken or that I have participated in or engaged in for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala I will see the joy, the happiness and I will achieve everlasting contentment, the same for every single one of us. May Allah accept from us the fasting that we engage during Ramadan. But very quickly after that, two months and 10 days after that, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us another IE Do you know Ramadan has the best nights of the year. But this month of the Ranger has the best days of the year. That is the difference. People say

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the day of alpha and indeed it is the best day of the year. But among the Knights, the Knights known as laner to cut up is the best night. So Robin is known for its nice, yes, the days are also auspicious these days, the 10 that we have just passed.

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They are known for the days. The Knights are also suspicious to

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my brothers and sisters having participated or engaged in so many acts of worship in the last few days having heard lecture upon lecture reminded upon remind them to do good deeds because Allah loves good deeds the most during these 10 days, don't you think it is time that we declare a day of greatness, happiness and joy? Subhana Allah, I want to be happy. But guess what I may have and the same applies to everyone else. We may have issues that sometimes make us sad, we might have lost a loved one. We might perhaps be struggling with our finances, we might perhaps be struggling in our marriages. In some instances, may Allah make it easy for us. We may be struggling with bad habits.

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And this is why we are reminded if you would like happiness, there is only one way of doing it. If you want true joy on the day of eating, there is only one way of achieving that true joy, the feeling within your heart that you know what, I am definitely a happy person I'm content. How is that? It is only and solely by turning to Allah, the One Who gave you the day of happiness. Do you really want to taste the happiness of this day? If that is the

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case you start off by seeking the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala or love forgive my shortcomings or ALLAH forgive my sins forgive that which I've done in the past that which I know that which I don't know, look at Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, these festivities, what we are being what we are going through and what we will be inshallah participating in all connected to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam in a nutshell, what was his life all about?

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It was about obeying the instruction of a man turning to Allah, what did not give him in return. He was so happy so content, Allah subhana wa Taala elevated his status that years later, not decades, centuries later, more than that, perhaps, millenniums later.

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We're remembering him as fresh as ever, as though what happened just happened recently. So Allah, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam, his son is Milan in Salatu. Salam, why is it so fresh? Why is it so beautiful for every one of us? We smile when we think of Ibrahim alayhis salam, because he was obedient to Allah. That's the reason so you can have more data. So if I am obedient, if you are obedient, don't you think we would actually get a little bit of what he got? Don't you think we would earn the pleasure of Allah, the owner of happiness, the owner of goodness, the one who has total control over the contentment that I'm searching for, in this world and the next, some people

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forget Allah, remove him from the equation, Allah May Allah subhanahu, wa Taala, grant them

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a little bit in terms of this worldly material life, they may get it, but guess what might happen, they may lose the hereafter if they don't quickly realize that I need to turn back to Allah. And this is why those who were with us last year and are not with us this year, because they've passed on. It's important we remember them now like give them a dose. But it's not enough to just make dua for them. What is of great importance to Allah He is for you and I to remember that next year I may not be here, that is of greater importance.

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What is of greater importance when a person passes away

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is for us to take need to learn lesson for ourselves. I need to ask myself, what did I learn? Can I say something that every single person here will relate to?

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And how quickly time is going by? A few years ago? We were young, we were at school. After that you had Allah we had our friends, and so many things happened in our lives. A lot of us were married Mashallah most of us have children. May Allah subhanahu wa taala, bless those with children make them the coolness of their eyes and those who don't have children. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you offspring who will be the coolness of your eyes, but look at how 2030 4050 years have gone by. We used to call others the old men now they're calling us the old man's who had a lot but we've never realized where we going, we're heading towards Allah, there is no other way. No other channel,

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no other road besides towards Allah. So it's about time we change. It's about time we did good deeds. And Allah says, I am not going to punish you. I am going to give you instructions not to punish you.

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But to facilitate your living in this world, as well as

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your living in the grave, which is the

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time between this life and the next to Panama after the Day of Judgment between death and the Day of Judgment. So pile of love, you're going to be in the grave. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says these rules these regulations will ensure that you are content on Earth. You are happy, they will be a lot of rules, a lot of regulations. You follow them you will be happy wherever you have faltered 10 back to Allah subhanho wa Taala turn back to Allah. You know, what amazes me is when Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed Ibrahim alayhi salam to announce the Hajj. Who was then there was nobody to be honest. There was nobody. There were two people who had accepted faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And Allah says announced the Hajj and there were a few people who heard this Yes, more and more turned to Islam later. But when Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam passed away, there were very few people who had accepted Islam. He announced it because he followed the instruction of Allah, the minute he knew that this instruction is coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, The result is irrelevant. What I need to do is to do what Allah has instructed me, Let's all try to do the same.

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Allah instructed Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam to do things

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That did not make sense to a mind or a heart that did not have faith. But if it had faith, it made a lot of sense. This came this comes from Allah, my happiness and my contentment after seeking the forgiveness of Allah lies in my Salah. realizing it lies in me ensuring that I fulfill my five prayers a day, not as a chore. But as an honor, I feel I want to do this, it is a pleasure. I take my time when I fulfill Salah you will notice the beauty you will feel the serenity, you will feel the comfort you will feel every good feeling because you know that you have actually obey the laws instruction. And it's not enough to just pray the five prayers and give charities to the poor, reach

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out to others. That's not enough without ensuring our character and conduct reflects the obedience of Allah. And what this means. And this is something very powerful that many of us take for granted. piety and closeness to Allah shows up very clearly in your character. It softens you. It makes you a better person. It makes you beautiful, it makes you have better thoughts about others, that is a sign that you are close to Allah. If you are fulfilling your Salah five times a day, and you are as charitable as ever, and you've been for Hajj so many times. And for example, you might have fasted not only in Ramadan, but even outside Ramadan voluntarily. But your character and conduct happens to

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be harsh, harsh. You happen to look at people with a very, very tough eye, if I can word it that way or your character towards others is something unacceptable. You need to know there is something wrong with you and your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala you need to rectify it, you need to go back. These are creatures of Allah the same way he made me he made the creatures of Allah the same way I may have a few issues within myself, every single person has the issues, never judge a person and this is why I always say my beloved brothers and sisters something amazing is we will never understand what others are going through. Until and unless we have gone through the same. You

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know if a person loses a child, for example, may Allah make it easy, it's easy for you and I to go to them and to tell them you know what, may have patience bear patience, Allah is greater love will reward you alone will do this for you and that for you, but you as a person whom that has not happened to will never, ever understand exactly what that person has gone through. So keep on showing it in your character and conduct reach out to them in whatever way without judging sometimes statements, they may utter things they may do guide them and keep on guiding them because I tell you tests have happened

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to others that may not have happened to us, we will never understand what they've gone through. I've given you an example of a person losing for example, a loved one. The same can be said for a person who might have lost something materially after being wealthy, you know the from riches to rags stories, it has an effect and impact on a person such that if you have not been through it, you may not understand it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us humble and May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us obey the instruction that he has laid down in a similar way that Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam obeyed you take a look at the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam they obeyed in a

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similar way when alcohol was prohibited for example. They said entertainer entertainer we are stopped we have stopped immediately they dropped it they they threw it out as a result they achieved the pleasure of Allah when we say their names What do we have to say with that name in order to give them the status Allah has given them? When I say Abubakar I cannot just say his name like that stone Villa I need to add together with him. I hope the Allahu Allah be pleased with you. Why do I have to say that if I don't, it's an insult. When I say Oh, no matter what happened prior to his Toba and accepting of Islam, we are looking at the status Allah gave him after he changed his life. Look at

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We have to say to your loved one, to him and to all of them because they obey the commands of Allah Don't you think of it obey the commands of Allah if you obey the instruction of Allah in that way, the angels will be saying may Allah be pleased with this person. They will. It is in the Quran.

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While mela he can be hona be handy. Beam y esto fue una Lima.

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Allah speaks about how the angels declare his greatness and they see

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forgiveness for those of us. Those who are seeking forgiveness. The angels are telling Allah Oh ALLAH forgive this person he's asking for forgiveness from February levena de boo what who sent me like the angels are saying Oh ALLAH forgive those who are seeking forgiveness and who are trying to follow your path forgive them. Imagine the angel saying something about you and die. May Allah forgive our sins. May Allah have mercy on us. May Allah grant us contentment. So I started off by saying, if you want contentment you seek the happiness or you seek sorry you seek Me forgiveness of Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah. So Allah becomes pleased with you.

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you fulfill your prayers, your obligations unto Allah, so that Allah becomes pleased with you. And so that your connection with Allah is exactly as for the connection of those predecessors of ours who are pious, sukanta, Allah, when Allah instructed, they immediately, immediately fulfilled.

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So now I've sought the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, I am also fulfilling my obligations unto my maker. One more thing, and I've already spoken about it, fulfill your obligations unto the rest of the creatures of the same maker. If you can understand, when Allah creates people around you, he creates them for a reason. They are part and parcel of your test. He knows who he was going to make your neighbor, someone in your community, your society, your spouse, your parents, your children, every one of them was chosen by Allah for you and your examination, your test, it's not a mistake. So when they do bad to you, it's because Allah is testing you. That's your examination

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question, you need to pass the test. If it is really bad, you might want to walk away in an honorable way. You don't walk away sweating, so that you also dropped with those who have dropped or those who are no, no, if someone is so low, that there is no goodness in them, the minimum a believer does is he says peace and he walks on. So Panama. But that was a test for you. When the lab did something to you, it was your tailor made for you. And this is why Allah says when we made you, we did not just make you we made with you an entire creation, things you will know and certain things you won't even know Subhana Allah so this is the the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That was his plan. So therefore my brothers and sisters, let's develop our character, our conduct, voila. It's a deal to improve the way you speak to others. Improve your thoughts, the way you feel towards others. start having good feelings to Canada. It will make you a happier person, learn to release you want the forgiveness of Allah, forgive others. Open your heart, open your mind, and you will see what will happen. The day of evil will become so beautiful brothers amongst us and talking of blood brothers amongst us. We don't speak to each other for years on end, because we've had a misunderstanding. I'm sure we can resolve that it's a day of happiness. Pick up the phone no matter

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where they are on the globe. Be the bigger one. So Pamela, you rise above it, phone and tell them you know what, it's a day of heat. We've just heard a beautiful reminder. And if we'd like happiness, we need to seek forgiveness and learn to forgive. I was wrong. Forgive me be the bigger one. Subhana Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease.

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Some might be saying it's easier said than done. I do agree. And that's why you get such a great reward. Because obviously for me to say is one thing, but to execute it. Sometimes a person is owed $2,000 for example, by someone else, and then they'll call you and say Did you hear the talk this morning? Yes, I did. Well, are you going to forgive me? I forgiven you my brother but you still need to give me the 2000 Masha Allah, Allah Allah, it's not a matter of giving up your rights. If there is a right you are holding. So Pamela, you have every right to ask for it. You have every right to demand it in a beautiful way. But you do not have the right to become ugly as a result of someone

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owing you something or someone having oppressed you. When a person swears you. If you would like happiness on a day like this, guess what you should be doing? Let's go back to Ramadan. And look at the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, when you are fasting, someone swears you for instance, bubble a huddle for the apple in knysna. If someone swears a person was fasting, the Hadith says he should just say look, I'm fasting. You don't swear back in return because you know you're going to spoil your fast. The same applies your contentment your happiness will be spoiled when you become low with those who are already low. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness.

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So today, I am going to take it upon myself and I'm calling upon every

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want you

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to think about an execute, and improvement in the way we speak to people, our family members say beautiful words, make them happy. Do you know in the car to Suri vehicle, the movement to actually instill happiness in the heart of a believer is such a great act of worship, that I sometimes sit and think, what about if it was my own family members? So panela because charity begins at home, that rule applies in Islam as well. The Hadith speaks about it, you want goodness start at home, and then you the circle becomes wider. But if you will not to begin at home, what do you expect? So let's go home, let's say the most beautiful words. And let's say words in a way that we mean them,

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you know, you get to someone even about it, they look at you even better.

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A brother, breaking a smile, you know, there's a way of saying things, you will get a reward for having smiled, that smile will make someone else smile. So you get a reward for the smile of the other person too. And you know what it goes on and on and on who gets the reward, every one of us it's amazing. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us. So I wanted to spend these moments on this beautiful occasion, reminding us to develop our link with Allah and our link with the rest of the creatures of Allah should be correct. If we'd like to achieve the happiness of the state, truly, it's a day that we would be engaging in an act of worship. That is extra. Every time there is a day

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of happiness, there's something extra, we're about to fulfill the Salah of eat, and at the same time, we are all going to inshallah either sacrifice an animal or for those who cannot afford it, or those whom it's not compulsory upon you. They will at least get the feeling of it by receiving something eating something, seeing something to handle love. What is it all about? It is all about Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. When he was instructed by Allah subhanho wa Taala to do something.

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It did not make sense to him. It did not.

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And it cannot make sense to anyone. for someone to give them an instruction to sacrifice their son doesn't make sense to anyone. But to Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam, the fact that it was confirmed that the instruction came from Allah, that is what matters.

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So when he went to fulfill it, Allah says, Subhana Allah,

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you have passed your test over on him and his Salatu was Salam.

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Cada Assad Dakota photo area in

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Sydney, indeed, you have made

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the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Come True, which means you have fulfilled is the instruction that came to you through the dream. You've definitely fulfilled it and this is the way we will recompense those who do good.

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Why does Allah say this is the way we will recompense those who do good because that instruction goes all the way down to every one of us. My brothers and sisters, when Allah instructed us, He did not say sacrifice your son. If that was the case, perhaps people would be debating

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to Allah, grant us an understanding of all he is saying, become a better person, become a person who fulfills his obligations unto Allah become a person who solves problems rather than create problems.

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Become a person who is a role model rather than a person who follows those who perhaps might lead him astray.

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Our role model is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our role models or the Sahaba those are the men we'd like to be like, we may never be exactly like them. But do you know if you aim for the sky, at least you get to the clouds by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my beloved brothers and sisters, what a beautiful day I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from every one of us, the acts of worship, we may have engaged in the last few days,

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that which we will engage in today, and that which we will be engaging in the last in the next few days. I remind you of a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding this beautiful season. He says, a yarmulke Sharifi a yarmulke clean wash has been the creme de la dee da. Never has Islam

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promoted food. You know that? This religion has never promoted and given importance to food. Except in these days, in what way? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says the days of the shooting and those are the days that

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We actually read the tech village in the days of the shriek,

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days of eating, drinking.

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And remembering

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the difference between the believer and the non believer is that a believer will eat and drink and remember, a non believer will eat and drink and forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is a law telling us very clearly telling us to handle law, that you know what you eat, you drink, and remember Allah so my brothers and sisters, I'm telling you the same Let's eat and drink but let's remember Allah. When we before we put the food in our mouth, we need to remember Allah and after putting the food in our mouth, we need to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala when we are hungry, we remember Allah very easily but when we are full, those who remember Allah subhanho wa Taala are the

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ones who have succeeded a punto de la la Santa Monica Santa Monica Allah subhana wa Monica lahoma vmdk Chateau La La Land Asuka to boy

Happy Day when everyone is looking for Happiness

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