Quran Copied Talmud and Greeks on Biology

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It's but dazzled some people. The fact that the embryological development in the Quran and Sunnah is quite correlated with modern day understandings of biology. And so people have resorted, desperately resorted to saying that this is copied by Galen, and all the Talmud. But the fact of the matter is that there are significant discontinuities between the Quranic descriptions of Allah, for example, which is not mentioned in the Gallic Gallic texts in the ways that is referred to in Arabic. And, and the Talmud as well. For example, in the Talmud, and engagement works we find that the hype or the idea of a woman's menstruation is needed in order for a baby to be made, or to to be formed. And

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this is not something which is in the Quran all sudden, you find many things like this, like the formation of the boys before the girl and there's lots of discussions of this, which can be found on page number 477 of Dr. samyama. These kids have an Arabic language