EXPLAINS Psychology of Delusion

Mohammed Hijab


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There's something called psychology of delusion.

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First of all, to be aware that you can be diluted, right, and you can be diluted. And there is a psychology of delusion. If you ever watch X Factor or Britain's Got Talent or something, you've seen this a long time ago singing and I think they're so good. And they're funny. And then Simon Cowell comes, and then he says, Do you know you're horribly shocked and all this kind of thing. Now, what I mean is, I know that if I get reinforcement, positive affirmation from a lot of people, that that can lead to delusion, I know that this is the map that logically understand that. Okay, so is it possible that I can be an echo chamber and that can delude me? Yes, it is. So how do I temper the

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delusion through criticism? Right? I, you know, I look at what people say criticize, or whatever, or listen to criticism of people. And they actually tempers it and it makes you think, Okay, well, this is an over exaggeration. And this is no exaggeration. So you start to get kind of like a middle ground approach. So just to know that you have to be aware not to be diluted, because money and fame and these kinds of things can delude you.

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I know that I know that very well. You know, that I can be deluded. And so I try and be around people who tell me that these these are things that you need to work on spiritually as well. Being alone.

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Like, we went to Saskatoon, but we went outside the village, that village was, it's the most derelict place I've ever been in my entire life. And I sat there, I told the guy to get in the car and I sat there for a bit. And I was scared. Actually, I say, if I get a heart attack, no one's gonna see me. No one's gonna know anything. Anything happens to me. Because I there was no noise. Yeah, there's no as a farmer driving this car. It was a farmer. Psychosis guy. What's he doing? How could you live here? How could anyone live here? You know?

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So going out to a political Regina. Okay, I've heard of it. Sounds like very dirty word. But it's not.

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It's not there's no anything. It's called Regina. Yeah.

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Anyway, so we're gonna go in, and I was sitting in, and I was thinking Subhanallah like, you know, I mean, wow. Like this is I was actually having a spiritual moment.

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I was while I was thinking, What am I, when I remove everyone else from the equation and move millions of people commenting, remove family, remove friends, remove everything, and all I have is Allah. And I look into the creation, what am I I'm quite insignificant.

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Literally insignificant. So when you start looking at big things, like mountains and big, huge things, and then I Annie, I came to Canada via Iceland.

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And I went to a volcano, like a place with the volcanoes. And I kept looking at the volcanoes, again, I'm very insignificant and very insignificant. And so when you realize your own significance, and you realize your own significance to the grandiosity of the creation of Allah,

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that tempers the fame thing. He really does