Mohammed Hijab – Anti-Islam Preacher Humiliated

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A man is apologizing to a camera for his brother's photo, but the camera refuses to show his face. He becomes embarrassed and apologizes again, but the camera refuses to show his face. The man becomes increasingly confrontational and refuses to apologize.
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If we take the ID for 69, I do know that he waited before he because he married at six and then he got to me. So for that, for that waiting period to take place,

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give me the evidence.

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If you don't give me the evidence, then I'm gonna have to apologize to the camera. Because you know, I'm gonna say to my friend, yeah, sorry, what's your name?

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Okay, whatever your name is, yeah, I'm gonna tell you something. Such ahadeeth does not exist in the literature. So he said that he does full play from I'm gonna say to you right now I'm gonna humiliate you right now. You relate to it already. You know why? Because you've mentioned something that does not exist in the literature. I'm putting my own reputation on the line right now, by saying that such a thing does not exist. And even one had even any of the 42 main books of Hadith. 42 not even just the 642 books, it doesn't exist as much leaving mo boy doesn't even there's not even a written element of it. If you can find it, and read it with the son of the Sahaba then you

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shut me up. If you can't, you're gonna have to apologize to the camera and I've seen your face. You're gonna be humiliated in front of at least 30 or 40,000 people, whatever your name is. Everyone sees your face. Since you're the one who tried to come to me in speaker's corner and say that my prophet had

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shot such an age. Now you're gonna

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look at sorry, you You are very dignified in your approach.

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And you are coming humbly.

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What Islam looks like give me

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give me the book.

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you call him

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Can't speak English.

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yourself. Look, Oscar was Mufasa was the most

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my presence. That's right. That's right. Get all of your people I seriously because you come in and say that my prophet. He doesn't moussaka though the woman over the girl a certain age now I've caught you like the boy that you are. You're finished. You're finished. You're finished in my presence, just like David would was finished. And that's why he was finished.

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All of you can come, go finish.

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Sorry, man, you're finished. You've come you've tried your best. Who's next? Who's next? Are we done?

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Without him? No, no. He came to me saying that the Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah, which means no, I mean see them friction like touching the legs away. Yeah, no, I want to know I want to know I've refuted it quite convincingly.

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Are you gonna apologize in front of the camera in front of the 1000s of people are watching boy

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Oh, yeah, keep keep looking. Keep looking. It's not their brother. It's not that you know what else is no that Trinity in your Bible? That's what you should be looking at.

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