Mohamad Baajour – Shield #17 The 1 Million Hasanah Duaa

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of thanking people for things even if they're not recognized. They stress the need to be thankful for something even if it is recognized. The transcript describes a culture of pride and fear where one person is recognized as the greatest man in the entire world while others are recognized as the greatest woman. The transcript also describes a coalition of individuals working together to create a market in the US, including the use of technology to boost transactions and cars to sell drugs. The importance of remembering certain points and not giving too many concessions is also emphasized.
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A woman

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in law he saw the house

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nanny Mina Mussolini

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Santa Monica has Llahi over a cat smuggled out hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah they are respected beloved brothers and sisters. Ask Allah azza wa jal to bless you all and protect you all in sha Allah Tala Allama alumina and fauna. On finally my alum Tana was in the in manjar camera he mean we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge mean your ability mean

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tonight in sha Allah Tala, again we have a dua that is known to many.

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But maybe a lot of people do not know the reward of saying it and how many times we are supposed to say it per day.

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The first narration is in Bukhari and Muslim Mustafa canali. It means agreed upon the highest level of authenticity Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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and you can see it on the screen right now. La ilaha illa Allah wa the HU luxury Keller la han Mulk wala who will hand over who couldn't Lishi in Kadir we all know this, right? La ilaha illallah wa sallahu luxury color. La Imbolc Allah will hunt Hua Hua Allah Cooley che in Cuddyer. Okay, the first Hadith like we said agreed upon Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, whomsoever, say this statement 100 times per day, what happens?

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Let me your ears, my beloved brothers and sisters, and then we are hard. Five things take place and they're all amazing. Number one, are Salah Salam said, He will, as if he has, as if he has freed 10 slaves.

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As if it's equal to freeing 10 slaves, I will explain to Allah and second 100 Hasina will be recorded for him or her 100

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sin will be erased. That's the third

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protection from the shaitan the whole day.

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And the fifth one, Allahu Akbar. No one has done anything better than him on the Day of Judgment except a person that says it more.

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Let's go one by one.

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It's equal to freeing 10 slaves. What does a freeing a slave mean? The automat said because now there are no slaves to free. Every time you see a DUA, that the reward of it is as if you have free the slave. It is in sha Allah Allah will increase the possibility of you being freed from the hellfire. So here, as if you have free 10 slaves, you increase the power of the possibility of you being free 10 times from the hellfire and there's a hadith in also in Bukhari and Muslim or so Allah says Allah said, He who sets free and Muslim slave, Allah will deliver from the fire of *, every limp of his body, in return for every limb of the slaves body.

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So sha Allah to Allah, every time we hear the reward of freeing a slave in sha Allah to Allah, we are also increasing the possibility of us being freed from the hellfire. So the first reward equally as if you have freed 10 slaves 100 has been recorded. Allahu Akbar 100 Say evil deed erased and protection from the shaitan the whole day protection from the shaitan you know how many times brothers and sisters people call or or inquire about oh yeah, share Wallahi I feel like my son is possessed with a gin I am possessed with a gin evil i All these. All these sha Allah to Allah is just like the promise. Who said this Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I did not say it. And it's in

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Bukhari and Muslim 100% authentic protection from the shaitan you have to believe it for it to take place.

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protection from the shaitan the whole day no evil I know and we know nothing will happen to you in sha Allah Tada This whole day

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and look at the last Subhanallah the fifth reward. Don't you want to come on the day of judgment as the best person?

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The Hadees said, and no one comes on the Day of Judgment better than him except a person that says it more than him. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Brothers and sisters. La ilaha illallah wa de who luxury killer lol Malik wala who will hand Wahoo Coonley che in Kadir first, what does it mean? Now? Ilaha illa Allah we all know that your Allah I am confirming again and again the killing of Tawheed the best Kenema ever. No one's worthy of worship except que ya Allah. La ilaha illallah wa la sharika Allah has no partners whatsoever. He has no son, No wife, no mother, no father, La ilaha illallah wa de julio Cherie Keller, Lone Mulk the kingdom belongs to him, everything belongs to him.

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The heavens and the earth belongs to him. All the Milky Way's belongs to Allah azza wa jal Lavon Moloch Well, the whole hand and all the gratitude belongs to Allah azza wa jal because everything I have everything you have everything we all have this from him. So the gratitude, we have to be extremely thankful to him. I'm admitting that here Loudermilk wala whole hand and not only that, we're who are other cliche in Kadir and he is capable of doing anything Subhanallah when when you say that please. When you say well, who are the cliche and Kadir remember that he is capable of curing cancer. He is capable of curing Corona he is capable of paying your debt. He is capable of

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guiding your son he is capable of granting you a righteous spouse. He is capable of making that person that hate you love you had a cliche in Korea. He is capable to destroy any enemy of Islam and a cliche in Korea. Live it, live it Subhanallah as a matter of fact, when we come in sha Allah to Allah closer to the ledger, the month of hash, masala Salam he told us what is the best dua in alpha. Alpha is the best day of the year. And everybody over there is making all kinds of dua Yasuo Allah, what is the best dua an alpha? He said? It is the best thing that I have said and all the prophets have said before me, what does it tell us all Allah La ilaha illallah wa The whole la

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sharika the whole milk? Well, a whole hand? Well, who are the cliche in Kadir?

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You know, how long does it take to say it 100 times I timed that? I timed it for you. So you know exactly how long does it take eight minutes, eight minutes to get all these rewards in sha Allah to Allah and full coverage, full protection from the shaitan that is the first Hadith. Second hadith is in Abu Dawood and it's also saya and by the way for the brothers and sisters who just started following me. I do not quote, any Hadith. That is with all the added that I quote, are authentic. And if I quote a hadith that is weak, or there's difference of opinion about it, I will mention it in in my talk. So this other hadith is all sorry, isn't that good? As soon as I said and he said,

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and by the way, somebody might ask, does the 100 La ilaha illa de Odesza rica no one will call out hamdulillah recognition and cardio doesn't have to be consecutive, like in the same setting. Like I said eight minutes. Doesn't have to be No, you can say 10 Here 10 there as long as it's 100 In sha Allah Tala, because like remember Noah Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on him. He said, whether it's said consecutive Omata Federica or separate in sha Allah to Allah, He will get he will get the Azure or she will get the pleasure. So another Hadith is the wood and a solo salon. He said.

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Anyone who says in the morning, he said after Fajr in the morning, La ilaha illallah wa de julio sharika lah Hoon Mulk wala whole hand wa Coonley che in Kadir 10 times this hadith is 10 times What's the pleasure, he will get the reward of freeing one slave

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and he will get 10 Hassan add 10 Good deeds 10 evil deeds will be deducted from Him and He will be elevated in Jana 10 degrees 10 levels and he will be guarded from the Shaitan till the evening

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Um So Allah says it in the evening he will be protected till the morning. So 10 times after Fisher 10 times after maghrib if the 100 is too hard for you, even though the reward is immense my brothers and sisters, then you could say the 10 after Fisher and 10 after after maghrib insha Allah Now we come like the title said the million

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has an dua 1 million Hassan Allahu Akbar now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, whomsoever Mandana Sook whomsoever, enter the market. And I'm going to put the Hadith on the screenshot Allah.

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And he says, La ilaha illallah wa the WHO luxury killer la han monk. Well, I will hand up to here it's the same, right? You're here where you meet. So this is a new addition. Well, we're Hayyan lair moot? Be Eddie Hill hired. Well, who are their coalition include, as if we have inserted the three statements you meet? While Hayyan lair moot?

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Be at the hill higher, and then we continue, right? While we're at aqualisa. In college, we have put those three statements inside. What is the Azure era surah Allah and by the way, like I mentioned before, this hadith the scholars of Hadith differed

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about the authenticity of this hadith. Some said it is weak. Some said it's very weak and some like Imam chakra Banga Rahim Allah He said it is Hassan. It is good Hadith. So we can say it in sha Allah Tala and even if

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the hadith is weak, still we are remembering Allah azza wa jal when we enter the market, what is the reward?

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It will be recorded for him or for him so ever says this dua in the market place. 1 million Hassan elf elf or sorcerer Salam said 1000 1000 1000 1000 means 1 million, 1 million Hassan recorded 1 million say our evil deed erased 1 million level 1 million levels degrees elevated in Jannah Allahu Akbar somebody who say come on all that for just saying Lila Hill Hola. Hola. Sharika the whole milk? Well, I will hand you a meat while we're here. You may or may not be ideal. Hi, while we're on a coalition Kadir, brother

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brothers and sisters, you are not dealing with me. You are not dealing with him or her. You are dealing with the Karim himself with Allah azza wa jal with a criminal acromion. When because we in general, were can Insano Allah says in the Quran Cateura we are back in we are stingy by nature. We don't like to give much but we are dealing with Allah subhanho wa taala. Now what what what is considered market if I go to Costco if I go to Walmart, if I enter the mall, if I enter any big department store, anywhere where transactions are taking place in sha Allah Tala it will be considered the market and I will be getting this Azure

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you know, what's the trick? Remembering to say it,

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remembering to say it may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who remember to say it. So many times people know that by heart and they forget to say it. This is an AMA from Allah.

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This is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal if you are from the people who constantly remember to say it, this is Allah subhanaw taala is the one who reminded you why, because why marketspace specifically Rasulullah Sallam told us as you know the Hadith, the best places on Earth are the massage it May Allah bring us back to our massages. And the worst places on Earth are the markets. So while in the market there is lying going on, there's cheating going on. There's swearing going on, everybody is so involved in dunya you remember ALLAH, you remember Allah azza wa jal that does not go to waste. That's why the rewards are huge, huge reward. You remember Allah in the middle of

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all that you came to the to the to the market saying that hoping that you will buy halal, you will you will,

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you will try and make all the transaction that you do are permissible. You will be blessed in that market you will get good deals in sha Allah Tada And subhanAllah you remember Allah in a place where the shayateen are going there and telling the merchants to steal to lie to cheat Subhanallah Now of course there are a lot of merchants that are God fearing that they feel ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala there are that they respect one another

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and that they take care of the of the faqeer of the pool handle a lot of value. But in general, this is what the marketplaces are for. That's why the social selling said specifically in the marketplace 1 million Hasina

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Allahu Akbar 1 million evil deed raised and elevated in Jana that much. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, please memorize this dua. Let's put it back again and explain those three parts that we will not see in the other in the first one, La ilaha illallah wa ala sharika lahu Nwankwo Allah al Hamd we have explained that up when you meet, he's the only one who gives life and he's the only one that takes the life away. You're here when you meet. I am high right now. I am alive right now. You are high. You are watching you are high, but I am going to die. You are going to die. But Allah the next statement will who will Hayyan lair moot Allah is ever living. He does not die. Be Eddie Hill Hail

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To Allah belongs all the hail. Allah subhanaw taala all the hail comes from him. It's always heard. Everything that comes from Allah azza wa jal. It's always failed. And then we continue the part we explained already. We're who are other cliche in Cuddyer SubhanAllah. So brothers and sisters, whenever you go out to shop, please pause one second at the entrance of the door. Remember, when you're grabbing your cart, remembering when you're when you're about to maybe pay or just remember that insha Allah to Allah before entering the market, and

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tell yourself that you're Allah, grant me the reward promised by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and if you are from the people who do not maybe go much to the market, please say the ones at least 10 times after fajr or 10 times after maghrib and please now Ramadan is coming. And we haven't shot a lot that a lot of time at home I try to do the 100 times a day, the 100 times a day, the eight minutes May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who remember him abundantly Allah Magellan I mean other Kadena lava cathedra with their carrot meaner but I mean, may Allah give us Tofik to whatever pleases Him and to whatever he loves ya allah everybody who's watching this today.

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Yeah Allah give him tofu, give her tofu to whatever you love, and whatever pleases you, Ya Allah, may Allah fill on our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness the month of Ramadan and accept all our Amen. That we will do in this month. Is that Kamala hair back Allah Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah hayleigh and Mr fuca on a toolbar ILEC in

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Lucca who use one Luna Island um

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water he was

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just NEMA

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in Alladhina yo, Luna Allah

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Mother, Molina. Wallasey know you

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many know what it means to be a while at MCC DESA Boo.

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Boo. Oh, man, movie

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