Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #30 Al Ghafur 1

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the name of Allah Azza wa jal and minimizing one's anger in order to apply them in one's life is emphasized. The use of "fit" refers to a person or group of people who commit a crime or defect, and minimizing one's anger and avoiding offenses is crucial to achieving their goals. The history of Islam is discussed, including forgiveness, promises made by Jesus, and the importance of forgiveness in Islam.
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remind myself when I remind you that this is one of the greatest ways to get to know Allah azza wa jal is by studying His name and His attributes, hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will make us from the people who listen and apply in Sharma, I mean your ability and like I always repeat that the whole purpose is to learn this name to learn whatever attribute of Allah azza wa jal and if it is from the attributes that are humanly possible, then we have to do our best to apply it as much as we can in sha Matata and today's attribute is humanly possible, as a matter of fact, it is very rewarding, extremely rewarding if we practice it, and this is the name of Allah azza wa jal Allah

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Allah full and the name of Allah subhanaw taala for it came in three different

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forms a lot of four

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and a four and Rafa alfalfa. All three a lot of had mentioned once in the Quran,

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Allah four or four mentioned 91 times, what does that tell you?

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91 times for food and for Allah for five times Subhanallah So,

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what is the meaning of this name? And as usual, how can we use it? How can we make the art with it? And

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what are the things we can learn from it? So we can implement them in our life? And our food as we all know from the word from the root or wine for rock

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in Arabic or FARA

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means to cover

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That's why

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the soldier

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he wears a middle Pharrell meme can Khasra rain fair rock metaphor is helmet. So to conceal to protect his face from being hit, to cover his face cover,

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so far is to cover.

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Now, we of course when we say refer now, if I ask anybody means forgive. So what does that mean? covered his sins, covered his sins. So Allah subhanaw taala is the old forgiving, the exceedingly and perfectly forgiving. And Allah subhanaw taala he's the one whose forgiveness manifests both quality and quantity. Now, ALLAH SubhanA wa taala.

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Like I said,

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raffle usually is like, the first level, like Allah subhanaw taala is Rafa. He forgives the sins, Allah for

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He forgives, no matter how many sins Do you have got for

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no matter how many sins and no matter how deep is this an

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offer, or four, or four or four is the highest? The four is from for iron, constantly forgiving. There's a hadith

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that Allah subhanaw taala says that it could see it in Abdi I've never had the them been my slave have committed a sin. And he knew that he has a love. He has a lord he has a job that forgives. And he asked me for forgive him for forgiveness and I forgave him. And Allah subhanaw taala said that then my dad committed another sin. And he asked me and he knew that there is a ROB that forgives, and he asked me for forgiveness and I forgive him and he kept repeating it Subhanallah to show us how he is Subhana afar constantly because you are one when we commit sins because like I said I'm told us couldn't couldn't kapok, every son of Adam is a sinner. Every single one of us is a sinner.

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We sin

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somehow some way or another we sin.

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But the best of the sinners are the one who constantly repent constantly asked for forgiveness. And the I have just decided in sort of LM Ron when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said we'll let the you know either for an offer he Schatten

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Fusa home

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for still federal only though no be him when he have a funeral. Don't know that.

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When your siru Allah

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wa homea Allah moon and from the characteristics

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of the Moroccan May Allah make us all from them autoclean first Allah said that they spend in hardship and at ease. Second characteristic can be minimized they control the the control their anger, and third, while fina and the nurse and they power them people, and then this is the fourth we're Latina, either falou fetish, if they commit a fair hisher only a major sin, I was vulnerable and for some are they committed anything wrong? Woman nefs is to commit sins. You're oppressing yourself, sir.

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What did they do? The Corolla?

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How do they do this? How can how could I? How could I lie about this? How can I cheat about that? How did they back bite my brother? What did I do? You know, immediately when they do something wrong. You see the heart is shaking immediately. The Corolla they remembered Allah azza wa jal how? Because there are there are people who sin and the sin is just like a fly.

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And there are people who sin and they cannot sleep at night.

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Like a mountain on their back.

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They can Allah Stella thoroughly than obey Him. So ask for Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, and they admit and they know when they don't obey Allah Allah Allahu Akbar. Yeah. When who? Think about it who Allah I think everyone who forgives the sins other than Allah, you tell me about him and make suit for him? Who

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so how can I please somebody else if there's only one who forgives the sins

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that should be the only one that I'm worshiping. Because this is the only way for me to enter Jannah is by deleting my sins getting his Rahman entering Jana

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Allah subhanaw taala said the next listen to this I'll

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never be a birdie

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the beat a birdie Annie an unlawful Rahi team will neither be who another ally

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now you know

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it's a verb right? What is the noun?

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Sort of number right? What is the plural and back right?

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So never be informed.

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Tell all my slaves that I am the fool. I'm the Rahim

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but in order not to take advantage of that he followed it. When other be because some people and we have seen it 100% Sure. Many of us have witnessed that when you tell someone yeah he you know why don't you pray? Why don't you know what he's telling you? In the law?

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Yeah could continue the area. Neither of you and I that we should eat and my punishment is Chedid severe.

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But look Allah it started with

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a look a phone rang and the most name that came with a four is Subhanallah arrive.

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Seven different than 91 is the Fuhrer Rahim. 70 Subhan Allah.

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Now, ALLAH SubhanA wa I'm sorry 72

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Allah subhana wa taala.

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And look at the ultimate said that this is the Most

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Merciful and the Quran.

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The most ayah that gives hope in the Quran.

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Because when we send the shaitan comes and disappears from the ROM of Allah, you you are going to start praying you forgot, you drank you smoked, you committed adultery, you dealt with riba you did this, he makes you despair. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed this and Hamdulillah that this ayah exists. Kalia the levena Surah for Allah foresee him

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met in

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Namaha Yun Feroz zunow The Jeremy

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in one awful Rahim Allahu Akbar, he did not say yeah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tell the people who are committing Zina. Tell the people who are oh he's not say Talia, you wasn't a boon

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he does not say Oh, who you have seen. Look at the look at the look at the sweetness and the beauty of of this area. Kalia a bad year Lavina Asafa

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All my slaves that have transgressed he still called them slaves, he still call them servants.

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Let Akhenaten do not have cannot do not give up on the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the law. Can you imagine somebody will send a lot and he hears this idea hola Hamish in Namaha young Pharaoh xinova There was there was enough. No, he added to it, Jimmy all of it Jamia and then should be that should be enough in now.

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We could have set in no hurry no in now who are looking for

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there's no more mercy more than that.

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So anyone you have one sitting here anybody watching us, you have committed sins you have done so much do not ever give up. There is always room. Allah Subhana Allah Allah told us that as long

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Subhan Allah this hadith gives you so much hope.

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Allah subhanaw taala said as long as you do not commit shirk, and you come to me with since that Philip, the heavens and the earth

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and you ask for my forgiveness, I forgive you.

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Allahu Akbar. Now you feel the meaning of Allah for Allah for Subhana

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Akula no camera hammer Allah. Why is always referred to before Rahim. You know this Allah Subhanallah they see things different. He said how come and refer to before other Rahim Khan when mattock de la fura Allah Rahim for in Madeira

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phenol McPhee la nephila Salam wa rahma of a NEMA.

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He said that we are full always came before Rahim because Murphy's Law is to be secure and safe, because you have been forgiven. But drama is

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a bonus. It's an email so that an email comes after you being saved, but you need that anyway, if you're not safe.

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Like Rama is a bonus. So first of all, I get my salary, then I get a bonus.

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So first I have to be forgiven. And then I taste the sweetness off of the ramen now

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how to gain the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal

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let me detail the Hadith that I just mentioned. Allah subhanaw taala said,

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Oh, son of Adam, so long as you call upon me and ask of me.

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Mad I will tell you what to do with me.

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I shall forgive you for what you have done. And I shall not mind. Oh, son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky? And were you then to ask for stuff for 20 Then you asked me for forgiveness. I will forgive you, Oh, son of Adam, were you to come to me with sins nearly as great as the Earth. And were you then to face me? ascribing no partners to me? I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as that. Subhanallah Can you imagine sins that fill up the whole earth? Allah will replace it with forgiveness as much. So from this hadith, we have three ways to gain the market of Allah azza wa jal number one he said, Call upon me and ask me, the attorney or an

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attorney. If you have if you call upon me, and you plead to me, that's the first way to get them off your second ask for it. Firstly, firstly, ask Allah for forgiveness. Third Tauheed do not associate partners with me.

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And if you came to me without associating any partners, I will forgive you. So from this hadith we have three things, call upon

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plead to Allah azza wa jal ask Allah for forgiveness and come to him with the heat with the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal without any any partners. Another way to get the muffler

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I'm sure what the Ziad is gonna like this

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is that then

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you know sometimes the other day I was telling some brother go ahead and make the other one said no, no, no that somebody else

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you know what you missed?

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Your Will federal law. You will federal no mother Soto.

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He will be forgiven as far as the sound

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Subhan Allah. So, another way of getting the forgiveness is then another method of getting if you want to get the forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal yeah one,

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forgive others.

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Forgive others, Allah to hit Boonah here from We mentioned the story of

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Mr. The stabbing with Arthur. We mentioned the story many times, he used to spread rumors about the Elana and Abu Bakr used to have a salary for him. And he started Allah revealed that he said, Forgive him. Don't you love Allah to forgive you? So Rebecca said yes, yeah, Allah, I love you to forgive me and He forgave. So yeah, when that brother in law, that sister in law, that

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cousin, that brother that you have not spoken to, in such a long time, just for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, just for the sake of you being forgiven, do it for yourself. Like I always repeat, you actually if he does not deserve your forgiveness, do it for your own self, because you want to be forgiven. And it's a promise from Allah azza wa jal, Allah to hipbone a failure for Well, yes, well, that the pardon and forgive, don't you love Allah to forgive you. So that means if I forgive, I will gain the material.

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And subhanAllah specifically, there was a Hadith from Amos OH GOD, ALLAH Han. Specifically, you know, the Hadith in Bukhari when Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said that a man was enter Jannah and he said, Yeah, Allah, He said, Well, what have you done? So he said, Yeah, not much.

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But what was the only hammer he used to do? No, sir. Do you remember the Hadith?

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What what what was that but he said not not sure Allah but I have only one thing I used to do.

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Excellent. He said, I used to loan money to people Yeah, Allah you blessed me with a lot of money. So I used to loan money to people and when the due time comes the due date if they don't have money, either I tell them it's okay. Forget it. Or you can pay me whenever you have the money, but most of the time I used to forgive them

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so Allah subhanaw taala told them you are not more merciful than me You are forgiven

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so when he said I don't do much that does not mean he does not pray no, no. That means I don't do much beyond that because I don't somebody Oh Hamdulillah this guy does not do much. Let me stop praying does not work like this. Those are given some RCM these are given and he does not do much extra money now I feel except he used to have money. You need a how much you need. 5000 Okay, how much when you're gonna bring it back one month hamdulillah after one month you have it? May Allah forgive you. Allahu Akbar. So Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven him

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Subhanallah One wise man wrote to another he said

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to us Barna we've been we've been I mean now I'm in LA he Milan see when an ad read or you have an Oscar? Are you magical as me Romanian? Sure. Am Kadima yester.

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One Wiseman wrote to another and he said, we woke up. This morning I woke up this morning, was so many blessings of Allah azza wa jal.

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And I don't know which one I'm going to be grateful for. The blessings that He gave me or the year that he conceived that he covered because what you love about me

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is because Allah subhanaw taala has covered but he has concealed. If Allah subhanaw taala have exposed, every single one of us, nobody could even look at another person. What you are loving about me and what I loved about you, is because of Allah has sitter is because Allah subhanaw taala has covered all these are you or these faults and shortcomings. Otherwise, Allah He likes to animate us to say, if you know who I am, he said you cannot sit next to me because of the smell of my sins Subhanallah and this used to be all them now. You know what I'm going to stop here because I'm going to take another week explaining this this name have a lot of stuff. What's the difference between so

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far and Toba?

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And sometimes they come in the first in the same area. So we're going to explain that in sha Allah Tada. And

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you will be forgiven if you don't do couple of things we will mention those and what are the best times for Stefan we will mention all that in sha Allah to Allah. And there's a severe warning at the end in sha Allah Tala, we will keep it all to next week so we could all come in sha Allah is Aquila here, welcome Alphacam Subhan Allah when it's Thursday again, which is the night of Friday, they cannot have solid on Rasul Allah salAllahu Salam Alaikum wa salam O Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad can isolate Rahim le Rahim in Naka, Anita Majid along with Eric I know Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim by the

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Ibrahim in NACA Hamidah Majeed please try to come to measure tomorrow at 645 and probably tomorrow is the last day of 645 because when they bring the hour back, everything has changed. So take advantage of this luxury. Is that good luck so have a llama Shalonda in the end Mr. felucca Manitoba.

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