Mohamad Baajour – LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH Conditions #4 Submission

Mohamad Baajour
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Maria de la Philomel Delilah on the ugly further her de la where she had on in in La la

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la sharika la mer shadow Anna Mohammed and Avi do who are solo and

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Johanna subhanho wa Taala Vicki Tabby Hill Karim Al Khalifa the

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you snake?

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of those and Alima another thing called Hadith Kitab Allah. Okay, Ron had you heard him 100 In some Allah and he was sending a shovel

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to her. We're calling the 13th bidder or could be that in Ghana. We're calling that infinity from

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my dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters ask Allah azza wa jal to bless me and you with philos with sincerity, and everything that we say and everything that we do, I mean Alameen Inshallah, tada we continue our series about the conditions of la ilaha illa Allah, we said

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in the past three hippos, that La ilaha illa. Allah has conditions that we should apply all of them,

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we should apply all of them in order to be among the people of la ilaha illa Allah, we mentioned the first one is an LM knowledge. The first one is to know what La ilaha illallah means, second, to have your kin to have certainty, that this the only salvation is with the inner Illallah and third, to accept both that and they have been and today in sha Allah Allah, we are discussing the fourth condition, which is uncleared I know.

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I'm 100% sure without a speck of my speck of doubt in my heart that this is the only Deen This is the only religion I accepted. And now I have to act upon it uncleared submission. submission is the fourth condition of la ilaha illa Allah. What does it mean when our deen is called Islam is called to submit to Allah subhanaw taala what does it mean to submit to Allah, it means to breathe La ilaha illallah it means to live by now. Ilaha illa Allah it means that you will not make your move.

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Unless it is for the sake of Allah you will not stop making a move until unless it is for the sake of Allah you live and you die for La Ilaha illa Allah

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My brothers and sisters

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submission is

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the submission of the body and the submission of the soul. And like I told you before these conditions had been extracted by our own, from Ayrton the Quran, and from that hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because like I said before, someone might say, who said that there are conditions of la ilaha illa Allah. Similarly, who said that there are conditions of the Salah, I would have gathered all the conditions for the salad, and then they taught us similarly there are conditions for La ilaha illallah extracted from the Kitab and Sunnah where this condition of him cleared in a condition of submission. Where did we get it from? Col Allah subhanho wa Taala woman X

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and O deen and Allahu Akbar women X and Medina and who has the best Dean, woman X and Dean and me men.

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What you have who Lila he? Well, who am I saying? Who has the best Dean? Better Dean than the one who surrendered his purpose to Allah while doing good? In surah Zuma Allah subhanho wa Taala said, what an evil become we're asleep who will

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turn back to Allah Who would repentance and submit fully submit to him? And Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, Allahu Akbar, you know, it gives you goosebumps when you when you hear that Allah azza wa jal himself is swearing. Allah subhanaw taala sing for an hour a big you should start trembling Allah swearing by your Lord for an hour a big lie. You mean una had you had Kaimuki female shutaura sama lie edgy do fi and foresee him halogen mimma kadai where you selenium with us Lima by your Lord, they will not truly believe until they make you yeah Muhammad the judge in any dispute between them and find within themselves. No dislike to what you have ruled what you have decided and they

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submit completely. They submit completely to the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to the orders of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam This is the delille This is the evidence we worship Allah with delille we worship Allah who has evidence yet of one we do not create and come up with new. Everything we do, is already taught to Allah by Allah subhanho wa Taala and by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the evidence from the Sunnah the evidence from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is when he said let me know I had to come had a Hakuna Hawa, Hebron, Lima, Lima to be none of you as a true believer until his desire until his desires follow that which I came which

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I came with. So submission is to act upon to act upon what we learn.

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What is the use of a biller? What is the use, you have 10 PhDs hanging on the wall and you don't do nothing about it.

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Even Mossad or the Allah Who and he said the fader and him don't

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learn get educated and when you know, start acting upon it. So whosoever claims that he's a Muslim, and does not submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala he did not understand what Islam is. You know these people that tell you brother

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slam is right here.

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My heart appeals clean pure. I do not harm anybody.

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I do not cheat anybody. Am I not better than the people who pray and they fast and they cheat? No Habibi, you're not better. You're not better at all.

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As a matter of fact, you are risking to be out of Islam. The one who prays and fast and and he commit sins he's a sinner. But if you just submit by your heart, have you ever seen an eye on the Quran? Am I

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just am every airman comes with amulet, every airman comes with me to believe and act upon it, believe and act upon it.

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My brothers and sisters

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the fourth condition of la ilaha illa Allah is submission Akula call the head of staff for Allah the staff through in Hua Fuhrer Rahim.

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Allahu wa salatu salam ala mon learn via via listen to this area Subhan Allah

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Allah subhanaw taala said in can call me Nene either do il Allah he will also

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De Leon kkOma Dana home, and Jaco semi

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homonym of

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the response of the true believers when they are invited to Allah and his messenger to judge between them is only to say, we hear and we obey.

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And these are the successful ones

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along with me or

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my brothers and sisters Subhanallah the Sahaba the Companions, for some of us, I sell them.

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They gave a great

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example of Santa Ana Wattana. And us on the line said I was serving alcohol

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to the Sahaba and then they heard a noise on the street. Camera has been made haram.

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Alcohol is prohibited. He said Wallahi I get an order to spill everything in the house instantly. He said there was streams of alcohol in Medina, instantly. Now you tell somebody haram and Khaled, are you sure brother? Let me check. Command Take it easy. The dean is useful. This is Subhan Allah. The only way to survive is by saying Sanjana, a foreigner, may Allah make us from the people who live by La ilaha illallah and die by La Ilaha illa Allah may Allah forgive all our sins, Rob Danner have learned I mean as well as you know whether the karate, which Tokina Imam Aloma is one of the most about fina if you call him a Kenyatta al Amin along the line and I'm gonna start off in equally

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McCann, Allah Masha prima donna Ramadan Muslimeen wallhanging Alterna were Moulton Muslim in wa salam ala and and Amina Muhammad

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Allah hi

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I said

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this song

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Elson Julie here have been lemme in

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our Rosner new Rafi

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Maliki only Jean

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II cannot avoid any kind of styling you know smear or stuffing smear all the you know and

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while you're in Dubai li Dong

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Won the Austrian Santa Fe

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in the you

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know Sony

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whatever sold in the whatever sold his soul

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semi Allah halimun Hamid

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hola hola

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hola hola como

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Alison Dooley in here have been around me in a Ragna and you're rocking Maliki only Dean II can all go door kind of style

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you not seen autonomous staffing sit off on levena and lay him while you're in Dubai laying him all

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Hola Hola. Hola.

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Hola husana Lemme le doin N mu

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L M er Ko Ko fu

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Sony en la halimun Hamidah

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hola Hola

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sell send

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somewhat equal has a little bit of kit please remains

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that our brothers in the game his mother is very sick MIG diet for her and now I'm announcing that she passed away in love in LA Hello John with an idiom can we see him all the time? The security volunteer on the door please keep her in your door in sha Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah for Allah subhanho wa if you have a fun Welcome to sort of have a similar color Allahumma Tila halogen they are behind me. Aloha mai trilhas Jana baccarat baccarat along with a bitter in the swirl along with a bitter in the swirl. Allahu Mohan Mota Anna while motel Muslimeen are some of Allah and Amina Mohammed early he was IVF main. Please do not forget the masjid with your donation. Especially on

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the day of Ramadan sha Allah Allah, this is the best day to give a donation

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rather than Matawan Dan who passed away this morning also Subhan Allah We ask Allah azza wa jal Allah Allah for Allah who are humble wifey hereafter and who were criminals Allah was several fellow Allama theologian they are I mean what can you ever know okay I've ever covered along with a Bitcoin just along along with a Bitcoin and the soil alone Muhammad Alterna ultimately mean some Allah and Muhammad Ali inside big mean, we're gonna go row by row insha Allah Tala he's the first row and the brothers who are staying waiting for the row. Just keep your tongue busy remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala la masala Allah Muhammad

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