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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the negative impact of COVID-19 on people, including fatigue, sleep deprivation, and socializing. The dangerous aspects of COVID-19, including potential harm to one's health and socializing, are also discussed. The speakers emphasize the value of deeds and how they can be rewarded based on the number of pages listened to, the number of pages written, and the value of the person who pays for them. They also emphasize the importance of not letting words be heard by others and apologizes for their actions.
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Balarama Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala to film ba well mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA salatu salam to Sleeman kathira Hera from abajo. My brothers sisters this morning, when I was walking to the masjid for Southern Pfizer, I saw the full moon, and absolutely beautiful sight. And it looks so close as if I could touch it.

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And that reminded me of two things. The bad news and the good news. Not bad in a bad sense, but you know, something to regret.

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And the good news.

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The bad news is that half the month of Ramadan is over.

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The good news is that half the month of Ramadan is over.

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Now, what am I talking about? I'm talking about what happens to most of us around midpoint in Nevada, which is fatigue, which is

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sleep deprivation catching up, which is mela Forgive me for saying it but lesions

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and this hits most doors. Mostly it hits those who have been making a special effort to do their best in order to make the best offer. So people who have been praying Dharavi already Raka people who have been reading more than normally read people who have been listening to lectures on the series,

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or others other useful and good things, those people are hit the most.

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Not surprising, because chatter always tries to do one or two things he tries to prevent you from doing a good deed. Or when he can't do that, he tries to reduce the impact of that good deeds, he tries to nullify that good deed by making you do something or stopping you from doing something. Now what is it that we are probably stopping ourselves from doing and that is, we are stopping ourselves from being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for what he gave us. Remember, as soon as as Adam said that Allah subhanaw taala is going to send a month, in which the reward of the novel becomes the reward of the fourth, the reward of the Father becomes 70 times that reward or more. The gates of

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Jannah are open the gates of janome are shut. And in the last 10 or last 10 nights and among those 10 nights in the odd nights Allah subhanaw taala sends down especially light colors recover the worship in which is equal is more than

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more than the worship in 1000 months. Now,

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when you have all this, and you're feeling tired, for example, if you're feeling tired, because usual complaints we have is the recitation tarawih is too long, or the radio's reciting is doing it too slowly. I wish you could do it faster.

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Now these are right at this point, these are thoughts in the heart and in the mind.

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If there is any tafsir session happening if there is any explanation of the Quran, and remember, the explanation is only because we don't take the trouble to understand the Arabic language and we don't take the trouble to understand what is this what is being decided, if you understood that there would be no need for anyone to do any Tafseer because we could understand what we're reading, but hamdulillah because we have this facility that somebody reads out or gives a tacit understanding and an explanation for what is being read.

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We have thought in our mind, you know, I wish it was shorter, this is like too long, and so on and so forth. When we talk about sending gurus under sources,

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we feel lower this taking too long. And if somebody tells you that on on Fridays, try to do even more. So if you are sending 100 the road on which are seldom 100 salatu salam, then on Friday, make it 1000 that'd be fun Oh my god, this is how long will it take?

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How long would it take and

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meaning that I wish it could be done in a shorter period of time?

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Why do I want to wait for you as the server myself when you that even though the shatin have been changed? There is one which is inside us. And that is our enough's and this laughs of our this?

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This this desire on cell force is the most dangerous of the shattered and the reason why it's dangerous is because the reason is the same reason why cancer is dangerous because it involves our own body cells. The knifes mine offices me, mine offices me

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It's not coming from outside. So therefore just like the body does not fight cancer because it's their own cells. We don't fight our nerves because it is ours. And this is what the nerves does. And this is from Saturn because Saturn is trying to reduce or nullify the value of the goodies. Now how is that winner? Because Allah subhanaw taala told us I will be live in a Chicago regime. Waste as Dara buco line Shakur Tomasi, Jana Kuhn, wala in Kahala, tominaga militia, Allah subhanaw taala settings of Abraham, which means,

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Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala will increase the blessing for which you are thankful, announced to them, that Verily Allah subhanaw taala for the one who is thankful Allah will increase the blessing and very, the one who was ungrateful, let him be aware of the punishment which is severe punishment of Allah you see that in Adobe machete is very my punishment is severe. Now

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the question is that when we are saying or at least in our hearts when we are feeling that the tilawat of the Koran is too long, what are we really saying is just think about that.

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What is that? Is it simply listening to or to is it simply is listening to the car you write very well, and you enjoy it and maybe now it's like too long? Instead of 45 minutes It is now one hour, one hour, 15 minutes, one hour, one and a half hours.

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Forget all that forget to do without the hora is that is officer Salam. He said that Allah valterra will give you 10 Hazara 10 good deeds for every letter which is decided or read every letter 10 and then he said I don't say the alpha male is one letter Alif is one letter love is one letter meme is one letter. So if some if the if the if the curry the mom is saying Alexa meme, or if you are reading I mean, you got 3030. So when you're listening to the core,

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just do the sums. one page of the Koran is 50 lines, right? Now take an average of

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say, five words per line, okay, average of five words per line 15 lines,

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right? How would you do

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15 vises.

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7515 to five is 75. Now, that is 75 words.

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Do some some more? How many letters in each word. Just look at an average word in the column. Count the number of letters, multiply that by 10. That is the number of asanas that is the number of answers that you got for listening to one page,

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which is roughly what the curry will recite in one car. If you are doing credit cards, so one djoser if you're doing one juice per night, then one uses about 2021 pages. So the card is reciting roughly one page per card. And that is the number of massage you got for just listening to one page. Now, what is the value of asset? The value of 100?

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is the difference between Jan and Jan?

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is the difference between Jan and Jan? And you are getting that many? pages of honor. So what now What does schatten do? What does your nerves do?

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your nerves makes you resent that. your nerves makes you lazy about that your nerves makes you think and feel. I wish it was less. You wish what was less?

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Ask yourself this question. You wish what was less?

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Are you saying to yourself, I wish I could get less good deeds, fewer good deeds.

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Now tell me if that is what you're saying? What does that sound like to

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gratitude or in gratitude, thankfulness or timelessness?

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If it is thankfulness Allah will increase the blessing. But if it's thankless does Allah subhanaw taala said, beware my punishment is severe. So what are we going to do? If we spend the whole of Ramadan listening to all that taraweeh the whole Quran is finished. But when we look at our book of deeds on the Day of Judgment, it's blank. Why is it blank? Because Allah Subhana Allah says, this person didn't want it. So to remove it.

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Is that what we want for ourselves?

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Same thing, when we are looking at listening to something good, whether it's

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Obviously record, whether it is some other lecture or something to remind us about the greatness and glory of alert reminders about us was a seller to remind us about the affair. This amounts to a muffle, Amelie subject.

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And what we have is about the bunches of liquor, that America whose job is to find images. And when they get to their mothers, when they get to the gallery, they stay there, they fill the space, one of layer upon layer until there is the first time so as you're sitting there in this darce, helicopters or you're sitting there, maybe looking at it, or watching it on your phone or on your, on your device, or your insula in the masjid, you're not alone, right? We have six feet of space between people. But remember that space is filled with angels with Malacca.

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We are reminding them alive in the unperceivable. So truly America in our in the hype, but they're their spaces filled with, like 100.

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And then when the man is over, they go to another monitor, and Allah knows everything, but they won't report and they say Allah, we found as much as these people were engaged your speaker

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and they were asking for your forgiveness. And they were asking for janma they were asking for protection. Now I'm making this ad is I'm shortening it, just the gist of it. I'm telling you.

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And Allah says, You are going to be the witnesses for these people the Day of Judgment. I have forgiven all of them.

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when you want that mother's to be shorter. What is it?

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You're saying you don't like this forgiveness.

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That time of ours number on the day of January, when we see our book of deeds, we're going to see two kinds of deeds. They weren't to see deeds. I hope I'm saying two can be three I hope the third one is not there.

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The first kind of deed which I hope we will not see is deeds for which we can be punished, we ask Allah for his forgiveness.

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Haram, doubtful that ship cover whatever,

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all kinds of sins which we did, dates for which we can be punished. I won't say we will be punished because we ask Allah for his forgiveness but we can be punished your will remain sha

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second bunch of dates or dates, which we will be questionable.

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Then Allah will decide whether to punish or not to punish.

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But definitely these are not dates for which we are likely to be rewarded at the most

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nullified effectively what effectively what does that mean? It means that that one hour, two hours, 10 hours 10,000 hours in my life has no value.

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Good side is it didn't get any punishment. But bad side is I had this opportunity to create value for myself but I didn't do that with the third month of deeds will be those deeds for which Allah will reward me inshallah.

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Right. Now, where would you want to put your time in taraweeh your time listening to beneficial lectures, your time listening to the Tafseer of the corner?

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Your time engaged in the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala. Your time spent in sending Salatu, Salam and durood and also lies in some in this list of three things. Where would you like to fit it? Obviously it's not something for which you will be punished. It's also not something which is going to be a waste. Where is it something for which Allah will reward you and me?

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As I told you, what is the what is the value of one Hassan the difference between Jana and Jana?

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specific reference to sending Salat and Salah Manasa was also nevertheless observed. A person who said in salatu salam on me one time, listen carefully, a person who sent Salat and Salam on me drew on me one time, Allah will do three things. Allah subhanaw taala

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will send Salam on that person 10 times for every one Salam on ornamentals, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will send Salam on this person 10 times. Second thing, Allah subhanho wa Taala will wipe out one sin will wipe out 10 sins and will write in 10 good deeds, right 10 actual sins that the person did will be forgiven and 10 good deed with the person never did free good deeds will be written into his account. And the third thing is a loss of I know that I will raise that person's level with him 10 times.

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Right. So if I send the rows and column one or two times what happens doing

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in that period, I get 1000 salam from Allah.

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1000 good deeds free in my account 1000 sins wiped out. And $1,000 zhat before Allah subhanaw taala increased for sending salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, only 100 times.

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Buddha subs, if I increase that to 10 times if I'm doing it 1000 times.

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Think about that. Now, what Shantanu shaytan tells you and me, this is too long, is too long. Alright, so my question is, what else could you be doing?

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Which would be better than doing something which attracts the Salam from Allah? which attracts blessings from Allah, which wipes out my sins, which gives me free good deeds, and which raises my levels with Allah subhanaw taala? What is it that I could be doing? Other than this? Which would give me better than this?

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That's an oxymoron. It's a stupid question. But this is I have to ask this question. Ask yourself this question. Second question, Doctor service. Those of you who have this thought in your mind,

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and I hope you never said it. I hope you never messaged somebody. I hope you never wrote a note to somebody. I hope you never went and told somebody. Why don't you shorten your recitation? Why don't do recite faster? Why don't do shorter the the, the, the,

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the extent of your lecture, I hope you ever said that. The reason I'm saying it, because if you said it, then you made the melodica witnesses against you on the Day of Judgment.

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Right. So go and fall in such and cry and weep before Allah subhanaw taala and seek His forgiveness. Otherwise, it is likely that that all the good you did will get wiped out from your slate because you expressed you expressed an irritation you expressed you know your lack of patience. you express dislike for the blessing of Allah. So not only that,

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I hope it was said, but even if you're feeling that, ask yourself one question.

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And the question is, did you ever ask for Super Bowl to be reduced?

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Did you ask for the duration of super worldviews? Did you ever say I hope Superbowl could be shorter? You do ever say I hope Wimbledon could be shorter

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you ever say that I hope the one the ODI could be shorter.

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Right? You add to a list? Do you ever say that a tool could be shorter?

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Do you ever say that your Netflix which you what could be shorter? But you say that you wish the Quran recitation would be shorter.

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Did you ever try to listen to her to go on double speed?

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You try that try but you want the jury to decide on double speed.

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Please, let us get you noticed. We love Allah we don't love him. We don't love Allah do what you want. I don't get but if you love Allah monitor inshallah you do. God destroyed. Do not allow your nerves to destroy that love of Allah that dedication that that beauty that Allah gave you

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by being ungrateful.

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This is so sad. It is so bad. And this is what happens Mirabella. That's why I'm doing this remind I call it the middleman booster is like the vaccination would you need a booster shot.

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So apply the booster shot.

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Right? mega Stefan make a lot of fun. give lots in charity because that is what causes the anger of Allah

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and mixins your power. And if you were on goals, I hope you're not but if you are among those who actually went and said this to the car or said to somebody go apologize. go apologize not for that person but because you don't want Allah subhanaw taala in the record book only to have your complaint recorded there. Also let the apology be recorded there so that it will cancel the complaint. go apologize to that person.

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That extremely sorry I'm ashamed of myself that are asked to read fast or to read less or something. I'm extremely ashamed of myself Please forgive me and ask Allah to forgive me God God go tell the person that

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and then make lots of mistakes and give lots of charity. So Allah forgive us Do not cancel out Do not waste your good deeds under law. You're doing good stuff. Don't let it get wasted. Do not let them come in the way Do not let let your nerves come in the way and destroy all that we have tried to do in this month. Right It's okay to get tired hungry let's physical. Be your your sleep deprivation catches up with you Alhamdulillah no problem.

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For all you know, this may be my last

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fall you know, this may be

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Your last summer there how many people who are with us last summer that are not with us today? Did they know that last summer that was to be their last?

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Just in the same way we do not know which is going to be our last. Let us mate treat every mother as if it will be our last so that if it is our last, then we don't die with this regret to say I wish I had done more.

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Right. So let us do the best we can do. And when we start feeling tired when we start feeling irritated, when we start feeling the something guys should be shorter.

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reprimand yourself.

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reprimand yourself. Don't tell the other one to shorten it. You reprimand yourself that you don't have the patience to listen to the greatest glory of Allah. You do not have the patience to listen to the Tafseer of the Quran. You do not have the patience to listen to the recitation of the Quran. Even when you know that you are being rewarded. Enormous Lee there's no way of comparing it if I was giving you $1 bills you would have doubled the budget would have been jam packed with people.

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And every one of those dollar bills you would have to leave behind is his word but the Hazara Allah is giving when we will be with us inshallah with him. geladeira know, when we meet it, let's put things in perspective. We call ourselves intelligent. Let's demonstrate that, right.

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So make lots of stuff for October Gird your loins Get ready, get energy for the good news, which is half of Ramadan, only half is old, bad news, half is old, good news, only half as old, we still have another half. Let us make sure that that half we undo whatever bad we did. And we fill this half with beautiful dates with us a word fo for ourselves, you for you, me for me they did and

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ask us

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to forgive us, to guide us to correct us and to

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to reward us in keeping with the majesty and grace and to continue to give a give us this rather in good health until its end. And then we ask us to continue that good health and human and so on till the end of our days inshallah. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. masala harana will Karim Allah He was I mean may be Rama Rama Ravi or Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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