Mirza Yawar Baig – Maximizing Ramadan

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of habit change and the holiday of the absolute joyful holiday is discussed in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to read and read properly the Quran and teach their children to be models for their parents. The importance of bonds between individuals and their families is also emphasized. The segment ends with a call to action and a request for everyone to fill their hearts with peace and contentment. The history of Islam and its implementation in various countries are also discussed.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Ambia even more saline. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira cathedra. My dear brothers and sisters and elders last last Friday we talked about welcoming Ramallah. Today I want to talk to you about maximizing our

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psychologists tell us that habit change takes 21 days of practicing the new way.

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Ramadan, is the annual habit change bootcamp.

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Ramadan comes and gives us an opportunity to choose henceforth to live as Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to live instead of as we want to live,

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to move from a desire based existence to and Allah subhanaw taala as will based existence

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in Ramadan, we are ready to stop ourselves from doing what we normally enjoy and which is halal. Only because Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to do that. Then how much more important is it to stop ourselves from doing what Allah subhanaw taala prohibited for us throughout our lives?

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We do that because we understand that what Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to do is for our benefit.

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We trust Allah and we remember our meeting with Allah.

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This is the essence of taqwa, which Ramadan al Karim comes to teach us in a powerful experiential way.

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Let us ask if Ramadan entered me. Or if I entered Ramadan,

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ask yourself did Ramadan enter you? Or did you enter or that if we enter Ramadan, then we will exit

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Ramadan on the first of the one

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done and dusted. If Ramadan enter us, then inshallah it will remain in our hearts and lives throughout the year.

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The spirit of obedience, which is Ramadan, Al Karim is the key to success in this life and the next. That is what must enter our hearts

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to obey joyfully and eagerly, because we love Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira Lu over and above anyone and anything else

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that is taqwa

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rather than Al Karim is the gateway to all that Allah subhanaw taala promised us in this life and the Accra. It is for us to enter through that gateway and succeed.

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I will say the holiday of the Allah no reported that as soon as the lesson of said anyone who fasts for one day for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will keep his face away from the Jahannam for a distance covered by a journey of 70 years. And this is a say Hadees Mustafa Hoonah Lee Bukhari and Muslim was one evening as on the Alon Omar reported that Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, fasting serves as a shield from Johanna from the hellfire. And this is I had this in an essay. My brothers and sisters, I remind you of myself that Islam is a religion of action. It is not a theory. It is not a philosophy. It's not talk. It is action. Ramadan is the month that comes to help us to

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practice leaving Islam, not talking about Islam, but leaving Islam. It begins with the most critical fundamental attitude and that is a taqwa, the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, and the sole concern to please Him in all that we say and do.

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Ramadan Kareem is the month of the Quran.

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Do we reflect as we listen to the Imams recitation that we are listening to the exact words that were revealed to Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, and wish the world heard for the very first time in his beautiful voice? Are we aware as we recite that Allah Jalla Jalla who is listening to us in real time, and is mentioning us by name? To those who are around his ash?

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Have you overwhelmed with all and gratitude? And do we fall into such the in thankfulness? Are we excited? Or are we among those who a curse word

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can transform but the word

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Word of Allah leaves on both.

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Think about what happens if somebody causes you think about what happens if somebody abuses you, you are completely transformed.

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Physiologically and physically changes can be measured in you and your body, in your heart in the in your blood pressure in your brain, in the color of your face.

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In the in the in the actual electrical impulses between your neurons in your brains.

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All of this is measurable.

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But the word of Allah subhanaw taala leaves us unmoved.

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Avianca those be our young people. Unless we are that asked us to question

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color to Russolo whom I feel he shuck.

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Color Russolo whom I feel he should call Valtteri sama via the Lord. You have to Heroku only ever fear Allah.

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Ruby calm while you work FIRA Camila jelly mucem

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In order to blame Allah subhanaw taala said he asked a question. Allah said their messenger said the messenger has asked them what

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can there be a doubt about Allah? A filler he Schuck?

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Is the explanation what filet shuck you have a doubt about Allah? Can there be a doubt about Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth fattier, Sumatra, Juan, he calls you to Islam, that He may forgive your sins and give you time a respite

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in this life for an appointed time.

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This is Allah and you doubting How is this possible?

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I know we don't disbelieve in Allah's existence geladeira but do we believe in His promises?

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Do we believe that Allah subhanaw taala can feed us without us falling into the Haram get rich schemes of schita

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Allah asked us another question.

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gave a talk for ona Bill

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gave a talk for owner Bill

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gave a talk for owner biller you are going to ma'am we're

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we're going to ma'am why whatta

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some yummy to come from Missouri come from my LA hito Gero.

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How can you disbelieve in Allah? Cave attack full Nabila? How is it possible that you do not believe in Allah?

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How can you be disbelieve in Allah, seeing that you are dead, you did not even exist. You are dead and he gave you life.

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Then he will give you death. And then then again, we'll bring you back to life,

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on the devil on the day of judgment, and then unto Him, you will return

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this Islam to reflect on that meeting with Allah Subhana Allah and to live our lives in a way where that meeting will be the best meeting our lives.

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Do we reflect on the fact that this word Allah Quran Al Karim is the most truthful word that can ever exist? And that it is protected in its exactness in its meaning. And in its application, by the one who spoke it.

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The Quran is the spoken word.

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It was heard for the first time not read.

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It entered the hearts of people.

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Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran changed a people who are despised in the world and transformed them into role models? Who were looked up to

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in their own lifetimes?

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Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran algorithm changes the destination of people from Jahannam to Jana? And then do we ask, but what is it doing for me?

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Do we reflect on the fact

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned us in the Quran

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and mentioned what will happen to each of us depending on the qualities that he mentioned.

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And then, as is the demand of intelligence? Do we search for ourselves in the Quran?

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Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran is Shiva? A cure for illness? The most serious and critical and fatal of which are the illnesses of hypocrisy

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and hatred and greed

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and jealousy and fear

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and hope from creatures instead of from Allah.

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And then do we seek a cure before it is too late?

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Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran gives solace to the bereaved, comfort to the aggrieved? Safety from danger?

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takes away our fears and anxieties?

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Do we seek these things from the Quran before we run to anyone else for help?

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Do we learn to read the Quran properly according to its rules? And do we teach our children ourselves?

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Do we enjoy the recitation of the Quran in taraweeh? Or do we complain that the car is reciting too slowly and tell him to step on the gas?

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What would we say if Allah subhanho wa Taala asks us why we never complained about watching Super Bowl or World Cup or eligible all night. But complain about staying up a bit late to witness the moon.

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Or if taraweeh takes a few minutes longer, because the curry is reciting from the heart

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instead of residing mechanically.

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One of my favorite images is a clip that somebody sent me of this Somali Imam and his little son, father and son son must have been maybe seven, eight years old. Father and son walking on the beach in the surf, barefoot, the sea the waves of the ocean washing their feet.

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And the sun is residing is his doing his door or hips. And his father is his gustado hips and the Father is listening. And the son is reciting. And both of them are walking together on the beach. Imagine the kind of bond that must be between that Father and that son.

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Can you imagine that when that father is gone?

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That not only is that son every letter of the Quran that he recites the father gets the reward.

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But not only that, but do you think that son will forget to make dua for the math for both of his father in Sajida, in the in, in the hedgerows every single day of his life.

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This is how bonds are created. Not by throwing money and gadgets at our kids. But by teaching them the column of Allah by teaching them the hope of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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by being role models for them.

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When they think of you, what is the picture they see in your in their in their in their eyes? In the eyes of their hearts?

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Do our children do our children? Listen to us reciting the Quran at home?

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How many of our homes are bereft of the sound of our voices reciting the Colombo Allah?

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Our children will remember us for many reasons, some good some bad, but never because they used to hear us reciting the kalam of Allah in the dead of the night when the world was asleep.

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Will our children remember us for that reason?

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Ask this question.

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Finally, my brothers and sisters, how many of us have children who come to us and say

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Hola, mommy, Baba, whatever they call you.

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Please make dua for me. Because I have in this difficulty. I know your connection with your please ask him to help me.

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And how many of us can lift our hands and look up at the heavens? With confidence and say oh Allah give me because I am asking.

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Give me because I am asking

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I am the Akira at your door.

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Give me because I am asking Give me because you are my rap. Man I am your art.

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Give me because you can give.

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Give me because only you can give. Give me because you are witness that I don't ask anyone other than you.

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How many of us have this conflict

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As to make dua like this.

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However the sister of Ramadan al Karim is the month of change. Let us maximize its benefits for ourselves.

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If not now, then when

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Ramadan al Karim is the month of the mercy and generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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rasool Allah Azza wa sallam said about Ramadan and the bounties it brings

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up the horror of the Alon who reported

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that rasool Allah is ourselves and when Ramadan begins, the gates of Jannah are opened and the gates of Jahannam are shut and the Shatin are put in chains. And this is in Bukhari and Muslim. I will have the law reported in Hadees, in theory and in Nevada, that also was a Salam said, when the first night of Ramadan comes, the Jardine and the Mr. Was gins are chained up, and the gates of Jahannam are shut, and none of its gates is opened. The gates of Jannah are opened, and none of its gates is shut.

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Allah subhanho dalla Ji is the chattiness of Allah, as we know from these Hadith, therefore, the question to ask ourselves is, if we still find ourselves committing sins, operating or working in Haram businesses, and jobs, dealing in interest, and disobeying Allah in whichever way

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the question to ask is, if shaytan is chained and out of the game, then who's responsible?

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I don't think the answer is a mystery. I advise myself in you to stop playing games with Allah

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and with the Mercy of Allah. If not, there can come a time when Allah subhanaw taala decides to allow us to continue on our chosen path. If that happens, that is the greatest calamities.

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That is the greatest calamity, because the doors are hidayah will be shut. Then in the midst of our enjoyment of all that is private, we will suddenly be seized without time to repent.

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I seek ALLAH subhanaw taala the refuge now the will

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a loss around data told us phenomenas hooba Lukey Ruby comforta Hannah Ali, I'm aware but we'll leave she had

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very low beam to homebuilder for either Mobley so.

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So when they forgot the one thing that had been that they had been divided with, we open to them the gates of every pleasant thing until in the midst of their enjoyment in that wish they had been given. Suddenly we took them to punishment. And lo, they were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows

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rather than the opportunity to repent, to realign our lives and to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala for which Allah made it easy

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by skewing the field in our favor,

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let us not lose that advantage and fall back into the hole that we dug for ourselves. Ramadan is about habit change. So let us align and realign our lives.

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I will What are there are no reported Rasul Allah says Allah ascended the member and said Amin, amin, I mean

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after his whole body asked him, the answer Allah, Allah salah, you are sending the member you said I mean, I mean, I mean three times.

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What is the reason?

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There is one as a result of said, Verily Dubray lay Salam came to me and said, Whoever reaches the month of Ramadan, and he is not forgiven, which means that he has not done the deeds by which Allah will forgive him.

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So whoever reaches Ramallah, and he's not forgiven, then he will enter Jahannam and Allah will cast him far away, say I mean.

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So I said, I mean,

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then given Islam said, Whoever sees his parents,

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in their old age, one or both,

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and does not honor them.

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He sees the parents in the old age and does not honor them.

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And he dies in that state. Then he will enter Jannah and Allah will cast the vowel far away. Say I mean

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I said I

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I mean,

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then he's given a SAM,

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whoever has your name, mentioned in his presence,

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wherever has the name of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam mentioned in his presence and he does not send blessings upon you does not says Allah Allah is Allah

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and he dies.

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Then he will enter Jannah and Allah will cast him far away. So see, I mean, I said I mean

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and this is him. Sorry. So you had this in so even a bunch

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of other sisters. Let us realize the seriousness of the Saudis

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Jubilee rally Salam is making the DUA and he and Rasool Allah is Allah Salah are saying I mean, that is ensure that we correct ourselves, our relationships, our priorities, and our affairs.

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As we draw to a close of the month, Allah subhanaw taala sends down his greatest reward in this month, little color Rasul has told us to search for it in the last 10 nights of Ramadan in the odd nights. Allah subhanaw taala told us about later to cover

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houfy goofy Layla hill called one

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rock to call Leila Toluca, the pharaoh mean I'll fish

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then Zell mela tomorrow Javi be the near of be him. Go Leah.

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Sara on here had mark on Ariel

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Allah said which means Verily, We sent it this Quran down the zoo will reveal it

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in the right hour later

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in the night have uncovered the Night of Decree

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and what will make you know, how will you know what the night owl cover the night of degree is

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the night owl cover is better than 1000 months better than worshiping Allah subhanaw taala continuously for at three years and four months.

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There in during this night discerned the melodica the angels

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and the road which is driven

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by Allah subhanaw taala has permission with our degree degrees

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upon the Muslims and upon the whole world until the appearance of Dawn

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it was narrated from our mother say the agency the heart of the Allah one

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that she asked us for license Allah

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Ya rasool Allah sunrise Allah

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if I

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should find the little cousin. What dua Should I ask Allah

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and he advised her he said Ask say along my inner guard forward to help will ask for funding. Allow my nigga forward to him with AF five one and make the door for all of you and myself Allah my gosh over to him boo laugh 510 Allah forgive Allah you are forgiving, and you love to forgive.

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So forgive me.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to appreciate Ramadan and all his blessings. To do this, we must structure our days limit if not get rid of social media. Spend as much time as we can in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Spend as much as we can in charity, knowing that it's an investment

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in our aura, the reward of which is multiplied 70 times the number that

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I remind myself when you my brothers and sisters, nothing happens without effort. And nothing fails. If we make enough effort. It is up to us. When you write your checks for charity don't ask yourself how much should I write? Ask how much do I want from Allah?

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Ramadan Kareem is the month for especially expressing our gratitude or not Subhana motera through charity vehicle figure and it's the follow

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through charity to remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala to introspection and reflecting on our own lives and to and to make them make the intention of sharing them and seeking repentance almost.

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To help in this, let us remember who Allah subhanaw taala is and allow his glow

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already to fill our hearts. We just know that abolishes all darkness of gopher and shell can be that and rebelliousness Allah subhanaw taala gave us the metrics for success and declared called on us in the UK to mod what you never do a phone I will do Roku mio multi

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from zero and in

00:25:28 --> 00:25:36

Gen. Con as one will hire to dunya Mata oro.

00:25:38 --> 00:25:41

Every living being shall taste death

00:25:42 --> 00:25:47

and only on the Day of Resurrection, shall you be paid your wages in full

00:25:48 --> 00:25:54

and who are and whosoever is removed away from the fire and admitted into Jannah

00:25:55 --> 00:25:57

only that person is successful for advice.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:04

The life of this world is only in the enjoyment of deception it's a deceiving thing

00:26:06 --> 00:26:13

shaitan plays the opposite game. Where do you make this world appear to be real? And the accurate we unreal?

00:26:15 --> 00:26:42

I love as vulnerable as wild della della della who told us what to do about this. Hola Serena shaytan Allah kumawu For those of you who do industry thorough lako model for those of you who do in Nevada row his Babu Lea Konami has habit sorry, surely shaitan is your enemies or treat him like an enemy.

00:26:43 --> 00:26:48

He only invites his followers that they may become the dwellers of the blazing Fire.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:52

What do you say about somebody who deals in interest?

00:26:53 --> 00:27:32

Who instead of recognizing that shaytan is his enemy, who's leading him into this interest base dealing and instead of making shaitan his enemy, this person dealing with interest, this person taking a loan on interest, this person paying a loan on interest? This was in taking into sub paying interest of witnessing those transactions or working in institutions like that who deal in interest, the what is this person doing? Instead of treating shaitan as an enemy? This person is taking Allah subhanaw taala as his enemy he's taking it up someone else on the syllabus is enemy because he's accepting a declaration of war from Allah and His name is Allah Allah is Allah. Ask yourself, stop

00:27:32 --> 00:27:39

fooling yourself. Ask yourself what do you call the one from whom you have accepted a declaration of war?

00:27:42 --> 00:28:25

Brothers Sisters, and Ramadan Allah Karim comes to get us back on track. Allah's Rantala favors us with his special mercy. Let us open our hearts to the message of Islam and become obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala and fight the shaitan seeking Allah subhanho Talens help and protection. Let us remember that our end to will come. At that time, the only thing which will matter is whether we pleased Allah subhanaw taala or not. Now when it comes to remind us about that day, so that we can make it the best day of our lives. The day when we meet our Rob and look forward to the reward that he promised.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala and we pleased with you and never to be displeased. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you whatever you ask with higher and Apphia and then add to it from his generosity and grace. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect you from all the evil of that which you know and you don't know. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill your hearts with contentment and with cannot and with sukoon and within a minute. I ask Allah to fill your hearts with peace and with harmony and with complete contentment with his with with what He has given you. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to remove all stress and all strain and all fear and all anxieties and all worries from your heart and to fill

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in and to fill your heart with the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was

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asked Allah subhanaw taala to make you the true followers of Mohamed Salah Salem, who make his a diva who may who emulate him will imitate him so that Allah subhanaw taala would then begin to love you. Was Allah Allah Allah the real Karim Allah Allah He was IVs main barometer Gurdwara he mean well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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