Mansoor Danish – Ep 11 The Biased Mind Unveiling the Veil

Mansoor Danish
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of cognitive biases in shaping decisions and perception, citing studies showing that people carry negative thoughts about certain situations and people around them. They emphasize the need for a concerted effort to purify one's thoughts and improve one's perception of people and situations. The speaker also reminds viewers to subscribe to their channel and mentions a promotion for 50% of the people who watch their channel.
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Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. Why is it that when we review some of the decisions we made in our life, they tend to appear illogical to us. Look, the way we view the world, it is completely subjective. And this is because of cognitive biases. These biases can be called as thinking error that we have, which influences the decisions that we make in life, the judgments that we form the opinions that we form, either of people or situations in our life. Now, because our decisions and judgments and opinions are being influenced by these cognitive biases, it is fair to conclude that our perceptions of things in life, our perceptions of situations

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in life, and for that matter, our perceptions of people in our life and around us, is also affected by the thoughts that we carry in our mind. So if you have a negative perception in life, or if you have a negative perception about a situation in your life, or about certain people in your life or a particular person in your life, it could be because you carry negative thoughts about that person. Likewise, a person who is seen as motivated, infused with confidence will tend to have positive thoughts about situations in life, about people in his life. In a business of sales, and marketing, you will find that the ones who are go getters who are self motivated, they tend to look at things

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positively. They take it as a challenge, but they're positive about the abilities to reach the targets that have been set. This positive thought impacts the perception that they have of the situation in their life, and helps them remain motivated and achieve the goals that they have set out to achieve. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand that your perception of situations, your perception of people around you is being influenced by the thoughts that you can. That's why in a workplace, it's extremely important that you stay away from gossips, backbiting, talking about each other slandering one another caring tails, because all of these tend to be

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negative and pull our energy levels down. It helps it does not help us in creating positive impression about people and situations in our life. But on the contrary, it tends to give us a negative perception of things around us, of people around us.

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There's another bias that we encounter, which is called the confirmation bias, whereby, if we believe in something to be true, we go all our way out to prove that is correct, even if there are evidences in front of us, showing us that we are wrong. These confirmation bias and cognitive biases are important for us to understand because they are impacting the quality of decisions that you are making in your life. And therefore it's extremely important that you avoid making decisions as far as possible using these biases of yours. On the other hand, you have to try and focus on being more pragmatic in life and having a more neutral perspective in life. Look, it's natural that we will end

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up forming judgments and opinions on the basis of our biases. But there has to be a concerted effort put in by you to purify your thoughts. To make sure that your thoughts about situations and people around you is positive. You need to start filtering out the negative and the useless thoughts. We're focusing on how you can improve your quality of thoughts, which will lead to a perception improvement of situation and of people in your life. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope all of you are benefiting. Please remember to like this video, share this video and subscribe to our channel 50% of the people who watch this video. They don't subscribe to my channel. Please

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