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Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the "immaterial of" Queen Elizabeth II's actions, including her political and cultural troubles, her closest ties to the Islamic world, her desire to depose her by being a servant of the Queen, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of leagues to obtain political approval, her desire to hold onto her political power, her use of le
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plans and peace I pray this finds you well and blessed this last week, the death of Queen Elizabeth the Second has me so conflicted because I'm still thinking about how I feel about all of this. And that's what I've tried to put into this video some of the research that I've done into what did the royal family mean to the Muslim world? What have they done to the Muslim world? And where is King Charles taking that royal interaction with the Muslim world and indeed, with Islam as a faith of monotheism, so click Subscribe if you like these videos, and wait till the end to see what King Charles actually feels about Islam and Allah knows best. But for me, I was in Morrison's I've just

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come over from Turkey to the UK, there's a big shopping store called Morrison's and I went in yesterday, and the first thing you see is a little photo understated of the Queen, and some flowers next to it. And I went like this. And I'm like, what is that? I'm a Republican, I know what this, you know, lineage of 1000 years have done to the rest of the world, and the interactions with the people of Islam around the world under the Raj of the colonialism. But why that?

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Well, it's culture, isn't it? In everything we think, and everything. We look at an every interaction, if you're from the UK, the royal families in it. So I think about my grandparents. But you know what, none of that stuff matters. I have been emotional, and I'll probably cry again at the funeral. But what does the royal family mean to the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? So I've done some digging for you. And I've looked at three worlds and their interactions, and I want you to decide what it says about the real reasons that the royal family of England interacts so much with the Muslim world and what it means in the future. Let's go. Three times the British royals

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have shocked the world with a close relationship to Muslims. And indeed, the religion of Islam in one is Queen Elizabeth the first in 1570. Queen Elizabeth the first was in big political trouble. She was a pariah in Europe, she was making England a Protestant nation that puts her at odds with the Catholicism all across Europe. She had even been excommunicated from the pope in desperate need of allies. Where did she go? The Queen sought help from a surprising source, the Islamic world. She made alliances with the Shah of Persia, and even the Ottoman Sultan Murad, the third the first allegiance with them was purely theological, because Queen Elizabeth the first stated in letters

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that she believed that Protestantism and Islam had more in common Protestantism and Catholicism, even though they're both branches of the Christian church. Why would that be? Well, Catholicism was about icons was about praising saints, the Protestants avoid these things, and so does Islam. And Queen Elizabeth the first expressed appreciation with this and that led to an opening of a great trade route, and you could say, saved the Elizabethan reign in it to is Queen Victoria and her very disliked and unpopular friendship with a servant who came to her from India. Her doctor said James Reed told the queen that people in high places said that she'd lost her mind and in fact, because of

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her closeness with her servant, even the Prince of Wales, the region at the time, was said to have made moves to depose her and have her decreed as insane but Abdul Karim continued to be the Queen's beloved teacher. He gave her daily Urdu lessons educated her on Indian Affairs, and she in return showered him with gifts, titles and honors, much to the resentment of the royal family during this time Queen Victoria who ruled over more Muslims than the Turkish Ottoman Empire. It was among those who ordered a pamphlet a pamphlet called the faith of Islam. It was translated into 13 languages, and it said the Queen Victoria ordered six more copies for her family. In 1894. The Ottoman Sultan

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with the approval of Queen Victoria appointed Abdullah Quilliam, a British convert to Islam as shameful Islam of the British Isles, a title reflecting his leadership in the Muslim community. Britain's behavior in Ireland led to 1 million starving to death and a million leaving to save their lives in the light

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lives of their families, no one would intervene no one except for Abdul Majeed, the first Queen Victoria, wrote to him and asked him not to give more than 1000 pounds because she herself was giving 2000 pounds and that would be a little bit diplomatically tacky. So the Sultan did send only 1000 pounds, but he also secretly sent five ships full of food. The English attempted to block the ships, but the food and the aid arrived in Drogheda harbor, and were left there by Ottoman sailors. The Sultan stated that he was compelled by my religion to observe the laws of hospitality, and his empathy overrode the risk to diplomatic ties. But let's not forget the other many monumental famines

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that were happening a little bit further from Buckingham Palace between 1757 1947 British colonials starve to death, more than 60 million Indians. And number one is the curious affair of King Charles a third, and his incredible relationship with Muslims, Islam, the Quran, the Muslim world in one of his speeches in the mid 90s. Prince Charles said, It's very odd in many ways that misunderstandings between Islam and the West should persist for that which binds our two worlds together, are so much more powerful than that which divides us Muslims, Christians and Jews are all peoples of the book. That's a Quranic phrase, Islam and Christianity, he says, share a common monotheistic vision, a

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belief in one divine God, in the transience of our earthly life, in our accountability for our actions, and in the assurance of life to come. We share many key values in common respect for knowledge, for justice, compassion, towards the poor, and then the privilege, the importance of family life, respect for parents, Honor thy father and thy mother is a Quranic precept to he says in another speech, the guiding principle and spirit of Islamic law taken straight from the Quran should be those of equity and compassion. We need to study its actual application before we make judgments. Another obvious Western prejudice is to judge the position of women in Islamic society by the

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extreme cases. Remember, if you will, that Islamic countries like Turkey, Egypt and Syria gave women the vote as early as European women had the vote, and much earlier than in Switzerland, the rights of Muslim women to property and inheritance to some protection if divorced, and to the conducting of business were rights prescribed by the Quran 1200 years ago in Britain, at least some of these rights were novel even to my grandmother's generation salaamu alaykum Ramadan Mubarak, I just wanted to convey my heartfelt best wishes. To all who celebrate this festival under these appallingly challenging circumstances, my wife and I can only offer you all our kindest and most special wishes

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and stress just how graykey the contribution of Muslims to the life of the United Kingdom is appreciated and valued whilst embodying the Ramadan spirit of charity and selflessness. As the Quran says, God does not burden any soul with more than it can bear.

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Tell him my Arabic Is this good?

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There has perhaps never been a greater need for cultural connectivity in the world in which we now live with fears about the the other, whether that be Sunni Shia, Jew, Christian Yazidi, Hindu or Buddhist stoked and spread through social media and amplified by those who would seek to suppress understanding rather than promoted, there is an urgent need for calm reflection, and a genuinely sustained, empathetic and open dialogue across boundaries of faith, ethnicity and culture. Now, if that's scary to you, then please do go and take a look at the Holy Quran. Read it in your own language. I'm going to do another of these videos about some more news about King Charles a third,

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and his attitude and relationships with the Muslim world. If you like this, don't forget to subscribe. See you next time. So am I Lika

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