Khalid Yasin – Oh Youth! Leave The Dunya!

Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses two stories of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa wa wa, which are about the loss of love and attachment for the dandy Allah. The first story describes a man who faced the loss of love for dandy Allah and lost his war against the Muslims while the second story describes a woman who lost her war against the Muslims while the Prophet sall Drive her. The speaker emphasizes the importance of love and the desire for the future of Islam, citing the success of Islam in bringing people back to their true source of Christ.
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And I'll give you one story very shortly.

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Which is enough for us. among the companions of the prophets of Allah there was. There's two stories that we need to think about. One is the story of Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah

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above all, and his people

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okay, sorry

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about that.

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They was the kind of people that when they came into Mecca, everybody was tying down with they had

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watching, checking, looking until they left.

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And no one was saying any words to them for fear that their ignorance

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would turn upon them because they were those kinds of people.

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But that remind you

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of what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about arboviral

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He said aloe vera

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is a man that walks alone.

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And he's a man that will die alone. And he's a man that will be raised alone

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is our example

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for the solid of this dunya of this Deen.

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One time a man asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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O Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Tell me what to do.

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So that people will love me and Allah will love me. He said, as I said, dunya

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give up your love and your attachment for the dunya Allah will love you.

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And give up your love and your attachment for what other people possess, and people will love you.

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Above all,

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was the companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that

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represented this hadith.

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He didn't have any love for the dunya

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and he used to admonish the other companions about their involvement in dunya we mean Halal dunya not haram dunya but her dunya even used to admonish them about the halal.

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And the other example is the example of Carla didn't know what he

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wrote the Allah one.

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The man who fought against the Prophet sallahu wa salam and the Companions, the man who was responsible for the wounding of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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The only man

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who defeated

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the Muslims while the prophets Allah son was among them.

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The only man

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but this is not what we know him as we know him as this is what Prophets will also give him the special title called cipher Allah

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because the same safe

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that he used in dunya and Jaya Helia

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he used it in Islam like no one else used it, then or after

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a man

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who after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away

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and Abu Bakr and passed away and all of them Qatar was the Khalifa.

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He asked Khalid, Khalid, I need you to go

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to the Persian people, or the Roman people, I'm not sure exactly the battle.

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How many soldiers you need

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harlots and give me 500

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I'm going to Hatami the laundromat in the harlot.

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Those people they have themselves maybe 100,000 troops.

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piloted Okay, didn't give me 500 more.

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I'm going to tell him to take 10,000 troops with him. Probably did not want 10,000 troops. He says those Kufa.

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Allah had only given them a piece of this dunya but Allah gave to us the promise of accurate

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and malai if I went there with only 10 believers

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We'll come back with their power, we'll come back with victory.

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This is how he felt.

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Because those companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they only cared about the dunya. And they only thought about the dunya

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like the water when it hits the ground in the middle of the sky, when in the summertime, how long it lasts like that.

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Like that

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because their heart was not attached to dunya and there was only thinking considering after Allah gave them ESA Allah gave them power, and that power was felt before they even met the cool fall.

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And those handful of troops compared to those number of troops was too far ahead was enough for How did he come back with the victory Mashallah.

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are our heroes and for our young people that are in the streets.

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We don't let you to be in the streets.

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We don't like who you're with in the streets. We don't like what you are doing in the streets. We don't like what it does to the image of Islam, but we love you.

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We love you. You are the sons of Islam and the daughters of Islam and the future of Islam and inshallah to Allah among you. There is inevitable and the Hadith

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