Karim Abuzaid – One Step closer to Ramadan (Part 2)

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month is discussed, along with the use of various techniques for preparing oneself for the upcoming summer season. The heart is also discussed, including the importance of the heart's function and avoiding harmful stains on one's body. The importance of the heart in weight and resurrection is also emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding major mistakes and disobeying rules. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a future episode.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the second segment of Hodor tonight, and I'm your host Janae doc. In our previous episodes, we've been looking at Ramadan, and how we can prepare for Ramadan. We looked at the concept of taqwa and its connection to Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala drew a strong connection between fasting in the month of Ramadan. And attaining taqwa is its its its goal, its purpose. But there is a barrier between us and attaining taqwa. There is something that prevents me and you from becoming amongst those who are toxic. Those who attain this taqwa What is this? It is none other than sins.

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There's a beautiful Hadith narrated by Abu huraira, where he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that that which is between an obligatory prayer and an obligatory prayer, and that which is between a

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between Ramadan and Ramadan is an exploration of our sins. So we can see that the time between these a bar that is nothing but an expiation, it removes our sins, but it's hard it is not complete, at the end of the process on our Salah mentioned except those major sins. So we can see that Allah subhanho wa Taala, during these times forgives the small sins, but not the major sins. So from this Hadith, we can recognize that not all the sins are the same. There are different types of sins, a minor sin, or a major sin. So we must understand this. And another concept is that the repentance taken for a major sin and a major and a minor sin is it the same, the way to forgive isn't the same.

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We will discuss this today. Furthermore, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, those who abstain from major sins, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive their minor sins and will admit them into paradise. Our Lord is merciful, and the month of mercy is on our doorsteps. Furthermore, Gibson sisters, all of us have been created the week, sometimes our desires or our doubts or our knifes our soul, it can overtake us. And we can make mistakes, minor mistakes, or major mistakes, we must recognize this. But the point here is that our Lord is the Most Merciful and he forgives all sins major and minor Muslims must intend this repentance. So our program today we broken down into a

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number of different sections, we'll be looking first at what our sins and then we'll look at the different types of sins, we'll try to define each one and give its examples. We'll have a look also at repentance, how we can remove this burden that's upon us and purify ourselves, especially as Ramadan now is drawn closer in is not our doorsteps. So all of these questions, all of these points inshallah we discussed. So stay tuned, have a look at the short report and join me and shave cream in just a few moments.

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How to prepare for the summer fasts.

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I know you're thinking I'll just hit the gym.

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No, that doesn't work for fasting.

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The first tip is to first before Ramadan to get used to it. What some people do is only fasting Ramadan, and it takes them the first 10 days to get used to

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the top tip. Try to get used to not going on Facebook or WhatsApp or any other social network sometimes before Ramadan comes. So it won't be too hard when it finally does come. A lot of our time of fasting is spent telling other people that were fasting.

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Another top tip cut down on your TV beforehand. So during Ramadan, it's easy to take a break from it and feel the blessings of the month.

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Easy. Be strong son.

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Next, get into a regular habit of reading the Quran. It doesn't have to be loans, but just get your body used to it and get fluent. So during the month, you won't spend a lot of time adjusting

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You can spend your time progressing.

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Come on, brother. Sure you can do more than that.

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That's it.

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Reading is not a strong point for most of us. But as a lot of knowledge is locked in books. And it's a common virtuous way to make the most of our time is good to start off with going through your collection and starting off with a book you like and find interesting, because you will be more likely to read it and finish it as well.

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Next, ask your friends about courses, lectures, or even charity work during this blessed month, as Sadly, many people kill time, but it's more rewarding to spend it productively as our good deeds are multiplied many fold to make the most of it.

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I said I'm on a call about a cat. What an interesting report. Here the brother mentioned six ways in which you can prepare for your Ramadan. I want to put out a challenge to you Dear viewers, I would like to know who would be the first to call us here in the studio. And to remind us of these six points. This is a challenge for the viewers. So our topic of today, Robin joining us in the studio today is our respected share. Abizaid, I'd like to welcome you to the studio once again and thank you for coming

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on brother Junaid Okay, happy to be here. Check. We are continuing from our discussion last week about Ramadan. And we want to progress gradually and prepare our viewers for this blessing month. Could I ask you to discuss for us the different types of sins or what is the sin

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah eyeshadow Allah Allah illallah wa sallahu lashari Allah, wa shadow Anna Mohammed and Avi Aveda who was Hello.

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I am enjoying the the order of the of the preparation for Ramadan.

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Seemed like last session we we spoke about the preparedness of the body and the tongue. And now talking about since it does really impact the most important limb in the body, beside the other limbs of course, which is the heart

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First of all, since

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are what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger define to be unlawful. Okay.

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And they are displeasing to Allah subhana wa tada

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they are the reason to earn the anger. The Wrath, the least being destined from Allah subhanho wa Taala okay. The least it It affects the heart the heart does not

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receive the guidance. Okay, there is a beautiful Hadith which is Hasson and Muslim document. Imagine where the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam actually given us that parable. Imagine a full moon. Okay? With no clouds out there. You see it. But a little cloud that comes and then covers that more even so if it's so little, it covers you don't see them on anymore. Okay. That's what sins do to our hearts. Whenever we sin. It's like a little cloud that cover our hearts, okay. And Rasul Allah, Allah solemn feasts. Timothy. When I say he said an Hassan, he actually said this, either at never lab do them then Okay, if the servant of Allah commits a sin, Nikita fear calbee he knocked on soda,

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right? A dark stain will be placed on his heart. Now, for any stuff. If he repents, if he asked for forgiveness, if he if he turns back to Allah subhanaw taala and repentance, that stain will be removed, and that will strengthen his heart actually, but if he carries on sinning, what will happen, another stain will be added. It's like cancer. And then you end up with that

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barrier, which is called Iran.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited the verse in Surah kinomoto 15 Kela Bell araunah Allah pulumi him Can we accept one right? Indeed, Dharan is covering the hearts now the Quran

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recited, you don't enjoy it, you don't feel even if you have the best reciter you don't even move because the heart is continent you know is polluted, right is is stained and there is a barrier between you and the revelation and the guidance. And this is what we need to take care of before Ramadan. In order to stand behind the Imam and salata taraweeh and enjoy the recitation of the Quran, otherwise it will be a burden and you will quit the second night. So we need to take care of the thought and remove the stains away. And that would mean sense. forgiveness and taba. So what we're saying here is that effectively sins are like black dots, right, which put stains on our

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hearts and then create barriers between US and Canada through so true. It is.

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It is so obvious when you have a customer to the top, your heart is hardened, right? You don't have numbness or even so the chain of narration has not been established. He said the following ochlockonee Baca and flf

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call your heart in three occasions right?

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In the center Al Quran. When you hear the Quran does the Quran touch your heart?

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You see, when we

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the medium which is supposed to absorb the Quran and understand the Quran is the heart because we believe that the ark the brain is in the heart right in the feed Erica decra look at the version sort of calf in a fever Lika indeed, in this vedika here means Koran lady Cora, a reminder indeed in this Quran, there is a reminder, lemon can Allah who called right to the one who has a living heart. We all have hearts, otherwise we'll die but a living heart a heart that is ready to receive the revelation. Allah subhana wa tada says in another place FMLA bonell Quran Amala kulu been a Fallujah, how can they do not reflect upon the Quran? Because their hearts are locked? The reason

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why the hearts are locked because of sins Okay, this is this is where we have an issue and

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it is important to point out the importance of the heart

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Rasul Allah adios Sallam brother Junaid the viewers

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mentioned in Hadith a nomadic never shaved Okay, a lot the Allahumma Well, how do you feel Bukhari Muslim? Okay, the beginning of the Hadith he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Helen Obi Wan haram way in the the lawful is is crystal clear. They are lawful is crystal clear. Here is what I'm looking for the witness smell that she had the end of the Hadith, Allah in a field gesture the MOBA, right indeed in your heart, I'm sorry, in your body, there is a limb either swallow, swallow has said it will just add right if that limb is sound and healthy, the rest of the body will be sound and healthy. We're either faster that faster that said, we'll just set imagine and if your heart is

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not sound is sick is wicked, the rest of the body will be wicked, Abu hurayrah about the long run out of that statement of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he actually made that beautiful statement he said I will call medical better than the heart is the kingdom of the body when Joe Judo and the rest of the limbs are the soldiers Okay, now either cobble medic if the king is good is pure, the limbs will be good and pure. The tongue will speak good, the hand will not do something haram right and the feet are not gonna walk to Harlem. But if the king is wicked, that means the soldiers will be wicked as well. So the so that's the importance of the heart so it's like the heart

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is the driver of the body. Absolutely. If you rectify your heart and purify your heart from sins, inshallah your hands, your tongue, your feet, everything will be in the way the engine is the engine is the engine right and our success, our success. Imagine this, in the Hereafter

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is based on having a sound heart. Imagine what Allah subhanho wa Taala said in salata, Shara Yama, Yama,

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noon, on the day for resurrection, your will your children will not avert you will not help you. What will help you eliminate Atala hubby Calvin Saleen that you bring with you in the day for resurrection.

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Sound heart, healthy heart. So your success in this world and your success in the Hereafter is really on the heart. It reminds me of another integration with the process element, meaning he said that lots of pinata he doesn't look at your body,

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but he looks at what's inside your heart. You know, whenever I reflect on this holiday, I look at it in a very different way.

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The Hurricane Halima Muslim which refers to in Allah Allah, Allah, so Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala does not look at your bodies, nor your faces onec in Jambo Illa coup de como el Malecon, rather Allah subhana wa tada looks at your hearts and your actions, because the taqwa the subject, which we discussed before Rasul Allah Allah Salah pointed here hoonah the duck wahana the measurement of preference in the sight of Allah subhana wa Taala is a taqwa possessing this taqwa. Okay, here is what always I you know, you know before we come out of the house, especially as before we come on the air we Mashallah they prepare for us these rooms where we have mirrors and we look at our faces and we make sure that we you know, we're looking neat so panela for human beings

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to look at us. You know, you want to make sure that you look which is good Masha Allah in Allah. Hi, Jamie on your hepple Jamal, Allah subhanaw taala is beautiful and he loves for us to be neat and clean. I'm not saying that. But imagine Allah Subhana Allah Allah does not look at our faces in the senses and he looks at our hearts. What is going on with these hearts? Are we turning our hearts into a trash can?

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Through sinning? In? are we spending the same amount of time with no physical beauty right now in a meeting? That's a question that is that should be you know, it's, it's important if Allah subhana wa Tada, the creator, the one whom you should be after pleasing, right? And because he loves you, and He wants you to do the right thing. Looks at that limb. Shouldn't you make sure that it's free from shark? Of course, shouldn't you make sure that it's free from data? Of course Shouldn't you make sure that it's free from heedlessness? Shouldn't you make sure that it's free from whims and desires right from the love of this world which normally nullify your sincerity when you try to do something

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or the love of the willful or the love to show off? Shouldn't you make sure that this heart is really sincere and it's working? It's working and again junaidi you know, the talking about the hardest is really a subject that that normally gets my attention.

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A beautiful Hadith that we read in I believe the Hadith in El Barrio Muslim, okay, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the day for resurrection,

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very fat

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a person okay has a lot of wheat will come and he will be pleased in the scale and he will not weigh a window for mosquito right okay.

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Now why, because what really gives you weight is the heart which you have

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felon and then the prophets Allah Salama decided the verse fella anokye mula homeo malkia. Mati was gonna now compare this with Hadith the Muslim Ahmed howdy Talib now Vitaly, Allah one. You don't have to live Namaste. I used to have a very small buddy. Okay, he was known of that. But whose have never sold the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says hudl Quran I mean Alba learn the Quran from fourth and he named a blindness to be one of them. Okay, Rasul Allah wa salam. One day he actually asked him to recite the Quran to him. Allah Al Quran Adnan Assad. Well, holofil Buhari, Ignacio said hello Erica. How in the world I'm going to decided to when it was decided when it was revealed to

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you or messenger of Allah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in new Hebrew and a smart home and I like to hear it from others being recited to me I'm just want to give you some credential for Abdullah have never sold. So Salah, salami mustard mustache, Madison, Madison, who ever wants to hear the Quran recited the way that gibreel recited to me. Here the recitation of ignem wept when they are blind nosode was trying to get as you walk. Okay, my tree, right. So he went up. So, you know, when you go up his shin, it's very small.

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I read in his biography that whenever there is a strong wind, he would not even hold his is very small in size. Imagine this. Okay, so his shin is very thin and slim, very thin. So when he went up that tree, you know, the companions were sitting with Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and they looked at his shin so they can smiled. They were amazed at how

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Tiny his shin is Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, said to them a taboo name in the karate Academy boom What? Are you amazed at? how thin and tiny the shin of Abdullah him nematode is? We're letting fcbd by the woman whose hand my soul is, it will be heavier than the mountain of offered in the scale in the day for selection. Again, the schoolers they say Why? Because it's his heart. His heart has to hate his heart as soon his heart has remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala his heart has obedience commands of Allah subhanaw taala. So, this is the importance of the heart that this is what will give you weight in the scale in the different direction. Okay, shall I want to bring you

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to this we mentioned in the introduction of Ohara. Now, in context of Ramadan, and in context to major and minor sins, could you just reflect on this? If you could just explain this for the viewers? The Hadith is a Muslim Hadith ebihara Allah one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, axolotl hums, okay, in between the five daily prayers, fudges, todo

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the expiate. Right since, like if you pray pledges, and if you go around your work, whatever you commit, expand it. By the time you go and pray vote, then you pray it over and you go out, and then you come. Awesome. So Jamal, also to Juma from Friday to Friday, another explanation another explanation, right. Okay. Ramadan, Ramadan, and this is why this is the wisdom why our righteous predecessors they used to make this law or Allah prolong our lives until we reach Ramadan. Okay, because it's an automatic expiation of the sense, okay. But now, like you mentioned at the introduction, Rasul sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam throw a restriction hide either mosquitonix battle

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kadesh as long as you avoid major sense right.

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Now, I think that takes us to the subject of categories of sins. That's correct. Let's begin from here.

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There is a beautiful Hadith about the Hadith is labeled to be weak. But sometimes the Hadith is weak but the meanings in the Hadith are supported okay by other evidence from elsewhere so we we could narrate it as long as we let the viewers know that the Hadith is weak. Rasul Allah hollier salam, supposedly Ani, he said, there are three types of sins, okay. He actually used the word in justices, three types of in justices, one type Allah Subhana Allah will never forgive

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which which one should

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but if you die as a Muslim

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if you do not repent, okay, you fall into major sense. I'm sorry you fall into schilke major shock, I mean, major shift that you sit arrival with Allah subhana wa tada and your worship. Now, if you do not repent from that in this world, and you die as a mushrik

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then this is not going to be forgiven. Right? In Allaha. Here is the verse the evidence in Allaha. Laos or use Raka de Allah Subhana Allah will never forgive that you associate a partner or worship with him, right? Why do Nevada Cali Manisha Okay, every other sin is under the will of Allah that Allah mushiya if Allah wills he could pardon you. If Allah doesn't well, then a person a Muslim would be going to * for a while, but he will come out and placed in gender. So this is the first type. Okay, so we're saying the first type is, is a major sin? Which one? No, I'm not I'll come to major and minor But okay, there is. You see, I'm using a different categorization quickly. Okay, I

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think it will help the viewers to figure out something very quickly, right. I'm really trying to to throw a foundation How do you know a major sin from a minor sin? Because this is a subject that the schoolers debated and I want to make it easy on the viewers right. So the first type is is the first type of injustice The first type of sins, which you commit, rest assured that you must leave it in this world. This is by implementing the wait right okay. At rebuilding unity to Allah oneness to Allah Subhana Allah The first type of injustice is the injustice of shake if shirt Okay, fine, right. Are you born?

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Rasul Allah wa sallam killed in the shekel Abu Dhabi. Okay. The issue is the greatest injustice that a Muslim can commit.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam asked one of his companions what

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The greatest injustice that you can commit the companion refilled the answer to a sort of loss or loss and he said unto jalila hinted

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that you're at a point arrival to Allah when Allah created you, okay and giving you the health, the wealth, the money, the education, he takes care of you he gives you the life that you have, he provides for you and you go and worship someone dead in the grave or or you worship another deity, This is injustice, okay, injustice. So, this is the first time this is the first one, okay. roughly the second time the sins which you commit between you and Allah, right, the impact of these sins on you, like you go inside the room and you commit that sin, okay, you do not indulge or you do not that sin does not affect directly and other creative beings.

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Our social Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah will forgive that Subhan Allah. And this is possibly what is meant by the expiation in the Hadith. Possibly, this is a criteria. I'm trying to give a criteria here but I will come to major sins and give more criterias Okay, now, we read in the day for resurrection, a beautiful Hadith called Hadith in natural, editable, abnormal or the Allahumma right, that a person will be called to speak to Allah subhana wa Tada. I believe, okay, Allah subhana wa tada will reveal that person. The Hadith actually is called a private conversation between Allah Subhana Allah and the believer, okay. And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will tell the

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believer, I tell coriole macatawa, Kedah them bacchetta waka Do you remember on this day, you went inside and you've done that you did that sin you committed that sin? No one saw you I saw you. The believer will say Narnia, I didn't know Narnia, he will he will confess, he will admit and this is a condition is in the other hand, the the machinic or the the sinner will actually say No, I did not do it the person who's the polytheist they will actually argue the last panel with Allah No, say No, I did not do it. And I want a witness from my own self. Just The very thought of you know, the lithia mentioning the story you're mentioning here, it softens the heart so much to know that the

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Abdi will be in front of Allah. And we'll have a discussion with the last panel Brian had discussed private discussion a hadith is called the scholars of Hadith they call this hadith howdy hunedoara. You know, najwa is the secret Maya Konami, najwa thela, 13 illa who are of your own, so it's a private conversation between Allah and you. I mean, how happy is he, when he sits with somebody he loves maybe she

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actually is so touchy to deny that at the beginning of the Hadith, that Allah will veil him from the creation of Allah He can offer a sutra that a lot of people that come come here to have a you know,

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a private, a private room, then the next day you remember on this day you committed that sin and they will never say Na Na. So the questions here will go as many times as the sins are, look at the believer will actually think that he is to perish. And then Allah subhanaw taala will say to him, to Holly kefalonia, well, Yama, Allah Subhanallah I have failed you. I have protected you from this grace. Even so you're disobeying me. I protected you. I made sure that no one knows what you're doing. And you know what today I will forgive it. This is what he is.

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Yeah, so this would apply to since the schoolers they say between you and Allah subhana wa, but there is a third type, it must be taken care of. Okay, which is this one. The injustices which you commit against other people.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:50

Right. Stealing, backbiting, gossiping, killing. We have a beautiful Hadith that certainly explains this. The Hadith of the bankrupt, okay, the Hadith inside a Muslim ebihara as well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day he asked his companions at aduna, Malmo. fluss Do you know who is the bankrupt? Of course the companions they said that bankrupt and Muslims rufina the one who doesn't have cash letter habla when I met her or assets, real estate or something? That is a bankruptcy, is it? No, I will mostly assuming at the bankrupt from my alma okay. As someone who comes in the day for resurrection. Look at this now look at this tonight, with Salah. He played

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Zakah fasting and other whirling Hajj

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but at the same time he backed with this person. Well, he cheated the personality

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His body not out of his money. He killed the person Safa cadenabbia he cheated that he bet he gossiped he slandered so he committed in justices again is created being now this has to be settled in the resurrection through the heart currency you know the hard currency in the different action okay TELUS is not pounds it's not British pounds no dollars is actually has a net and so yet yes upon you actually going to have to pay that person from your good deeds from your Salah from your Zika from your fasting so all the hard work you didn't know that was gonna be given to him now what if you run out of good deeds his sins will be credited to you

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and then he will be thrown in *

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that is really an area we're asking the brothers and the sisters the viewers kindly take care of this before Ramadan because a lot of the major sins if we if we come to the other criteria which I will share with you have to do with in justices okay in justices have to be settled about also a lot while your solemn made it crystal clear letter I don't know her cuca illa Allah had you called Alicia in jail her international coroner rights will be paid in full okay. In justices will be settled in full to the extent that a homeless goat or sheep will receive its right from a horned one who knocked it down.

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Famously, Ahmed Rasul Salallahu alaihe salam was walking with Joon Dube, new junetta a better fit for the Spartans spotted two sheep knocking one another down. Fighting right. So sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked another attendee about female count of the hand. Do you know why they are knocking one another down? She said no. I mean, it's really hard to figure out why animals are fighting unless you're having a you know, a camera and

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you're watching them for a whole day. I mean, you could figure this out. For sure if you have some pets at home or something that hopefully cats not not dogs. So here it is, when a kinilaw hyah D, but Allah knows what's the binomial.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala will settle their disputes in the day for selection. Imagine Allah Subhana, Allah will settle the injustices amongst animals. That's why they call it the day of the day of reckoning, the flagging or the day of justice, the day of justice. So what I want to say is, you have to take care of that. If you have committed in justices, against other creative beings against you have to settle that, be brief, be strong, but there is another criteria for major and minor sin, which I can tell before before we go into that I just want to summarize for the viewers have a follow us in the program, right? So we described the sins as in justices, and we and you

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categorize them in three ways. You said the injustice that you do to Allah subhana wa Taala, which you don't repent from, this was the first time like she was making partners of the luck, right? The second was the injustice you do to your own self, right? Allah knows of what you do, and only you know what you do, right. And the third category said is when we do injustice to fellow beings, or creation, correct, this is the third time and this is the one that you're going to have to take your off, okay? The first one will be a reason for you, for a person to be thrown in * for eternity. No agenda at all. If we're talking about major shirkey of course. So you have to say la ilaha

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illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah understand the meanings of it and implement it, okay. The third one are going to have to be settled and it could be a reason for a Muslim to go into * for a while, but by the virtue because of the virtue of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is our belief system that will not be something that you know, they believe that person will be thrown in * for eternity. No, we believe that this person will be taken out of *, after he spends time okay and hellfire. This is if Allah wills By the way, we don't decide that we don't say that Allah is the one who decides this. Before we go into the next next category, viewers, we welcome your

00:34:20 --> 00:34:32

questions and your feedback and we appreciate your phone call. So if you have any questions, call us and inshallah we can try to answer those questions. Can we go to the next customer? Here is here is the

00:34:33 --> 00:34:56

the thing regarding major and minor sense. Okay, first of all, there is a debate. We let's let's let's furnish the you know, the foundations, there are scholars who said there is no such thing, okay. But this is a minority view. The majority often also the in the majority of the scholars of holy soul.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

They say based on the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

Divine text that there are minor and major sense okay?

00:35:06 --> 00:35:37

The verse which you quoted at the very beginning and so that is our intention and he will cover in Ramadan how Nando roketsan come see it come want to come mode Helen Kareem if you avoid the major of what we are commanding you to stay away from Okay, we will this will automatically lead you to receive expiation for the minor and we will permit you into gender This is a clear verse identifying identifying two types of sins. And another verse in Surah.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:51

One Medina alladhina at buena Kappa mu alpha 11 in North Dakota, as you all know for those who avoid the major sins

00:35:52 --> 00:36:43

obvious Okay, accept the lemon, a lemon is another type and also it was also a lot harder to sell us the same exact thing and had it Abu hurayrah decided that we were addressing or was the the basis of our discussion that as long as you avoid the major sense the five daily prayers Juma to Juma Friday to Friday ramadan ramadan will take care of your sins, but can if you avoid major sins and we have other parties. Now, the question is how do you define a major sin How do you distinguish a major sin from a minor sin I think this is very important this is where we need to really stop and and discuss this I introduced the three types a minute ago to let you know that the major sins are normally in

00:36:43 --> 00:37:32

the area of the third type of injustices so the A lot of it in that area the injustice between you and me right that is why I introduced the whole thing there Okay, okay. Yes battle mmm called to be Rahim Allah. In his book it deadly killer. He mentioned certain criterias if my memory helps me, there are seven of them. I hope my memory is going to help you. Number inshallah, number one. If the verse I'm sorry, if the sin is called a major sin. That Rasul Allah wa sallam identified it to be a major sin, right? He said, sallAllahu Sallam little Sahih Bukhari, he 10 useable movies mukarat avoid the seven destructive sense and in a certain sense. Shirky said.

00:37:33 --> 00:38:22

He named seven cents in that Hadith, he said Salalah Holly Solomon, Abdullah have nominalist or the Allahumma and the Muslim men Akbar Al Qaeda and Ilana today, it is one of the greatest of the major sins that a person curses his parents how he curses another person's parents, and that person will curse his parents that is how you end up doing. So this is also Hadith rasa Khalid Abu Bakar, Baccarat Viola and Phil Bukhari minocqua al Qaeda and he mentioned one of the greatest sense of shockula one Oh Allah colusa Canada so there are certain Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam named the sin to be a major sin the scholars came up with 13 cents out there that are named

00:38:22 --> 00:38:31

that these sins are major sins so there is clear text on these gaps. Okay, the second criteria if the sin has a had

00:38:33 --> 00:38:47

its punishment for a Sharia hasn't had like what killing and justly okay then you are to be executed. So killing is a major sin. Adultery has had in our Sharia, then it's a major sin.

00:38:48 --> 00:38:49


00:38:50 --> 00:39:25

is a major sin because it has a had slumbering has the the the woman I mean, accusing somebody of adultery without furnishing the full witnesses who sort of happening has a head. So if the sin has a head in the Sharia head is what a punishment a punishment according to the Sharia, then it is a major sin. Now, if the sin Allah subhanaw taala said about it that you will a person who does it will stay in the Hellfire will be punished in the Hellfire for eternity

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

in a Latina who Luna Amalia Tamar volna indeed those who devour the wealth of the orphans and justly in mid coluna feeble Tony him Nara, indeed they are devouring fire into their bellies, right he was shy of slowness era and in the Hereafter, they will taste you know the blazing fire. Okay, this is a major sin. So if the punishment in the Hereafter is enough, or jahannam then it's a major sin. Okay, what am I up to Milan Mohammedan such as who jahannam holiday

00:40:00 --> 00:40:51

Ha, Whosoever kills a believer intentionally, his abode, his punishment is Hill. So this is the third criteria. Okay? The fourth criteria. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses the term lay seven, he is not one of us, okay. Like I also saw Salim said regarding cheating men, Russian, whoever cheats us he's not one of us I mean men Hashanah, fillet salmon, that you're actually negating the fact that this person belongs to the community because of such a heinous act that you know, he is harming other people. Lay Semin manchaca Jube welcome on Whoa, dude, wah wah wah wah wah Hillier, a woman who slaps the cheek, to the cloth, places sand in her head and and speak generally

00:40:51 --> 00:41:30

an ignorant way that shows that she is not content or she is not accepting the decree of Allah subhanaw taala is not one of us. So again, those are the fourth criteria. If the sin that's number five, okay, we're getting there. To more. Number five, if the sin has been the curse, okay, the curse of Allah. Sharif la Allahu Rashi Wilmore Tashi. Allah subhanho wa Taala curse is the one who is bribing. And no one who is being bribed LA and Allahu Riba. So this is today we have a phone call from Kuwait.

00:41:33 --> 00:41:35

Abu sufian from Kuwait. Yes.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:39

Yes, go ahead.

00:41:40 --> 00:41:43

Okay. salaam aleikum. First of all, she and the question

00:41:45 --> 00:41:46

regarding this.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:50

And I have a very good friend of mine.

00:41:51 --> 00:41:57

He's very nice. They have a real good laugh. And a fast they pray

00:41:58 --> 00:42:52

but there is one thing with them is they have these some they're just some my great grandfather's this every year they celebrate and they go and they pray over the on the grave you know, they go on and they have some sort of you know, celebration pitch green sheet on it, they have flowers, and they do all kind of DDoS is he or is close to shield like when we talk they said no exactly, we are not mean that we are we are worshipping them we are you know they are they were nice people and they were good people. So we are just you know, praying Fatiha something like that. But I know this is nowhere mentioned which is bizarre is close to ship. So how could you explain me how to maintain our

00:42:52 --> 00:42:56

relationship with them? There are five terms they use. They do their Everything is fine.

00:42:57 --> 00:43:20

Okay, thank you. Thank you very much a question is very clear. She, he has relatives who are involved in visiting the graves or performing rituals at graves, but he wants to make sure he still has a relationship with them. What's the solution for him and his family? It's a typical, you know, situation with a lot of Muslims.

00:43:21 --> 00:44:04

Listen, the Hadith is obvious. Whenever you see evil, you must change it. Number one with your hand which something that I do not recommend. Okay, to with your tongue. You have to talk to them. This is haraam. But be creative and talking to them. Brother, this is what how do you do this, it's not, you know, an established sunova Rasulullah sallallahu, ala rasulillah, you really have to be creative. So you have to give them power. Right? But you have given you have to give them power in a nice kind way, and hook him up with hikmah wisdom. You know, sometimes, you know, even so we say that don't use your hand. But sometimes we use our tongue

00:44:06 --> 00:44:50

is worse than using our hand that you curse the person you become abusive. Listen, your your your task or your mission should be to stop those people from doing such a practice. So make sure that you convey the message to them in a peaceful, wise way. As long as you're around them. Listen, here it is. If they do not heat house, then you have to go your way. But you don't have to do this like in one time. Just go your way for a while come back. You see them doing this remind them again. But anytime that you remind them I know what I'm doing this general here, okay, anything. Anytime that you're around them, you need to remind them otherwise, you cannot just go with them and let them do

00:44:50 --> 00:45:00

what they are doing and silent. You see when you retreat to the final resort or salsa dimension, the hand power then that will with the tongue and then the last reason

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

Notice what the heart with the heart The boy caring

00:45:04 --> 00:45:46

You understand? You cannot use the heart and Okay, I'm gonna go on with with my dudes to the nightclub and they will drink I'm not gonna drink but I'm gonna deny what you have. You have to boycott of course. So that is the standard for such a unfortunately I'm going to have to cut the answer there due to time. We haven't got too long to cover so he will be discussing how we define major sins right and i think you arrived at point number five or point number 655 okay let's which is the sin itself has a curse, the honey says has a curse law and Allah horiba Allah curse is usually what are killer and the one who receives it wamu killer and the one who pays it. What

00:45:46 --> 00:46:19

Captiva anon who writes the contract was shahidi and the two witnesses who loom Swati jabber and the Muslim. So if the if the sin has a curse, curse, meaning that this person will be dismissed from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is number five, Okay, number six, if the sin has earning the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala I'm sorry, the anger of Allah subhanaw taala will Habiba La Jolla Ally's angry at this person because of doing such an app, the final one that Rasul Allah, Allah wa salam says that he is not a believer.

00:46:21 --> 00:47:08

In when a person steals, he's not a believer, but he's a Muslim, Muslim and Islam. He has the origin of faith, which is in Islam, layers myzone hanaa, asni wahoo, a movement. an adulterer, when he commits adultery, he is not a believer. But listen, we're not labeling him to be a disbeliever here, he's a Muslim, he has the origin of faith, but when he is committing the act of adultery, faith Eman is lifted. Okay, from him. So these are the seven criterias if the viewers of all of the above is not working with you, and you're confused, look to auto knob asset. And I would like the viewers to memorize this, this the statement, okay, this is the key, this is the key. Okay, you know what he

00:47:08 --> 00:47:16

said? La Casa de la, la, la, la La Kabira masterfox

00:47:17 --> 00:47:22

there is no such a small sin when you insist on it.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:27

If you insist on a certain sin, which you consider to be small,

00:47:28 --> 00:48:10

it turns into a big one, a big one a major because don't look at how literally are sinners. Look at the greatness of the one who whom you're disobeying here. Law tamburello several of them were lacking under a lot of women outside right? Look at the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala this ruins man takes me back to the story you're mentioning of the private conversation between Rab and Allah. Imagine if you've committed a crime and Allah subhanaw taala will mention this. You will be in front of Allah How embarrassing and shameful lies right? So don't there is no such thing called minor sin when you insist on it. Right? There is no such thing also called major sin when you repent

00:48:10 --> 00:48:53

from it right away. Okay, so less severe ma surah Walla Kabira na is still far. Whenever you commit any major sin, you repent right away, you go back to Allah subhana wa Tada. You regret doing it, you're doing it sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you abandon doing it in the present, you vow not to do it in the future. And if there is injustice, you return this injustice of the people. And you do this in the right time the sun still did not rise from the west. And also you're still having life running in your in your body. You're not going through the final stages of your life. Okay, so

00:48:54 --> 00:49:42

this is really, I think, the statement of our live now bass wood because if you know the scholars, they they discuss the seven major sins of the life Now that said they are closer to 70 and the scholars they say they use the word 70 really to say there's many many that were 70 with the Arabs at the time. 70 You know, it's it's remember this brother was from the countryside. And this is a true story. So he never seen cars in his life before him. So he came to Cairo, the city so he stood on the sixth of October bridge and he looked at you know, when you stand there you see all these cards. Man, these cards must be worse. 1000 pounds. Egyptian Pounds, this is like $100 or something

00:49:42 --> 00:49:59

for him. 1000 pounds is what that humongous number is so this is what is meant by 70 here that they are really countless is stopped for lamb the same exact concept was used in the Quran. They stopped film. I will let the stock film into stock film said the Nomura asked

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

Forgiveness as forgiveness for them. Even if you ask 70 times, that means more than 70 times. So the criteria is here that don't insist on a sin. Don't insist on a sin, regardless whether it is minor or major right away, right away, repent whenever you commit that sin, and this is how you come out of these sins in the law. Okay shall carry him unfortunately, we've come to the end of our second segment and on and on, and inshallah we'll have a third one next week. And you'll be joining us with your permission of course. Sure. Thank you for turning up to the show today, and we will see you next week inshallah paganella.

00:50:39 --> 00:51:15

Viewers, thank you for tuning in the second segment on Ramadan inshallah, join us next week, we have so much to discuss and so much to prepare. Until Ramadan, time is short, and there's so much preparation to be done. So today we discussed the concept of sins, and we learned the difference between the major and the minor sins. So advice, let's look at ourselves, the time we spent in front of the mirror and beautify our outer selves. Let's spend the same amount of time beautifying our inner selves. Until next week, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Major Sins

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