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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of poverty on people, including causing chaos and poor health, and the connection between poverty and deduction, de-risking, and "harvest." The speakers emphasize the importance of being considered a rich person and avoiding poverty in one's life. They also touch on the history of Islam and its use to bring "bringing with it" and "bringing on" wealth. The conversation also touches on the benefits of using animals and the importance of balancing behavior with poverty and health.
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I shall do one more hum Madonna Rasul Allah ah

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I just had one more Han Madden of our soul on na

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highy on sloth

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long like model ma model

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in lahmar.

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100 I have been Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he, I mean, what he was happy he Jemaine and my bad today are hotbar is about poverty and supper and we want to look at its effects, worldly of course and religious, and solutions and what to do in case of poverty and the balance in understanding richness and in understanding poverty. We begin with the fact that an obese Allah Allah who seldom used to seek protection from poverty, in the mornings and in the evenings or in the afternoons and in the dark, the door that we all say from a cattle Subbu Allah ma Fini fee Bethany Allah Hama, Afeni. For summary, Aloma Ifeanyi, Vasari, La ilaha illa and Allahumma inni er o the

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vicar, Minal gouffre, will Falcon and II hear you say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from disbelief, Gopher and poverty. So the scholars say, why combine these two why confer with poverty. And the scholar said that they give a number of explanations. One of them is that the worst two things that can be combined in a human being would be Cofer, and fucker, disbelief and poverty. Because in having this complex combination, you lose out in the dunya. And in the Quran, Jani, the CAFR, who's wealthy at least he enjoys the dunya for a short period of time, but this person gets no enjoyment in the dunya and then no enjoyment in the earth as well. Other scholars gave another

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explanation. They said that there's also a link between the two because one can lead to the other meaning poverty can lead to cover especially in the cases of weak Eman

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and that's why the Scholars have a saying they say either the huddle focu be Darrin call Allahu uncuff hood NIMAC when poverty enters a house call for says to take me with you. It's almost their way of saying that the two can come together or can be combined together. We see a similar meaning in the Hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim in the Bissell Allah Allah Salim said bird Euro bill Amani Phaeton capita in Leyland moslem he says rush to do good deeds before Phaeton trials and tests like the dark pieces of a night come upon you. In these Phaeton in these times of trials use before Raja Lu fi Homina williamsii kathira a man will wake up a believer and in the later part of the day,

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he'll be a disbeliever where, oh, UMC Mina, or he will in the evening be a believer while you're sleeping.

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Okay, after I in the morning, he will be a disbeliever. What's the link? And why is that would that happen? And the bizarre Salim said, Joby rodina, who be out of the minute dunya. He sells his religion for just a small bit of this dunya. So we see the link here in this hadith between someone being poor, and Cofer coming in, or leaving, based on their weakness or strength of ima,

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also in the famous Hadith that we all know of a Sahara of the boulder that came and trapped, the the men in the cave, and they started to ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove the bolder through some good deeds that they've done. The point here is one of them said that I had a cousin that I loved very much, and I wanted to marry her, and then she refused. And then a year later, she was struck with extreme poverty. And then so she came to me, and I told her, I will give you this much, but you allow me to do what a man does with his wife. And he says, when I came close to doing that, she told me tequila, the point and then he left her and he gave her the wealth and didn't ask for anything

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else. But the point is that, you see, the scholars mentioned that the woman here, what got her to that situation was poverty.

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And, and so this is part of the wisdom of the prophets of salaam combining poverty with Cofer specifically. But in other Hadith, and other Hadith,

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individuals lamb indicates how poverty brings humiliation with it, this is incident of widowhood, and navies are selling would make this Allahumma inni or Oh, the bigger Minal factor Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from poverty. Well, Tila Okay. Lionni Tila to shake. So on can man or othered OMA added a bobble head alkyl is when you have little of something meaning like a few avenues options, wealth, or even have like doors and gateways to wealth. So anything little have having little of anything alone may not only become that fucker Allah seek refuge in You from poverty, woman in law, having little of things with the law, that to be belittled and thought of

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not need to be thought of lightly in front of people. People don't take you seriously. And this is like the hadith of Solomon Assad where he said that in Ibiza la salaam said a rich man walked by so they were sitting with the prophets of Salaam and it's a famous hadith of a rich man walk by. So he asked them maltipoo Luna if he had What do you say about this man? They said yeah rasool Allah hurry Yun in haba, a young guy. We're in shefa unusual. We're in color and use Mahalo. They said yeah Rasul Allah, it should be that if he asked for someone in marriage, he should be given and if He intercedes his intercession should be accepted. And if he speaks, people should listen to him. So

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the prophets Allah, Allah Azza lamp remained quiet for a while, and then another man passed by so the first man was wealthy, the second man is poor and the proselyte ask them what do you think of this man? And they said the exact opposite. If he asked for marriage, no one should give Him if He intercedes no one should allow his or accept His intercession. And if he speaks nobody should listen to him then the prospect lamb tells them haha Hi Iran min min in our abdomen, Mythri duck, this, this one is better than the whole earth filled with the other, the one that you thought highly of. If we fill the earth with that first one, this one person is better than the whole earth filled with

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the other. So the point is of mentioning this hadith is to show the humiliation that comes with poverty so we're seeing poverty in a very negative light and it is also them seeking refuge from it. It's bringing with it humiliation possibly bringing with it cover.

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So with all these negative things about it, why does Allah subhanaw taala allow poverty? The scholars mentioned and Allah as we mentioned this in the Quran, but if everyone became wealthy immediately, it would create chaos on Earth. And sort of Assura Allah azza wa jal says, well obasa Allah Who Risca the labour de

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la bajo fill up and if Allah opened up and gave the provision to all his servants, they will create chaos in the earth, working unit syllabus unit Zulu because they're in my Asha in Hobi about the hobby room bossy, but Allah subhanaw taala brings back it brings it down in certain measures Yani as the explain if everyone on Earth right now became a millionaire, you couldn't even get back home. You couldn't get home to your house, because if you stopped to get gas, there's no attendant working there. He's a millionaire. Why should he work there? If you have a flat tire? There's no guy who's gonna undo your your your way.

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and fix it because he's a million and so on and so forth a simple explanation of how things will be corrupted so Allah as will allow us poverty. Even Tamia Rahim Allah, He said, Katya Coonan, folklore labor of the developing Nasi amfa Mina Lovina, for some people, being poor might benefit them more than being rich, because Allah knows if they become rich, though might be corrupt or, and so on, and then distant from him, and so on and so forth. And then he continues well, Hina, Amphoe, Affarin and wealth better for other people. So some people, if they're poor, they will be far from Allah, Allah and they will be angered Allah. But if they're wealthy, they get closer to him exact opposite. So

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what he is indicating is that for the different things work for different people, some people Allah prevents wealth from them, because he knows it will corrupt them, and other people vice versa. And there is a similar Hadith to this meaning but the hadith is weak. And that's why we didn't mention it.

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Also, when someone is afflicted with difficulty or afflicted with poverty, they make sincere dua to Allah azza wa jal, and they worship Allah, so in a way that they perhaps wouldn't be able to if they were not tested. And we mentioned before on this member, this person who he said I was afflicted with a calamity in my life, he said, So I prayed to Dr. Mullen for a year and a half. I never missed Damelin once, which means he also never missed a shot prayer. And he never missed a budget. If he made the omelet for a year and a half, he said, and I'll get up without an alarm clock. He said, Then after a year and a half, Allah subhanaw taala, fix my situation. And he said, then four years

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after that, I barely got up for Fajr on time. And the whole point was that look at the difference in this man's acts of worship between in comparison between when he was at Good Times versus at times of difficulty.

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And then one of the most powerful solutions to poverty is Elkana being content. And a few months ago, we gave a football here on being content or contentment. And, and there is also lamb. This is incident had been had been, he says, yeah, about God to absolve referee. He said, Yeah, by them. Tara castrato, women O'Malley who Alvina he did use do you see? Or do you think that having a lot of wealth that's being rich? Called a nonmetal? So I said yes. Then he said, the porcelain said to him, what are our kin little Molly, who will fucker and you see having little wealth? Is that being poor or that poverty? He said, Yes. And then the problem is going to teach him and teach us a valuable

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lesson. He said, in the marina renal will accrue for Chronicle. He said that true richness is in the heart. And true poverty is poverty of the heart as well. And that's why when we spoke about being content, you will find people who are poor, or be below beneath the description of being poor, but there's so content and they're so happy and so pleased with everything in life. And you will find people who are very wealthy and millionaires. And we mentioned the story of a Syrian scholar by the name of hasn't haben Naka, who says that he after class, he was taken this poor person took him to his home, to have a thought with him, and he had very little food and it was a very small room that

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he and his wife shared, but he told him how happy he was. And he showed him where he sits to make the Grove, Allah azza wa jal, she says, then the next day, we were invited at a millionaire's place, and it was phenomenal. And there were so many different kinds of food and what have you. And he said, before I left his home, the man pulled me aside and complained to me of how the world is constricting around him and how he could not find enjoyment in anything. So he said, I need to the point that he made my work I need an herb Alia and I couldn't even enjoy the rest of my day, from all his complaining. He said, I got in the car going home, and I'm just thinking of how comparing

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how the first one is pleased in his heart, and therefore as a result, he is happy. Whereas the second one he has so much but in his heart, he's not pleased and that's what the NABI SallAllahu sallam said in this hadith in the Molina arena,

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the two witnesses the witness of the heart or in the heart will accrue for cruel and the poverty is the poverty of the heart.

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Poverty brings people to have to work cool on Allah azza wa jal in Allah who are reserved indeed Allah is the One who provides he is the one who is the provider.

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And in the Hadith, and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, No Anakim totowa calluna Allah Allah Hakata our Cooley, La Rosa Conecuh my or zookeeper tow

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Do hemolysin watoto between bepanah and Nabi saw Salim said if you put your trust in Allah, as you should, he will provide for you the same way he provides for the birds, they leave in the morning with their bellies, empty Watoto Whoa, and they return with their bellies full. What's interesting about this hadith is that you would think an abyssal Allah hadiza Lamb used an animal that eats very little, to try to encourage us to have a lot of tacos. So why use an animal that eats very little, and in English and in Arabic when we say so and so eats like a bird. And that means they eat very little. But in the resource, and I'm never is is mistaken, in his examples. Some of the scholars

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said that, why compare the human being to the bird? And they said, look at certain ways how, for example, the bird just goes to bed early, it doesn't stay up thinking where am I gonna find worms tomorrow? Where can I find berries tomorrow, it just goes to sleep not concerned at all, then it wakes up the next day, bright and early. And it just seeks out just goes out looking for it does the work. And it doesn't wait for it to come to it. So they said that's the benefit from that comparison. But then we also noticed something else. And a bear basically birds because of their high metabolism. They actually eat a whole lot. A bird for its size eats more than an elephant eats

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for the size. And some adult birds during the day they ate the half their body weight in worms and berries and what have you per day, and newly or chicks eat their body weight in food per day. So look at the amount of Tawakkol it's an incredible amount. It's actually an animal that eats a whole lot and the prophets of Salaam is trying to tell you even though scientists recently noticed this whole metabolism thing. He's saying if you put your toe Quran, Allah he'll provide for you a lot, just like he provides for the birds and they don't worry about it. They just go out they do what they need to do. They seek it and it comes to them. So you learn from that from being afflicted with

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poverty you learn to have and to put your toe call on Allah azza wa jal.

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despite everything that we just saw, about what's so bad about poverty, the Prophet SAW Salem never feared poverty for the OMA. But he feared the opposite. For Allah He sets a lot of southern for Allah He motherfucker actually, well, a kidney of Shah and tubes of dunya alaikum. He says, I don't fear poverty for you. But I fear that the world would be put in front of you or made accessible and spread out in front of you.

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So as it was made for those before you and they competed in, you will compete in it as they competed in it and then you will be destroyed. So if there's anything then this is the second goal of this hubbub that we recognize balance in Islam. So you will see sometimes poverty mentioned negatively then some positive things about poverty. Wealth mentioned positively then you will see it mentioned negatively and only Islam creates an excellent balance like this, as we'll see in a second whole bunch of Allah Akula Colheita was taught for them. They welcome me Jimmy I don't know for stock thoroughfare. 1000 Mr Vereen ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean, what are the early he was here Jemaine about. So we said then, that you will see this balance created in Islam. Sometimes we talk about all the negative things that come associated with poverty. Sometimes we look at the benefits, religious benefits of being poor being close to Allah azza wa jal, and so on and so forth. And there is also lamp in the Hadith. He says come to Alibaba and Janna for Karna Arma two manga haha and Misaki. He said, I stood at the door of the Jana of Paradise, and I saw that the majority of people who entered it were the poor was horrible jet de unas, Hubble Mal, and the people of

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wealth the people who were wealthy, my boo soon they were delayed, they were delayed or detained somewhere else. And then he explained that the poor enter Jenner 500 years before the rich so now we're seeing something positive about poverty when it comes to in practically practically in the BISAZZA LEM chose to be poor and over being wealthy and being a king, I sort of dilemma Anna says since we moved to Medina that we've never

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filled our stomachs, the house of the prostate, three nights in a row. We've never been filled three nights in a row since we moved to Medina. And he would just come as you know, and ask his wives, do you have any food? They would say no, it says in the saw him when I'm fasting, and for two months, there would be no fire lit in the fire in the house of the prophets, Allah, Selim, or organism versus how did you survive, they said, a sweat on your dates and water. So the Prophet SAW Selim in his life chose to be poor. And then he mentioned some blessings and benefits of being poor. And then he mentioned some negatives of being poor. And then at the same time, with a wealth, you see the

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same thing, you see wealth being mentioned positively, and mentioning some of the warnings concerning having a lot of wealth. Because if it were just that way, the Companions wouldn't have been wealthy, if it was just wealth is bad, they wouldn't be wealthy.

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We know the majority of the 10, given blood tidings of paradise were actually very wealthy people. And Abubaker Golan, who at one point in his life was not a fan of growth minded. No, they were millionaires by our standards today. So the balance allowed them to have wealth, but also the guidelines told them how to deal with that wealth, and it didn't make it look like a bad thing. And for those of you who are confused on why this topic, this balance is so important, and we lack it a lot. And either sometimes Imams will give a lecture as if wealth is free. Money is the worst and deep down, everybody wants it. But we talk about it like it's the worst thing ever. There was a

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Muslim in New York City and he's Allah bless them by being a multi multi millionaire. He had a $32 million deal to buy a chain of like grocery stores and supermarkets in New York. And he dropped the deal suddenly, suddenly was just about to be signed and he stopped. They asked him why he said he went to the masjid to pray a few nights ago. And the Imam was talking about how if you have wealth, then you shouldn't be trying to get more wealth and you should stop and Marty fish, Damon Imam talks about wealth makes it look like it's something filthy, dirty and haram and you should get Hello. So you have enough stock, whereas the Companions kept going back to the market, they never saw Kalasa

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have enough. Imam Abu Hanifa was so wealthy had such a huge storage facility. And he kept continuing and benefiting the OMA with his wealth. He didn't just say I have enough for to last me a lifetime. So therefore I should stop. But as that's one of the reasons, and that's where this excellent balance comes in. So we said sometimes wealth is mentioned positively. Sometimes it's mentioned negatively we look at the Companions, we see a lot of them were very wealthy, and we look and others were not wealthy. And the proselyte told them Yep, through the common man, wealth will increase amongst you. And they said during the reign of armor when a companion would die, his teddy cut

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whatever his inheritance is gold, silver, they would have to break it with an axe. That's how much they would leave behind.

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And the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Companions who are poor came to him and they said, The hubba Look, do thornbill ojio Those who are wealthy they took all the reward because they pray and they give sadaqa we just pray we can't give so they got all the reward. So the process I'm told them to make thicker, so then the rich people heard that and they started making thicker, the poor people came back and complained again. What did the process them say? That Nick afford Lula ut him Aisha that's, that is the blessing of Allah azza wa jal, and the preference of Allah He gives it to him ever he wills. So here completely positive meaning provided that these rich people are

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also righteous, and they're using their wealth in a righteous way better than as we saw in this hadith that was superior to being poor. So with this balance, there is no misunderstanding. And there's we have the right attitude towards richness and the right attitude towards poverty. And Islam tells us how to behave when we're rich, and how to behave when we're poor. With that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. Almeda and can walk nativa we're in Obatala bolted on what's up machine Allah, Allah Medina theaman Herdade

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while I finished filming our fate, with our Luna Freeman toward late roboticle anathema plate Joaquina short Rama colloid in Nakata de la Yokota Arctic in who La Jolla the Luma noir late what I presume an update about October no late yeah I'll camera I mean, yeah, a common acromion Yeah, about an hour rain Yemma ug Buddha Yama you helped Raja Yama Baba whom

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Do who Atal whom and know what for glue you have to do why Oh, Allah in Anna's location and Nokia will meet it and Surya will not have done very remove Xin wala father, Allah manana Luca Giovanni I'm Heidi Wafaa Alma fildena Germaine

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Illa Hannah Abram limited Islamia, number of Rashida. You asked Sophie Arctic we will try Buffy here Allah Allah ma sciatic Wale Murphy Hibben maruf were you unhappy here in Hong Kong SME. Also the lava more Bartok and are both are hot in LA Alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Manial como como Kong

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