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Jamal Badawi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet's peace plans, including his presence in Saudi Arabia and the spread of idiopathic behavior among men and gods. They also discuss the use of the Bible in relation to the discovery of the Prophet Muhammad's peace plans and the importance of the presence of his physical appearance. The speaker notes the consistency of prophecies in the Bible, including the story of Jesus peace be upon him, and discusses the historical significance of the beast's wings and its use in relation to the beast's position. The church in Yemen was damaged by a large army of elephants, leading to its collapse. The historical logics and scientific evidence suggest that the worship of fire at night was likely to lead to the collapse of the thirteenth century Islam.
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capitalist radicals. Can we have a summary please of last week's program? Okay, last program was a continuation of surveying the state of the world at the time of the mission of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. More specifically, we reviewed briefly the state of affairs in Europe. According to HG Wells description, we discuss the religious situation in Saudi Arabia on the Saudi in the Arabian Peninsula, and the spread of idolatry as intermediaries between men and gods, we reviewed also the social situation, which was not very encouraging drinking adultery, usury and fighting.

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But in spite of that, we indicated that there are a number of reasons why God might have chosen that particular place to send his last prophets and messengers. And in spite of the evils that existed in the Arabian Peninsula, still, it was, first of all detached from the struggle that was going on between the two superpowers of the time, the Prussian and Byzantine empires to it was away from the complexities of theology and philosophy that was introduced into the simple teachings of the prophets of the past, and the nations around them. And as such, Islam presented a theological and political alternative to the state of the world at the time. Secondly, that in spite of the

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remoteness of Mecca, still, it was a very important geographic and trade center. And that facilitated

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the spread or dissemination of the message of Islam when the Prophet was sent by God. And finally, that among the herbs, despite of their faults, they had the characteristic of being independent, they cherished freedom, a great deal, especially central Arabia, which was away from the * of the super powers of the time. And once they are, or were convinced, consult on some ideas or geology, they were willing to put their life on the line in defense for it. And then once those people actually became Muslims, they were the greatest defenders of Islam.

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So far, you spoke about the environments in which the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him came like to know, was there any anticipation of His coming? In his immediate environment? Yes, in fact, there were a number of reports that many Arabs are some of the herbs used to think or anticipate

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a profit to come and defend that time that is coming was imminent.

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This expectations of theirs, were, in essence, based on what they heard from learned scholars, or monks or clergy, among the Jews and Christians,

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in the very famous reference in history of poverty, and his second volume, and also in another equally important reference called Takata, facade.

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It is said that one Arabian person, before the advent of Islam, was well known by the name of zeta unified,

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once said that he was anticipating a prophet to come

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from the descendants of Ishmael, ie from the herbs

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that he believes in Him when He comes and accept him as a prophet. And he says, If I don't live enough, long enough to see him myself, then you should Convey my regards or my greeting of peace to him. And then he went on to give even his physical features, which would come through in a letter program, perhaps, that he will be raised in Mecca,

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that he will be driven away and go to yesterday, which is now called Medina.

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And that he said, I went around many countries, many places, you know, examining and looking for the religion of truth. And he said that everyone I asked, among the Jews and Christians, Indians, perhaps the learned ones, as well as the scholars of Zoroastrianism, that religion, of all pressure, all of them has given me or indicated this description that I gave, he says. Now, there are some writers who do not even mention the story of zaidan what he mentioned prior to the birth of Prophet Muhammad, or his coming,

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but there are other people again, who mentioned the story and raise some question about its authenticity. I believe that this doubts about that story are not justifiable for a number of reasons. First,

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All, the story appears into important and among the most authentic historical differences of poverty, and even sad.

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Secondly, that those who criticize the story did not have really a very firm ground to criticize a study like that. And I would suggest that perhaps they might have not been very familiar with the provisions in the Bible about the advent of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And they might have said that these signs are far fetched, they are so much, you know, consistent with the what happened later on with the characteristics of the Prophet, that they might have thought that this was too good and too specific to be true.

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And I'm not referring here, just to the science in the older manuscripts of the Bible that might have been in existence in the seventh or eighth century. But rather, isn't the copies of the Bible that we have right here in our hands. I think many of those critics, critics, even modern ones, might have not been aware about the extent of clarity

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of the mention of Prophet Mohammed in the Bible, even in our hands today.

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This topic about Mohammed in the Bible was covered before I look over this extensively. Again, I was wondering if you could just connect this new information that you've just given with what was covered, which was talked about before maybe briefly, if you could just form a connection. Okay, briefly, as because of this were discussed, as you know, the data detailed and documented evidence. But there are a number of interesting remarks about the profile and description given by Zaid

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and what we have discussed before in the Bible,

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number one, in the Bible, in the book of Genesis in chapter 12, verses two and three, we find again, the prophecy about the blessing of the nations of the earth through the descendants of Ishmael of Abraham, and the first son of Abraham, as we all know, is Ishmael. This is confirmed further in the book of Genesis in chapter 21, in verses 13 and 18, which specifies that God also will bless the son of the bondwoman, Hagar, that is Ishmael.

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This has been confirmed further in the 11th chapters of the book of Isaiah, when it speaks in the beginning about the great personality to come from the stem of Jessie je SSE we discussed previously in detail why this is not to be taken as the father of vivid, and we quoted Encyclopedia Britannica under names that says Jessie is an abrogation of Ishmael because Ishmael in Hebrew is Ishmael. Yes, she, Jessie.

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That is very much consistent also with the prophecy made by Moses, in Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse 18, about a prophet like unto himself would then also complete code of law, who will be sent from the president of the Israelites, ie the ishmaelites.

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The statement made by Satan will fail. And this new information we discussed in this program here,

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that he will be raised in Mecca. And that's again, very consistent with the Bible in the Psalms of David in Psalm number 84, especially verses four to six, which speaks about the Blessed One passing through the valley of backcap still appears as back in King James Version, as well as the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. So the place is not far fetched, it has been already anticipated in the Bible. The fact that he said that he will be driven out of his country and take refuge in Medina, or as it was called yesterday at that time.

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This we discussed in one of the most fascinating prophecies in the book of Isaiah, in chapter 21, especially verses 13 through 17, that speaks about the origins concerning Arabia connected with Kadar, who was one of the children of mind and speaks about the migration of the persecuted people. And the instruction given to the people in command, which is in northern Arabia, close to the vicinity of Medina to receive those refugees. The fact that he mentioned that his name would be Ahmed or Muhammad, which are both names of the Prophet come from the same route. Praise is very much consistent not only with the Quran in surah 61 verse six, but consistent as well with the prophecy

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made by Jesus peace be upon him, as we discussed it in great detail in several programs, about the Paraclete mentioned in the Gospel, according to john, in chapter 1415, and 16.

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In the prophecy are the statements made by that herb, they didn't have faith

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He said also that there will be no profit after him That is, there will be no more profits is the last one. Basically what he's saying. And that again is consistent with the statement attributed to Jesus peace be upon him in john chapter 14, verse 16, that this predicate will remain with you forever, which does not necessarily mean physically but his low is teaching with remain forever, because no profit is coming to supersede what he taught.

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In john chapter 16, verse 12, also we discussed that in the previous program, when Jesus peace be upon him indicates that this percolators is going to guide you into all truth, which means that Jesus, like many other great prophets before him, contributed to the revelation of truth, God revealed truth to them. But the completion of truth would come only with the advent of the last prophet, and the fact that it is completed truth it means that there is no prophet after him. So that's very much consistent in various references.

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The same thing we discussed in a previous

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series of programs I should say also, that the gospel discovery of the Gospel of Barnabas revealed that Jesus actually spoke about the advent of Prophet Mohammed binding in several places. So the Quran speaks about it. The Gospel of Barnabas speak about the Old Testament, canonize, the New Testament canon is the speaker of that. So it's really fascinating to see how a report like that's coming from an Arab away from the basic centers of veganism and Christianity claims that he heard that from Jews and Christian, and then we find this consistent, confirming references to come and go with us prophet. It's just fascinating to me. Are you aware of any report for any sign any report of

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any sign that particular time about possibly unusual events, or other markers that there was the coming of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon events, proceedings actual versus Indeed, there are several of this reports from different sources, to the point that it is very difficult to really be objective and apply and dismiss all of them as exaggeration.

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For example,

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I was one of the contemporary or recent scholars from Egypt's church, Mohammed Abu Zahra, in his book about the Sierra three volume work on the life history of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, quotes from a book called an excerpt in the first volume,

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about a report on a vision

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or dream that was seen by Abdulmutallab who was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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And what he saw in his dream of immortality is that a silver

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chain came out of his back,

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and then it extended. So part of it or one side was connected with heavens, the other one on earth. And then there was another extension, one going towards the east, and the other going towards the west.

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And then he showed that chain, all of a sudden,

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coming closer and becoming like a tree. So each of the chains and links in the chain became like a leaf of a tree. And from each leaf of the tree, there was light coming. And then he saw people from various nations, he said, from east and west, coming and hanging by that shade, when Abdulmutallab that was before the birth of the Prophet. So, this

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dream he went to some people in who have certain skill, you know, in interpreting dreams. So what does that really symbolize? This is first of all, something coming out of your back. This is a symbol of somebody coming from your descent from light your lines, you know, this used to be a symbolic reference, you say somebody is coming from your back that means you know, a descendant of yours, that somebody will be coming from your descendants

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who will be praised in heaven and on earth, referring to the extension of the silver chain,

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whose religion or faith would spread all over the earth. So it engulfs east and west.

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And of course, the light is a reference to the guidance, spiritual guidance that he will receive from God.

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And then the hanging of people from Eastern wisdom. The tree is a symbol that his face will be spread all over the world that people from all kinds of backgrounds, different races and colors will be handled by history that is accepting and adhering to his faith

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The reality of what happened is exactly that. Those who follow or at least claim to follow Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him represent one out of every five human beings today, east and west, you can see that when you go to Hajj pilgrimage, when you see all that the praise of the Prophet and heavens, by engines, the praise on Earth, in the Muslim daily prayers, there's always praise for God and His praise also, for the Prophet as his servant and Messenger, that was one.

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A second sign is reported in the very famous and the most important source about the

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biography of the Prophet by admission that we discussed before in Volume One, pages 151 through 155. The there is an interesting study that I mentioned rather briefly, which shows that the father of Prophet Mohammed Abdullah,

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was in a position, which in some respects, resemble the position of Ishmael, the son of Abraham. The story goes like this, it says that often metallic that is the grandfather of the Prophet

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when he started digging the well of Zamzam on the basis of a vision that he saw, the actual actually one of them was there, but it was covered. So he started to, you know, clear it again.

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At that time, Abdulmutallab had only one son by the name of Harris.

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But while he is taking Zamzam the role of Samson, he made a covenant with God that if God gives me 10, male children, and they all lived, I'm going to sacrifice one of them I slaughter killed one, and sacrifice it for God. Of course, that's not approved. islamically. But that was before.

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And then what happened is that it indeed God gave him lots of children. And he had 10 children and six girls, by the way, also.

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And the time came to fulfill his promise.

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So they had some people who make this defining of errors, he might say that on lottery just to find out who, by chance would be chosen.

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And the arrow fell on

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Abdullah, the father of Prophet Mohammed, that's, of course, before he got married, even just as a, as a young man.

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So his father's very sorry, very determined also to fulfill His covenant took up the lung was the youngest, and most one of the most beloved persons in Mecca at that time was very good looking very good, another person, and he started to take him to, you know, sacrifice him, in his mind for the sake of God.

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But some people stopped. He said, after metallic, what are you doing? I have to fulfill my proposition. Now, why don't you sacrifice elements like Kevin's cannons instead of your own son.

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So after some arguments, and I don't want, I'm just trying to abbreviate lots of details, he was advised finally to make an arrow between 10 chemists or his son.

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So the arrow fell on his son, so that he was taught to increase the 10, chemists to 20. And then again, it fell on his son, he kept increasing, increasing successively, every time he adds 10 cameras, until finally the choice was between 100 comments, or his son, and finally, the arrow fell on the cabinets. So he repeated that a couple of times to make sure. And then finally, he got that as a sign that he can sacrifice the 100 candidates, rather than slaughter his son. That's why I said in one sense, not fully, in some sense, it may resemble the position in which prophet Ishmael was put when God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael. And again, in some previous program, we

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discussed why we believe he was Ishmael rather than Isaac. But that's another topic anyway. So there was some similarity as if God also saved

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Ishmael so that from his descendants, Prophet Mohammed would come and save the immediate father of Mohammed Abdullah, so that out of him, Prophet Mohammed, is, is to come. The third or fourth science that just in this issue, is also mentioned in the first volume of ignition, and also in poverty, that the Prophet himself, peace be upon him has indicated that when his mother got pregnant with him, must have heard from her, probably, for her death, that a light or sunlight got out of her. And she was able to see the palaces in Syria. It sorts of vision, that might perhaps be an indication that the light of Islam would reach those palaces in Syria and that's what happened, Muslim

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conquered all the superpowers around them and actually some spread there.

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The editors of the volume of the ebony Sham biography,

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at least the volume I have. They said there was also a similar story that happened with another Arab by the name of Messiah blas, that he also saw a similar type of vision that lighted the palaces of Syria. The first and final signs on, you might say indications before his birth, is also an abomination. But also mentioned in the Quran. In Surah 105. We made a brief reference to that previously in our discussion of the methodological faults of Dr. haikal. And de and those who followed his, his approach.

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This is the study of the elephant very briefly, again, to refresh our memories. That abraha the Congo, Ethiopia at that time, built a very fancy church. And he wanted to make that as a place for pilgrimage to divert people who used to still go to the Kaaba,

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to go to his church instead.

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One, pagan Arab got very infuriated, even though he was speaking stood they respected the Kaaba as the house of Abraham. So I get very angry. So he went to that church and did something very undignified, very inappropriate. So when Abraham learned of this, he got really mad, and he decided that he should go and demolish the Kaaba to remove this competition and to revenge for what happened to his church. So he came with a huge army with elephants.

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And on his way, there were some attempts on some tribes to resist, but they could not resist this very powerful army. So they came close to Medina and they started to Mecca and they started marching towards the Kaaba, the kurush, the tribe of the Prophet felt that there is no way that you can resist such a huge army, especially with the elephants with them, you know, they have no experience dealing with elephants. So they went to the mountains. And then the army of Abra, has started to direct the major elephants.

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For the Kaaba, he sets and refused to move. They kept beating in bidding No way. They let him stand and then direct him towards any direction he would move, but to direct him towards Kaaba, he starts stopping and doesn't move, regardless of what they did with him. And at that time, as the Quran described, so I went to five groups and groups of birds came from the sea, carrying small stones, throwing those stones that killed and destroyed that army abraha himself was severely injured. And by the time he reached sun up, which is now in Yemen, he immediately died afterwards. Like I said, we discussed that before in the context of correcting

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Dr. hiker who tried to interpret that as smallpox epidemic and all that. And we indicated that the evidence historically logically and medically shows that this is not a good explanation. And definitely, there must have been something unusual, quite an American quote, it's what you like. But even the adversaries of the prophet in his lifetime could not deny that the reports in the Quran is absolutely accurate, and it was indeed American or divine intervention. its relationship to our discussion here is that this is one more sign, as if to tempt the word that the Kaaba, the first house on Earth, to be built for the worship of the one true God will be preserved. Because very

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soon, basically, a few weeks after that incident, the one who is going to clean or cleanse the Kaaba and restore it to monotheism will be born. And that's what happens, the prophet was born in that year. Mashallah now

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mentioned about the signs and things proceedings, both or any other signs at the time of his birth, or after

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there are several perhaps we can touch on a couple of them as much as time allow us which added too much. I just say very briefly, first of all, there's something that the Quran itself refers to in Surah 72, that when the jinn j and n which is unseen creatures, try to pry into the secrets of heavens as they used to do. They say they found that the skies were filled with stirred Gods with flaming fires, there was metabolites which were unusual and uncustomary at this time.

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This is not only referred to in the Quran, but it is mentioned also in the authentic source on Sierra ignition in volume one also, a similar report is mentioned in another biography by so highly about the anatomy discussed that are different to that person before one of the earlier writers as well. In addition to this, they were also

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So reports of strange things that happened the night the Prophet was born, one of which was the collapse of part of the palace of the rulers, for the emperor of Russia, as if to tell him that your tyrannical Empire very soon is going to collapse.

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Another vision was seen by one of the men around the ruler of Prussia, that he said I saw in the dream chemins followed by Arabian horses, crossing the Tigris and Euphrates, you know, that sort of is their

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ticket isn't your fetus. And while they were discussing the interpretation of that dream, which is obvious that the herbs will be coming or the something will come across the river, and, you know, remove your kingdom.

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While they were discussing that they received a report, that the fire that Zoroastrians used to worship, and has been constantly lit, for 1000 years, mysteriously was extinguished. So that again seem to have indicated that the worship of fire will disappear once Islam you know, take hold in this place and people embrace Islam rather than fire worship.

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There were two more signs perhaps we can mention this very quickly. One is that according to Abraham, a Jewish merchant also in Mecca itself.

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When the the night the same night when the Prophet was born, started to ask people did you have any child born tonight? And many were not always they said no. And apparently he seemed to have

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some kind of sign or unusual observation that led him to believe that something great happens at night. The rest of the pack was thinking that we will have to pick up on this next week inshallah much more fascinating. And thank you all for joining us here on Islamic focus. As always, your questions and any comments would be most appreciated. Our phone number and address will be appearing on your screen. A lot of us Assalamu alaykum hope to see this week, inshallah.

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