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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome once again to Salman focus

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to be her eighth program on Jesus to beloved messenger of Allah. Our topic tonight will be continuation of the second coming of Jesus and the completion of Jesus in the Koran. I'm your host, Rashad nimish. And here with me from St. Mary's University is Dr. Jamal Dotto.

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Could you please have a summary of last week's program? Okay, last week that essentially with the Second Coming, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, and indicated that while there is no direct verse in the Quran that very explicitly say that he is coming the second time, we analyzed two passages in the Quran, which seems to give a strong indication of the second coming of Jesus. One is in sort of 43 versus 61. The second is in sort of for passage 159. We have also given the different views in terms of interpreting those two passages. And then we started looking into the Hadith or the sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which seemed to favor the interpretation that Jesus is coming

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again for a second time. And we indicated that there are at least 70 sayings of the Prophet narrated by different companions and in different sources that seemed to indicate this. And then when we went on to examine some specifics of the prophecies giving an E, those

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are signs

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indicating the place where he's going to come down, that's east of Damascus, the time when he's coming down, and that is at the john, time when Muslims are pray, preparing for their prayers, before fighting the Antichrist or the false messiah,

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that Jesus will join Muslims in fighting the forces of evil as represented by the false messiah, that he will overtake the false messiah at the gates of Lord, which is now about 16 miles southeast of Tel Aviv in occupied Palestine. And that he will continue on his way and in camp at Aloha, which is near Medina, continue to Mecca to make pilgrimage in the Kaaba.

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And then we indicated also that some hobbies indicate that he will also be as adjust to life

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among the people, and that, he will also when he comes back, he will break the cross, and can the swine or the pig and we indicated my humble understanding of why the saying of the Prophet specify these two things. One is the cross, which while some people might consider that a symbol of salvation to Jesus, it is the symbol of

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really diversion from what he thought the symbol of deification, which universal thought, and killing the tag is a symbol of deviation from the law, that many people instead of viewing the mission of Jesus as reformation of the law, and going beyond religious fundamentalism, some sort of law even as a curse, but he never really meant to destroy the law of profits he came to fulfill, as he himself was quoted in the New Testament. That was where we ended last time.

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Now, I like to know how long is he just going to live after his second coming? And how will the world be at the time that he comes? Well, after Jesus joins with the Muslim forces in fighting the forces of evil or the false messiah

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and after he is overcoming those forces, with Muslims,

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there will be no more wars, because some of the versions of the saying of the Prophet say that there will be no more God as a sort of tribute that is usually paid by the conquered

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in return for their protection by the conquering army.

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Which means of course, at that time that Islam would be the predominant faith on Earth. There are other saying of the Prophet as narrated in Abu Dawood, which indeed

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Kids that they will be perfect peace on earth. Some of those sayings indicate that even children can play with beasts. And I think that might sound a bell with some of our Christian brethren because some of them have similar kinds of expressions also the second coming

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as far as the period of his living on earth in the second time, you find that an astronaut and a Buddha would

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it gives the more powerful and perhaps more authentic figure of 40 years for zero.

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In another narration, by Edmund Josie, it adds that he will also get married, and be gets children

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again to show clearly, clearly and concisely that he was a human being. Because if we assume that Jesus is the Son of God, and if you get married, what the position of his wife would be, I mean, you can't really say they know the daughter in law of God, if he had the child, he cannot say he's the grandson of God or something like that. So apparently, the purpose God knows, or the wisdom behind letting Jesus or commandment Jesus to get married, and to try to get children's, of course, to prove their full humanity and nothing but but perhaps one of the most amazing and prophetic sayings of the Prophet, very prophetic Hadith is one that was narrated in a nursery compartment, in which Prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him says that there are two armies who will be saved from the hellfire. One is the army that will conquer India. And the second is the army which will fight with Jesus, the son of Mary. I said that this is an amazingly prophetic, saying, for this reason, this prophecy was made during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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And to the best of our knowledge, there was no specific plan really, to conquer India at that time.

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And in fact, it happened only as a result of an aggressive attitude on the part of one of the rulers of sent were some missionaries, some Muslim people, Muslim one day to invite people to Islam peacefully, and the ruler of that region or the execution he asked them to be killed in order to be killed. So the caylus at that time, since an army headed by Muhammad Qasim was a young, bright commander. And that took place in the year 89 of hedra or 89, of the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. That is nearly 80 years. It's you 80 years after the prophet to speak about the army that will conquer India, to be realized after eight years is quite amazing. But my point

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basically is this is that prophecy, unlikely at the time when it was made, has come to pass after eight years, what reason is there not to expect the second part of the prophecy exactly to also come through when Jesus comes again and fight with Muslims against the forces of evil. It's an interesting prophetic Hadees inshallah. Now what will happen to the Prophet Jesus, after the second earthly life, there is more than one saying of the Prophet that indicates that he will pass away and natural death like all other human beings. In fact, there are some sayings of the Prophet as narrated in Abuja with and that even describes that when he dies, Muslims will offer funeral prayers

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for his soul, that one of the sayings of the Prophet and again an amazing prophetic how this indicates even where he is going to be buried, and in no less a place than by in the same area where Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is buried in Medina.

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That's how this was narrated by Ignace. Hackers in the book and can can

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and in the translation of meaning, it says that the wife of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him once told him or messenger of Allah.

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I feel that I know you live after you,

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after you die or prophet,

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do you permit me to be buried, to be buried near you? Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, replied to his wife and he said, Where can I find June

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there is no room there that is in the area where I am be buried. Again. There is no room there except for migraines

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and the graves of Abu Bakar

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the grades of Omar and the grave of Jesus, the son of may

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now, you might

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Say, in what sense? Is that saying of the Prophet? Very prophetic? It is very prophetic because the Prophet speaks in his lifetime. How did he know that he is going to die before Abu Bakr and Omar, who are the two killers the first and second killer after? Nobody could have predicted that? Number two? How did he know that Abu Bakr and Omar

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will die in that particular orders, so that they will be buried next to him? Because he spoke about his grave first and then Abu Bakr and the grip of armor? So there is some succession? How did he know that one of them won't die before the other?

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Thirdly, How did he know that they will die in Medina, even

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the companion used to travel a lot could have been anywhere, it could have been anywhere. And for example, when the people used to go for pilgrimage to Mecca that was far away from Medina, hundreds of kilometers. And it's quite possible that the cave could have died in Mecca or some other place and the custom Muslim custom is that the person should be buried as soon as possible in the closest place, you don't have to transport you may. But that was not a tradition at all. How did he know that they will die in Medina and be buried there. If all of these amazing things

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happened, and the prophecies were fulfilled to the letters, what reason is there not to believe that the place which is there, and if you look at the pictures of the place where the grid is, you find that there is one place still waiting, there is a place remaining in the area? What reasons not to really, but this would be the place where Prophet Jesus, please pray for him would be buried after his second coming. And after he passes away, like all human beings were truly amazing.

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Now I'd like to take a question to the Last Supper. Now does the closet anything about the Last Supper itself, at least as the Christians refer to the last one as far as the Last Supper as described in the gospels, there is no analogy to that in the Quran. It seemed to be a more mystical description, and God knows whether it is a description of something that happened or something that after the fact was done, to justify or explain the notion of the deification of Jesus, as our Christian brethren are aware that the notion of last supper is that he gave them the bread and he said, This is my body, take it and give them the wine. And he said, This is my blood, drink, and so

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on. And there is a big argument even within Christianity itself, above, I don't know what they call anything from substitution or something like that, whether the actual bread and wine turn into Jesus inside you, or is that symbolic, and it seems to be more of a theological concept really, but I am not quite certain about its historicity. But in any case, there is not an allergy to that. However, there is something in the Quran, which may be connected more to perhaps the feeding of multitudes one of the miracles given to Jesus by his creator. And that appears in Surah, number five, in passages 111 through 115, just for short, this time on just did the English translation,

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translation of meaning, I should say. And when I that's God, or Allah inspired the disciples, saying, believe in me and my messenger, messenger, he refers to Jesus, peace be upon him. They said, we believe, bear witness that we have submitted to you. When the disciples said, Oh, Jesus, son of Mary, is your Lord able to sit down for us a table spread with food from heaven. He said, observe your duty to Allah, if you are true believers. They said, he wish to eat from it, that we may satisfy our hearts and know that you have spoken truth to us, and that we may be witness to this.

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Jesus son of Mary said, Oh Allah, our Lord, sent down for us a table spread with food from heaven, that it may be a feast for us, for the first of us and for the last of us, and aside from you,

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give us sustenance, for you are the best of sustainers. Allah said, See, I sent it down, and whosoever disbelieves in you afterwards, him, I will surely punish with a punishment with which I have not punished any of my creatures. So that's the what comes the closest perhaps to the notion of, of some feast or meal. But, as indicated, of course, it's a totally different context with totally different

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In significant city than the traditionally viewed, must suffer.

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Now in the last several programs you described in detail,

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the profile of the Prophet Jesus, according to the Quran. Now, what has been the reaction of Christians who have come to know that?

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It appears that at least judging from my humble experience over 23 years or so North America that the great majority of

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our Christian brethren are not really aware of what the Quran says.

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minutes times they get their information about Islam through secondhand sources, sometimes mythical and very incorrect information are fed into them, whether by books or even in sometimes by listen from the clergy even have very little knowledge of Islam, or at least with the wrong sources.

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Indeed, I found that some people even might think, mistakenly, that the Quran is antichrist, or that Muslims do not have any respect for Jesus, which is totally erroneous.

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There are some Christian Brothers, for example, that I noted who

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feel or think mistakenly, that when Muslims say that Jesus is a prophet and messenger of Allah, that this is a source of emotion from divinity to humanity.

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And that might reflect their own understanding of what a prophet or messenger mean, because they look into the Bible to see what prophets did in the kind of sins attributed to them. And they think that Jesus is being demoted to that level. Whereas as we explained in previous programs, a prophet in Islam and the messenger is a very holy person, and very highly respected person.

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Some people, however, seem to understand the more positive nature of what the Quran say about Jesus.

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And they express their appreciation of that.

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But still, of course, they stick or remain with their particular beliefs in which they have been indoctrinated.

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An example of this is a Christian theologian by the name of reason, who published an article recently in the Muslim world.

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The title of the article was portrait of Jesus in the Quran.

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And he comments on that article by saying that quote, this is a coherent and impressive picture of a messenger that's Jesus, of the one and only God who proclaimed the the unchanging message in his own time and place. In another place. In his article, Desmond said, also I caught the Quranic portrayed of Jesus stands out, as coherent and clear.

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So there's some

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degree of objectivity, there's some substantial degree, I should say, of, of appreciation and understanding of the positive nature of what the Quran says about Jesus.

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But finally, there are all there are also a lot of people perhaps counted now by the 1000s, including places like North America and Europe,

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who came from Christian backgrounds, variety of sects. And they heard the story about Jesus in the Quran or Reddit. They were very touched. They believed in Jesus as presented in the Quran as a prophet and messenger of Allah. And many of them actually ended up embracing Islam.

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It happened and it is happening in reasonable numbers, I'd say.

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And this is not only limited to the President, in fact, historically speaking, there have been a lot of people also, who came from Christian background, who embraced Islam largely as a result of what the Quran actually says about Jesus. One of those

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famous stories is the story of how the Nagas the Abyssinian King, actually embraced Islam, it was basically because of hearing the story about Jesus in the Quran, and that took place even during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. For the benefit of our viewers who may not be familiar with the story, you think you may be able to narrate it for us. I can read that in a very brief way. But basically, as you know, Muslims were persecuted in Mecca in the first 13 years. At one point when they could not practice their face the Prophet recommended to them to migrate some of them to migrate to Abbey sr, which is now Ethiopia. And he did the reason he said that the king

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there who was a Christian King is adjust

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and beneficial King so he would not persecute them because of their faith.

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The Muslim, the group of Muslim went there and they settled for some time. But there were some elements who try to arrive with the hatred of the king against the

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And so that they might deny them refuge and send them back so that they can suffer again, the persecution of their own type.

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And one of the things that they tried to awry with the hatred of the camp, that he was told that those people, the Muslims believe in Jesus, he didn't want to take their word for granted. So he asked the group of Muslims to come and meet with him. And he asked their leaders, Josh.

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What does the Quran say about Jesus,

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they decided to him some sort of surah number 19, which is called Mary from the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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And when the need has heard that historians say that he started to cry, the tears were flowing over his cheeks,

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to the point that his beard became soaked with tears, the way to express how he was deeply touched, and impressed by what he heard. And then he uttered very important words, he said, by the name of Allah, the Name of God, the disk, that is this Quran, and what Jesus taught, are all coming from the same source from the same life, that these are all divine revelation, there are certain indications that the neck has indeed embraced Islam, because when he died, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made funeral prayers on his soul, and usually in Muslim Muslim specific Muslim female prayers, that format and that format is offered only for someone who died as a Muslim. And that shows the

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influence of the Quran as the word of Allah as the last divine revelation

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on a person, even though he would came from a different background from a Christian background, namely, was very receptive. Listen to the Quran without any prejudice, or any preconceived ideas with a fully open heart and mind. And the examples are numerous. This is only one. Well, I certainly am quite eager, as I'm sure many of our viewers are,

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to be able to hear that section, which actually touched me because himself.

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Maybe Maybe you can read that for us? Well, I have with me the translation of the meaning of the Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, perhaps one of the most common in North America. And in Surah, number 19, beginning with verse or passage 16, when it deals with many, and just leave the translations meaning to save time,

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relate in the book that relate or

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relate in the book, The story of Mary, when she was drew from her family to a place in the east, she placed a screen to screen herself from them. Then we sent to her Our Angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respect. She said, I seek refuge from you to God, Most Gracious, come back near, if you do hear that. He said, that's the angel May. I am only a messenger from your Lord, to announce to you the gift of a Holy Son, Holy Son or Pearson. She said, How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me. And I am not unchaste he said, so it will be. Your Lord says that it is easy for me.

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And we wish to appoint him as a sign on to mankind and a mercy from Us.

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It is a matter so decreed. So she conceived him and she returned with him to a remote place, and the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She cried in her anguish,

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ah, wood that I had died before this wood that I had been a thing for gotten out of sight. But if voice cried to her from beneath the palm tree, grave not for your Lord has provided a rivulets beneath you. And shake towards yourself the trunk of the palm tree. It will let fall fleshlight dates upon you. So eat and drink can cool your eyes. And if you do see any man say I have felt a fest to God, most gracious and this day when I entered into no talk with any human being. At length, she brought the day to have people carrying him in her arm. They said only Julie an amazing thing as you bought as you brought our sister of Aaron that sister

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in worship, not necessarily blood sister, your father was not a man of even, nor your mother, a woman unchaste. But she pointed to the babe. They said, How can we talk to one who has a child in the cradle. He said, That's Jesus, I am indeed a servant of God. He has given me revelation, and made me a prophet. And he has made me blessed, whatsoever ID and has enjoyed on me prayer and charity as long as I live, he has made me kind to my mothers, and not overbearing or miserable. So peace is on me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life again, such words Jesus, the son of Mary, it is a statement of truth about which they they need

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It is not the fitting for the majesty, or to the majesty of God, that he should be get a son, glory be to him. When he determines it matters, he only says to be, and it is, very, God is mine or a new Lord, him, therefore serve you. This is a way that is straight. But the sects differ among themselves, and will to the unbelievers because of the coming judgment of a momentous day, how plainly what they see and hear that they that they will appear before us that's before God. But the unjust today are in error manifests.

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This, of course, like you might have noticed the focus a lot more on the earlier part, in terms of the details of the birth, some other passages deal more with the issue of the like the message, the nature of the message and miracles of Jesus, well, could you read our session, when, given the time that we have, maybe I can just select one part of one section in Surah. Number three, it's called alien man. And actually, for those who wish to check that in more detail, they better check, particularly, verses 42 through 63, let me just pick a few beginning with 45. Behold, the engine said or marry, God gives you glad tidings of a word from him. His name would be Christ Jesus, the

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son of Mary, held in honors in this world, and the hereafter, and of the company of those needs to God. He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity, and he shall be of the company of the righteous. She said, Oh, my Lord, how shall I have a son, when no man has touched me? He said, Even so, God creates what He wills, when he has decreed a plan. He says to it be and it is, and God will teach him the book and wisdom, the law and the gospel, and appoint him and opposite to the children of Israel, with this message, I have come to you with a song from your Lord, that I need for you out of clay, as if it as it were the flicker of a bird, and breathe into it. And it becomes

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bird by God's leave. And I hear those born blind, and the lepers, and by clicking the dead by God's leaves, I declare to you, what you eat, and what you store in your houses. Surely, there is a sign for you, if you did believe. One more,

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I have come to you to test the law, which was before me, that's the Torah and make law for to you part of what was before forbidden to you, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, Sophia God, and obey me. It is God who is my Lord, and your Lord.

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It is God who is my Lord and your Lord, then worship Him. This is a way or pass that is straight. And then it goes on describing, of course, the conspiracy about him and what happened, which we covered in some at some point or the other during the presentation. Well, thank you very much, Dr. Bedell, we have run out of time. And thank you all for joining us here in Islamic focus. As always, we would appreciate greatly any comments or any questions you may have our phone number and our address will be appearing on your screen. From all of us. Assalamu alaikum. Hope to see you next week.

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