Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 6

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The struggles of Subhana's struggles with slavery and being sold into slavery were discussed in a transcript. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the dream of using the word god in the context of surahs and embracing the "bringing of Islam" to one's life. The speakers stress the need to avoid being caught in the "any be shamed" zone and to protect oneself from evil behavior. The importance of avoiding giving up and protecting oneself from evil behavior is also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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we're shallow who be feminine bossing the raw human marriage dude.

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Those travelers the caravan that passed by kontribusi valet service alum stashed him away in the goods that nobody would find him. And then they went off to sell him into slavery. So if it wasn't enough data we use a valid set of semi to be abandoned by his family left to die in a while. Or Allah, Allah knows what to happen to him. They need to be discovered by strangers, carried off to a strange land and to be sold into slavery on top of it.

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Just to put the cherry on top Allah Subhana Medina says while shadow will be feminine boxing, not only did they sell him into slavery, but they sold him for the lowest possible price that the slave could be bought for at that time. The first human said is about 20 theorems, which would be 20 silver coins in lifetime, very little

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Tarahumara do the numbered amount of coins What can you feed him in as a hidden, they will not even interested in him. They had no interest in him whatsoever. I remember he was still a little boy at this time. He's good looks that we spoke about right at the beginning that OLED granted him off with the beauty of everything and not yet become manifest to everyone. So he was just a normal looking boy and then basically, the fact that he's going to be one of the great prophets of Allah was also not known to these people.

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But look at our low works. A call and levy star Oh, homie missile, the person who buys him from Egypt, so they take him to Egypt and somebody purchases him.

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He says to his, to his wife, call him right, he says to his wife, accademy matho Be kind to him now. Be kind to him be good to him now.

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Now, now the use of Alessandra Suriname when through all of this and ends up in a position whereby the person who buys him is actually the minister of the land. He's the minister of the entire land, that the area that they're in of Egypt. So now he's going to be placed here by Allah Subhana Allah but still for what,

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as a young foreigner owner Takeda who Allah he says to his wife, the person who purchased them, perhaps he can, he can benefit us, you know, you can work for us as a slave, of course. And if not that, then we can take him as a son, we can adopt him. We can then he can, Matt can use now law says, and like that we established use of Elisa torrecilla. Now you may be thinking for Hannah law, this doesn't seem like a very happy story just did. Because he had to go through all of that. And now he's put into this position, we apparently looks like a strong position. But again, we only know Allah's plan retrospectively, and I'm saying it like this so that we can apply this into our own

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lives. We are all on a journey of life. And our journeys are just falling in place with the greater scheme of things, which is that plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we don't know where we're going to end up until after we get there. And then when we get there, we can look back and say, You know what, you have to go through that and that and then to end up here, and had we not done any of those things, or had those things not taken place in our lives, we would not have ended up here. So Allah knows best. Now Allah subhanho Dionysus Gatica McKenna used to fulfill on like this, just like you've just heard, we've established use of in the land. While you know, Ali Muhammad will a hadith.

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And it was in this position that Allah was going to teach him the interpretation of dreams. So we spoke about this at the beginning, the interpretation of dreams is a theme throughout the surah. The dream of the use of Allah salat wa salam is a theme throughout the surah. So as time goes by now, because he has a lot of, you know, time that that just goes by that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't tell us exactly what happened. But what we learn from this is, from that point onwards, he had, he had a pretty good life in the home of the of the minister, and the minister was kind to him and they were good to him. So he grew up in that type of environment. from this point onwards. We also know

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that as time went by, more and more, he developed this ability to interpret dreams in this position. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while la hollyburn, either Emery but in all of this, Allah is the one who overpowers his entire face, all of our use of selfies, while our kin axon Assalamu alaikum. But most people won't know. Most people don't understand, and most people won't even admit after they see the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala they won't admit you know that this was of the planet A lot of people will either be atheistic in the approach and say, You know what, this is this just coincidence, purely coincidence, or if a person is of weak faith, won't be able to see what is right

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in front of them that this entire event this entire story just played out as a Lapland. So that means that we should have

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actually open up our eyes in our own lives and actually see the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And thank Allah has done for the journey he has placed us on. So time goes by now. I am number 22 Allah says while I'm a believer, I should though, he reached his age of maturity, maturity at a no hoekman

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weavin officially gave him hoekman wisdom

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and knowledge. So lesson 100 Allah means now that he's endowing him with Prophethood. He's officially being announced as a prophet, by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay, then he can adjust in matassini. And like this, we reward those who do good like this, we reward those who do good. What does this mean? Like this, we reward those who do good. It's not to say that if you do good, you get to become a profit. Now the story is actually telling us that, like the system of abuse of a likely incident of abusive takes place, having to go through all of that difficulty. Afterwards, you find that there's a lot of obrigado and Allah brings the ease. It's like the use of story makes it

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tafsir, of intimate illusory of syrup, like that alarie Woods, those who do good. So if you do good through the difficulties that Allah Allah brings about in your life, which is a taste, if you if you persevere through those tests, despite the difficulty, despite the temptation to give up, despite the temptation to commit Haram, despite the temptation to just give into the, you know, the easy way out, as they put it, if you really persevere at the end of that road, is any goodness waiting for you in child, no matter what difficulties you may be facing in our lives, all that we have to do is make sure that we are always doing the right thing in that journey. And Allah will do this evening

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night either. Now, the story reaches a very, very important point,

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a dangerous point and exciting point at the same time.

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Because none of us have is mature is an adult. And as we say, Allah gave him half of the beauty of everything in existence. And now it's very manifest. Now he's an extremely good looking man

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or our that will Lahti who are fee Beatty have an FC and the lady. In other words, the wife of the minister was tempted by an abusive good looks. And she tried to seduce him. And in this instance, while up until about she locked the door, we'll call it and she turns around, and she says to him, Hey, tallac, come here. Now the words come here. I'm going to I'm going to take you now

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called Amazon law, the the approach of the righteous, it's not to say okay, Bismillah let's go with the approach of the righteous is the same as the law. No, no, no, even though you lock the door, even though no one can see us even though the minister is not at home. May Allah protect us. Allah protect us, he says, In who Robbie, he is, my Rob, is two interpretations for this. It's just to the rest of the ayah He is my Rob Asada mathway. He has given me a good home, he has given me a good abode. Now the two interpretations is number one, he's referring to Allah, Allah is Matt up and he's given me a good life now. So I'm not going to disobey Allah and be ungrateful for the good life that

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he has given me. The other interpretation equally valid is he's referring to the Minister is the is the Lord of the house, right? So he is my Lord. In other words, the Lord of the house, and he gave me such a good life. You expect me to do this to him and betray his trust like this in the hula volley moon, but then this part of the ayah leans the interpretation towards that of Allah because he says, verily, the wrongdoers will not be successful, the wrongdoers will not be successful.

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Notice this is taqwa.

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This is Taka because in this scenario, an abusive is a level nobody can see. It's just him. And this lady who wants to seduce him, and according to many rewired, she herself was very beautiful.

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And the next point actually makes it even more amazing than abuse of Elisa to a tsunami resistant Wanaka hamachi. She wanted him Warhammer beha and he would have inclined towards a

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Lola and Ravana. Robbie had not seen the sign of his load. In other words, what we learned from Allah is the never use of wasn't being an angel. He was a human being he had feelings that any other human being would have. He was a man he had hormones and feelings and thoughts like any other men would have in that moment. So he wouldn't be inclined towards her. But because his inner be of Allah, Allah showed him something. The mufa soon engaged in long discussions about what Allah showed him, but there's no real evidence for the sign. But Allah showed him something that made him think No, no, no, I cannot proceed with this. So always save them in that regard. You

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We learn that even a V of Allah would be tempted into committing this type of haraam tempted not doing it.

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Then what are we going to be prone to if we find ourself ourselves in similar situations, our saves him because he's in a V, he has to uphold that particular level of integrity. I was not going to show you a miracle just there and then if you in that situation, we learned from this the importance of Allah Sharia when he says lead zakharova Zina, that doesn't expect you to not commit Zina, if you they in that situation with a positive Indigo magnet and the negative end of the magnet and you put them next to each other like this. And you said okay, you will load now but don't touch.

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You been crazy. Allah doesn't expect you to do that. He says let the carrapateena Don't be a lonely in the first place. Stay away from it, stay far away from it and that's the only way you'll be safe. Allah doesn't say don't give him a Tina says don't go close to it because Allah knows how He created us. So behind him with the IRA, and then of course Gallic le Nasri for and also this is how we turn the evil away from him while fascia and indecency in modesty in the human eye. But in a smaller scene, he is indeed of our chosen servants. Tomorrow night, we will actually discuss what takes place next because now the use of is resisting, but she didn't just come on to him once. She

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actually insisted. She insisted that he give into temptation.

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But we will discuss that tomorrow night be in the light Allah. Right now we need to take a lesson though.

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We might be married and happily married, and with kids, and so on and so forth. But we have kids as well. with teenagers, some of us have teenagers, some of us have those in the 20s, and so on. Understand that throughout the ages, human beings have always been human beings, the same feelings of human beings, the same humans as human beings. It doesn't matter what type of home you grew up in. It doesn't matter if you pious It doesn't matter if you are a wrongdoer, so to speak. This is an abbey of Allah and Allah is giving him as an example to us. We need to avoid that which would give us

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a doorway into her own. Don't enter into the doorway to go and look and see okay, you know, what's going on in here. And then expect yourself to be safe Alliance as to live a life of decency. And it gives us the tools in which to do that. We will also have Allah saving us if we do what Allah tells us to do in order to save ourselves. But it is so important, because if we don't, it is one of the ways of destroying ourselves and causing us to be dominated into jahannam forever. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whosoever predicts or guarantees for me two things, I will guarantee Jannah for them, it guarantee for me that which is in between your jewels in the town, the way you

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speak, what you speak about how you speak. The other thing is that which is in between the thighs, the private parts, but to take those things and guarantee the safety for the sake of Allah and the Rasulullah Solanas and guarantees your agenda Subhana Allah, what a way so may this Ramadan give us a consciousness if we have committed this How long before May we make through Toba from it and we protect ourselves going forward for the day after? I mean neuropil Allah Meanwhile, Tawana and in hamdulillah European anime

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