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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of generosity and how individuals can be generous without harming their good deed. They also mention the importance of learning to feel empathy and not denying one's the pain of others. The speaker encourages individuals to partner with them to secure their sadaqa Giardia of all people and to donate generously.
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Today we will be covering the topic of generosity.

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Awesome how to avoid the Allah throughout the Quran encourages us to be generous, because people have a love for wealth. Specifically, if it's wild that you've gone above and beyond work hard and put your blood and sweat to earn, there is a sense of entitlement. There's a dream that every person has that when I earn my wealth, I will buy X, Y, and Z luxury item. And I'll accomplish this and I'll do that.

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Allah subhanahu wa that teaches us to sacrifice and be willing to part for from our wealth for individuals weren't needed for a cause that Allah subhanho wa Taala is calling us towards, it may be outside our materialistic goals. It may not be the car that we wanted, or the house that we dreamed of, or the vacation that we saw other people taking and made a promise to our spouse that we're taking on that vacation. Being generous, may require compromises. But when those compromises come into existence, because of a person's love for Allah subhanho data, that is the manifestation of ima.

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It takes a lot of hard work to be generous.

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Many of us think of being generous. But when it comes time shape on pushes us away. The Quran tells us of this, that shape on promises poverty, poverty to people a ship on the intercom and that he whispers in your heart, that one day you will be poor if you are generous and you give. But on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala promises Felina abundance more that he will give you more than what you have, if you trust him. They'll be sent along like he was to them tells us that every morning a call is made, oh Allah

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give a succession to the one who gets today. Maybe the one who spends replace their money.

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Allah subhanahu wa taala in the Quran tells us of people that were generous. And he also tells us a people that were miserly, and how things ended for them. Now one thing is giving for it to the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. But in order for you to give, the first thing you need to do is learn to feel that when you see an orphan or when you see someone on the street with a cup or when you see a widow, or you see an Islamic organization that's struggling, the only way you're going to give is if you feel for them. You have to feel that person's pain have empathy. If you don't feel for other people and you're so obsessed with your aspirations, you won't be able to be generous. Now, once a

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person does give, they have a second responsibility and that is to not destroy your good deed.

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To understand this, we turn to sort of Bukhara verse number 262

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Allah subhanahu wata, Allah says, Allah dealing triple winner, visa vie de la.

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This idea is a continuation Allah subhanahu wa taala says in the previous verse, while long we were born for living your shot, Allahu Asya. And honey, Allah Subhanallah speaks of people that are generous, and says that he increases and multiplies the reward for whoever He wills. Now, who are these people that whoever Allah wills in this idea, I have 262 Allah subhana wa Tada describes them. Those who spend their wealth in the path of Allah and the

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feasts of somebody, I used to be on a mountain football and then they don't follow up, what they spent with what money and what other with reminders and hurt that you go around telling people that you remember that day I gave you. You're basically burning your good deed away. You're taking that hard work and that sacrifice and you're just throwing it straight out. When you go to people who you were generous to and you remind them of your favors. Allah doesn't like people who brag like this. Because when you do this man, when you remind people of your favors, you are belittling that person, that person's heart will become very small, they'll get hurt and there will be pain. And at some

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point they may even say man, I regret taking money from that first that person in the first place. Munden went to other people who don't do this. Allah says regarding them, let him be him. For them is their reward with their Lord without hoping it and when I'm as unknown and they will feel they will they will be no fear concerning them, and neither will they grief. I pray that Allah subhana wa

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with Allah mixes from those that are generous, and Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to feel the pain and the emotion that other human beings experience, therefore allowing us to be generous and that he protects us from destroying our good deeds after we

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offer them to Allah subhana wa set along with God, I sent them Hamid, a ceremony. The light data AutoCAD

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column is dedicated to the mission of making the knowledge of this beautiful religion of Islam accessible to everyone. From the millions of people listening to the podcast, to the hundreds of 1000s of people watching these videos, to the 10s of 1000s of people that are taking online classes and so much more work that Columbia is doing. We here at Calum are committed to continuing this good work. And this is where you come in. We're asking you to partner with us to secure your sadaqa Giardia of all the people that have benefited from Kalam continue to learn from Kalam and in sha Allah in the future will continue to learn and benefit from all the work that Kalam insha Allah will

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continue to do please go to support and donate generously. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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