Hatem al-Haj – Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #88 – Chapter on Beholding

Hatem al-Haj
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Just please, those who did not grab breakfast just grab it, don't worry, we will start the you know, but you could you could do it quietly inshallah.

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Saturday inshallah we will have two sessions the first one will usually have two sessions, we the first one will be on my piano

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which is beholding my no bi in precoated beholding and this is station number ADC of emammal hora is boeckmann as it was 18 and the next session will be on

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the first chapter, the book of marriage, the first chapter in the

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ostra or Sackler family

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a lot. So, start with the development how are we here and his book Manizer setting

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and he says and Station Number 83 at myanna beholding Palo Alto del Antara BKK from at the

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Palazzo del Antara era BKK family and I chose Yusuf Ali's translation here although usually I use I International. I chose Yusuf Ali's translation because it basically is closer to the chef intended to say, Allah the Almighty said, has thou not turn the vision to thy Lord, how he does prolonged the shadow?

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Have you not turned your vision to your Lord how he prolongs the shadow?

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Have you not turned your vision to your Lord, how he prolongs the shadow? Lm Tara Be careful not the

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one certainly this is a CF means that this Have you not seen your Lord, then that does not mean that because it see it is basically referring to witnessing the actions witnessing your Lord through his actions if you holding your Lord through manifestations of his attributes on his actions and how he prolonged The world is a manifestation of his attributes and in the Arabic language that

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basically, would be the understanding of this.

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So I think that the shave was intending to say that you can behold your Lord through the manifestations of his attributes and actions. And that is why he started by this verse, because this verse says, Look at how he prolongs the shadow. basically look at the universal phenomena. Look at his signs in the universe. You know, you can behold your Lord, you could recognize your Lord by His signs and the book has spoken signs in the book, and he's created signs in the universe. So he's saying Look at his signs in the universe, you will be able to see him.

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If you

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reflect on his universal his created signs in the universe, and likely that's what the chef intended.

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And then the chef says, Eliana to tell us there are three types of beholding or myanna there are more Ayana to observe, the first is the beholding of the eyesight. The first is the holding of the eyesight. So he will say you have three eyes, you have the eyes of your head, you have the eyes of your heart, and you have the eyes of your spirit, the eyes of your head, the eyes of your heart, the eyes of your spirit. And he started by the eyes of your head, these are your physical eyes, this you know,

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the eyes that see objects that see forms, that sees the eyes that see images. So he started by them, and he put them at the bottom, usually he goes up from the bottom upwards. And he put this at the bottom because this empirical knowledge that you acquire through your senses, your external senses, is at the bottom of knowledge because it does not add value. If it does not lead you to the other types of knowledge. If you stopped there, that would be

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Allah saying and Soraka Rumi, I don't have I haven't had it done yet. The only you know about the exterior, the images, the forms, they don't know about the meanings behind behind the images,

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the realities behind the images. So, he says Marianna to the upside is the first one and he did not expound on it, he just left it because it is obvious. So what you see with the eyes of your head, and these are the images and the external realities and the forms and the phenomena and the objects of creation or the created objects.

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Certainly the eyes of your head would lead you if you reflect if you have the proper sort of faculties and you use the eyes of your head, and your empirical knowledge

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will lead you to the truth the realities.

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Then the chick said afonya Marianna talbo Hey America to say era knotty red money octo Reba, shoo, boo Tasuku, Hira? Well, the monotone bisha

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The second is the beholding of the eye of the heart. And that is the realization of the essence of things I initiate identity in accordance with with their attributes, not only their external attributes, not only color, shape, size, external attributes, but also

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sort of the, the attributes of its reality and reality has to always do with cause and purpose. Everything in reality, you know, when we talk about realities, when we talk about transcendent realities, we are always talking about cause and purpose. So if you're always stopping, color, shape, size, you know, that is certainly limited knowledge, and that is certainly

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not particularly helpful or beneficial. But when you look at every anything, you always want to reflect on its claws, and its purpose, where where did it come from? And what is it here for

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and these are the realization of the essence of things, in accordance with their attributes, not only the external attributes, but the internal attributes the meaning, cause, purpose or realization that ends doubt. And that is accompanied by ambivalence or realization that ends doubt. And that is accompanied by ambivalence whether to go higher.

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Heavy, Marianna told me Show me This is the beholding through the end Dickens of knowledge. So

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this is the beholding through the end of the concert knowledge, which item is that? That is the

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that is basically the element that you acquire through your intellect, but not only through your intellect, we said, you know, how do we acquire them?

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What are the ways that we acquire

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three main three main ways?

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senses reporters? Yeah, sense reports. intellect, intellect means the innate intellect, it is basically the law of non contradiction, the law of the excluded middle, the innate and intellect, that which is built in, you know, the faculty that allow the potency, the potential that a law had built into us to realize certain things and we don't disagree over them, we disagree, we agree on the law of non contradiction. For instance, all human beings do. So that is innate knowledge.

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Or you could say potency, you could say potency. And then you have the other type of

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acquisition of knowledge is through the senses. And the senses are the external senses. That's the empirical knowledge, you know, because then it's not we don't like compromise things that are not the compromised, or the compromisable. So, all the disagreements between the continent in natives and the British empiricists over the source of Islam in Islam, we don't need to dichotomize things unless they are very dichotomize herbal, you know, matana but if, if they are not then we don't need to. So there is that innate knowledge and there is also the emotional

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The knowledge that you acquire through your senses, but we add to it the internal sense, the we act with the internal sense, which is inability me as terminology and headset button

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or the on an headset button, which is the internal sense and the internal sensor recognizes things that are not recognized by the external sensors, you do recognize when you are afraid, you fear, you know, that is your quiet, you know that you're afraid, right. And that that internal sense is also the sense with which he recognized God without the basically, reflection, it is the fifth of the recognition, recognition, it is the irresistible Lamb of God the irresistible knowledge we recognize, anyway, so and then we have a proper saw that the truthful reports, truthful reports, and we said that when there is concurrence than certainly the truthful, these truthful reports would

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result in some irresistible knowledge like China exists.

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Even though you've never seen China and even though people 100 years ago, had sort of no access to like,

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or maybe 200 years ago, they had no access to seen any pictures of China or anything like that, but they did believe that China exists. So three different types of knowledge. So through the inductance of knowledge, and certainly at the top at the top of the pyramid of habit, a saw the truth for reports would be at one, and at the top of this would be a crime. So and so the knowledge that you acquire through the

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the the spoken signs of Allah subhanaw taala in his book, The created signs of Allah and the universe, he use all of the indications of knowledge to point you to this type of shoe, the myanna to this type of beholding, and witnessing.

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But this is basically the Mirena with the eyes of your heart to the myanna with the eyes of your heart and the eyes of your heart, as we said, are more important than than the eyes of your head. You could lose the eyes of your head, you could use your eyesight, your physical eyesight, and be fine and live a good life and you know, parents salvation in the hereafter. But if you lose the you know,

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the sight of your the eyes of your heart, anyone not be fine

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in terms of sad what I can tell them what to do with it. So do

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me a serial killer these sort of have the floppy zero floppy, particularly on Polonius via

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a smartphone in a bizarre can Tom Lupo Latif

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of the network through Earth and had hearts with which the reason

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or ears with which they hear in terms of SAR for it is not the eyes that become blind. Well I can tell you for sure, but the hearts and the chests that become blind, certainly in the eyes become blind. But what does Allah mean here when he says it's not the eyes that become blind with the hearts in the chest that become blind. That is the sort of the consequence of blindness, that is the blindness that will destroy you the blindness of your heart, not the blindness of your eyes.

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Then the GX 30 semiannual interval

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is the third is the beholding of the eye of the Spirit. When you let it dry, you don't have to iron and Madden. And that is the eye that beholds the reality with complete clarity.

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But arhuaco in Amato, Oklahoma with little eye in a Santa Alhambra. In fact that the spirits only become pure and honored with subsistence to behold the light of the Divine Presence or to share his behalf

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and witness the splendor of the Divine might. What is the loop? What are the bank Uber lfra, financial Hydra finance, not finance, finance, Hydra and pull the hearts to the vicinity of the Divine Presence, pull the hearts to the vicinity of the Divine Presence. So why on earth Ryan rule the third is the beholding of the eye of the Spirit. So we are talking about the eye of the heart What is the difference between the eye of the spirit and I have the heart, the eye of the spirit is basically more potent,

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is more purified is capable of penetrating through forms.

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Images capable, capable of beholding the ultimate reality behind all the realities capable of piercing through all of the realities to behold the ultimate reality and the always divide in the Sufi terminology the divide,

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they have this classification of naps and carbon heart, they consider them to be three different levels, the lowest is the naps and then the heart would be second, the naps, it becomes a heart with purification, the heart becomes a spirit with purification. So the nafs with the purified maps then becomes a heart. That's why she

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was talking to someone and he said,

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he was asking him, you know, questions about, you know, ultimate realities and spirituality and so on and so forth. And he said to him, how could I tell you any of that, when you are all neffs there is nothing, you know, you're enough has encroached on all of your faculties, you are all neffs you will not be able to realize or to recognize any of such this you know, discourse or such knowledge.

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In the Quran and the Sunnah, the knobs, the knobs and rule have been used interchangeably. And so that obviously can sometimes be the rock can sometimes be described as little head gaffer and the knobs can be described in the Quran as nothing, not mine, not mine, are you tranquil naps during the day are returned to your Lord will please or satisfied with complete satisfaction. So, they have been used interchangeably, but for the sake of classification, it is fine basically to assign and why did they choose this because, because, although they have been used interchangeably beforehand, but most of the time enough to have been used in

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sort of the context of the lower enough's enough, so that is mixed with the lusts and the lower desires, the lower desires, not only the current and fleshly desires, but all the lower desires, anything that is other than Allah, which is called the Scylla, other than Allah is a lower desire. So the naps is the one that has all those lawsuits and all of those lower desires, and usually would be described in a negative sense, although not always. So that is why the masters of the past have chosen enough to describe a certain

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phenomenon that is different from a rule to describe a certain entity that is different from a rule. So anyway, so that's why she put you know, the made this classification with the eyes of the heart, and the second level, and the eyes of the Spirit, and the third level, so why and a tie in a row, the third is the beholding of the eye of the Spirit, when reality tie in.

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And that is the eye that beholds the reality with complete clarity.

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And that is basically not all the you know,

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here, it will be hold the reality with a capital R, if we're talking about beholding, that is not,

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you know, be holding with the eyes of the, of the head. If we're talking about beholding that spiritual beholding, then yes, the reality here here would be with a capital R, and then have to the capital RS word because it means the truth and it means the reality could be with a T, small t, smaller capital T capital R, when when it is with a capital R, then we are referring to Allah God,

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our capital T, and when it when it is with a small t or a small r, we're talking about the realities of existence, you know, all of them, cause purpose, meaning all the realities of existence behind the images. So this could be a type of beholding where you,

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you know, sort of coma.

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So it could be this or it could be that. So Marianna tie in. Third is the beholding of the eye of the spirit and that's the eye that beholds the reality with complete clarity.

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With complete clarity I am done.

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We said before and we repeated so many times that you do not behold your Lord when

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The eyes of your head in this life. As you know, law says that the equal upside as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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at any

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moment in Muslim, reported from Revelation hobbyzone

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mode, learn that none of you will see their Lord until they die. It is also an intermediate talamona with an era hidden camera,

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you know that you will never see your Lord until you die. So

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we're clear on this. So if if the shifts that means by complete clarity, it is still the spiritual, if it is still the spiritual life, then you could have complete clarity, which means a year a higher degree of certainty, just the higher degree of certainty. And that is all. And that's all you can get to and the greatest serve the RFP, that is all they can get to if musala Hassan was not granted the honor of beholding the Lord was with his eyes, in this dunya, then no one beneath him will be. And as we said last time, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also saw him with eyes of his heart or the eyes of his spirit in the ascent and Mirage, according to the stronger position.

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Okay, and then the chief said, What are you in agreement with bacala try harder. In fact, the spirits only become pure and honor do is subsistence to behold the light of the Divine Presence, what to say that is and witnessed the splendor of the Divine Light, without the buckelew by a Latina and Hydra, and pulled the hearts to the vicinity of the Divine Presence. So now that she seems to be talking about subsistence as the ultimate, right, because he's saying that you're here, your room will be purified. It will go through the trials and tests and the solute in you know, the party traveling the path of purification hold to the end, to be what to be honored with that sanctified

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subsistence sanctified subsistence with it. So it seems despite the fact that the sheriff always talks about, particularly in this phase, or in this level, the third level, he's always talking about self-annihilation. But it seems that he is particularly in the station, putting bapa as an ultimate goal, which is subsistence by Allah with a love for Allah.

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Because he's saying, What are ye na hora agreement between the two I in Asana and Hydra, but to realize

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a definite Hydra.

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The spirits only become pure and honored with subsistence that's the sanctified subsistence to behold the light of the Divine Presence, and witness the splendor of the divine mind, and pull the hearts to the vicinity of the Divine Presence. And as we said, this is what this is right? This, you know, is the ultimate station. And here's the station of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions who were well grounded, were aware of the their surroundings and the were

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participating in the life of this world

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with full awareness, full consciousness, and that never distracted them from dedicating their life with complete devotion to the service of their Lord

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and the beholding of their lower than they were beholden to Allah subhanaw taala in every action and inaction throughout their lives. So, as we said before, you do need some, the ontological, the ontological self annihilation is neither

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possible nor require ontological self-annihilation, where your self your will completely vanishes is neither possible nor required. Because it is the concept, because that will have to be that will have to be based or founded on the concept of fight or emanation that we emanated from the divine and we can have reunion with the divine if we have

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Vantage, then we will reunite with the divine as Sunni Muslims, so need to solve does not teach this as Sunni Muslims we cannot believe in this. We don't believe in fight we believe in the act of active creation, Allah created this ex nihilo from nothing we did not emanate from the that of the Divine or the divine of sanity. We are his creation from nothingness from Adam. And

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our reunion with a loss of 100 Allah is reunion of who it is reunion of conformity to his Well, our will conforming to His will. And being, you know, him being the focus of our attention, the object of our adoration and our worship, being absorbed into him in that sense, where we forget about ourselves, we forget about our desires, and we always have focus or we have a complete focus on him and his pleasure to prioritize, as we said before, that the level of artists obsessed with a love for Allah By Allah, you know, to cross this you never need to cross through fana in the sense of ontological finance or you know, in the sense of the complete crushing your, your enough's, but

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certainly many aspects of finance that they talk about the sunny aspects of finance, which is to not be distracted or distractible by any bias, or anything other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And to have complete focus and be completely attentive to your Lord, and to also have complete conformity of your will, with the Divine Will, they are going

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to be another view will have faith and then the desire is in complete conformity with that which I have brought forth, that type of that type of Sony piano, or these aspects of an unnecessary for backlog. Because many times, we could say we always try to

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comfort ourselves and by saying that the Wi Fi and a lot did not ask us to give up the toniann I love it, not ask us to do this,

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we can, you can have both, and you can, but most of the time, we're not also learning that there is the sacrifice, and that you have to sacrifice your ego, in order for you to get to that station of a car or subsistence with Allah, Allah for Allah, you can just jump to that station, you know that there are many aspects of that you have to go through, you have to certainly put your your maps your ego on a diet, you know, and to some extent at some point immensely at your ego to a point where it does not encroach upon your, your role.

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And it does not cause you hindrance or impediment in your travel to Allah subhanaw taala. So, as much as we want to say, No, you could be this, it could be that you could be a doctor, it could be like a righteous person, it could be the you could have a lot of money and drive like fancy cars at the same time. It's all in your heart that is true. But how do you reach there, if you have not taken these things out of your heart.

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And if you have not sacrificed your ego and if you have not tested yourself to ensure that what you care about the most or what you care about at the end of the day is Allah subhanaw taala and his pleasure and these things are just a

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means through which are by which you draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And so there is a bridge that you need to cross before you could say, you know, automatic enough and have this and other amount of now fab Yes, they did. And it did not preclude them from being in the highest of stations at the certainly these are stations that we may never, you know reach.

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You will never reach the station of a larger machine with agenda.

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However, at one point, they were able to give up everything to walk away from everything. Are you able to PSF certainly in the day they had all of those things, and they were wealthy and they were

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they did not abandon the pleasures of the last pinata had created for us or had

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granted us, but at one point of the American house and are smart enough, and were able to make the decision to give up everything and walk away from everything are we.

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So they did cross that bridge, and finally reached that sort of subsistence with a love for Allah by Allah. And certainly when when when I say this, you will have

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you have to make that you have to make the those sacrifices when they are warranted and needed, you just don't sacrifice to test yourself. But you have to be ready to make those sacrifices when they are warranted and needed and this is something also that you want to be wise about.

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And not not hasty or not rush into it. So May Allah subhanaw taala enable us

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to live by him for him with him and to reach that level of

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because that is the ultimate goal. Spirits only become pure and honor those subsistence that's sanctified subsistence to behold the light of the Divine Presence and witnessed the splendor of the divine mind and pull the hearts the vicinity of the Divine Presence. And when you get into a little argument your your blood boys and you think about it for a week and you think that you are in Boca and you are living for a love Viola. When when your ego can be triggered by the sort of at least

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know that you have to understand that you will have to cross the bridge and the bridge is not and is not easy to cross.

00:31:51 --> 00:32:00

So talking, you know, let's not also comfort ourselves to the point of delirium, or delusion protocol, you have a software layer that

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learns that for today

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