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Hasan Ali
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Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam he hugged someone once, okay once, and he used to hug people who he hadn't seen for a long time. So the Sahaba, who he saw every day for them was just a Salam, or just a handshake. And that was it. And if you did have someone, it was one house, some brothers, they want Okay, some brothers, you know, they want three. They want three, if they don't have three, they got issue with you. First is gonna be staggering. I don't know if a brother wants to give me three I just give three piece of priests. Please don't cause you know, because some brothers get angry with you if you don't give him three. I think

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you know, once everybody can sit down and shut up Maria. So what happened is once you know I was I was in my local masjid. And we had construction work going on. And we had a narrow passageway for people to go and we you know, the whole construction works meant the half of the masjid had works going on. So we had a day, we had five Jamaats five prayers just to get people in and out. And the narrow passage was such that it was a one way system. We had to wait for all the people to go out and then the people waiting outside could come in there is not no space for two people to walk in the passageway. So what I did I said to all the brothers the brothers, please heed they I know

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you're loving you know what you do. Everybody does it. Everyone gets up like the moon.

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Everyone in it, it's like EDA, you have to do three. If you don't do three then there's no eight. Yeah, and the Sunnah is that only people you haven't seen for a long time do three do a one hug so one hug but there's no there's no sunnah for three hugs okay, there's also no by the way, I don't want to offend anyone if somebody believes that Ngugi

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and 123 right so what happened is that I said to brother brothers, please just say salaam to each other and we got people waiting outside in the rain, please just just Salam quick if you need to have one hug and out yet, so this guy came up

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he came up to me he wants to hug Imam Yeah, so I hugged him once and I said brother now he looked at me said

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not gonna hug me. They're gonna hug me so please bro please buy a urine urine sample I just gave the toggle please move on. There's people waiting outside in the rain here that people need to come in and

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see him and don't hug him and

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he's gonna have to have the yellow what's wrong with these people? But so anyway, I followed him.

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I followed him until I got outside and when people come outside now, out to the open as a brava come here, as a come here, hug me Baba.

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Hug me. So you hug me once or twice at me. 312 stars are not hugging me. 456789 10 is a Brahmin struggling to enter again we live in hands as even a hug.

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Don't think that I'm going to tell you that only one hug around. Love you brother. I love you brother for the sake of Allah, guys, for the sake of Allah. Don't get too close here. So anyway, the whole point is that some people get so annoyed if you don't just give them what they want what they used to. But the sooner you talk about the sooner the sooner is one hug and only for that person who you haven't seen for some time.

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