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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses leaving something for Allah's subhanaw taala, which can result in a return of beauty, money, or even a chance to achieve something. They also mention Elaborate law, which will replace something they have enjoyed and make it harder for them to leave. The speaker believes that Allah is not happy with leaving things for them and is leaving it for the sake of his own success.
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When over, you leave something for Allah subhanaw taala your comfort, your beauty, your money, you can do this transaction you will make double but you didn't do it because that's not pleasing to Allah, Rasta Chu, Yanni have not a single minute of hesitation of law will give you better

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on law who will give you better and Roswaal risotto Sara says the following

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in Nicola Dashi and the law he has xojo Elaborate delicate law, be Maha highroller coming.

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This is the man Muhammad narrated, this is why they sought to sell I'm saying to you and me, you will never leave something. So I have to leave something. Usually it's something I like or I want or everybody else is doing so it's hard. It's not something I don't care. Something I want. And the reason you are leaving it is not because you got bored and now I need something new. Now I love it and I wanted but I know Allah is not happy with it. And I'm leaving it for the sake of Allah. Ill but now listen to this. Allah will replace him or her or something much better.

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