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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various false and dangerous statements made during online conversations, including false assumptions about Islam, predictions about sex, and false information about the age of individuals. They urge caution and caution against accepting information from others, emphasizing the importance of learning about Islam for personal development. The use of chat rooms in Islam is discussed, where brothers and sisters can chat about specific topics without being detected, and the importance of practicing Islam and not giving out information. The use of a tool called "arare" in court arguments is also discussed, and advice is given on avoiding negative arguments and unnecessary legal proceedings.
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envelop us

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with His love,

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mercy, blessing

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and forgiveness. In the molested nights

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there is blood, bless his nights of Ramadan

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the greatest nights

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that one can experience throughout the year

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in sha Allah to Allah

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will immediately tonight initiate

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seeking now other

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than the aid

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and assistance of our Creator.

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So, let us see in Sharla what has been posted? And that's so, you can know other than all other systems will answer that which we are the evening later are capable of answering

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the first question as I see

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what are the keys stolen? What a what a lie or whatever barakato sister ESEA by the almighty Lord Sherif upon you His love and mercy.

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Can you please tell us

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if it is okay to free MCs in the chat rooms as an actually together? And also,

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can you tell me or us what is the punishment

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of backbiting? This is a law that I have here.

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Basically, regarding chat rooms or the internet, in general, what we got to understand

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is that technology

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or progressiveness or advancement,

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it can be either utilized

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for us or against us on the day of judgment on the day of retribution.

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So this excellent tool

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that we have before our very eyes,

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which we call the internet

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can be well lie a wonderful place for learning about Islam. But when when used in accordance to the way that Allah your Creator

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wants you to use

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there is many benefits. Golden benefits, absolutely precious benefits from this basic gadget before your very hands. So let it be for you, and not against you on the day

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when nothing will avail man except the good things that he has folded

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in or from the life of this world.

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The internet, my brothers and sisters

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can be one of the primary sources of materials for Islamic knowledge, and it is for many Muslims around the globe.

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there are some important points that I would like to mention.

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I do urge all of you to be exceptionally careful

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in open forums or what is known as chat rooms for a lie.

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There are many, many nasty people lurking these rooms

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are really mean these rooms running around these rooms trying to destroy

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the behavior or the manners or the morals are the ethics or the character of Islam.

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So they place doubt

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or misconceptions

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or mistakes.

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And thus they spread this venom through these rooms and you yourself due to ignorance may not even realize this. You may not even realize that this may be occurring and fast fall in the abyss

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of destruction.

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Like wines, we say.

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There are also nice

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well mannered well made

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who offer advice about jurisprudence, Islamic law, or about the topic of belief tawheed

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or about anything to do with matters of faith,

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but they themselves are not qualified in any way to do so. Yes, they may have a good heart and they may approach the meta kindly, and

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what you believe as extremely knowledgeable or learned. But the reality of the matter is otherwise.

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They are spreading information, not deliberately, not deliberately, they believe, or they think that they know what they're talking about. However, what they are saying in reality is contrary or in contradiction to the Quran, and the Sunnah.

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Can you hear me?

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on a roll heard? Or is it still a bit sort of low?

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Even now?

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So what we got to do my beloved brothers and sisters,

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that when we get back to us,

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from these people

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confront you with what you may believe, as Tibet or Kalani, these people are great, they understand Islam.

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And they pass these fatwas. But understand something

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these fatwas may be wrong. And these people, they could unwittingly, well lie, they could unwittingly lead or be leading what is known as the uninitiated astray and doing more harm by passing this knowledge than good. So I advise you again,

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to be exceptionally careful, exceptionally wary of accepting anything without quotation from now, other than the Quran, or the authentic candidates

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for a lie, you may take a

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a verdict or fatwah believing that it's correct, but because you have not referred to its authenticity or its reference,

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and has accepted that factor from that particular from that individual,

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and she will be led astray. So be very, very careful.

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Another point I would like to mention, is the internet itself.

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Be very careful, again to Chatwin's that can be to your benefit to your betterment or they can be to your detriment to your destruction.

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To your astray how,

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in many, many chat rooms we see

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the free mixing, obviously through typing of the male and female.

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And many times the words or statements or comments that are typed in these rooms are extremely and Islamic.

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For example, you may get a sister asking a brother, how old are you? Or you may get a brother asking a sister, how old are you? Or, for example, start talking about doing your stuff between each other male to female and female to male and so forth. This is not Islamic, this is not acceptable. You are not allowed to free mix like this. These rooms are solely for one reason.

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And that is to increase your knowledge. Your recognition of who your Creator is your understanding of Islam in order that you implement that which you are obliged to implement. So basically these rooms are not for chit chat. They're called chat rooms, but it's Islamic chat.

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Not doing your WeChat

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or free chat. Understand this is called an Islamic chat. So if you can abide

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to the commandments of the almighty lord and respect

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Islamic legislation, then you are allowed and free to go on to these rooms or into these rooms and type type that which is beneficial.

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You know, I've seen many times for example,

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a person may make a comment could be a boy or it could be a girl, or lady Oh man. And then that comment isn't reality. It's it's frivolous, it's trivial. Now Islamic sort of reference to and then you say the sister or the brother or whatever, the other six right l o. l laugh out loud.

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Nonsense. That is nonsense. Laugh out loud to what did you know by you doing that? It is in reality an utterance.

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Did you did you know that?

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100 Excuse me? Did you know that by you writing that comment is in reality.

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Again, sure.

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Whatever you type, it is exactly the same as a veteran actor in this world. There is no difference. So there is no need to every second you say laugh out loud or this and that smiley face here. This is all unacceptable. It is restricted only to Islamic knowledge. And you do not pass any footwells unless you are certain of what that law that you are talking about. The trick is, you do not say for example, all my chefs told me this or I think it's like this or heard it's like that, or it's like this, or I've been told it's like this or that

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gibberish Who cares what you've been told what you got to post if you think you know what you're posting. And you gotta be 100% sure of what you're posting is call Allahu wa kannadasan law, he's a llama Harley. He was

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basically that's how it should be.

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So be exceptionally careful. I repeat this tool before your very eyes is absolutely gold. And gold is to minimum for it. It is better than anything if it is utilized in a way that the almighty Lord wants it to be used. So again, be very careful from the chitchat between each other. You know, men and Ladies, ladies and men talking to each other asking from where you come from. How old are you? Are you married? Are you not married? This is all an Islamic. This is all an Islamic and acceptable. You should see the almighty lord and refrain in its theme from such obscenity.

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Mike wise, as ltcc mentioned

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backbiting I'm not sure how many people bet by each other on science. But I also believe there are

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any How dare you go into a chat room and talk about your brother or sister in Islam? Fear Allah Allah, how dare you do that? If a person

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if a person

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mentions one comment against his brother or sister in any so called ojala is dynamic website or chat room? The admin the admin should immediately not red dot him but bounce that person.

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Bounce him

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because that person is a scum. He is filled filthy is dirty. How dare he talks about his brothers and sisters in Islam.

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It is not for this reason that the chat room is made. It is for fear of Allah understanding who Allah is who is prophet is a lamp and what Islam is all about. And the recognition of these three. This is why these chat rooms have been placed for you not to come and spread your filthy scummy dirty villain on these rooms or in these rooms.

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You cannot withhold your time.

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leave basically.

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So understand something

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I'm not here blaming anyone. I don't know what

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What's happening? I was asked a question. I don't know what the question is referring to maybe the sister or other sisters or other brothers have seen something. Obviously, I'm not in the chat rooms every single day. I'm only here when I get my data where I'll accept it from all of us. I don't know exactly what goes on, but occasionally on interim, NYC

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the most disgusting things. And I actually actually asked myself, this is lamb. Is this an Islamic chat room? Or what?

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were some times the brothers take the mic, or the sisters take the mic and they stop listening to each other.

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If there's no need for you to take the mic, and sneak something Islamic, that take the mic, just listen, and do not type anything unless it's Islamic.

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You know, as one brother asked me, am I allowed to discuss where I'm going to have a thought or what my brother is making 44 today, in an instance, with sisters, now you are not allowed to discuss these issues.

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You are not allowed.

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You cannot discuss the issue of another system in Islam, about what or who away or whatever you're gonna have away, you're gonna have you thought

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this is not for this purpose.

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You're gonna understand something. Islam prohibits anything that leads

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to illicit promiscuity. And this could easily lead to this. And how many people have fallen into this trap? Well lucky, because it crawls up you without you even knowing you can easily fall in its abyss. And you may say, Oh, this is this is this. What the chef is saying? Is this garbage? It's his his overcast is it's too extreme or too extravagant. That's what you believe you can believe that. But I am talking Islam and not for my opinion.

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Not for my opinion. So fear Allah Allah, again, to any admin, no matter if you're in this room, or another room, if you see someone chatting about dunya, warn this person. If you say someone that is backbiting Ah, backbiting, then bounce, this filth, bouncing, he's not welcomed. And what we're going to understand is a panda law. Whether it's in the rooms or outside the rooms, backbiting, when you walk past a grave, he noticed you to the what Allah inspired upon Him, to people to inhabitants of the grave being punished. And one of those what people who are punished for the reason of backbiting, title mongering or tail bearing going around people and talking about his brother or

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sister and his lamb and fuss. This is one of the main reasons of the punishment of the graves. One of the main reasons and this is in Bukhari, Hadith, Abdullah Abdullah bass

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Marquise as the first mentioned the rock it is like eating your brothers or sisters flesh dead. Dead, is exactly the same as you go into that grave, unbelieving person. Ah, dig it out that braid, get a knife, get a fork and to start eating in his flesh for a lie, this is exactly what you're doing.

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So be very careful. Very careful. This toll or repeat is an excellent tool if you utilize it in accordance to Islamic law. And it could be a major destruction, a major detriment if you utilize it in any shape, manner or form against that which the almighty Lord desires and he's pleased with

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and no he is you ever see that as a hero who was suniel bossier. So don't think you're ever safe. No one around you, you can do what you want. And another issue I would like to mention, you get many brothers who deceive to deceive sisters, by writing their names. Ah, as though they're

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sisters. That's deception. That is deception. It is not allowed.

00:19:42 --> 00:19:47

You must make it clean of whom you are male or female.

00:19:49 --> 00:19:50

You must make it clean.

00:19:51 --> 00:19:56

Or in other words, you should not make people think that you are a female

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if you are a male

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So be very, very careful. Be very careful. One law is an excellent tool, my beloved brothers and sisters an excellent tool, an instrument that can well ly be one of the reasons for your entry level for the dorsal Ana, to utilize it in a manner that the almighty Lord wants you to utilize it in and that is now other than learning his beautiful deed. And I will leave it at that

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while at salon modificata law, what sister

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or sister are seen, sorry

00:21:01 --> 00:21:04

a Sema been to yahia. Basically,

00:21:06 --> 00:21:10

there are many, many factors that constitute

00:21:12 --> 00:21:22

to a major argument or minor argument, or you can say in better words and major combat between a wife and the husband.

00:21:23 --> 00:21:31

And yes, you are correct. The majority of times these arguments are trivial.

00:21:32 --> 00:21:35

fragility, there is no base to it.

00:21:37 --> 00:21:46

This is the panel law, the work of no other than the occurs rejected evil mischievious one, the devil himself.

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The way you can tackle this,

00:21:51 --> 00:21:53

or counteract this

00:21:54 --> 00:21:59

is to remind each other of the Quranic verse

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in a credo, or besides the one for inton, as the atom fishy in baraboo, Illinois law he wanted us soon, if you differ amongst yourself, now this could be even between wife and husband. If you differ amongst yourself in anything, then we turn it back to Allah and His Prophet. What is the argument about if it's something true you have a dunya based situation?

00:22:31 --> 00:22:44

eradicated obliterated eliminate it, you don't need it. Para la vez. If you instead Hold on, why are we allowing this occurs to Intel house. So basically,

00:22:45 --> 00:22:58

in the circumstances, look, every single one of us we have a bit of an argument here and there. It's it's inevitable. We're human beings, we are created in a state of deficiency of weakness, but we should, we should resolve

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we should arbitrate or Rican soul these things under the Islamic banner of La ilaha illAllah. And fear Allah Allah in these arguments.

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Basically, I do advise that the house that the wife and the husband live in, is built on faith is built on taqwa, God consciousness, Allah consciousness, God fearing Allah fearing if this is the case, that the umbrella that you are currently living in as a family is built on this, you will lie see, a much lesser, lesser situation or circumstances of being argumentative or in combat, because the devil who have no entry into your privy into your home.

00:23:55 --> 00:24:42

So what you have to be very careful on is that there are there is a it is a home built on left for Allah, fear of Allah, worship of Allah and the distraction of the occurs devil. When you enter you say this will lead before you eat you save it's been there before you enter the toilet has been there. When you exit you say ronica before you dress or undress when after you dress before you do anything, this middle layer you do the door if you did not put plate photos on the wall. You do not allow the radio or the tape recorder or the CD player to playing music. You do not allow that television screen to be playing the bold and beautiful old days of our life. And how many times do

00:24:42 --> 00:24:59

these people who play these evil negative scummy programs and that's they are in major combat with their husbands or vice versa. So what you got to utilize as a tool

00:25:00 --> 00:25:24

Sure against this occurs again, he is the reason for these little if he's in apps in your home. So, what you want to be careful of is how to destroy him, how to tramp on him, how to step on him, how to make him so small that is smaller and more tinier than the ant which is almost invisible.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:34

So, the best solution here is make that home a home of La, La La La.

00:25:35 --> 00:26:08

This is the way you can counteract this. Otherwise you will see a continuous chain of arguments of predicaments of issues between wife and husband, even as you said they could be minor trivial things and important things very, very insignificant to unsynced. insignificant for that reason. Easy, grab that shield the shield of La la la la la and push it against this negative beam.

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