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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "istic" and how it can be used to pray during a festival or trip. They explain that "istic" can be used at the beginning or at the end of the festival, and that it is possible to pray in a certain time period. The speaker also mentions that "istic" can be used at different times, depending on the day and region.
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How do we combine prayers when we're traveling at what times?

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What does it mean festival to combine to pray to combine to prep means that you pray to press at the time of one prep. And there are two forms of this, either combining at the earlier time is code generated, or combining at the later time was code generated here. So a early combining analyzer combining. So that's the two forms of it. And when is it done, what happens only for the NASA PR and never could have been interpreted. So if a person is traveling outside on the road, okay. And the time enters, they pull over, and they want to pray, because there's going to be they're going to be stuck in traffic, or they've got a nice opportunity to pray here. They'll praise the hub, and then

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they'll follow immediately by also, okay, so they'll have an asset or pray together at an earlier time after the time photo has entered, or they could do after an hour or two hours, not a problem. The other alternative is that they're on the road and they keep driving and the time comes in, they look around, they say you know what, I'm not going to stop now. They make the intention during the hood, I'm going to pray this also later. So three, four hours later, now acid has entered maybe one hour after acid has entered, they've stopped they put over and then now they pray the heart and the assets together. So this is the combining at a later time. So the heart and also prayed together.

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Only surgery is never combined. But it is always prayed on time before sunrise, whatever happens between dawn and sunrise, that one and a half hour gap. That's it. It can't be combined with any other prayer that God can be combined with outset and at the heart of time and the heart can be combined, as I said at the outset time and that's it. So that's the first portion. The second portion is marketed in Asia. Likewise, marketing in Asia can be prayed at the Muslim time and marketed in Asia can be prayed at the Asia time. McRib can never be prayed of. Micronesia can never be a resort. They can never happen like that. So a lot of us are occupied that single kind of period

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of time, and then Micronesia occupy that single period of time you can divide the day into three parts from sunrise until midday as a nothing kind of nothing period. Okay. And then from midday until mclubbe this one single time period Yeah, any of the Sunyani on his way down from midday. This is called the harasser period, and then from sunset until dock dock dock dock, that's the end of the evening period and that's the only court Dasha period. That's just the model of an issue period. So if you pray the issue of the McRib, or you pray the market later, after Asia, Asia time, this is permissible. These are the forms of combining the prayer according to the vast majority of scholars

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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