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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of friendships and relationships in Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal health and safety. Examples include a man who sells cigarettes, a woman who buys cigarettes, and a woman who claims to be a good friend. The importance of privacy and interaction in public settings is also emphasized, along with avoiding double-standing and false accusations. A strong friend is crucial to achieving good outcomes, and avoiding double-standing and false accusations is emphasized.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Yerba Buena vida de vida kita Baba kitabi when I show you

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a model for a model folder

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I do want to get it set up

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my dear respected elders and brothers, you and I, we have various relationships in this world.

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The greatest and the most closest relationship every believer is supposed to have with the last of Anahata To give you an example of this navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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each and every Sahabi who has done good to me, I have repaid him except Abu Bakar he Allah will reward him himself and then he said lo cuanto Mota Sierra Nevada Rob de la

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creme de la if I would have had a special friend Colleen Helene is the one who is your degree dos secretos means a very close friend, someone who is your bosom friend, someone who is close very close to you. If I would have had a very close friend, I would have Abubakar as my friend. But that relationship of very closeness, I have only one law.

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I only have that relationship with Allah. So our relationship is supposed to be closest to Allah subhana wa Taala they after our beloved nebia Karim Allah Allah wa sallam, then our parents then our relatives, Mrs. kindergym, a port a set Allah cottages karnavati whom is a subsea zyada hamari Tanaka Tanaka rishton, Husqvarna, via Karim sauce lamb Casa Tricia him or allow Rasul kebab Walid in a three Bar Rescue that okaasan 800.

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Now after that particular relationship, these also another type of relationship we are people who we need privacy each and every one need privacy, but we are also interactive human beings we are social beings, we need interaction. We need friends, we need identity, we need a small circle of friends. And a very important relationship of human beings is that of friendships, and companionship, men cannot live alone each and every individual must live and interact with each other. Therefore he needs friends he need companions and friendships and friends can be one of the most beautiful and vital aspects of a person's life. Friends in friendship can be one of the most beautiful and vital

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aspects of a person's life alira Viola who had said that person is poor who does not have friends, that person is poor who does not have friends. And look man this wise has said What a beautiful What a beautiful saying make hundreds of friends and hundreds of friends are not enough. And don't make one enemy one enemies one too much. This is a statement of Luqman or who may say Christa dos de hombres de la de la Tanaka for a man when he was

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just there was going on. Islam has given this importance and Islam acknowledges the importance of friends in one's life. Therefore, it gives us great emphasis upon choosing right friends, because right friends have an influence upon you. Therefore,

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it was celebrated and national a person is upon the religion of his friends. A man who alladhina Holly for young Gerardo kamijo Holly a person is upon the religion of his friends agar kisi ko para to eat a cookie mosquito dos tapa upon him. If you want to see a person's religion, see how his friends are, if his friends are good, you will say he is good. And if his friends are not good, then you will be worried with regard to his reputation and you will be worried with regard to his situation. And the Persian perverted said so but a salad salad, Kannada, Sumatra terracotta coonan the person whose friends are good, he will be good and he will be right yes, and a person whose

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friends are not good. He will also be in a similar manner. Maybe at

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insula Hollywood cinema has given us this particular type of example, Islam dos Tiki yet ko jante who

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who sold your hair? Taka Hamsa he dos Toka into hochkar certain Islam Nicaragua, so he goes to kind of correct taco.

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The meme mothered correct and maybe occurrence Aslam gave us example with regard to good and bad friends. And the mere cream sauce them said, a good friend of che dos Kimani utter feroce kitara, a person who sells Musk, a person who sells ether. Now, if you are going to go and sit in a guitar shop, or you're going to go sit in a perfume shop, then go to Plaza go and sit in a perfume shop, you can either benefit from the person who is selling the heater, you can he can give you or even just sitting in his company, you will gain the benefit of good smell.

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or gray dorsky muscle war lohar kitara. And the example of a big company is like the example of a blacksmith. Now a blacksmith used to have, they used to cut the high end too, always used to be full of smoke. And they smoke used to give a terrible smell. A person who's got a bad friend, a bad friend's example is like a blacksmith. So even if you don't buy or get the smoke just by sitting next to him, you will get that particular type of smell. Sit next to a person who's smoking cigarettes. You don't smoke. You don't smoke. But you go back home, the wife said, Why are you spending full of cigarettes? Why? Because you sat next to a person who is selling cigarettes.

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Because if you're gonna sit next to a person, and a person who teaches and gives wrong advice, and he's doing evil deeds, it definitely has an impact upon you.

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It's like you may say, a good friend is he when you are sick and you are in the clinic, he asked you how are you and he's worried about your welfare? He's worried about your health. And the other type of friend asks you how are the nurses?

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So that's a type of friend we have to be worried about. And the Holy Quran has given us the example.

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And Natasha gives us an example of good and bad friends in the Quran. Now can you imagine? It's such an important relationship that Allah tala makes mention of it in the Holy Quran. Allah tala speaks about bad French first page of the 19 su para Yahweh Isla de la de la funan and Haleakala, those people who are your best friends who told you to do wrong, who took your code do wrong. On the day you have chiamato say Yahweh Allah takashima se artmikado sabaneta. If only I didn't need this person, my friend. If only I couldn't stick around with him, if only I couldn't move around with him. If only I couldn't stay with him today, I wouldn't have been this problem.

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I would not have got this problem and punishment. Yeah. Later.

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If only on the day of chiamata person who had bad friends in this, he will he will regret Why? Oh holy, I couldn't have this plan. On the other hand, look at this particular type of relationship. And your

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friends on the day of Tiamat will be enemies, friends, especially the friendship that was on the basis of worldly motors, especially the friends that were on the basis of wrong things. They will be enemies of one another inland mutata except the friendship based on taqwa. Those eight a booster k

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busanga yamaki murderbot toasty to Allah tala kalakuta Johannes Allah tala Caleta de la

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Torre chiamata Jana tetrahedra. But that friendship which on the basis of goodness, that particular friendship will remain the ultimate villain. Except that friendship which is based on taqwa it comes in a Sahih Hadith, the reoccurring source limited, Allah will put a person in gender economic agenda with Africa. Okay got

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that particular person used to tell me to do good. He used to bring me to the masjid whenever I used to take a wrong path he used to tell me that don't do Don't do this. Who knows? Joe hamari revenue micarta Joe, I checked

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with a person who used to tell me to do good. And now I will say Wait, I will give him a reward better than the reward I have given you. So that particular person will be put into Jelena. So this friendship, good friendship will remain not only in this world, but will remain in the year after Allah has made and let us look at this. Consider what the Quran tells us by Jackie Safa you may or may not

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be on the day of Tiamat you will run away from your parents and your children.

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But Allah says friendship which was on the basis of God

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will continue to Agenda you will still remember one another even in China so that this is the aspect with regard to her and in this particular way we have to keep the real friend is that who brings you closer towards Almighty Allah degree those who are here to unlucky hotter Mr. Ito perfect wow this is a real friend and the best of friendship is that which is for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala nebia Karim Salzman was asked what is the best of actions, what is the best of actions and may be occurring so Aslam said the best of action is you love someone for the sake of Allah and you dislike someone for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is a hadith it comes in

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Muslim Neff, Abdul Razak at the base of Algeria. Lao Tzu said, a person of the previous errors in the previous image went to visit another friend. An angel was waiting for him. He said, Why are you going where are you going? I'm going to visit my friend. Yeah.

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Do you need to get some money from him? Is he owing you money? No, he's not owing me no money. Okay, sir. Molly.

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Why are you going? Have you got any other work? Good? Does he need to give you something that I did? He promised you something. Are you going to get any benefit? No. I'm only going to visit him for the sake of Allah serve Allah.

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Angel will say Allah has deputized me to tell you a nun loves you the way you love your friend.

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She struck up on Casa mahapatra to Allah, Allah tala casita, opposite Mahabharata, the way you love that person for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala loves you. Now what what are the qualities of a good friend now you say right, what is the quality of a good friend? A che those who suffered a childish crucified Mr. coochie he just could Decker Allah yada. Just came back say Elon is alpha j. Or just k Amal could Decker afriqiyah

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that is a real friend of Allah have made mentioned. If you want a good friend, you should prefer a good an honest person who has knowledge was them. Good. Good. ethics, sincerity and truthfulness. Right? And the allama mo ACP has made a remarkable type of a quality of a good friend. It is he who when you see you're reminded of Allah, when you see him, you are reminded of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you speak to him, your knowledge increases. When you see his armor, you think of accurate?

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Who is a good friend, a good friend is He who you see him? Do you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you are speaking to him, your knowledge increases. And his actions when you see him making a meal, you are reminded of

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what am I have said never ever get? You know, never ever be friend of food.

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Keep Tom no question. But don't ever become a close friend of someone who is ignorant and a fool. Because sometimes he will think that he is doing good to you. But he will have you. So this very interesting incident. They see three friends were marooned in an island.

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They came into an island, and there was no one they were going to die. And they were alone in an island. And then the island is a humorous word No, come ask me now, after this one is key to any wokai Where is the reference with regard to your land Al Kitab NASA. So they found one limb. So we all know the very famous tour incident of LED. So they rubbed the lamp and a genie came out. The genie came out and said what do you want? So the one friend said by we are alone in this island. What are we going to do in this island? Take us back home. So the genie took him and transported him back home. The second one, he said what do you want? He said, I want to get also to keep that now

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the third fled is sitting at the island alone. So we said what do you want? He said missing my friends, bring them back.

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So 412 something like that you think is very good.

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But you will harm you. So be careful with regard to those type of friends. And your best friend is one who reminds you and therefore he said, if you have someone who encourages you to practice Islam, to do good to save yourself from evil, then consider yourself blessed by the respect of others, many of them might be young people who are here. If they are not here going tell them this message. Many times the friends are the one who takes them to do wrong. The friends are the one who tells them could we take drugs, the friends are the one who can tell them to do illicit relationships. And that particular time the effect of the friends are very, very strong. It is very difficult sometimes when

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you are in a friendship to tell no to a friend

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And I always tell people, sometimes it's 10 seconds. You know that 10 seconds is so important. When a friend comes up with a suggestion that is not good which is given that next 10 seconds how you respond will either lead you towards good or lead you towards even that 10 seconds. In that 10 seconds you say no I'm not going colors you have saved yourself. If you have not responded in that particular 10 seconds, you can be in problem. So whenever any type of situation comes where you are goaded are encouraged to do evil, sometimes is that five or 10 seconds which we have to say no. And then our whatever I've said another faithful friend is like a mirror. That reveals your faults

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towards you. Hmm. shadows were Hey, Joe. I Nikita Hawk Joe hamara hum yo or look skinny. Shanda hickory.

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slacker soccer. And this this murder is a very beautiful example a good friend is like a murderer. The murderer doesn't go and tell the whole world by friend is like this, you know, my friend got a big scar on his chest. Mara, never gonna do that. Mara tells only you He only shows you yet scar. A friend is that person who only tells you the false he doesn't go and make a plan about it. He doesn't mean tell the whole world with regard to it. A friend who goes and tell the whole world about your false is not a friend. And this is not something out anyone who reads his book, the book of drawers of nimisha Sullivan, the pious person, along mainly

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in a certain

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pattern of Sha, Allah saved me from such a friend. When you see my good deeds, he doesn't tell anyone. He sees one packet of MySQL tells the whole world stay away from such friends who the friend is He who will tell you that listen, what you are doing is not right. And they say a friend. You know, normally they say a friend doesn't step you to say a friend doesn't stab you because that shows a betrayal. That friend is not loyal. But they say a true friend does tape you but he doesn't stab you in the back, he stabbed you in front.

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So he goes

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down charata takapa.

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A friend is He Who stabs you, but he doesn't stop you from the back. he stabs you from the front and 30 our alumni have said a righteous friend he is he doesn't look out for false in you all the time. But he overlooks and he finds excuses in your behavior. And even imagine that malaria said the believer.

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The believer tries to find excuses for his brother. And he tries to find explanations for the faults of his brother. And a hypocrite seeks out to seek faults, a char dosa job at a work muhammara

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or narus Give me a true friend is He who will cover your faults when he's in a good mood with you. And he will cover your faults when he's angry with you. If and if a person who is while goodworth you will well, you know keep your false hidden. But when he's angry, he goes and tell everyone is not a true friend. A true friend is he whether he is good with you whether he is angry with you, then that particular friend is someone who must tell you and if a person who is angry with you goes and tell you a false to someone who's not a good friend has a lot on one day. So a person someone was talking very highly about someone is such a good person. So morellato said, Did you ever travel

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with him? He said no. He said did you ever have a business dealing with him? He said no. Did you ever see him angry? No. He said you got no right to say he's a good person. You have not you have only saw his appearance. You didn't see him in real APNIC

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after afternoon, suffer nekia afternoon decide to

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go Kanika hockey, you've got no right to say that he's a good person. And a true friend is He who will protect your secrets when in good terms. And in his angry. A true friend is always loyal. A true friend will always be with you at all times. And this is something that we have to keep things as you know hypothetical to our true friend is they say a person was going and they were too alone in the desert. Two friends were traveling and in that one particular type of situation. There was you know, an argument that happened so you know you know you are alone sometimes in a frustrating situation it can happen. So this one friends slept his friend. So the friend wrote on the desert

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sand. Today my friend was angry with me. And he slept me right and I forgave him. So after a while now they were traveling and he came into a situation that

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His life was in danger. And his friends saved him. When he came into quicksand, or he was on the on the top of a cliff, he was about to fight, and the friend saved him. So then he took out and he kept it on a stone. Say today, my good friend, he saved my life. So the friend said, when I slept you Why did you write it on the desert sand? And when I saved your life, why did you carve it out in stone? So he said a friend is he when a friend does wrong to him, he writes it on the desert sand, for the winds of the desert sand and for the winds of the desert to blow it away and for it to be forgiven. And when he does good to me, I will remember it for the rest of my life. Therefore, I carved it in

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stone. Many times we look for good friends. But in conclusion, I say for you to get a good friend, you must be a good friend. For you to be a good friend, you must be a good friend, then only you can get good friends. So sometimes we want the best from our friends, but we ourselves are not good friends. So therefore my dear respect of others. In conclusion, let us keep in mind Allah has made mention of good friendship in the Holy Quran, Allah has emphasized it and Elias said that this particular friendship will go right after Janina. A person in general will also remember his friends who encouraged him towards good encourage him towards positive values, let us find such companions

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let us such find such friends with whom they will benefit us in this world. They will give our good counsel, they will give us good advice and more importantly, they will prevent us from doing wrong and they will encourage us to do good deeds.

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