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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum Hey guys, Ramadan is right around the corner. It's the spiritual boot camp. It's coming. It's the perfect time to really recharge the hearts and to inshallah God Willing come out spiritually clean, and at the end of it to really cleanse the heart and the soul.

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If you've been living up until now damaging and corrupting the soul,

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there is no time like the present time where the main sang tannic forces, the shotty, the devils will be locked up during Ramadan making it so much easier for you, for us to repair the damage that has been done to the heart and to the soul like

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no other way. Know the system as the perfect system sent by the divine

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Ramadan, as a spiritual boot camp, like no other. Remember, people can have the most money, be a part of the greatest social circles have everything you want and desire

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of this world

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of this dunya. But at the end, the reality is that you're going to die and leave it all behind. And running away from this reality won't make what happens next, after this world any better. What often should be a great reminder and a motivation for us to take this matter to take the matter serious, and to sincerely please search for

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find and really live our true purpose in life

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is when we see people

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meeting the reality of death. For example, recently, so many

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people have been visited by medical moat, the Angel of Death. A few of them, you might know. And the only reason that I mentioned these people in particular, them in particular is because if I mentioned people who you really didn't know you, you didn't know who they were, it wouldn't have the same effect.

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Usually, as when you see someone whom you recognize, like, for example, Emmy Award winning Bill Paxton superstar, he just passed Hollywood star Miguel furrever, who's the cousin of George Clooney, Chris Cornell frontman in the rock bands, who had all the material worldly things, remember this really think this is deep, it's profound. He had everything they but was obviously spiritually empty and committed suicide, because there is no one, that if your heart, if that person's heart is connected, your heart is sound and connected to your Creator that would ever fall into such great despair and pain. The person has to be in such deep, deep, profound pain to take their own life.

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You know, just remember those innocent men, women and children who have lost everything.

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Where they got bombs falling on top, literally from the left and from the right.

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In places like Syria, families experiencing feminine places like Somalia and Africa dying from no food and water, but they still

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they still have a strong connection to the creator losing no hope. So they find solace, contentment and peace in their hearts. were others who are trying to find happiness in partying day and night, buying every material thing they desire, eating the best of foods driving the best of cars wearing the fanciest clothes, but they can't stop complaining about the smallest most sometimes the most insignificant things and have no true peace in their hearts nor experience the richness of contentment in the heart, the void, spiritual, void, sad

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and empty inside. Remember Eddie Murphy, while his brother also recently just died, Charlie Murphy. Also never forget that those who have helped spread evil and corruption on the earth. Don't worry God Almighty Allah has a place for them. Because you can't live forever. Even if you're the CEO of Fox News, like roger ailes.

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Or its host Alan combs, or even those at the very top who thought they were running the world, the richest of rich, having billions when people only had millions,

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and they thought they would never be called back to the King of kings, a law the Almighty God Almighty people can live up to the

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ripe old age of 101.

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And have acquired everything in this world and not escaping death.

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It's your chance now during Ramadan, to set things right between you and your maker, to leave off with the evil of the old, and to start fresh by implementing all the good things your Creator has told you to do. The first of first is to turn your entire self to him alone.

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I mean, it's something very basic, simple, but we overlook these basics, we jump here and jump there. And we forget that this is what it starts with worshipping the Creator,

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and not his creation, pure mano theism tauheed and establishing the Salah the prayer in your life, that's the connection with your Lord, step by step, learning more about the one who brought you into existence. And as you learn, you'll grow obviously,

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you grow in knowledge, and you grow in love. Because naturally, the more you know about the one who created you, the more you're going to love him. And the more you grow in this love, you're going to grow in wanting to serve and please, your Creator, implementing step by step, everything he told you to do, that will only bring good into your life, and leaving off everything he told you to abstain from, ask for anything that we're told to abstain from. It's harmful, harmful for yourself harmful for humanity. And there is great wisdom in that. I leave you, my brothers and sisters, I leave you with a little homework to do. And most of this is new to you. But your heart recognizes what's being

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said. And that you sincerely you start every day by asking the reality, the one up above the one who brought you into existence, and put you into this world whose testing you

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brought you into this world to test you to examine you ask him alone, the creator, to guide you and to open your heart to the truth because when death comes or be too late, there's no coming back to take to retake the test that you're in already.

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You can't take it again. And after here it's either the reward of Jenna paradise, or consequences. We understand consequences. And Jesus talked about this, Abraham, Moses all of them, that the consequence is jahannam, the Hellfire

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It's nothing new.

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It's not a new message. It's the same way of life from the beginning, the first man Adam,

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who was told to submit to the Creator, and then all the other messengers that came after him. Some people obeyed. Some people didn't. And those who obeyed they were the Muslims, those who submit to themselves. That's what a Muslim is. One who submits himself peacefully to the creator alone doesn't worship a human being saints, angels, money, material things, dead people in the ground, no, only the one up above creation,

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the one who created creation. And again, it's the same message Muhammad peace and blessings be upon all of them. He was just a final, and the last messenger sent to mankind. Thank you guys. Start with this little homework. Because when you seek you shall find if you're not seeking how you're going to find. So we talked about just to recap, this blessed month of Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to recharge the mind, to leave off the evil from old and start implementing all the good things that the creator's told us to do. We all make mistakes all of us.

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But now is the time to really enjoy and to benefit from the spiritual blessings of the spiritual bootcamp and Ramadan, and to take heed kulu nefs in the equatorial mode, every soul will taste death.

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And I gave you some examples of people maybe you grew up watching, they're gone, they're dead. That's it, no coming back. And just like you cannot comprehend that you are once in your mother's womb, and now you're in this, this whole this huge world, you're in it. If someone was to tell you in while you were in that room that you're coming out to this, you couldn't comprehend that. Nor can you comprehend that point in your life. But not everything we can't comprehend is not going to be a reality or or was not a reality. Just like us leaving this world we feel like we're going to live forever. But that is because we're either going to leave forever in gender or gentlemen. Of course,

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obviously those who had died on pure monotheism. They committed some some

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Since there will be some who'll be purify milaap protect us. We don't want to spend a second in the Hellfire, not a second.

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So we gave an example of those who were on the earth. Now they're dead. And they many had all the material things.

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And now did that benefit them? No, I didn't. And the simple homework is to what to beseech to earnestly, sincerely, genuinely, as you're looking into this, if this is new to some people, and you see all It's so confusing, which religion is from God, it has to fit with what's in your heart, that innate disposition you've been created with? And when I tell you worship the creator alone, not his creation, you know, that makes sense. And the one who brought that message was Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And that was confirming the message from Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the preceding messengers. It just makes sense. And when you're asking the owner of all of this, to guide

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you to facilitate away, why would he leave you on your own? So start with that homework asking the creator up above to guide your heart. May Allah the Almighty bless you, and may you have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan, I said I'm making greetings of peace.

Getting ready to welcome Ramadan which is right around the corner with a great Ramadan reminder including some recent celebrity deaths from 2017 that should remind us of the ultimate reality and motivate us even more.


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