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Muharram 2, 1442

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yeah you're

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in trouble

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what's up

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the sisters, marks the beginning of the new calendar year.

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Yesterday was the first outcome for the year 2014.

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And we

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live in

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to suffer. And this year more than ever got so many happy, your

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And it made me really wonder,

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are we just celebrating the Happy New Year as the day?

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Are we

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happy and excited that this is another calendar year for us?

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Is this because we are taking an honor, we are

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now embarked on more of

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this year, does it mean that we recognize the benefits of this?

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Whatever the reason is my brothers and sisters, our message for today is an encouragement to do.

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And to focus on what the Lord encouraged us to focus on throughout this.

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And he says some

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the best of fasting that we can do after the month

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is fasting that is done within a month or

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so as much as we celebrate. And this is encouragement for all of us who may have sent out a message saying Happy New Year, treats that Happy New Year, but we've

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treated white plastic more throughout this one is one that is a blessing. It's a one where the rewards are multiplied,

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specifically singled out as things.

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And so we can encourage each other to do extra deeds, but we should all try our best, especially considering the days are getting shorter to try to fast.

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And he noticed on the day of Ashura, which is the 10th day

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that the Jewish within the city of Medina, they were plastic. And so he went in, he asked him, Why is it that you pass on this set? And they replied,

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by saying the day

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before that, they said, this is a day that

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used to pass on.

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And it's because it was the day that also kind of

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freed him from his truck of destroyed and destroyed the folders of their own and allows

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them to be free in that lens. And so we see that it's something that the Prophet Musa used to do on that day. And it continued to be a tradition amongst the Jewish after that.

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He continued all the way up until the

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end even after that, but then the process

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turns to the Muslims, and he advises them to pray

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too fast.

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And he says next.

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We are more deserving of

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tradition than they are. Why because we follow the true and pure teachings that came into the profits of the past and also that

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our belief is

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it possible to be false. So we believe in

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our belief is to believe

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that they work.

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the books are the scripture that they were sent

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Sisters when it's more important to fast. So we saw the example of learning the importance of potential

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with us

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as well, the question is why? why is because we know why, or what's in it for us. And

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for those who pass on the 10th of

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the reward for forgiveness of the citizens.

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For the big one from awesome,

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you know, he's forgiving us between prayer and prayer.

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Each prayer is forgiveness from do it to others forgiveness from

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all of these things are forgiveness for us.

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That a simple day of fasting is made easy upon us, we should take advantage of it, seeking out the rewards of being forgiving for previous years. And we also spent a year that was in the obedience house.

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But we made mistakes along the way. Now the sooner

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in First of all, I'm going to be different than the Jewish who just passed on the 10th of March passed on the ninth and the 10th, which coincides with next Friday. And next time,

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next Friday, next Saturday, Friday is the ninth of next week, Saturday is the 10th of May. And if someone forgets

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on Friday, then they should pass on the 10th and the 11th. And if a person absolutely can't do

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that, at the very least they should pass on the ninth on the 10th. of

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next Saturday, not tomorrow.

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comes next as the last

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one that was added to allow us to teach this to our children and our

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lesson diversity

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our sins allow us to have the strength to pass on the past, as well as

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those who

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show those who are not what

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we also

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have hardships and difficulties facing rounds as well.

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In various regions in places where people are suffering

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from their lives.

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Don't forget