Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – August 20, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of leniency in avoiding bad behavior and emphasize the need to be in a area where there is a lot of bad news. They also mention a woman named Moosa who spoke kindly to a man named Vinnie. The framework for dealing with friendships includes acknowledging actions and not giving up leniency. The speakers stress the importance of respect and laughter in dealing with one another, and emphasize the need to practice certain behavior, such as buying a horse or even calling someone by a name.
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chef is Mashallah ready?

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is online everything

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in the handling with the owner staying on the field when I will be letting Julian proceed

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let me say

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one more up further hodja lockwasher de la ilaha illallah

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wa Chateau Anna Mohammed Abu also look yeah you're Latina Tacoma hopper to potty. Welcome to Nigella.

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Ready. Hello hakomi nopsema Hello. I mean has Olga Westerman. homodiegetic Mattila one is

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on hand in Allah Can

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you help

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overcome? What are your

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thoughts on alima

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Baba mcsheffrey with the terminal gentlemen Zilla

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McCallum Ramallah kalavati Ania Gemma Anna, Archie oh my god Linda loving look. Are you going to Hawaii on top it could mean a nurse and by that

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there's terminal Fox we saw that he was a cat. He was so young when he

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had that oh hurry to sell the bed that cha area. But fishy. Hum.

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Well know you send me an email that at animalia.

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Brothers and sisters, a lot of people they think that or they are under the impression that the rebel that our

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our warships are merely the son.

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The cerca de Surya has crossed and this is what we call symbolic sanctuary, a badass

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area where as there is another very important component to this event that it's called a bad at amonia where am I that this is the second time which is more In fact, it's very very important components the battery one another than what I'm allowed between one another, the morals, the our characteristics and whatnots and for our EBI, that's a shy area to reap the fruits of those Eva that you need to perfect the bad data to emolia with one another. I'll give you some examples a shout level

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when Prophet Mohammed so Samson Jaffa when the Sahaba they moved out that very first migration to a senior when Jaffa he went and he spoke to

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To under joshy. And then he gave him that speech and in that speech he concentrated on only very few matters he says,

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nothing for what

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he says we used to be home travel Jamia we used to worship a slum we used to worship idols we used to cut and we used to severe the cut of the the tire the

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the cut the relationship with one another severe the relationship with one another. We used to being mean to our neighbors. So he was talking about this event that is more MLS for abathur lofi nawazuddin Mina, then Allah says amen from us, we know his image, and what did he ask us to do for America, Silicon Valley?

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was it called Amana?

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So he told us about what it told us to speak the truth, to be good to our neighbors

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to uphold the ties of kinship,

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he started talking to him about the morality nothing about Sarah, he did not warn him about Zika. In your opinion about pm he concentrated on the MLS with one another.

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This is what we call a bad that amonia a lot of Muslims unfortunately, lack on this type of a by that.

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I'll give you another example. The Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam what is Allah subhana wa sallam in the Quran, he says we're going to first but we're going to focus on Colville and fogelman halleck.

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If you were harsh artists person, they would stay away from you, they will run away from you, they will dislike you. If you are harsh hearted your wife will stay away from your kids will stay away from you. Your your husband will not want to deal with you, your friends, your whatever you do, people will not like you if you are a harsh Arctic person. So what's the deal? The

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first one was tough. I wish I would have to forgive them. pardon them. be lenient with them.

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This is what we call leniency. This is what we call an Arabic effect.

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does it come from the name of Allah.

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Even in although you say Rafi

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are always

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to be lenient, to be fluid, easy with one another.

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Here is Allah subhanho wa Taala sent in Moosa and how to fit around and Allah knew in his enemy that fit. Who says Allah,

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I am your Lord the Most High, the only person who says that and declares his lordship.

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And although Allah knew that we will not embrace Islam, he says him Moosa with our own with this message. It has enough faith in God to fit around. He has become a barrier.

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Not only a hard hearted person, but he is a Bollea.

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And want you to tell him this thought via what you tell him is heavy enough. In

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fact, Bakula? Whoa, Naina

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go to fit around, he has become an oppressor. What should we tell him Allah Kula who Poland like Lena, speak good to him. Speak with Vinnie and see to him speak with kindness to him. Why Lana?

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Maybe he will have some admonition. Maybe he will take some heat. But your job, your mission is to speak kindly to him. This is the dialogue. This is how we should deal with one another. You know this is how we should be with our friends with our kids with our spouses with our loved ones.

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So much so my brothers and sisters, that the Prophet Mohammed bin Salman Allah said is Allah Allah, Allah Who will be the homie

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Hira at

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all in the

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debate in high Allah, Allah Allah him

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whatever either Allah Allah, Allah nessa I'm invade.

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The Prophet Mohammed Ali says if Allah wishes good with the house both he will

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Have them deal with risk with one another with leniency with one another the whole household Will you will have that you will have that that fluidness with one another that leniency with one another, that forbearance with one another and if Allah wills something bad with the household, he will remove from them something called unions, the husband will become rough and harsh. So is the mother so is the wife. So is are the kids, so are the brothers. So are the sisters, there is no live in the house, but if Allah wills good in a household, they will meet with one another with

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and also the Prophet Mohammed and his social senses something also beautiful, he said

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our Salah he was sent in lulla how Rama

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could Haining laying in selling or even when unless

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one more time in Allah.

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Allah has made Hellfire prohibited on who on those who pray make sense on those who fast absolutely on those who give Zakat and and go for hedging. Absolutely not. But that's not what the prophet says. He says in Allah however Allah Allah has made his fire prohibited on every lane in Hainan said, on every person who's easygoing, who's fluid who's Lilian, who's close to people who's close to people. Subhan Allah, even with animals, even when the animals when the Prophet Mohammed Ali says, he saw that men sharpen his blade about to sacrifice that that sheep. And then he saw him, you know, sharpening his blade in front of the animal that he was going to kill, and the other one was

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watching. And he says,

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What are our What are you killing this animal twice, you're killing this animal twice. You show him her or him or eight, the blade and shuffling in front of it, sharpening your blade, and you're about to go on and kills. And please hide your blade, the provinces hydro blade and sharpen your plate,

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even with one another when it comes to business transactions dealings are similar in settling either bad or sad and

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why don't we know these things? My goodness? Why don't we practice these things? Even in terms of business transactions, the prophet Mohammed says, may Allah have mercy upon a person mentioned a businessman who is easy when he sells is he when he buys

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there is one story I want to share with you. And I warn you not to laugh.

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Don't laugh because it's true. You might sound weird, it may sound strange, to some hobbies having a business transaction with one another one is buying a horse. How much you're buying his horse for

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So he gave him his garden. The guy took his Dremel. He was removed. He says come come. The guy who bought this come. No, I give you two times. Thank you, Zach. laughing He goes it comes back Come Come Yeah. No freedoms. This is not the other guy. This is the guy who bought the horse.

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Big goes thank thank you comes back again.

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Trouble Trouble as you say

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four or five times six times, seven times. 20 times. 20 times. He says yes, I gave you something. Do you want to send it to them? But I think as a merchant as a buyer, your horse worth more than one

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who's gonna do this today amongst one another. You may want to and we get your friend says I I

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I tricked him. I tricked her. I deceived him. I deceive there but it's business. It's business. But Rahim Allah hombre in salamina about seven star mela Have mercy on a person who's easy. When he buys easy when he sells massage will help us to understand this concept. A lot of social save us all bought a coffee Coca Cola poniendo stuff all over the world.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah mighty brothers and sisters have left away when it is introduced with something

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To only make it beautiful, what it is with something to only make it beautiful leniency versus being harsh hearted. What's the point of a person who's made a sprain? But he is harsh hearted? He's rude what's what what did that fella benefit you? What did you have? You wouldn't and you are me you you when he says and you talk bad about people she said he said you will give him suck at giving people they don't like you when you come to the machine because you have such a very bad reputation with a brother does not benefit you. In fact it is you did not benefit from it.

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So my brothers and sisters please remember this concentrate on this focus on the you know on being lenient with one another with yourself in sha Allah to Allah with one another asking Allah subhana wa tada to soften our hearts to teach us how to really deal with one another and respect one another and maybe too often one another. Yes, we may differ with human beings sovereignly different with one another. Yes. So respect may go after one another as a composite panel with either to bless you and bless your decisions and bless those around you by like lo fi coma photophobia those to whom I do in order for Rahim Allah.

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Allah you know he knows your

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love la Maya how young are you? We are here we are. Mexico Canada, Allah.

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Allah and that the Russian medicals Mommy, Eva the

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Fe one mocha one bye

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