Boonaa Mohammed – Spoken Word – Go Back Where You Came From

Boonaa Mohammed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of their past actions on their future and their desire to return to their birthplace. They express their belief that white people are the only people who have survived generations of slavery and that their future is the future of the world. The speaker also talks about the potential consequences of their actions on immigration and foreign policy.
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A lot of work

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I've been known for telling white people to go back to where they come from.

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Because everybody comes from some place and at some point they may not have felt welcome.

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My family came with a suitcase of hopes and dreams that one day I could be someone and it is my God given right to Excel. So step aside, otherwise you will get trumped on

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I come from a people who have survived generations of oppression, chanting Oromia will be free with our hands changes symbolizes our situation.

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And it feels like everywhere I go, I'm the enemy to every nation. Everybody telling me to go back home but my home was colonized by foreign invaders. Now I'm walking in the desert like the Jews once they with Moses screaming Let My People Go while the Pharaoh is unloading 15 rounds in the clip one in the chamber the Angel of Death standing by on notice, because black lives only really matter when the officers gun is loaded. Go back to where you come from, but the slave ships have all left dark.

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Go back to where you come from. But the slave ships of all left dock forgetting Africans first became Americans through illegal immigration and plummets rock. And I wonder if every red state in the United States realizes the red blood that it was built upon. Because the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians were once the home team but now they're gone.

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But don't upset the white people. We don't want them to get uncomfortable.

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Might revoke our immigration status and force us to go back to where we're from. But we're still waiting for them to find Saddam's weapons of mass destructions because isn't that why we went to war and killed a million civilians. Now they're worried about ISIS, but ISIS is your creation, just like Osama wasn't your enemy.

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Now they're worried about ISIS, but ISIS is your creation, just like Osama wasn't your enemy when he was fighting the Russians, so don't believe your TV screens for them. Zinus be selling lies. If all Muslims were terrorists fool makes you think you'd still be alive

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they say my religion preaches violence and because of that they want to hurt me ripping jabs off our sisters because their democracy and teachers mercy gave us freedom of religion until religion teaches us to be free from these man made laws created by white men of authority. And they don't want me to turn Malcolm prefer our preach the Word and silence, but MLK stood for non violence in the same spot that they shot him.

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Boom boom is the sound of your justice and action because your justice is just a suffering injustice. It just is systematic racism and institutionalized infractions. Statistically I have a better chance of being just another black life that didn't matter. And the far right is outright but it's all right when you're all white. Go back to where you come from is the slogan they are chanting.

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Go back to where you come from is the slogan they are chanting. But it is God who created this land and you will all return to it not withstanding. But what would it take for you to just be pleased with me? What if I shaved off my beard and enjoyed your wine and cheese? change my name from Mohamed to more Bob or Steve? Would you be less threatened if I abandoned my faith entirely? What if I bleached my skin lighter by just a few degrees got tough on immigration and foreign policy condemn those Muslim Nicolas nations for their barbaric tendencies and excused white domestic terrorism is just a few bad seeds. But I don't want to go back to where I'm from because where I'm from is here

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and my resilience is brilliant a living example of all your fears God blessed and finesse from every skin cell to cuticle Muslim, black, intelligent and hot damn, I'm beautiful.

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So Wake Up World, because the future is here. Unapologetically being me from now until infinity and my people are here to stay. That's a promise you can count on and if you don't like it, then you can go back to where you come from.

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Thank you very much.

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