Bilal Philips – Quranic Reflections #21

Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © Speaker 3 discusses the importance of the Quranic reflection series and its use as a reminder of Allah's ability to see and understand everything. They also mention the use of the verse in townhouse sermons to encourage people to seek forgiveness and avoid bad behavior. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of positive thoughts and negative actions for shaping one's life.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my brothers and sisters, this is another verse from the Quranic reflection series. And it's from Surah Al Baqarah.

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Why am Allahu Bihar feeling Amata? I'm alone.

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Allah is not unaware of whatever you do.

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This is verse 74. This verse is a reminder of the fact that Allah sees and knows everything, whether big or small.

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The first point of reflection is that we all know that Allah knows everything.

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So nothing can be hidden from him.

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We can hide our wrongful acts from the people around us, but we can't hide them from Allah.

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Reflection on these basic facts, will help us to refrain from some of our errors.

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The second point of reflection, is that this verse also indirectly advises us that we should turn back to Allah in sincere repentance. As nothing is hidden from Allah, our sins remain exposed before him, and the only thing that can remove them is repentance. Consequently, the prophets or asylum himself informed us that he used to ask Allah's forgiveness more than 100 times daily.

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If that is the case, we should even be more keen to beg Allah for forgiveness at every chance we get.

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The third point of reflection is that even our thoughts are known to Allah and Subhana Allah in His mercy. Allah rewards us for thinking to do a good deed, even if we don't do it.

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If we actually do it, we are rewarded 10 times more. On the other hand, if we think about doing a bad deed, we are excused for it, as long as we don't speak about it, or act on it, such as the power of positive thought. This reality serves as a strong motivation for positive thoughts and the avoidance of bad and negative thoughts by the Koloff eagle was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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