Bilal Philips – Contemporary Issues Part 10 (Test Tube Babies – Sex Change Operations – Organ Donation)

Bilal Philips
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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim, the name of a lot of the benefits of the Most Merciful, like to welcome you, their viewers to this segment of our program contemporary issues. And in this segment, we'll continue to look at some advancements in modern science and its implications and the Islamic position with regards to them. In the previous segment, we looked at something of clothing. And this segment, we're looking at something related to it, that is what they call test tube babies, or artificial insemination, where they will take the egg,

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the ovum from a woman and the sperm cells from a man and put them together in a test, you will actually send petri dishes and from that they will grow a fetus and then put it back in the woman's womb, and the child comes. This is this is being done mainly for women, men or women who are in fertile, you know, for one reason or another.

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They've been doing this for some years. Now, of course, when it was first done, it was like it was put in the newspaper, as you know, test two babies. So this is called them. And people got the idea that, hey, they were actually, you know, making up kids inside of test tubes and growing them up there. You know, of course, this is gross exaggeration of the facts. The fact is, as we said, they are extracting ovum and sperm from a male living male and female, and putting them in a petri dish, letting them in a environment which is similar to that room so that they can unite and they start to divide, once they start to divide, then they take them and put them back in a female, and the baby

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is grown to term. That's the actual process. Now they've tried to continue that process outside. But they found that the eggs, they will divide and divide for a while then they go haywire, they cannot sustain that development outside of the womb, but has to go back in. And in the beginning, they have to start with an ovum and the sperm, they're not taking random chemicals, you know, you go to the chemical shop, you know, you go to, and you buy these chemicals, which are what a sperm is made of the definite chemicals, what its components are what's known, you can buy them, and what an ovum is made of these chemical components are known you can buy them, but they're not doing that they're not

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taking these chemicals and these chemicals, dropping them into test tubes, throwing them all around, and then all of a sudden, you're getting a baby, no, they're nowhere near that. And they will never achieve it. As I said, it's the whole of humankind. And the jinn got together to create a fly something which is so despicable, we kill them all the time, spray them and everything else and nasty, the fly. If the whole of humankind got together along with the world of the jinn,

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called the jinn, the aliens, right, get the whole of the universe together, they could not even create a fly. That is get those chemicals,

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mix them all together, and out pops a fly. No way, they can never do it. Why? Because we cannot create life, from inanimate matter. See matter. And science thinks that life is a product of matter. Meaning that once you get these molecules and atoms and and

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DNA, RNA cell walls, you've got this all together got all these pieces together.

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Life is a product of that process, they don't look at life has been something external which has been added to it. The reality is that's what it is, it is external, it is not a product of matter.

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Matter is created and life is created by God. So whatever they do,

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of living things, they can only use other living things to do it. They cannot use inanimate matter, to create life or to manipulate it so that they end up with a living anything. They're not able to do this. And they will never be able to do this. This is God's promise. So human beings egg and trial they want you know, it is a waste of their time, their energy and their monies. They will never be able to create life. So back to our test tube baby. So called test tube baby. Now, what does Islam say about this?

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Well, basically,

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Islam permits one format. One way

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a man and a woman man and his wife.

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they're unable to have children for one reason or another. So you combine the ovum from that woman, the sperm from the man.

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Your product you put back into the ovum of that same woman. She gives birth to a child

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That is permissible islamically that is permissible that is only helping them

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to produce children.

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Now, all of the other versions that are out there, because right now you have mothers burying the children of their daughter's

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woman, she can't have the cat deliver the child itself. So after combining the sperm of her husband along with her sperm, the resulting product, they can't put it back in her womb, because for whatever reason, maybe they've taken out a woman, whatever, you know, she can't have a child. So they're taking the child and putting the child in her mother's womb, or her sister's room, or best friend's room, you know,

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or her daughter's room.

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We have all of these different pictures, they've done these things. Now.

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All of those are forbidden in Islam forbidden. Because you've got, you've got a genealogical

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maize, confusion here, a mother giving birth to a child who belongs to her daughter. But that child is in fact, if she mother gives birth, that child is the woman sister, not her daughter. So you've got all kinds of ethical problems that come here. Because the point is that the process though the child is, is is growing within the womb,

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separate from the woman in the sense that and as we pointed out issues of abortion, why we are opposed to it before, separate from the mother,

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blood not mixing with that of the mothers, but still the child is under the influence, there are influences, you know, in, in growing in within that womb, there are influences that perhaps we don't recognize them now later on, you know, 10 years from now, whatever, they will recognize some things which are coming from that mother into that child,

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to that child, which makes that child linked to the mother in a unique way.

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These things, you know, this, this, this whole process now destroys the proper genealogy if we're putting these

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over men to other women. Now,

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there's another format too, which is also absurd and unacceptable. islamically. And that is the man for example, the man and his wife. And this is very common today you got that's why you have sperm banks and overbank things. A man and his wife, the man, he has a low sperm count, his sperm just cannot

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fertilize the egg of his wife. So they go to a sperm bank and they get somebody else's sperm. And they fertilize his wife's thing and goes, Hey, this child is not the man's child.

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This is the child whose father now is unknown. This is an illegitimate child.

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This is

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relative to the woman some form of adultery, producing an illegitimate child.

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Similarly, you have the other scene where the woman for whatever reason, she can't produce ovum. So you go and get over from another woman along with her husband's sperm, and then put it in that woman's womb, and she gives birth to the child

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calling it her child, her child really

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got the old somebody else. I mean, maybe from the point of view of it coming out of her own, you know, she's delivering the child. So you can say, okay, it's her child from that perspective. But in terms of its origin, its essence it's not a child, you know, and this is a child out of wedlock. And what do you even find now is that you have

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homosexuals, males, okay? They can't have children if they marry and you have the marrying today, it was a big case in in England of two rich homosexuals, who are they did was they found women to bear their children.

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They impregnated without sexual relations impregnated women, they bore the child and now the two men are going to raise his children as their own.

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This is absurd, on acceptable islamically or to lesbians, for example, female homosexuals, of course, by themselves, they cannot produce any children. So they go to the sperm bank, they buy some sperm, you know, I've inserted in themselves, they get pregnant. So they're having children, this is This is madness, is going beyond the people of lot and only inviting the destruction of God on their society. So these

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are unacceptable formats. As we said, In summary, the only acceptable format is husband, his wife

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is the husband, sperm ovum of the wife, being put in the womb of the wife, and delivered by that wife. That's the only acceptable format. All of the others are rejected by Islam, from the confusion of genealogy Comm. And the also the, the corruption that is promoted through homosexual couples, being able to have children and raise those children as their own.

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The second area that you'd like to look at, you know, related to this is that of * change operations, you know, which is also a means now, of homosexuals. You know, whether it's male or female, they feel, you know, as they like to say, you know, man claims I'm a woman, you know, trapped in a man's body or woman claiming, I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. So, medical science, change us into what we are not. So you find

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a man who spent all his life as a man, all of a sudden he goes in as his operations and then they load him up with hormones, etc. So you can grow * and things like this, and he's now living the life of a woman and vice versa, this horizontal perspective is totally unacceptable, no way can we accept this at all.

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this in fact, is part of Satan's trickery, as mentioned in the Quran, or a law said

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quoted satanist saying, indeed, I will take my share of your servants, by leading them astray and filling them with vain desires, and I will instruct them and they will cut pieces of the errors of capital and they will change the laws of creation, this is what people are trying to do today.

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This kind of surgery is totally unacceptable. However, where we have cases of hermaphrodites people who are born

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having both male and female sexual parts, but one is dominant for them to remove the the other clothes off the offices or whatever, and that person can live with complete life as that one dominant feature, this is something except that this is correcting something which, you know, you could say a birth defect, correcting it. And

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Islam doesn't really have any problem with that, you know, just as a cosmetic surgery in general, because it can be called a form of cosmetic surgery.

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This kind of operations, they're acceptable assignment, a person is born with a defective ear, you know, a cleft palate, you know, here lip, you know, a variety of different things, you know, a person in an accident burn or nose is broken things, mid body parts, damage, etc. for them to use the skills of modern surgery to try to repair the damage has been done, no harm, however, where people are involved in

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trying to actually change themselves, you know, they don't like how they look, they feel their lips are too thin, or they're too thick, their nose is too pointed, or it's too flat, they feel their eyes are this way or that way, you know, the cheekbones are too low, they won't hire you know, they want to spit in the cleft in their chin or they want dimples in their cheeks or you know, right these kind of operations which are calling them cosmetic surgery now, you know, and they go on to even the rest of the body, they want to mold the body this way and that way to look like the latest styles and you know, to fit modern definitions of beauty. This type of procedure is from a southern

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perspective, rejected and forbidden problems are seldom even prohibited the plucking of eyebrows, tribal scarring, tattooing and the artificial spacing of teeth. You know, these are the ancient methods of of cosmetic surgery which people used to do. And this has been forbidden by the prophets I sell them in no uncertain terms that a lot curses those who do this. So

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with the desire to change, you're not people not happy with what the law is given them. They don't like the way they look. They want to make this change. From this perspective. This is unacceptable. islamically

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When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we say, Allah, as you have made me in the best form, you've made my form good, make my character good.

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This is what we are supposed to do when we see ourselves except this the way the laws made us here, you know, this is good for us. So, the issues of cosmetic surgery said, where it is involving

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repair of damage, etc, which has been done birth defects, etc. This is legitimate islamically. But where it involves just being unhappy with the way one looks on wants to look like this person will look like that person, you know, change this and change that this kind of procedures islamically it's just unacceptable. The other area, which is related to this areas of surgery, is that of organ donation, the idea of taking organs from one person to another, or even from animals to humans, because the popular thing right now is the taking the

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some organs from the heart, some portions from the heart, specifically the heart valves, and putting them from the pig, putting them in human beings because they found that pig heart valves are, you know, most suited are quite similar to the human heart valve and it worked functions quite well, you know, there's less chance of rejection leads to body rejection, these type of things. And of course, this creates some ethical problems for Muslims, especially because when you consider the pig, you know, we're not allowed to eat it forbidden, we can buy it and sell it, etc. So how then can we take a piece of it and put it in a heart? Well, Islamic perspective, when life is threatened, when life

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and limb is threatened, then we are permitted to eat the dead

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to eat what we cannot normally eat. If we're playing crashes on the desert, we have nothing to eat. I mean, you find a wild pig, read it.

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You know, or even if you know a person was with you on the plane, they died next to you and and you're starving to death, you're allowed to eat a piece of them.

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But of course, you only eat what is enough to keep yourself alive. Meaning maybe you've cut off a finger or two, and you eat them. And it doesn't mean that you know

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because you eat them and they taste good. You didn't think it would taste good and all of a sudden you're cutting off an arm or a leg and you're starting to roast it all up and every thought on them.

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You stopped with what is absolutely necessary. Just Same thing with alcohol for example, you're starving to death. You know you can nothing to drink, the plane crashed or anything that's available you find in the cargo with some alcohol, you drink from it enough to keep you alive is the basic principle from Islamic law, which makes this permissible. So if we can eat human body parts, if we can eat the pig, drink alcohol, the circumstances then surely, to take organs from the pig to keep ourselves alive or organs from another dead human being to keep ourselves alive, is permissible. We can kill a human being to get their organs. No, it's not permissible. But if a person has died are

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ready to take their organs utilize it to skip the another person alive. This is a legitimate process according to Islamic law.

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Without their viewers like to thank you for looking at these issues along with us. We hope that you know these have enlightened you to some degree as to you know how Islam functions quite reasonable looks at the key issues with regards to these new scientific practices and takes a position and doesn't stand back to say well well we just don't know. Islam there's guidance in in every procedure, every process every

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new development which comes Islam has a ruling which is applicable to it because Islam is the way of life which God provided for human beings to guide them in all aspects of their lives. So nothing remains without some form of guidance to show us the way

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that their viewers I'd like to thank you for being with us and hope that you will continue to follow our program in the future. And we bid you farewell welcoming also at the same time your suggestions which you can write into us a p o box 111 Sharjah television, Sharjah UAE, to me, of course, Dr. Bill Phillips and we'll see you in the next program Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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