Ali Hammuda – Consoling the strangers #01

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance as a human need is discussed, with a focus on the negative impact of being a minority on one's authority. The controversy surrounding bathroom clothing during the COVID-19 pandemic is also discussed, with some arguing for the use of the symbol "arser" to describe strangers as strangers. The community's beliefs and values, including their belief in Islam and their religion, are also discussed, with some arguing for the use of words like "arser" to describe strangers as "stranger."
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The need for acceptance

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is a basic human need that we all share.

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Who does not want to feel like he fits in, and that they belong.

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And in order to achieve that

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we tweak

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our personalities and present ourselves in different ways.

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According to the environment we're in,

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and according to the people that we are set with, from the fear of alienation,

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from the fear of in strange moment,

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from the fear of being given the title of a hurry, you're a stranger, you're weird.

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And therefore, we have different editions, different versions, that we give off of our personalities, because no one wants to be the black sheep that doesn't match the herd.

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And this feeling of holding back being a stranger,

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is something that everybody has experienced. And it is to some extent, traumatic and stressful. You felt it when you moved out of your home for the first time.

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Or when you had a sudden job change, or some of us who may have experienced divorce,

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or a death in the family, that feeling of horrible, being strange is real.

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But we can agree that the most stressful

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and traumatic versions of being alienated

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is when this alienation is to do with principles, values, religion

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and that is why imam or Muslim the rates on your authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, by the Islamic Riba, Islam began as something strange will say, Oh, God even come up.

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And it shall return as being something strange for two ballyhoura

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So good news to the strangers.

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And the bite of being a stranger is of two categories.

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The first categories the stranger of a Muslim,

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in the middle of people who are not, this is a form of waterbar

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one that Allah has asserted in the Quran time and time again, that you almost names will be usually a minority amidst a non Muslim majority.

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Allah Jalla Jalla do who said la Khadija Nakhon Bill Huck, we've come to you with the truth, while our kin axacon will happy carry home but most of you despise the truth most

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Allah Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said in the Latina man who saw the hottie waka you don't know whom except those who believe and they do good deeds and they are few in number.

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Allah said for other axon nurse in lack of hoorah. Most of humanity except nothing but disbelief most.

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Allah has said work early you don't mean everybody has Shaco few of my servants are those who are grateful. Every time the Quran speaks of a majority, it displeases it. Every time the Quran speaks of a minority it praises it.

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An Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim right on your authority of Abdullah Hebron has the same meaning. Where the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one untung fee and the Shiva key in Kashia Aditya Birla Fijian decel wearing a sweater you almost names in terms of your numbers, amid the non Muslims are like a white hair

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on the body of a Black Bull. This is category number one from being a stranger, a stranger amidst people who don't share your religion.

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And it is stressful.

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And perhaps the most recent example we can cite is the example in Risa gay,

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a Senegalese

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football player

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who decided to not participate in a football match. Because on that day, they all were wearing the t shirt with the LGBT rainbow colors. So for one reason or another, he was absent.

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So he was hunted down by the press

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and the French association of football

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and they said to him,

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In an arrogant manner,

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that one of two situations apply.

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Either these rumors that you're not supporting the LGBT are true.

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In which case you are to know that there are going to be consequences for your action. And to realize the impact of your behavior to realize the grave mistake you have committed, they say to him, or either these allegations are false, in which case we invite you to send a message of support and you are wearing the t shirt send us a picture.

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How do you describe his situation now admits this avalanche of condemnation. gareeb a stranger is a good word to describe him and many other Muslims who simply want to be as Allah intended.

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This is category number one, the strangeness of the Muslim omit the non Muslims. Category number two,

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it is the whole ban the alienation of the committed Muslim

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admits the non committed Muslims, they are also strangers.

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And they feel the bite of alienation.

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And what hurts about this category is that the ones who cause this pain are the Muslims themselves on one another.

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many times when an imam or scholar or a student of knowledge or an activist speaks about the prohibition of buying and selling drugs, or alcohol, or using interest, or serving shisha in your store, or something to that effect, in many instances, those who protest an object or the Muslims themselves.

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Many times when you speak about the ideal hijab,

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intended by Allah for our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, those who are first to object in some instances are the Muslims themselves.

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When you speak about the role of motherhood, and being a homemaker, as being a great profession and raise it above all, in many instances, those who object are the Muslims themselves. So this brings about a type of holder in the heart of the Muslim when he sees his family, he sees his brethren speaking against him, whilst all he or she are trying to do is be a Muslim upon the prophetic path.

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So a word of advice to the Muslims,

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especially when you are leaving as a minority, have mercy on one another. Be gentle with one another and don't add to the flames of horrible strangeness that we are already feeling.

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And that was the advice of our predecessors Al Hasan bursary, he said, Yeah, hello Sunette eater of Sakurajima Kumala. In a coalmine, aka Linda's, he said oh, people of the Sunnah had mercy on one another, may Allah have mercy upon you, because you are a minority amongst the people have mercy on each other.

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And so if you're an authority, he said, it's also be really soon that you have your own inner home Varada take care of the people of the Shona.

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Because they are strangers. They feel strange.

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They feel strange when they look around and they see their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, with their greatest aspirations in life to receive the reassuring nod of acknowledgement from society, from Parliament from friends from social constructs.

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They feel strange, because all they want is the acknowledgement of the King Allah the sovereign, and the prophetic nod of acknowledgement on the Day of Judgment. They feel strange

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when they see their Muslim brothers and sisters jumping through every hoop and wearing every mask to fit in, to not be labeled as a stranger.

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But for them, they hold on to their principles and values, even if it rocks a few boats along the way. And that is because society is always drumming into their heads and saying to them, you can't fit where you don't belong.

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So they've given up trying to fit in at the expense of their principles, and they have chosen to not compromise. They have chosen to inhabit Planet Earth on their own terms on their own conditions as practicing Muslims who will not compromise. They are travelers to Allah along a prophetic path. And with that decision, they are aware

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that they will be labeled as strangers along the way. And now I share with you a question

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Being a hurried stranger.

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Does this necessarily equate to helplessness and weakness? Living on the fringes of society?

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Let's take a look

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that an Islamic arriba salaam began as something strange.

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Islam began with a woman who supported her husband Khadija been to Hawaii or the Allahu Allah. Islam began with a study a man of truth, Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu and Islam began with a child. Ali you've interviewed about the Allah who I know.

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The entire American society had labeled our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a madman and magician at soothsayer a poet. They, however, put their hands in his, acknowledged his prophethood and vow to live and die upon his cause. They were strangers in their community.

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They had values and principles that were incompatible with the Mexican society.

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And Allah had documents this strangeness in the Quran when he said Balaji boo, and yah hoo, Monday, Ron minimum for Todd carefree Runa Harada che on IG, they were amazed the pagans

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that a warner should be sent from amongst them and the disbelievers they said this is something strange.

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And Allah says in surah, two solid ajaw early Hattar Isla Han Wahida has He reduced all of our gods into just one God in the Harada the CHE or no job. This is something totally strange. They were strangers.

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When they were persecuted, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent amidst a stubborn Society of paganism that would wage war on a neighboring tribe if they dare to cross the limits of one camel.

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So I asked you,

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what do you think they will do to a man who speaks out against their idols for the sake of which they slaughter 1000s of camels?

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He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answers that question he said that O'Keeffe to fill my heart.

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I was subjected to fear at a time when nobody else was afraid.

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What occurred only to feel that he was a user. And I was harmed in the path of Allah at a time when nobody else was being harmed.

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While Attalla yesterday has been been the only one and I remember a time when 30 Days and nights passed by. Where Mary Lee will you be learning puram on your Kulu who do cabling inland shame on you already able to relax.

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30 days went by with no food to eat for me and Bilaal except what little food he was able to smuggle for us under his arm.

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suffocated in the path of Allah, dust thrown in his head in the path of Allah, the intestines of animals placed on his neck and sujood in the path of Allah, boycotted for over two years, in the path of Allah Hua, alienation at its worst, it's lasted for around 13 years in Mecca. Then they went to Medina, as you know, and here this began to mark the rise of Islam did Allah established his religion on the earth, and the light of Islam would shine all to all four corners of the earth, and the justice of Islam would be celebrated globally. And finally, Allah had released the Muslims from the shackles of waterbuck being strange, they were no longer strangers.

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With what you have just heard,

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we have just addressed a very common misunderstanding when it comes to the topic of oral by being strange as a Muslim, and accepting that

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being strange does not mean helplessness

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from his example, who was aggrieved although he salatu wa sallam a stranger, but was a man of meticulous planning, and hard work, and staying up at night and mingling with society and community service, we understand from his model, that being a stranger does not mean uselessness does not mean being weak. When you say, Larry, a stranger, you think of a man who is living somewhere on the fringes of a community, silent, imperceptible, invisible, minding his own business, jobless useless, weak and meek. This is the image disheveled untidy with no money, no status, no contribution.

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Now this is not the understanding of being removed. From what you have just heard.

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Habib, the stranger is a doctor

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is an engineer is a lawyer is a businessman is a taxi driver is a painter is a laborer is a teacher is a mother is a homemaker

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is an artist is an influencer is a sportsman. These are what

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they are innovators in their society. Participants in the Matsuyama. The community, they give they serve

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the hoorah, they're unlikeable, they're lovable. They're admirable. They have friends and families, they have dreams and aspirations and ambitions. The only thing that makes them very strange or different to others is the state of his heart, her heart. They feel that they are not totally in par with the dictates of society.

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Their hearts burned with pain when they see Muslims abandoning the Masjid.

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They are upset when they see their brothers losing their Islamic identity.

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And so when they are alone with Allah at night, they weep to him and they beg for his help, and to awaken their brothers and sisters. But by day when the sun rises, they are back into the community and their voices will not be silent. And they are servicemen and servicewomen in the cause of their religion and in aid of people. These are the horror that it is not a title of weakness and shame and uselessness and joblessness other than

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after all a mural remote meaning Abu Bakr was agreed he was a stranger.

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But how did he understand being a stranger? He was imagined.

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He was affluent, prosperous, comfortable financially. He was part of his society wasn't pushed out to the peripheries of Obamacare giving loans to the needy spending on the poor purchasing slaves emancipating them back is free man into the community loved by the people for the most part. This is Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. And he was a very stranger.

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And you don't mean Omar Abdullah was a very he was a stranger

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principles and values different to others.

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But he was eloquent in his speech

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decisive in his opinions

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imposing in his presence

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who dare confront amaro the Allahu Anhu when he thought something wrong was wrong or something right was right very, but part of society contributing and reaching the top in his game.

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So this is the understanding of being a rib their brothers and sisters

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who are the Hora that

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I conclude with some descriptions given by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see if you fit the description or not. Because feeling alienated and in estranged is not enough as an indicator. There are signs Hadith number one

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100 Danny narrating his book I'll fit and we'll worry that we'll have our reader feel fit and on the authority of Abdullah Hebrew Messiah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked mannheimia Rasool Allah yeah and in what about who are the strangers?

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He said, a Latina yes, no who will be there for seven years.

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They are the ones who stay righteous when people become corrupt.

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These are the strangers

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Hadith number two,

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at the medina writes on your authority of 100 Now that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked who are the strangers he said, a lady not yours, the homeowner and that upset a nurse will mean bad demon Suniti. The Strangers are those who rectify the Sunnah that people have corrupted after my death.

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Hadith number three who are the strangers or messenger of Allah, this hadith isn't the most net of 100 and he said when as soon Sally when they are righteous people feel nasty. So in Cathy here admits many evil people may see him a karumi manual to your home, and those who reject them are more than those who accept them.

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So they are righteous people. Number two, they call to righteousness. Number three, they are rejected by most people.

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These are the strangers and so good news to them.

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Good News to our sister, who walks the earth with her hijab and dignity,

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who breathes life into values that are dying today like chastity and purity, high modesty, good news to her

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good news to our sister who has not buckled under pressure and acquiesced.

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And he's content with the religion of Allah. Good news to her. And congratulations for being a stranger though in the eyes of Allah. She is no stranger

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Congratulations to our Muslim brother

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who does not compromise on his salah, who has not disintegrated as a weak identity Muslim

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who knows his gaze and protects his private parts from haram

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and only eats from Halal sources of income

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and befriends the finest of people. Congratulations for being a stranger. Though in the eyes of Allah, you are no stranger.

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And congratulations to those

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who have only one version of themselves to present to the world, a practicing Muslim

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have an unapologetic identity

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never sandpapering parts of your religion to be part of the herd. Congratulations. How will you whom Allah Allah He had gone as email I've been calling him said these are the family members of Allah. For Allah What about Allah home? So they are no strangers?

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