Ali Hammuda – A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 7 – Have You Heard of the ‘Sound Heart’

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the sound heart and how it is not a permanent one. It is not a permanent one, but rather a continuous one that is constantly being fed. The segment also talks about the importance of keeping the heart safe during the season of Hajj and the use of the sound heart as a tool for forgiveness.
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In the home, the mentioning of the sound heart and whistling was only mentioned twice.

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And amazingly, both times were in reference to the same man, Prophet Ibrahim Ali who set up

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the first appearance was in Surah two Asafa where Allah subhanho wa Taala said we're in Meucci. It he labored on him in

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the hole because he's been Salim. And among those who followed his way, meaning the way of Prophet lute was Ibrahim, what about him? Allah said when he came to his Lord, with a sound heart of Melbourne, Sydney.

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The second appearance is in surah to show aura chapter of the poet's where Allah Almighty said that Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam said in a dua that he made to his Lord Wallah to Cassini Yamalube is Hoon, Jamelia young Pharaoh man who Allah by noon, in eliminate Allah have you been Salim, he said, and do not disgrace me on the day of resurrection, the day when wealth and sons will not benefit man, Except ye who comes to Allah with a sound heart.

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Now, the season of Hajj, has the unmissable signature of Prophet Ibrahim all over it from beginning to the end. And Ibrahim was a man who possessed a sound heart, which is perhaps an indication of what we should be prioritizing during this season of Hajj, to also search for that sound hot once and for all. After all, nothing will matter in the court of Allah on the day of reckoning as much as the condition of your heart will.

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Also, if news was given to you, or to me that one of the arteries of our hearts is now blocked. The concern of treating it

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would occupy our minds and will consume us in an obsessive fashion till we find its cure or till we die in his pursuit. Yet what Ibrahim alayhi salam has just taught us that the real soundness of a heart is not about keeping it beating.

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It's about keeping it safe in eMag. So again, we asked the question, what is the nature of the sound heart that we simply cannot do without? Listen to the statements of our predecessors Mujahid who said that the sound heart is a levy la Shafi the heart that has no doubt within it.

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Qatada he said the sound heart is a Saleem Amina Sheikh the heart that has no trace of disbelief within it.

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A behind he said the sound heart is who will harness the heart that is sincere and pure

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abou off man and they say our body he said the sound heart is a valuable highly mineral I'll be the hottie Ultima in no in a sunnah, the heart that is empty from innovations and it has found rest in the prophetic way this will

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then a marble game he took all of these meanings and he strung them together in this beautiful sentence. He said that while at a Tim Wheeler who Salah to whom o'clock or hotter is lame I mean Hamza to a heart cannot attain that status status of being sound till it is spared of five things. Number one min Sherkin you're not going to tolerate till it is spirit of disbelief, which contradicts

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the Oneness of Allah. Number two, why be the ITIN to highly fu Asuna and from innovations which contradict the Sunnah.

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Number three was shouting to Hollywood camera, and to be safe from temptations, which contradicts the obligations while reflecting to nothing to a vicar and to be safe and spared of heedlessness which contradicts the remembrance of Allah. And the fifth and final one. Were How can you not do a surgery that will last and to be spared of a desire and inner subtle desire, which contradicts sincerity? If you want a summary, in short, bringing in all of these different expressions together, we can simply say that the sound heart isn't that hard, which is entirely for Allah.

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It has no room for disbelief, no space for innovations. It has no urge to show off or be praised or thanked by people. It is not a heart that is permanently rocked by doubts. It is not in

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influenced in the least by the trends and the ideologies and the isms and the never ending social constructs of societies, it has no space for malice or spite.

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It doesn't struggle to forgive. It has no desire to compete for worldly dunya matters. It doesn't envy people for goodness which Allah has bestowed upon them. It has no space for fallouts with another Muslim, because this heart is fundamentally sound. The same way that your heart was created in a sound state. You are expected to return this loan in a similar state of soundness. So every evening here is a suggestion before you go to sleep. We call all of your sins for that day that linger between you and Allah. Then one by one, press them down, isolate them, ask Allah to forgive them and plan an escape strategy. Then shift your attention to people think about the people who've

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upset you or you may have observed pardon them, one after the other. Do this every night and you will be on a steady path towards a sound hearts by Allah's permission.

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