When I Was Your Age We Ate DIRT

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Please listen to an album Natasha Dillon said says raise your children a different way that you were raised by because they were born and raised in a different environment in a different time than you. Okay? So most of us still live in where we still call back home right? But we don't understand. We cannot get this part that my son or my daughter was born and raised here. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Okay, so every time you tell them listen, son

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when I was your age, what does he do? He just turns you off.

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You're talking to yourself man because I heard this story that this record is broken now file it under g please. When I was your age, we ate dirt.

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And we will thankful that we ate dirt.

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And when I was your age, I went to school bare feet in the snow uphill both ways. I'm still working on how to go uphill both ways.

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But we were grateful and thankful for that. Look, he doesn't work you need to get this idea you know when I was your age center mouse please. You need to speak to them in their language now remember what I said they don't speak in sentences they speak in what they speak and not even words they speak and letters Remember that? They will send text and they will they will laugh at you

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it's true because even though Can I check your phone Sure.

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roll off

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because they were sent letters man letters mean something to them nowadays. So he needed to speak their language. Right? Okay, so that's one thing that out the back home syndrome please gone out the door. You need to be hip here and now you need to understand their lingo. I talked to my kids all the time. Hey, listen man. What's the latest on st Teach me Master sensei?

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It's true because they may end they may end the target audience they are my customer. So I need to listen to them.

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Okay, most of us think all we are this way no more no man. Speak with them. You talk to them not at them and so on. different language inshallah.