Ahsan Hanif – Islamic New Year

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The cycle of the Islamic calendar is highlighted as the final month in the Islamic calendar, with the pass of the cycle being recognized as the final month. The cycle uses time as a reminder of the likelihood of success or victory, and people may not even remember the date. The cycle is used to indicate the likelihood of one's success or victory, and people may not even remember the date.
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in the Shangri La huhtala mahamadou stay in or who want to stop people who want to study whenever we know humans all the unforeseen are wanting to see Dr. Marina Miyagi Hilah who follow Him will then learn. Well may you believe in Allah howdy Allah, wa shadow Allah. Allah who washed the hula sharika Allah wa shadow under Mohammed bin Abdul voila, Solo Solo over to LA he was Salam who I really am.

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For in na stopple had at GitHub Allah He to Allah, wa Juran Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shalom

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to ha polemaster Simba

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wakulla Bala now,

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my dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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It was only a few days ago. It was only last week that we celebrated agreed upon

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and for many of our brothers and sisters, they were performing the hajj, the pilgrimage to the house of Allah azza wa jal in Makkah, and this great festival of reason.

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And this great pillar of Islam, the Hajj signifies many things, and most of them have been mentioned throughout this month.

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But after the passing of both of these events, there is something else which should be brought to our attention, something which both reads will uphold and the hype signifying. And that is the very fast approach of the end of the year.

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The month of the future is the 12th and final month in the Islamic calendar and the Hajj and ecological signifying that half of this month more or less has passed.

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And then we see that now we are in the final days of the Islamic calendar. And it is also coincidental that this year, the English calendar the Gregorian calendar, the year 2007, is also finishing very soon. And this bold signifies both of these events signifying the coming of the end of the conclusion of this year.

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And in this the passing of days and nights, the alternation of the sun and the moon, there are many many signs and Allah azza wa jal has mentioned them in the Quran has been signed, so that people will ponder and reflect. Woman it he laid wonder how we were Shamsa. Well Palmer, and from His signs from the signs of Allah, or the day and the night, the sun and the moon, the sun represents the day and the moon represents the night and Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran for Saqqara locomotion so when Mr. Radha II Bane was suffered, hola como Layla when the hot water come in Colima, ultimo were in terrible Dune and Matala. He loved to sue her inland in Santa lava lumen Kapow Verily, Allah azza

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wa jal has subjected for you the day and the night. And he has subjected for you the sun and the moon, meaning that they are under your control, the day and the night, the sun and the moon. But how are they under our control? We don't control when the sun comes up. We don't control the different stages and phases of the moon. We don't control the day and night. We don't choose when the sun sets and when it rises, but it is under our control. If we utilize the hours of the Sun and the hours of the moon, the hours of daylight and the hours of night. If we use and utilize these hours in a wise way, by doing that which Allah azza wa jal has ordered. refraining from that which Allah azza wa jal

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has forbidden. Then this is how the sun and the moon but they under might have been suggested to us. And then Allah azza wa jal in the verse immediately after this, he brings something very, very strong. He mentioned something very, very strong and that is what attacked him in Colima, ultimo. He has given you everything which you have asked for everything which you need, he has given it to you were integral to him at Allah He saw her. And if you were to try to count the blessings of Allah azza wa jal, you will not be able to enumerate them.

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But what is the result in the insanity of aluminum kafele verily man, he is ever oppressive, ever disobedient ever disbelieving? He just believes in the signs of Allah azza wa jal and then he just believes in the blessings which Allah azza wa jal bestows upon him. He just believes in them by thanking Allah azza wa jal by not understanding these signs by not taking benefit from these signs.

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And so we see here

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The importance of time. And the importance of time is such that Allah azza wa jal has taken an oath by using the Quran in surah mussulman, the 130 chapter of the Quran, when Allah azza wa jal swears by time, and he takes an oath by it. Why does a large xojo take an oath by time? Why not take an oath by anything else? Why in the surah, this he mentioned the time as being a witness, he mentioned that due to the fact that it is something which has witnessed everything, every event which has ever taken place, from the beginning of time, and every event which will ever take place until the end of time. Time is a witness to everything. It is a witness to me and you to our deeds, what we perform

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every single day, what we perform every single night. And this is why we find many narrations from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of your loved one whom, and from the scholars of Islam, Rahim, Allah, talking about the importance of time, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself mentioned that one of the blessings which this oma will neglect is free time. And he mentioned that one of the questions which every single person will be asked on the Day of Judgment, before his two feet are allowed to move from in front of his Lord is about his lifespan, what he did with his time, how he spent his youth, how he spent his life. And it was

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reported on some of the companions that they would say, that you Oh son of Adam, you are made up of days, just as you are made up of bones and blood and flesh are made up of days. So whenever a single day passes are part of your passes by it, meaning that your time on this on this planet, your time in this life is measured by days. So every single time the sun sets, every single time a day passes by in your life, you are one step closer to your grave, you are closer to your death, you are closer to the accounting of Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment. And this is why it was reported on the famous scholar of the hub, Rahim Allah, a famous scholar of Tafseer. It is said that whenever

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the sun would set, and the evening would approach, he would begin to cry. And so they would ask him malua Keke rahimullah what is it that makes you cry? And he would reply your Hema Hola. That's federally this day the sun has set on this day. And I don't know whether this day will be an evidence for me, or whether it will be an evidence against me on the Day of Judgment. What I have put forth on this day, will it be something which Allah azza wa jal will use in my favor? Or will it be something which Allah azza wa jal will use against me and against my favor. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a Hadith, that people awake in the morning,

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every single soul awakes in the morning, and they bargain for their souls, they bargain for their souls. So there are those who buy feedom for their souls. And there are those who sell their souls to destruction. These are the two types of people and these two groups and these two types are always mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. Allah azza wa jal mentions on the Day of Judgment, that there will only be two types of people, two groups for the political agenda who have

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a party in Paradise and a party in the fire. And here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is also mentioning these two types of people, one who awakes in the morning and he buys his freedom, freedom from what? Freedom from the punishment of Allah azza wa jal from his anger from the hellfire. And there are those who sell their souls to the destruction of the Hellfire and to the punishment of Allah azza wa jal.

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So time is a reminder of death.

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It is a reminder of death and this is why the famous companion Abdullah rhodiola hanuma, he would say, these are unsaved for Latin for the rich Saba, what is the aspect of Latin called the real masa f2 the morning comes upon you, then do not expect to see the evening. And when the evening comes upon you then do not expect to see the morning. This is Oh, this was the outlook of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu are they he was sending them. When they saw the sunrise, they had no guarantee that the sun would set upon them. They may die before they see the sun setting. So they would take from their lives or they would put forth something for that day. And likewise, when the

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night came upon them, there was no guarantee that they would see the morning.

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So 365 days have passed in this year.

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And me and you, all of us will be held to account on the Day of Judgment. And how many of us can even remember what we have put forth over this year? If Allah azza wa jal was to take us to account today Now, how many of us would be confident that we would escape the punishment of Allah azza wa jal that we will be successful, that we would be victorious free

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