Why did Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه love the fever?

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Well, hello, he said, Ma'am in model when you see booni,

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a Hubble eladia, bin and hammer. He said, there is no sickness and illness more beloved to me, then the fever, likewise, and that's one of the major symptoms of the Coronavirus. He said there is no sickness more beloved to me than the fever. Why? He said

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that the whole of equally robbed with money, because it affects every limb of my body. It affects your hands, your fingers, your legs, your toes, they even it affects your eyes, and your forehead, and your face and your neck and your back in the front. It affects every single limb of your body. That's what the fever does.

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And then he said, we're in nulla Hello RP could allow Bwin kista home in an Azure. And Allah sosial as a result, will give every limb that is experiencing pain, he gives up reward law. So the ID is one of the rewards of sickness is that it wipes away sins. So when the fever affects all of your body, that means the sins of the eyes are being washed away. Because the fever is affecting here. The sins of the tongue are being wiped away. The sins of the hands are being wiped away because the fever is filled in the hands. The sins of the feet and where your feet has has led you to the hallum are also washed and wiped away because the fever is filled there. Subhan Allah and what you've heard

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of her arm of music, of gossip of slander, of backbiting, and you sat there and you enjoyed the words that is wiped away as well because the fever has reached the era as well. For hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen such a beautiful hadith of Abu hurayrah probably Allahu anhu