True Definition Of A Real Man

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You know today there's a lot of talk about masculinity. What is a man? While red pill, all these kinds of talks that come out on podcast and people that I would personally Oh, go go so talking about what a man is. I tell you something,

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the one who does not have a portion of solid in the masjid no matter where his nostrils have reached in Islam, he is not a man and he has not reached manhood.

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Omaha alimony is perhaps a woman because he prays at home with the woman Walhalla Quwata illa which is what Allah mentioned in the Quran, is about my words.

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When Allah azza wa jal spoke about the Samaritan and masjid, he said febrile you Tim, I mean Allah Who until far away you've got a fever, smooth, you simple level fear, do we want our phone

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he spoke about houses that are established upon the remembrance of Allah. Then come to these houses, pray in the early hours of the morning in the late hours of the night.

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He said Regehr alone, these are the men

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and he said that he alone can win at the end. And that can win at the end it magnifies the word and it magnifies its meaning it emphasizes meaning these are the men that have reached complete manhood.