Abu Bakr Zoud – The Moment the Believers enter the Paradise

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam is discussed, as it helps individuals to live in groups and avoid isolation. The concept of "naught" is also discussed, as it relates to the natural tendencies of individuals and the desire for a better life. The negative impact of social media on people's views of "naught" is also emphasized, along with the importance of rewarding individuals for their accomplishments and working towards their goals.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Juan and he also be as mine, my brothers and sisters in Islam at the end of Salta, Zuma Allah azzawajal. He describes to us the believers and how they end up entering the paradise like what a beautiful description. Allah Xhosa Lee says watseka levina boom iljin net Izumo, that those who had taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those who feed Allah subhanho wa Taala by establishing a last commandments in their life, and keeping away as best as they can from that which Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibited upon them. And if they were to fall in any prohibition, they are quick and they rush to make it over. These people. See con la Vina de

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bajo Elan jetnet Izumo, on the day of judgment, such people will be driven to the paradise in groups, the angels would take these people and they would take them to the paradise Allahu Akbar, what and what an honor. It's as though you've been working all your life in this worldly life in that which pleases a lot of social. And now on the Day of Judgment. You don't even have to do anything. You're picked up you are driven to the paradise Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he says zoom all the people when they enter the paradise, they enter the paradise in groups, we are taken to the paradise in groups zoom out, oh, this is very important the reflection he is that because the

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believers are always in groups in this worldly life, Allah so it keeps that kind of brotherhood and sisterhood alive. And people enter the paradise in groups. We don't enter the paradise individually. No one goes into the paradise alone by himself. We enter in groups just like we used to worship a law. In this world. They live in groups, just like we used to look after each other in this world, the life Bismillah allows origin continues that for us the fact that we are taken to the paradise in groups, and this from this word, we understand the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam. And you know, especially nowadays in this lockdown, it doesn't mean that brotherhood and

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sisterhood has ended. You know, lots of people so many people think brotherhood and sisterhood is limited to the masjid. That's that's where Brotherhood is in the masjid. Now that's very wrong. You know, the people of Algarve you read their story in salted gaff, they ate together. They slept in the cave together. They woke up together. They were before all that they were prison together, they escaped together, they died together, everything was done together. This is what true Brotherhood is that you're always connected with your brothers and sisters, no matter what the situation is. watseka levina takotsubo iljin. net is the word Zuma is teaching us look after each other. Always

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value and appreciate brotherhood and sisterhood. So that leaves me like a toddler that continues with us on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanahu Medina then says, Have evasion until they are driven to the paradise until we reach the doors. We asked them to make us from among them, either here or here, until we reach the doors. What would you have a boy about and the doors of the paradise begin to open? Can you imagine that one law he it's a it's an extraordinary feeling just to read it. Imagine when we see it itself, the big doors of the paradise are opening. When the resort Allahu Allahu wa sallam described the doors of the paradise, he told us that there are eight gates of the

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gates of the paradise and each gate from one pillar to the other. The width of one gate can be in a maquette also. It's the distance between Mecca and brusilov, which is in Iraq. That's almost one month of travel for a person that was traveling on a horse. That's how wide the gate is. And this is implying allies generosity, and mercy upon the believers. You know, the bigger the door, the more generous a person is. And the wider it's open, the generous it is the generous such a person is so powerful have the

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war food the Buddha

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will call Allah home.

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And the gatekeeper of the paradise, he would say to the believers to those that are standing outside the gates ready to enter the paradise. The angels greet them. They say to them, send

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me Peace be upon you. Allahu Akbar salaamu alaikum tone todo hora de dum Yanni

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meaning you are pure. You people are pure. An Abbess lovely Allahu anhu. He explained this word. What does that mean? You need to understand what this word is because they are

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After losses fed Hulu Holiday Inn, therefore, because of your tip don't enter the paradise and reside there in forever. So we need to focus on what does it mean? Because this is going to be the reason for why the believers enter the paradise but to better serve the Ummah, one who says, but to the party layer, if you do,

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that you attained the status of the victim of being pure, because you evade the law, social in this worldly life. This is what is this is how a person becomes pure. The fact that he worships allows origin, because for every hustler, and for every good deed we do, it cleanses us It cleanses and it wipes away the sins that we have. So every time you do a good deed, it's wiping away say yes, so you always remain in a state of purity clean in your soul and in your heart. Allah has Georgia leases in the personnel to the Minister yet that the good deeds, the boy the bad deeds, so it'll be a long one, he says good tone, that a person attains purity by doing the commandment of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala for guru holy deed. And not only this, in other durations dumb, someone would have said that put don't contemplate the benefit. That peep you people were good. You people were pure in this world, the life and this refers to the fact that people were good with each other. People were good with other human beings, well mannered, well behaved good with others, looking out of the affairs of others looking after the affairs of others, helping others in times of need and hardship and calamities. For Tipton, it covers both perspectives, that a person becomes pure, by looking after the commandments of a lot of social adhering to them, and implementing what allows origin wants from

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him of worships and good deeds. And on the other side, put to them, meaning you earn purity and goodness, by looking after others in this life. And this is also from the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala for tolu holiday as a result, enter the paradise and reside in the forever and ever law allows origin then he says walk on hamdu lillahi Livia sadhaka. And once the believers into the paradise, the first word we see is and hamdulillah. Can you appreciate how important this word is in our life? We're going to see this word as we enter the paradise we say and Hamdulillah, olevia sadhaka Nevada, All praise belongs to Allah, the One who fulfilled his promise to us. A last promise

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was that if you do good, I give you the paradise. So now that it's been fulfilled, we are going to thank a lot for that we see 111 and living a Southern Nevada are often an old, an old priest belongs to a large ocean, that he allowed us to inherit this land, the paradise you and I will inherit it, we will take it. And what this inheritance means is that every single person that lives on Earth, allows origin has made a place for him in the paradise and a place for him in the Hellfire, believe that and disbeliever those who do not make it to their place in the paradise. Those places are inherited by the believers when they come. So when the believers enter the paradise, they inherit

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the empty spaces that were reserved for the disbelievers had, they believed in a lot of social and work to be admitted into the paradise. But since they didn't make it to the paradise, those empty places are now inherited by the believers. were often an odd. Natasha, one woman and Jen, Nettie heifer,

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we are able to reside in this paradise wherever we like a lot about what a blessing compared this to this worldly life here, you know, it's not always what you want in this world, the life that becomes a reality for you. So many people desire to live, you know, we're waterfront, our waterfront properties, you know, live next to the river. I want to live next to the ocean. So many people have so many desires in in terms of where they want to live. But for most of us, we know it's not a reality. You know, you need to get your house according to your budget and your means and so on. But a lot of social he says that the believers are so excited that they make it a point that to say,

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Natasha well, Jen nutty hi Fiona share, that we can roam and go wherever we want in this paradise. Danny, they compare it to this worldly life and they know how restricted they were in this life. And now they are so excited that they mentioned at the at the IFA

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Allah azza wa jal concludes this I have I say, Fernanda as your ally emilian. And how excellent is the paradise as a reward for those who

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striving hard and working for last seek funnier as your anatomy. Yummy, nothing, nothing is going to be more rewarding than the paradise for the worshipers that worship the Lord in this worldly life. Well, one of the my brothers and sisters in Islam,

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nothing will reward you don't ever expect reward from anyone that would do justice to that which you did have good in this world life, the only one who can truly reward us for the good that we've done in this life is a last question. And he has rewarded us by giving us the paradise and admitting us into the paradise in the hereafter. And it just gets better from then and then the pleasure of a loss or the opportunity to see a loss of Hannah who are dying every week on a Friday and those who strive indeed extra good in this life. You know, there are Heidi's that would say that there are people in the paradise that would see a lot of bukata noir here once in the morning, once in the

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afternoon, and that the people in the paradise earning a loss, pleasure or loss or shall never ever, ever, ever be displeased with anyone in the paradise ever again. Just to know that it relaxes a person a lot about and it's a reward in and of itself for we asked the muscle parent who died I mean fondly when asked loss aversion that he admitted into the paradise and he may cause people of the paradise in Hollywood that he called father Ali or sort of law who was a little about a girl and Amina Mohammed while he was here as your main

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