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Abu Abdissalam
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Imagine you could own everything that this world has to offer. Think about the palaces of the kings and presidents, the cause of the rich and the wealth of the billionaires. Now imagine you could have easily gained all of that this morning. But maybe you lost out. How bad would you feel Assalamu alaikum I'm your brother. I'm speaking to you from the blessitt city of Makkah. Allah the Most Merciful and Almighty has kept many virtues in the different types of acts of worship in Islam. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what acts of worship might be hard for his servants. Hence, we find huge reward and virtues in those difficult actions. Take for example, the

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obligation of Hajj it's compulsory for those who are fit and financially able to do it once in their lifetime. The reward of an accepted hedge is nothing less than gender. It also clears your history of any bad deeds. So after performing an accepted HUD, you have a clean slate, just like the date your mother gave birth to you. But hard isn't easy. It requires patience, traveling, a lot of physical effort, mental effort and struggle, and sometimes it can also cost you a lot of money. At the same time, Allah has also kept huge rewards for small acts of worship. They may include reciting certain to us or chapters in the Quran, for example, or other types of worship. One of these acts of

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worship is something we can easily do every single day in sha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the two rock as of fudger, meaning the two sooner before fudger are better than this world and everything in it. And this hadith is narrated by Muslim Subhana Allah, let's just think about that and internalize it for a minute. In the eyes of Allah, the total cost of the Sunnah prayer before fudger are better than having trillions of pounds or dollars, better than mansions, gold, silver cars, fame, the huge buildings, we see the animal kingdom, the skies, the seas, you name it, these two rockets are better than everything, the entire world and everything it contains

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Allahu Akbar, to get something which is better than the whole world, and everything it contains in the hereafter. It just takes us to wake up and perform true cause of sooner prayer before virgin, of course, you have to pray the Father to in this life. Think about how difficult it is to sometimes even make ends meet, or to save up for a house or a car, or you know, things that we want. Moreover, even if we owned the entire world, and everything it contains, it would only benefit us for maybe 60 7080 100 years, 120 years, if you live long. You know, in this world, we only live for a short time. But to get something better than the entire world in the Hereafter, it will benefit us for

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eternity for ever. So Let's all make a firm intention to pray these two cars before fudger every morning, they won't take long, we will see the blessings because of them in this life, and their true value on the Day of Judgment. Finally, if this, my brothers and sisters, is the reward of praying just two hours of sun prayer before fudger and that is is better than the whole world and everything that it contains. Then imagine how huge the reward for our five daily obligatory prayers will be in the hereafter. obligatory acts of worship are more beloved to Allah. And the scholars say they are rewarded much more By Allah, then voluntary deeds. So let's make sure we never miss our

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prayers again. Who's going to join me in making a resolution that will never ever miss another prayer again, let me know in the comments. If you're also going to make this resolution in sha Allah if you benefited from this video, then tag someone else who could also benefit so you can get their reward to in sha Allah. And finally, if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe to the channel or page to get other videos like it. I'm your brother

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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