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AI: Summary © The importance of consciousness and the shift in the solar calendar lead to success for individuals and their families. Consistent work and seeking a means of coming close to Allah's presence is crucial for achieving spiritual realism and achieving sustainable goals. The importance of sincerity and following Prophet's instructions is also emphasized. Proactive guidance and compassion are also key for achieving personal success. The speaker emphasizes the need for flexibility and gratitude to protect others and achieve their goals.
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Alhamdulillah Hello Bill alameen wa shadow one La ilaha illallah wa de Sala hain, Russia, Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo, hot Amazon via even more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah de cada seleka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Amanda what he was telling me so nutty Yomi Dean seldom test Sleeman kathira A my bad for SQL will not see the taqwa Allah azza wa jal 70 What are your coolock suparna Billahi min ash shaytani r regime? Yeah, you had levena Armando taco law, Webb Tabu ley Hill was sila. But Jackie do fi Serbia de la la come to flee home.

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All praises due to Allah Lord of the worlds. And surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. I bear witness that olara is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is his servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family and his companions, and all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows.

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I remind myself and you have the critical nature of taqwa that consciousness of the Creator needs to be with us in every phase of our life, whether we are young,

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whether we are in our teens, middle age, old age, whatever it is, it's that consciousness of a law that helps us move through the phases of life, to the ultimate transition transition into the real life.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has given us a divine formula, in order to assist us to success in this world in the hereafter. And he tells us in service of my either oh you who believe have the consciousness of Allah be mindful of Allah. And seek a means of coming near to Allah

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and strive in the path of Allah

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in order that you would be successful. And so three elements, three chains, in this divine rope that will help us on the road. One is tequila is that we should always be mindful of the Creator. Secondly, we need to seek what Sila minahasa means of coming close to Allah, how can we come closer and closer to Allah as we move along the path. And finally, once we have the means, we need to strive and struggle. It is not enough to have the means. But we need to implement, put it into practice, strive and struggle because this life is a series of tests. The tests will not end just like the weather.

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It continues and continues all the way through this life until we make that transition.

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And at the end of this beautiful idea that Allah tells us law law come to fly home. If you do this, then maybe you would be successful.

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Alpha law, the ultimate goal with Allah azza wa jal

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Oh, you who believe this time of year,

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the month of January, the beginning of the month in the solar world is an important decisive time for many people.

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Because they think about a past solar year, and they want to move on to a new solar year.

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And so they make resolutions. Last Sunday, they looked at the ball going up. They waited until 12 midnight, and then they were so happy to enter into a new year.

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But the reality was in this world that we are living in that even the concept of a new year that was celebrated last week is not a real reality. It is an illusion.

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Because December, according to counting in Latin, if you count in Latin December is the 10th month of the year. So December in the Latin calendar in the action calendar is the 10th month of the year in January.

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is the 11th month, February is the 12th month and the new year begins in March.

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And so an illusion, living in an illusion. But the month of January was chosen and this is where we need to be mindful of this. The month of January was chosen

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for the so called pagan goddess Janice, who had two phases.

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They believed he had one, spiritual realism and another materialism. One he is joyful and happy. And then the other face, he is hiding an evil intention.

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And so that hypocritical to face concept of Janice, we have to be aware of this. Even though for us, the reality is we are in the middle of rivia Thani. 14 139 years after the hegemon so our new year has already begun. We are moving on rebif Danny, that's where we're at.

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But we still because we are living in this environment. We are affected by the time schedule going back to work against starting school again starting projects again, making intentions again, we need to be aware that the Prophet Mohammed Sal Selim has told us taggi do Min sharada ness Yama, Yama, TN de la Vela watch hain

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a leather Yachty How will he be watchin? will have will it be watch?

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The Prophet peace be upon him said you will find amongst the most despicable people on the Day of Judgment. In the eyes of Allah is the two faced,

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he comes to one group with one face and another group with another face.

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That is what we have to avoid. Not to fall into the pagan construct of two phases where we are Abu Bakar with the people and book of Bobby with our friends.

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One face, one face for Islam, even though the conditions may be difficult.

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And this is so important to us at this time of year

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that we grab on to the role of Allah to hand of Allah subhanaw taala we grab on to the rope.

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And as our verse told us from search Alma EDA

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remember Allah and seek a means of coming close to Allah.

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Seek our sila. And when you get it, strive, strive in the passive Path of Allah v sebelah. Strive in whatever you're doing. Strive in your work, strive in school.

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strive with your Muslim friends with your people of other faith friends, keep striving for Allah subhanaw taala no matter what are the conditions we need to be able to be moderate to control ourselves. Many people in the New Year

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make an intention.

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They will save money.

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They will accomplish certain goals and a few weeks later, it's gone.

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What we need is consistency.

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Because this life is here now, it is gone tomorrow. And the prophet SAW Selim said in authentic hadith reported in Sahih Muslim lk yes mandanna nafsa

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y Mila Lima basil note. Well, a hammock men

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men Atiba enough sahoo hahaha what's Amanda Allah La him. Amen.

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So the province has started them said al Qaeda is the intelligent person is the one who controls himself

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and works toward life after death.

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But the fool is the one who lets himself go

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and then hopes that allow will forgive him in the end.

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So okay, yes, this is the one that we need to strive to be in this time seeking a means of coming close to Allah because this world is short.

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And it's only the fool who thinks that of 40 years, 50 6070 years 80 years that he has been given that this is eternal life. This is

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is a fool's paradise. The real life is after the transition. After the transition of death, then we enter the real life. And that is where Allah said, call the Dean of fee ha, Abaddon,

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they will live in this other world, forever

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eternal life. So we'll carius He's the one who knows what's going to happen, who believes what's going to happen, his drive for the eternal life, but the fool

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will strive for the thing he sees in front of him. He tastes it, he hears it, he smells it, he reacts like an animal.

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And so seeking that means of coming close to Allah subhanaw taala.

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One of the greatest means of coming close to Allah, within us is a class sincerity.

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And this is really important for Muslims today. Because it's not about our numbers. We have millions of Muslims.

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It's not about our matches, we have some of the most beautiful structures on the face of the planet Earth.

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It's not about our money.

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Because we have very rich people. We have mineral wealth. It's not about our military strength. Because we have 1000s of men standing around us, great potential,

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but something on the inside, something to convert the potential into a reality, a living reality, to change our conditions, to change what is happening around us. The famine, the man made famine.

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The man made was

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the man made drug obsessions.

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Something to convert us out of this

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into a new reality. Sincerity

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is one of the key elements to purify ourselves

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to come out of this and in this light.

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One of the great Aloma

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of the Sahara of the great Sahara Desert, Sahara Cobra

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in Africa,

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see the admit even Akhmad even Mohammed Eben Isa l burner c alpha c azzaro Rahim Allah,

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one of the great scholars that call the share of the mother kiya

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and they gave him a title that all Omar say nobody ever had before.

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He was more testable. Allah will Olia he was the one who would correct the scholars and the spiritual people.

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He was quality control person.

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And one of the key issues that he spoke about is sincerity.

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It is the bottom line for us. And it went to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, who in this off repeated tradition has told us and when it was said, the pros seldom said a dino naseeha

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that the essence of Islam is naziha

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which is advice but it also knows his support. And it also is sincerity.

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When you clean up something when you clean metal, not so how you burn the metal.

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You can hide in order to clean it up. So it goes through difficult conditions like we are being purified right now with this temperature outside. Don't think that heat is the only way you can be purified. Because this cold is so cold. It is turning hot.

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A purification is what we need to get the dregs out of our mind. Pride, tribalism, racism, love for money, love for our people,

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organizational fanaticism

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to get this out of our minds, so the prophet SAW Selim said the essence of the deen of your of the religion of Islam is sincerity.

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It is the essence talimena rasulillah his companion said for

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Who is the sincerity and the prophets are seldom said lillahi wa lira Zhu Li Wali kitabi he will the amateur Muslim Mina Mufasa waha Satya.

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He said your sincerity is for Allah, His Messenger, his book,

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The general body of the Muslims and the leadership.

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This is Hadith and Jeremy it is a complete advice given by the prophet Mohammed Salah.

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But how can we be sincere to these five categories? How can we be sincere CD admit rahima hola in a penetrating look at this in line with the great Aloma of the East and the West has told us under see hi Lila How can we be sincere to Allah first a tasleem the hook meaning

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that we need to submit

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to His commands, submit to His will.

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Whatever His judgment is, submit to it. If somebody dies, we submit. If the weather comes harsh on us, we submit submit to His will.

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it's about our mini he

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follow His commands.

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Follow what he tells you to do. And finally Nusrat Dini

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that we should assist his Dean. We should do something for Islam. Something in our life that our wealth is not just for ourselves, put something of what you have, you may have time.

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You may have skills, you may have wealth, you may have just a smile, do something to assist the Muslims in any possible way.

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And secondly, on naseeha leader su li How can we be sincere to the Messenger of Allah alayhi salatu salam

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Sidi Ahmed Rahim Allah told us a kromm karate

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he said Be generous and kind to his family.

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It's bad, so naughty, he

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follow his Sunnah.

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If you want to really love the prophets of Salaam, then make his way, your way.

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If I am sincere, I put Sunnah in my life. So not only to work out sooner,

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but sooner in my business, sooner in my family relationships, sooner in everything that I do inside of this life. And finally, a chef aka Allah Almighty,

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that we should be compassionate to the aroma of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah if Muslims are hurting and suffering in Yemen, then I am a Yemeni.

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They are suffering in the Philippines. I am Filipino.

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If there's suffering in Syria, I am a Syrian. If they are suffering in Central Africa, I am Central African.

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If they suffer in Bosnia, I am Bosnia. Anywhere

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that the oma is suffering, if we want to be sincere to the Prophet Sal seldom, we need to have this compassion and this feeling that we will do something try to do something to help the oma, how can we be sincere to the book of Allah?

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tahseen talathi. What is it about our meeting, that we beautify the recitation of the Quran? With Tajweed?

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We think about what is in the book, who is he? Think what is inside of the book and finally, follow its commands. If you read it nicely, and don't follow what it says your hypocrite, remember what Shane, Janice, your hypocrite? Quran is telling you to do one thing and we do the opposite Well,

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how can we be sincere to the general body of the Muslims,

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establish their limits, protect other Muslims defend their honor, the honor of another Muslim in my honor to

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defend the honor of the Muslims. If we hear somebody talking against the Muslims, say something don't sit there.

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This is the sincerity to the believers. And how can we be sincere to the leadership in that is that our

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Leaders are general leaders, the O'Meara

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obey the Amara, as long as they obey Allah.

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Listen to the scholars, as long as they have delille long as they have proof.

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And those who are in spirituality will give you spiritual advice about your heart, and about your spirit, follow them as long as they stay within the limits of Sharia. If they go outside of these limits, then there is no obedience.

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And so

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naseeha sincerity, and that sincerity especially to Allah subhanaw taala is so important.

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Those things that we cannot control, we submit to a lot. And those things that we can control those things, the actions that were involved in,

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if we have goodness in our life, thank Allah. If we commit sins, Toba repent to Allah subhanaw taala and that is crucial for this nation at this point in time, that as the it gets colder and colder and our bodies are shivering, we need to repent to Allah subhanaw taala before it is too late, this whole nation needs to repent when our children are suffering.

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Maybe inshallah, Allah will help us and make us of those who are successful in this life and hereafter. Haku locally how the world stock for lolly welcome, Melissa in Muslim medium in Colombian istockphoto in nahu hula for

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala valine will act in Nabina Muhammad in WA Allah He was happy. Woman da vida de la yo Medina

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are your kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam da ma Judy buck Illa ma luxury.

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The prophets of Solomon one occasion said leave that which is doubtful for those things, that there is no doubt

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we are coolock suparna mockbee dunhua Amira inala harmala ekata who you soluna Allah knobbies Yeah, are you Khaled Lena amanu sallu alayhi wa salaamu Taslima

Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick | Friday Khutbah | January 5th, 2018 | Islamic Institute of Toronto

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