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Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for the holy month in Ghana is emphasized, as it is a sign of success for the people and a change in the natural cycle of the beast. The importance of following the Sun minor league and following the Prophet's teachings is emphasized, as it is beneficial for personal growth and rewarding actions. Prayer time is emphasized, as it is necessary to pray before leaving work and personal growth.
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Oh yeah, I will who

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a lot of us, most of us would like, you know what this is Alright class one year, next year, I have a new house overlooking Lake Washington.

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Not one day, not one day. And that's temporary. Right? You can

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still do it. But how to engine every single day, a house in Ghana, how to get there's not like the houses now, houses here in this world. The houses agenda have flow from under the

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house, a house in Jana every day, and we will work so hard to get a house in this world, just the house, in this world. But every day you have an opportunity to have a house that will be yours forever.

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Every day. And, and so the reward is very, very great and some of us we don't realize how great the reward is. And so, the

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the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala also, the first thing of course, is a great reward and also that Allah Subhana Allah is so merciful towards us, that He has given to us the means a means to patch up some of that deficiency that we have in the obligatory prayers.

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Like some of the deficiency, we have in the obligatory prayers, Allah Subhana Allah has given us the, the Sooners, we can pray and there are so many prayers like these these prayers here are established in the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah. But you will see that there are so many other prayers that are not part of the Sunnah VEDA people make up and they swear they've tried to firmly hold on to it very strong hold on to these prayers that have no no basis, and some of the acts of Binda that have no basis people fight, fight, fight, fight to try to establish something that's not a base has no basis in the Quran and Sunnah. But we have these prayers and we have so many other

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Sooners that we should be firm and try to apply and you're to establish it with vigor, and to also call to it and to also be consistent in praying them. And so

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another thing that we benefit from this hadith is that the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam as we learn from the Hadith,

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and Sunnah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Cana usually obligatory rock it he would pray to rock as before the

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rock and to afterwards to rock us about the rock 18 feet at and he will pay after mother also to rock has in his house, whereby they shall rock it in the Juma to rock it in the Beatty in his house. So the reward the best prayer of a person, the Sunnah prayers are best prayed at home, and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Of course this is over all of these prayers that he mentioned that the prophets of the pray pray at home. So the Mercy of Allah Allah, Allah Allah La Salette in

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the bay de la sala Illa selected McKubre affable upward Salah, the best prayer of a person selected ma debatably, the best prayer you can pray that prayer in your house to pray at home, except the mandatory prayers except for the obligatory prayers. And of course, it's better for you to pray those obligatory prayers in the masjid. So how do we also know and also where did the prophets or operators sunnah, most of as soon as he prayed at home, and that's why the Prophet sallallahu MSOP said either a payment is for Allah. When a car is called Philander, Boo Boo Hector terroni Do not stand up until you see me. Do not stand up and see you see some people when they come into the

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masjid they're standing and they're waiting right waiting don't sit down sit down and then when you see the Imam come in the stand up the Sharma so the prophet Elijah herself either team and he said either Kamath Salah when you calm as we call for when it's time we eat either LP matters a lot here. What does that mean? That means when the time of your Karma comes in, not necessarily the time when Karma comes in, like you know when the Imam is ready to make you and then is about to but he's he's waiting for the man to come. He says, No, I don't, don't just discard them.

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When he stumbles, we look at the clock of time already everybody is standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down, just calm down.

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to sit down and wait and when the Imam comes in, then you see the Imam, the Sunnah here, but let the home heterotic until you see me until you once you see the Imam inshallah you can stand up and so this also shows some people continue to sit down right they sit down, sit down until the harvest is

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right or tell Hallo Hallo fella or some some people's different times until they finish. We see the Imam come to stand up, just stand up when it's when the prayer is about to be established, and a lot of animals mess. Another thing another benefit that we get here is can you suddenly suggest any coffee for 10 have sobre de la Hannah, she said she says he used to pray to light your raka to light. So if we say but you know I want to play pray long. But what if I want to pray longer? Know the sooner it's pretty light. So the reward is greater in praying and shortening your prayer in this instance, because you following the Sunnah is greater and more rewarding than prolonging your prayer

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in this particular time. But when is this time, this is before Fajr inside before Fajr prayer, right when the anon has made the two records that you pray before budget should be very, very light. These are these are light, why these are these lights rocker and this is you'll get more reward for praying for prayer shortening your prayer, then to lengthen your prayer. Okay, so, so sometimes, sometimes it's not just about it's not just about how long you pray is the quality of your prayer. Awesome. So that's why if you know some, some of the scholars I remember reading, one of them had the theme. He somebody came to him and had he said I have problem I have really have a problem

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focusing him for sure. And prayer. Like how can i What can I do? He tells me he said shorten your prayer, don't pay too long. But you know, you face your your prayer, make it have high quality, right, shorten your problem concentrating. Okay, then purposely don't pay too long. But try to pray short and sweet.

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Make it short. Because when you intend to perfect something, if you know it's sure it is a small amount of something that's consistent is better than a long prayer that has no quantity, no quality in it. And so you're gonna pay to rock as of these two rock zero how much there were

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the lessons of a last

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minute dunya we're mafia to rock

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and what kind of like rock

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before projects

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are better than equivalent to the dunya are better than the dunya and whatever is in

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there than juniors and just like before, before and so I must say that shorten your prayer. But if you do have problems you want to start small and maybe prolong later on, but try to focus and have her show in your prayer. So following the Sunnah of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is greater and more virtuous than doing something long. It's not part of the Sunnah. Right? So these before further, you can pray long if you want. But to pray short, the reward is greater because you're following the example of the Messenger of Allah when you know the famous Hadith from NSW. Malik and Radi Allahu Anhu said, three people came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, they came to the wives of the prophets of Allah.

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And they were asking about his worship.

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Yes, Aluna and added in the visa Lavanya Hillsong. So they were asking about the worship of the prophets of Allah Allahu wa sallam. philam buloke and Philando view. And Hunter Ha hoo ha. So when they were informed about what the Prophet sallallahu did, in terms of his fasting has prayed, and what he used to do in terms of his worship, they belittle it as if they belittle it, they like, well, that's not a lot. Right? And they felt that that was not a lot. And so they said, Well, I know men and I know he was alone. So how can we compare ourselves? Who are we compared to the Prophet sallallahu? Who are we compared to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the luthier Allah

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who matter but dynamism be here.

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Allah has already forgiven his past. And his, his, his

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upcoming sins and his past sins. And so as if they thought they thought, You know what, what he did? Yes, it's not a lot, but Allah has already forgiven them. And so for us, we need to do more than that. Right? We need to do more than that. So this is what they're saying. Football. Probably one of them sells.

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For me also, delay Aveda. As for me, because, you know, they asked about the Prophet symbolizes prayer, like sometimes he would pray, and sometimes he would sleep. So there was a time in which he would sleep and the other time he would pray. So he didn't spend the whole night praying. He slept some part part of the night, and he prayed most of the night, half of the night or most of the night, but he slept. So he says, As for me, I'm not going to sleep at nighttime, I'm going to pray all night, every night.

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As if to say, you know, this is what we need to do, because we're not, you know, we don't have the virtues and you know, we haven't been forgiven, like the promise of Verizon was. And so the other person says, I remember they all they also asked, Well, how did he use to fast? Well, some days he would fast and some days he would not fast, right? He looked fast on certain days. And he would not fast. And sometimes he would fast until we thought he wasn't going to break as fast. And sometimes he would break his fast. And so we thought he would not fast again. Right? So there's some days it would fast. Some days, he would fast enough. Some days, he would have a streak of days, he would not

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pass it all without making it fast anymore. And then some days he would fast so much that we thought he would not stop at all. So the messenger of Allah was sometimes fast, and it would not sometimes he would. And so this companion says, assume

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assume so my dad

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said, you know, I'm gonna pass every day for the rest of my life. I'm gonna fast forever, like, not every, every day, not fast forever. And ever. Of course, you can't do that because you wouldn't be alive. So you fast every single day. And this is what he says, Why? Because he thinks, you know, what if he fast and he broke his fast, yeah, he's already been forgiven for. As for me, I need more than that. As for us, we need more than that. And for the other person.

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And as for the others, he says, You know, sometimes he would come home, and he would help us why and sometimes he would, you know, play with his children. And so he says, You know what, that's distraction.

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But, you know, there's some times you know, I don't want any distraction. So I'm not going to get married.

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I'm going to stay away, stay with a woman. I'm not going to get married at all.

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So this person says, you know, if he gets married, he's gonna get distracted, he's not gonna have time to worship.

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And so, the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam came, and he saw he heard about what they said. So he saw them, he said, and to pull together what

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he said, or even the guys who used who said this.

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Then the Messenger of Allah,

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Allah Allahu Allah He in sha Allah.

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By Allah,

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Allah, there is no one who has more God, God fearing and has more Taqwa the meat amongst you that can assume often but I fast and I break my fat will suddenly

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and I pray and I lay down. I mean, I pray and I sleep also. What does Janessa and I also get married from in Raleigh, but I'm so negative, right? I mean, whoever, whoever

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stays away from my sunnah, from an unbeliever and so Nithi Falaise, I mean that he's not

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if he abandons my sunnah my way that is not happening. So the messenger of ALLAH, ALLAH and he has this associate himself with anyone who this associates from the Sunnah of the prophets of the lives.

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Who, who says that they are better than or they don't need to follow the Sunnah. So the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prays like raka here that we pray like,

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because there's wisdom, the minute

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so you don't say oh, no, no, he has him we pray that we can't. We have to pay longer. We have to pray more. Now if you pray to light before Fajr then that's the most virtuous because that's the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah.

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And so the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu is better than because it's quality.

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The best guidance were the best.

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That's why we always say in

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federal head to head you, Muhammad Sallallahu aliqua

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The best guidance is the guidance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so when the prophets of Allah, Allah to lightworkers, and another Hadith of Aisha, she said, I even doubt it even we don't have to even refinish me. They were so quick to even finish feel attack. Yeah, she's trying to say that these are really quick, light.

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These are not long. These are very quick light rock. And so that's the sooner but we know that even though they were sure, but they were also perfect. That means the recall and sujood were done properly. They were not done in a way in a manner where you were like, you know, like, like packing, like, because I know, every single Ramadan, there's this video that gets passed out from where some of our brothers Indonesia, the man prays, he reads a fat one dress,

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like from beginning to end, one breath. And then he goes through who and by the time he doesn't cool, yet the people come down. He's already operating. It's like this. It's like up and down, up and down. And you know what, let me tell you, I have been, I pray. I have prayed in the massages, I pray like

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2020 2020 20 minutes.

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2220 minutes. That's long. I think they even beat faster 20 minutes, and some of the raka

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they come back 20,020 2420.

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So but that's not permissible. And that's not acceptable to pray where you don't have to run either. So even though the two rounds were like

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that were complete, and that's because the prophets of Allah is when he saw somebody praying without getting to macmedia without calmness. He said here Jefferson live in the column to Sunday.

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Because he tells the person who prayed incorrectly it says go back and pray because you haven't prayed meaning you didn't complete your full and you didn't complete your schedule. So even though they were sure they were two records that were complete and perfected.

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As for what should be read, what should be read?

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What should be read? Is that in the Sunnah robotic, you can recite anything you want. But there are some a hadith that have come to us. Just the Messenger of Allah recited some sorrows. There are two times that the Sunnah, there are two Sooners that are very light. And they are the suddenness before Muharram

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here's the mother when mother comes in, and they Iran has already been made. But the calm hasn't been made yet.

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But as you can pray them, but those two rockers are also liked. Those are two very light rocker. And

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in most of Ghana Yatra he used to recite to the evil Cathy rune and pull bow Allahu Ahad. And some of the scholars have mentioned this particular Hadith there's some there's some difference of opinion of whether it's authentic or not. You know, there are some some some but we do have fajr prayer as for Fudger

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there is a specific Surah that he used to recite and that is fully I have Kathy rune and the first rocker and in the second he receives a full whole hour. So those two rockets when you recite so the other cats before Fajr after. Now before the after the horse, after mother after Isha those units, there's no specific recitation, but after Fidel come to us, that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say fully oneone capital and COO Allahu Ahad and sometimes he would recite Kulu Hammond nebula Hua melon, Zi, Elaine and sorbitol Bukhara so to borrow which one this is the first at the end of the first

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first and then then the second on the secondary which I put Yeah, hello kita

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carry with us our invading our Bina come and sort of Allium Brian. So he sometimes he will recite those verses. And when when we recite

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the suddenness Is it permissible for us to say we missed them, can we make them up?

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Can we make the Sunnah prayers up?

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You missed some prayers. As soon as some of the scholars say it's permissible to make the

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But to make them up other scholars have said if you miss them, it's okay you don't have to make them up and just pray you can pray your your son,

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the Sooners of justice general soon, but we do have a hadith on Salah Mata or the law.

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That she heard that the prophets of Allah Allah she heard that the Messenger of Allah had prohibited from praying after us. And then he saw that she saw the prophets of Allah and he was

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praying us. And when she saw the prophets of Allah and he was praying, she said, she said, Ye Rasulullah Samia to semiotica turn her and her team, O Messenger of Allah. I remember hearing that you you prohibited us from playing these two rockets, which are these two workers after us like there's no soon after us. He's praying soon after us. And I'm selamat er, the law. She says I thought these were

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prohibited, forbidden. And so the prophets of Allah Allahu wa salam, she says, WA raka to Salima, and, and I see that you're praying like that, that you pray them. And so the prophets of Allah Salam, she actually she he she said this when the messenger of Allah was praying, and there was he when the messenger of Allah finish, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he added the Omiya.

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About the loss of Did you ask about the Torah because after asset, a new attorney for a new attorney Nasmyth Nason minab The pace so there are good there's a delegation for Abdul case that came for sure Luna and

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for whom?

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She said, Oh, he said, he said to her, he said, The there are people from very abdicates. But from

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people came from,

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a delegation from a place and they distracted me. I mean, I was busy with them. And so I wasn't able to pray the toolbar because after.

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And so these two records that you see that after us, and those are the two of our cups, actually.

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They're actually the two of us. And so that's why some of the scholars have said, if you forget a prayer, you can still pray them, and you can make them up, even if it falls in times of prohibition, because you have a reason for it and you love something that you normally would do. Other scholars have said no, it's not permissible. It's permissible for the prophets of Allah lism only, but you might say, the sun, no, because for the Prophet, it was mandatory.

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Because for the Messenger of Allah says a lot isn't just like, Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you have a Muslim. Who may Leila Ella Paulina. Oh, ye who is shouted up, who Oh, ye who is covered up, spend their time standing up at nighttime in prayer, except for a small portion of it. So this was an order for who order for the Messenger of Allah, Allah, some say it was obligatory for him. And the Sunnah prayers are obligatory for him. So in a sunnah is obligatory, then you can make them up because you, you when you make them up, you can also pray of course,

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because if it's obligatory, and it falls in an area where there's prohibition, then you perform the bat, which is obligatory,

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even if it's a time of prohibition, because the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Minerva and saw that in our NASA, whoever over sleeps and does not over sleeps and

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does not pray a particular prayer for you or he forgets a prayer

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for us or Lisa is

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then let him pray whenever he remembers it. So no matter what time you remember, even if it's in a time of prohibition, then you should always you should always pray pray them. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best and so

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if someone does not praying, like okay, you know, like,

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I don't want to pray I want to save the mutter after awesome

00:24:19 --> 00:24:41

even those who say it's permissible to pray, and then the you're not allowed to purposely delay a prayer, especially the Sunnah prayer and then push it to the timer, which is a blanket and it's prohibited a time of prohibition. Right? So it's no you're not allowed to, to do that. And so

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of course, these are obligatory producer, the Sunnah prayers. And when it comes to the Sunnah prayers, what are some others other other narrations or other benefits we expect from this hadith? Another narration we expect from this hadith as we may

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Tinder already is Abdullah Abdullah.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:05

He used to,

00:25:06 --> 00:25:12

he used to seek the action or the process of alliances, to learn the actions of the Prophet

00:25:14 --> 00:25:30

and also to convey it. Like he's very, very, of course, this was the companions that because you have to understand what he learns and what the process is so alive is doing. He teaches others. Every time they pray, we follow the example who gets the reward.

00:25:32 --> 00:25:38

He gets the reward also. So that's what he was very keen, and trying to convey the prayers of the prophets of Allah.

00:25:39 --> 00:26:18

And they were very keen and tried to earn the reward. And that's why, if you're you want the reward from Allah Subhana Allah I learn it apply and the sha Allah teach it to others and if you do so, then you will be rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala for your actions and you will get the reward for people learning from you or applying what you taught them to or what you reminded them sometimes they already know. But you reminded them you get more reward inshallah. And so, what are the Sooners again the sun is rock solid robotic, the sooner we

00:26:19 --> 00:26:21

are to rock as before

00:26:23 --> 00:26:27

to rock as after before

00:26:29 --> 00:26:36

to rock as before the hook and two rockers after mother and two rockers

00:26:38 --> 00:26:42

before Aisha and two rockers also after

00:26:44 --> 00:26:59

July so this is the record that who mentioned that Abdullah nama rodilla argumented here. These are the records that that he mentioned and where did the Prophet previous orchids.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:21

He mentioned that he said he these two these are cards that I just mentioned. He prayed them at home. He prayed them at home. And so the best fullness are the soldiers that are connected to the obligatory prayers. So the best thing is, like for example, the Sunnah,

00:27:23 --> 00:27:24

Slaton, association

00:27:29 --> 00:27:31

fasting was the best fasting,

00:27:32 --> 00:27:41

the fasting. So what's the second best fasting, the fasting that's connected to those fasting, that fasting, the fasting

00:27:43 --> 00:27:48

show, right and also the fasting. Also, because mahalo used to be what

00:27:51 --> 00:27:52

used to be mandatory.

00:27:53 --> 00:28:20

This is before Allah was made mandatory. The 10th of Muharram. Ashura was a sunnah that was not suddenly it was something that was mandatory. And so again, another thing that we learned from this hadith is that of unallowable. And you suddenly Al Insana has a robotic Lee Beatty, that it is best that he prays in his house. And, especially,

00:28:21 --> 00:28:24

you know, especially if you lead people in prayer,

00:28:25 --> 00:28:50

and you have an office or you pray, and then you come in, because once you come in, then the prayer begins. Where the prayer begins and starts and that's what the messenger of ALLAH, so a lot of depth but if you come in to say you didn't pray at home, because a lot of us when we come in, we come before the prayer time, and then we come in after the prayer time, then we're gonna come in late, so it's best to come in early,

00:28:51 --> 00:29:10

to come in early and you can pray in the masjid. And it's okay, your reward insha Allah then afterwards, what do you do? If you want, you can pray to rock as in the masjid. Just in case you go home, you're busy because sometimes you intend to go right. You get home. Your wife says, you know, honey, we need to get something for the supermarket.

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Can you give me a few minutes? No, no, no, no, the baby's crying, right? You go get milk right now. You go and then next thing you know. You're busy, you're difficult. So that's the case you try to play in the masjid and at home, but make sure you make some plays that make some of your prayers at home also, but everybody's situation is different. So you live very far from the Masjid. If you come after time has come in you won't make it to the masjid in time. So come in early and pray you as soon as invested in Sharla. Then when you go home, you can pray at home inshallah. Some people don't go home. Some people go back to work. They go back to work already. Right. So so if you pray at work

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and you pray in the masjid, which one is more rewarding?

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

The sooner prayer is more rewarding even up

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00

At Work

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your workplace is even if you you know you have an office, and you can pray those two records in the workplace. It's it's best, of course to pray the mandatory prayers in the masjid but outside the masjid

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if it's alone at home, or even your workplace in sha Allah that's also permissible if you're going back to work. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best.

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Another thing, July

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there is Sooners.

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But the solitary Juma he used to pray to raka after Joomla and so he also used to play either selenium with Joomla for salute.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:49

The Messenger of Allah also said if you pray

00:30:50 --> 00:30:53

after you pay Juma pray for work as afterwards

00:30:54 --> 00:31:14

pray for regard afterwards. This is sunnah vida, whoo. And so when did he used to pray them? Is there any contradiction? I mentioned already the Messenger of Allah sometimes will pray to like as in the masjid and he will pray to like as at home, so he will pray for but those who saw him in the masjid they only saw the tour.

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And those who saw him at home and in the masjid, then they knew that he prayed for it. So it's also establishes a center of Joomla. Awesome. How about before Joomla is there sooner before there is a solution.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:47

Sometimes the companion when they would come to the masjid early, they would pray as much as they're able to pray, to rock as to rock as to rise until it was time for prayer. So they were they were here early and they were in the masjid early then they would continue to pray those prayers.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:15

So I'm gonna go go to the next Hadith. And the next hadith is Hadith number 69. And we'll stop here to our continued just mentioned it. So we know what we'll cover next week, next next week in sha Allah. The hadith is from eyeshadow palette, la mia Khun in the V Salomo. Valley, he was Amala che in Mina Nawaz and I said the mean who, who then rock it.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:31

There, the eyeshadow de la Anna, she said, There's nothing that I know of, there's nothing that the Messenger of Allah some live, some did have the sudden the actions that he was so firm upon

00:32:32 --> 00:32:46

more than the tourists because before, that means he was more consistent, that he would make sure he would never leave it. And these were the two factors of failure. And then and then another narration we mentioned in Sahih Muslim

00:32:47 --> 00:33:33

surgery, how you minute dunya we're mafia, rock eita alpha, the two rock as a Fajr are better than the dunya and everything that's in it. What does that mean? All the wealth, the cars, the houses, everything in the dunya that you guys that all of us here we look for we look we say wow, we're amazed about we want this to work as as better than you say how you will find and we will all find out that when you know in the hereafter like while those toolbar icons are better than the whole dunya whatever is in it, you realize the value of it. Because the Prophet saw them when he says that this is true, we will see the true value of it. Sometimes you don't see the value of something. But

00:33:33 --> 00:33:59

this you know, this is something that has been told is being told to us by the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so what does that mean? That's better than the whole dunya and whatever is in it, and what are some of the benefits that we can extract from that? Inshallah we'll do? We'll cover that next week. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to prolong our life in His obedience. When we ask Allah subhana wa to keep us firm upon his DNA, protect us and our families.

00:34:00 --> 00:34:01

And we ask Allah Subhana Allah

00:34:03 --> 00:34:08

to teach us that which benefits and benefits that which has taught us dunya Hassan,

00:34:09 --> 00:34:11

Hassan, Pina

00:34:12 --> 00:34:15

masala Laval and we Allah, Muhammad Juana and he was

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any questions

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