Abdul Wahab Saleem – Prophet Musa A True Student of Knowledge

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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welcome your viewers to this episode of the Quranic prose wherein we discuss iraq from the Quran. sewer from the Quran different benefits that can be derived from the Quran. Today, we are looking at the passage from solar to gas so little gas being one of the most important sewer to the hearts of the believers in that every Juma a believer is expected to recite sort of calf This is a signal of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So total calf being the very surah that can lead to the illumination of the face of an individual throughout the week. This is the surah that often times as you are browsing the net, as you are Facebooking and twittering on the day of jumar, everybody will

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recommend to you go ahead and read yourself sort of gap starting from the night of jumar till the afternoon, till the sensor type of joumana the night

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of any day any 24 hours is always prior to the day of those 24 hours as opposed to Contrary to popular belief. A lot of times people think that when we say Friday night, we really mean Friday at 11pm. This is a way of calculating and this is the way that a lot of countries in modern day calculate but the Islamic way of calculating time is to look at the night before and the day after with the exception of the deal of alpha but that is discussed in the subject of hedge. So the point over here is that you can take sorts of guff and read it from the night of jumar ie the night that is prior to you want and even that will be counted as your sort of gaff having been read on the deal

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Juma. If you feel like the deal after Salatu. Juma or before selecting July for a reason or another either work or family engagements, you'll be very busy. So take your night and engage it in the recital of suits.

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GAF Allah subhanho wa Taala says what if autumn was any further?

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What is every time when it comes? A lot of the panel data is saying what good is remember when so lots of panel data is trying to remind us of a story and he goes abruptly right into the subject. Because oftentimes, we think that a book that we're supposed to be reading such as the Quran is going to be a storybook, and it's going to be telling us a whole bunch of stories and you know a lot of anecdotes and fables and that kind of stuff, but no the iron comes into stories with a purpose.

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And that is so that you take admonishment from the stories not to that you, you know, read yourself some stories to sleep. That's not the way the four onwards. So sometimes you'll notice that Allah subhanaw taala, in a certain story will go very abruptly into the crux of the matter, and then come outwards with a lot of benefits over here. Similarly, a lot goes into the crux of the matter, without giving you any details of the background. If you want to make it a storybook though, you want to take a storyline out of the Quranic stories, what you do is you take all of the stories of the Koran and all of the passages of the unrelated to one single subject, and you collect them and

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organize them in order that may not be chronological in terms of its revelation, and may not be chronological in terms of the way it has been written down, but it will be chronological in terms of the series of events. This is how you can take a series of events out of the four on over here logos in with a purpose. Allah says what is Allah Musa leafa. Remember when Musa said to his young man that was with him, Fatah,

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La Habra who had a Beluga majima ballerini Leopolda, I will not stop that. I will not stop, I will continue. I'll persevere I will do everything I have to do I'll there's going to be a lot of difficulty along the way, I'll be able to bear all of that. For what sake, we'll get to that in a minute. Hector, Ave majima are you behind until I get to the meeting point measurement, or a meeting point of the two water bodies?

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What is Bahrain is not referring to beheading the country, the modern country by the name of Baton, though even classically, there was a country by the name of Bahrain. And that also included a portion of what we know today as Saudi Arabia, a portion of what we know today, Saudi Arabia was essentially called, especially the eastern Northeastern portion of Saudi Arabia was called Bahrain. And that includes today, what was classically known as the hijab, or LSR, or foof, are either named for the same place, and Bahrain was also inclusive of these places. And that's why, if you find in the history books, when I went to Albania, it's not necessarily referring to the island Bahrain,

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it's referring to Northeastern Saudi Arabia, Arabian peninsula. So, over here, beheading is not referring to that though. Batman is referring to two oceans or two water bodies. And particularly, it's referring to the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea, along with the Atlantic Ocean.

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The place which is known as the Strait of Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar, is a small passage of water that connects the two water bodies that I've mentioned, the Mediterranean Sea, along with the Atlantic Ocean, this little straight was, you know, classically a very, very strategic point of warfare, even modern day, but the warfare has changed in modern day. That's why it's not as strategic anymore. So the Muslims and the Christians went to a lot, a lot of worse. at this particular point. Where exactly is this? It's at the topmost area of North Africa. What is known today is Morocco. And constantly that particular area, and even now it's known as fungi. And above

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that is the Strait of Gibraltar. And above that, or more north of that is what we known today as Spain and what was classically in the history of Islam. It was known as Anderson This is where a lot of the battles occurred between the Muslims and the Christians. And this is where the Muslims crossed over to Europe, and started to develop a Muslim dynasty and empire in Europe as well. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is making mention of that locality over here as the end the Lucien scholar, ironically, since we're talking about that same area economically, I mentioned that in Bahrain is referring to Barry Andrews, or, as I said, the Strait of Gibraltar, Gibraltar. So

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Allah says, What is Parliament Sally Fatah, hula? Blue imaginarily, Bahraini. I'm the holdout. Either I'm going to get to this spot. Or I'm going to continue forever. Sharapova, I'm just going to continue and continue and continue and I won't stop HIPAA is HIPAA is a time, which is equivalent, according to some to 80 years. Others say no, and there's no particular limit to it. It's a very, very long time. So based on that musalla said, I'm saying I'm going to continue for a very, very long time without any particular definite portion of time, I'll just indefinitely continue for the sake of finding whatever I'm trying to search for.

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So he's saying two things. Now one, I'm either going to get to a destination and that is, as I said, the Strait of Gibraltar or I'm going to continue continue continue until I am able to get to whatever. I'm trying to get to

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My final goal, not my destination, because destination is over here. If I find what I'm looking for at this destination, so be it. If not, then I'll continue walking and searching. What exactly is he searching for? Musa alayhis salam is in search of knowledge, in search of knowledge, Musa alayhis salam is saying to the young man that is in company moves early on in search for knowledge. He's saying to him and, and talking to him and telling him that my zeal for knowledge musala said on despite the fact that I am a prophet, not even just a prophet, rather a messenger, not even just the messenger, rather one of the strongest of all messengers, being all of that even then, I am in such

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severe thirst to have such severe thirst for knowledge that I'll continue to search for knowledge until I find it, whether I have to walk for centuries or time with an indefinite portion within an indefinite amount attached it, I'll have to, I'll continue to walk, work, no problem, I don't have a problem with that. I'm the Buddha. And looking at the wordings, he says, I'm not going to stop. He's trying to tell this man that my zeal for knowledge is not going to there's nothing that can come between me and knowledge, because of the zeal that I have. And such as this deal that we have adopted knowledge as well, that no matter what comes your way, when you are looking for knowledge

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and searching for knowledge, nothing should put a halt to that zeal nothing should put a stop to that zeal, you continue, continue, continue continue. And you search and search and searched some more. This is as I said earlier as meaning of leucine one of the knowledge most knowledgeable persons of that time. In fact, in certain fields, the most knowledgeable look up and after Allah subhanho wa Taala of that time.

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Despite that, Moosa knows that there's someone else that know something that he doesn't know, not everything, but something that he doesn't know, as the individual. I've decided, he himself declared that I know some things or Moosa that you know not and you know, some things that I know not all of that Allah subhana wa, tada, so he knew things that that other person didn't even know. Even then he's ready to go and search for knowledge, and such as the keys for true students of knowledge. True students of knowledge, don't stop anywhere, no matter what the case may be. They will take knowledge from their peers, they will take knowledge from people who are less than know than them and

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knowledge still will take knowledge from people that are more than them and knowledge they'll take knowledge from people who are equivalent in one science but superior than them in another science, they'll take knowledge from anyone it will Josie. The famous scholar is Josie Abu Faraj, Josie, he took knowledge at the age of 80. At the age of 80. Yes, he was jailed for a certain portion of his life. And at the age of 88, will Joseph Smith lie down early, he continued to seek knowledge to a degree that he read read all of the 10 core art to achieve after he was released from prison at the age of 80.

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At that time in New Jersey was a premier scholar considered one of the elite scholars of that time, but he lacked in one sense, or even if he didn't rock, he wanted to review the science in that sense. So there is there you found someone that was appropriate for that maybe much younger than him. Even Josie sat before him. And he sat with the kids. And he started reading to the scholar and continued reading and reading and reading and reading and such as the zeal of a person who's really a student of knowledge. If you are a student of knowledge, and you took one course on a subject and you find that there's someone else teaching that same course go ahead and take take it even if that

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other person may not be as good as the first one but you know you'll have insights from other angles go ahead and take it such as the case of a student of knowledge I asked him muscle panel with data to give us benefit from our knowledge and help us learn more and more weight with us as we come back after the break to continue the story of mortality. Sarah

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salatu salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to your viewers to this episode where we are discussing the Quranic pearls, particularly the story of Musa alayhis salam, or at least one aspect or episode of the story of Musa alayhis salam.

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Allah subhana wa Jalla continued in the story, and he said philomath better Rama Juma urbini Hema nesea masa de haga Sabina who's in the saga.

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Now, as they were walking Moosa and his young man, they're walking, talking, trying to get to their spot, Musa alayhis salam was very, very strongly bent on the fact that he's going to get to where he has to get to much better the Strait of Gibraltar as we said. So now, when Musa alayhis salam

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actually reached a place Allah subhana wa tada describes the scene and he says furama Bella majima are the unique Hema when they reach the Strait of Gibraltar where the meeting point of the two seas is

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Nessie, Yahoo Toma disregard the fish that was with them. They're a fish. Basically, as they were traveling, there's no stations to stop back and get some food and there's no Mickey D's any of that. So musala Sam has some food along with him. He's young boy that's with him as well. He's got some food for them. It's cooked. It's already barbecued. Everything is ready. Literally mushy barbecued fish, they're ready to eat it. So once Allison says now I'm getting kind of hungry.

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But before they could even remember about their hunger, Allah subhanaw taala says nesea Kodama, they forgot their food. at that spot. The very spot where Moosa was trying to get to one they cross the spot so they missed the exit, literally in modern terms. Number two, they forgot the fish over there.

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Something happened the fish slipped out of their basket and they forgot to pick it up. And all of a sudden they hit their officious

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fat Dakota Sabina hoof in battery. Sabah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, then this fish, it snuck its way very sneakily went into the ocean fenberry Sahaba. It started slipping and sliding all the way to the ocean. Now, what's unique over here is that a lot of panel data is showing Musa la ceramah miracle, a fish that was already barbecued, yes, already cooked, everything is ready. And then this fish goes back to life. And then after the fish goes back to life, it starts slipping and sliding and jumping in the right direction going towards the * can you imagine? Well, you don't have to be able to envision this. You just have to recognize that your Lord is capable of everything. No one

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who had created things from non existence can of course bring back things to life that have been cooked, that have been barbecued, that are already dead, the one that was that had created you and I from nothing. From specs, not even specs from dirt and water. That being or that deity is capable of bringing things back to life especially if they're already formed formed in the very form, even if they're cooked. That's exactly what happened. So long

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For other sebelah who fill batteries Alibaba, you'll notice over here, Allah said it slipped into the water. And he didn't see what the young man will say next because Allah subhanho wa Taala is not shocked at his own capability. Allah knows his own capability. But the young man is shocked. He says, as we'll find out in the following verses, what the hardest sebelah who feedback via Java in a very shocking manner did this fish go into the water?

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It took its course to the water in a very, very shocking manner. I couldn't believe it. The young man is saying but Allah subhanaw taala says it slipped right into it. He didn't talk about agile he was talking he was this or that. Why? Because a lot knows his own capacities his own capability. Continuing on the story goes is such film majha was a all Ali Fatah, Latina Raja Anna La Casa Latina, Latina, had an affair the film nyjah was out when they both continued and they crossed the spot that they were trying to get too much money. I mean, all alfetta he said to his young boy with him at the Nevada give our lunch to us.

00:21:07 --> 00:21:47

Leopard Latina means suffering da da da Saba this travel that we have. I'm very very tired of it. Now you'll notice that Musa alayhis salam traveled to Allah subhana wa tada the 40 nights that were promised. Musa alayhis salaam traveled to Medina. Musa alayhis salam traveled to fit around Musa alayhis salaam did so many travels and all of those travels does Allah subhana wa tada list in the book of Allah, but not one travel did Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned this statement on the mouth of Moosa. It's almost like Musashi. Sam is a traveler, he knows how to travel, he's professional, he doesn't get tired of travel. Those people that travel a lot, they know how to travel and they don't

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get sick and tired of it. They're able to manage, they're able to hold their pools, they're able to, you know, stay calm, they know right way, the right way of sleeping, they know the sleeping patterns that they have to adopt, for them to not get the jetlag, and all that all that kind of stuff. So, Mousavi said on in this particular travel, it's unique. He's saying leopard Latina men suffer in the head and also I'm so tired of this travel. Because of this travel I'm so tired, I'm feeling exhausted. And if you notice that the travel that he's traveling is for the sake of knowledge. So for the sake of knowledge, you will be exhausted and even more so than regular travels. Why? Because

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your nuts will be telling you to stop shaytaan will be telling you to stop every single member of society may be looking at you like what are you wasting your time for you can just stay at home and you know you already got a job anyways right? But for the sake of knowledge, all of those sacrifices and more even for the sake of gala, you may have to travel you may have to go one from one place to another and then a third place And fourth, please miss some sleep. musala salon is doing all of that. They continued and continued and as some of the associate mentioned they continued for another two days walking from Nigeria jiahua all alfetta it Nevada Anna lepad Latina in South Florida,

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Nevada. Now the young boy starts speaking father or ADA is Elena in the South Florida for Indiana seafood.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:25

Don't you remember when we went and we sat by that huge rock? Kind of like the cave we're relaxing? They're

00:23:26 --> 00:23:31

having our sleep set in Neenah Seton Hill, that's where I forgot the fish.

00:23:32 --> 00:24:14

Well, Matt and Sandy who illustrate on and my excuses that I wasn't for forgetful. I was trying to be on the ball with everything. But what happened is she athon came in my way and made me forget the fish over there. She had gone again, is drawing some hurdles over here on lots of data. This whole story is about knowledge, right? Ally's mentioning two hurdles that are going to come to for you. One is forgetfulness, number two is shavon fena Juana and Sani. shaytaan nobody made me forget except the shape on one that and said new English shape on he made me forget and who made me forget shape on so two hurdles that are going to come before you you have to overcome the Philip Hammond

00:24:14 --> 00:24:48

aka some people are not capable, capable of overcoming all the hurdles that come before them. If you want knowledge, you have to have the capacity and the capability to overcome all of the hurdles that come before you. shavonne is going to come before you Your soul is going to come before you people are going to come before us society will come before you money will come before you you'll be attacked with all of these hurdles. Your forgetfulness will come before you you have to review late night you have to wake up in the morning and read you'll have to continue reading even until an old age some people, some scholars, they're at nine years old and I remember what am I going to share he

00:24:49 --> 00:24:59

crossed the age of 100 years of age. He died refers a lot a couple of months ago. He was reading and Buhari in his bed at that age.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:08

All of those factors are going to come before you as hurdles. But you have to cross all of those hurdles. You have to propel your way

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above those hurdles and be able to cross them. And that's what Musa alayhis salaam is able to do over here. What's the harder Sabina who filled the agenda? Now, the young boy is talking he says that fish was able to make its course to the ocean, or whichever direction they wanted to go in a very shocking and unique manner, almost in a miraculous manner because that boy is shocked at the capacity of Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah subhanho wa Taala No, so I didn't say it did it in a shocking manner that he just slipped its way into the direction of the ocean, Allah subhanaw taala knows is capable of bringing back things to life

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on earth that he can America Nanodegree now you'll notice that earlier on Allah subhana wa tada says, When both of them crossed the Strait of Gibraltar measurement of a nema nesea both of them forgot the fish. When the young boy is talking, he says I forgot the fish and shaytaan made me forget it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses both of them with their neglected forgetfulness. Why is that? The reason for that is because the leader in a travel is responsible for those people that follow him.

00:26:29 --> 00:27:07

So Musa alayhis salam was leading the travel, and since musasa didn't check up on the boy, he forgot why wasn't Moo Sally said I'm checking so Allah subhana wa tada is kind of like rebuking suddenly Moosa in the statement saying that if you are a true leader, which he was, but sometimes people are forgetful, Allah says he forgot. This is what why lots of petrol dollars is the door. That duty was assigned to this young man, the young man had responsibility of bringing the fish with him. But Allah subhanaw taala is trying to send a subtle message that if you are a leader in your community, if you're a leader in your society, if you're a leader for your people, then you have to make sure

00:27:07 --> 00:27:23

that you're the one responsible, even if they don't end up taking the responsibility for things. But at the end of the day, when you really come down to bring it to unionized courts, the man is saying the seat I forgot. So there's two things over here.

00:27:24 --> 00:28:06

Then musala around you'll notice his beautiful manners. He's tired. He is mentioning the fact that he's exhausted from travel. He's in search for things when you're searching, you're driving around imagine yourself driving downtown, you're searching for something how exhausting is that? Was that he said I miss traveling across the continent searching for something is extremely exhausted. He's despite the fact that this is the case. When the young boy says I forgot the fish who said didn't get mad. He very simply said that's exactly what we wanted. Carla's Anika lacuna revelry. That's exactly what we wanted. We didn't want any more than that. And you'll notice that lusardi ceram is

00:28:06 --> 00:28:52

very eager. Why is he very eager. He's so eager that as we mentioned another episode. Sometimes when you're very fast at speech, you omit letters that are not very necessary. So a vowel, maybe a elongating of a certain word in a certain direction, you may end up doing that, because you think that it's not very important. And you want to speak really fast, right? So over here, that's exactly what what's happening musante sam wants to speak fast. So he says, All as alika lacuna double e Double D instead of number v the entire word is the voluble V and there is no reason for the attribute omitted it's not modulus. Some of you may assume if you know some grammar, it's not

00:28:52 --> 00:29:08

majority. There's no reason for it to be omitted, but Musashi said I'm speaking fast. Allah is capturing his speech. He says, Natalie, instead of saying nibbly Why? Because Musa Allah said, I'm so eager to get to that knowledge without a Salaam continues, and he says follow the

00:29:09 --> 00:29:49

30 Hema kasasa instantaneously fair. It always denotes an instant reaction to something instantaneously, did they turn back in the same direction that they came from? Either I thought he just started following their path. You don't want to turn around and you lose your direction. You're trying to No, no longer is your map before you working anymore. Why? Because you're going back from where you came from, and you're already lost. It's even more difficult for you to find your way right. So even now, despite the fact that it will be difficult. musasa knows he doesn't have a GPS, he doesn't have a map all of those things. Despite that moosari some turns right back and starts

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

walking that day and a half or two days that he'd already crossed, he walks back and gets to wherever he has to get to, and even in light Allah in our next episode, we will discuss the completion of the story.

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