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Okay, so this hadith shows us the various ways of what is a sonata most of us when we say sadaqa what comes to our mind? Money donation? No sir that is not just that.

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So when I sisters when I tell you give sadaqa I don't mean money only, you can give money.

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Anything, including removing something that harms people, for example, plastic plastic is on the way. When you acknowledge a pathway

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maybe somebody else will come and slip on it. Because it's slippery. Or skin of a banana

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a piece of food branch small branch of tree

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anything that may harm people

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three movies, that is sad that you have donated so much money that they Mashallah although you just removed something, let's see. couldn't lose hula, hula, hula, hula sudama.

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So let's Salama is a joint in Arabic sudama is joined, not sisters and mother Sula.

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So llama is this look, the joints of your fingers, the joints in your hands,

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your neck whenever you have a joint and there are 300 plus joints in our body get bored. So we must give 300 plus soccer every day.

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When you get up in the morning, what does it mean? You're sleep tired? Then you have that just a few hours ago when you get a Mashallah What does it mean allow your joints to function. Actually, your joints were there too.

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That's why look at when somebody dies,

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his or her joints become stiff. That's why you apply or if sometimes before even

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you do that sometimes, the Malays do that they put all the personality that died before they call them over sale. For the most either the man or the woman who washes they start applying some because it becomes stiff.

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So hon Allah Allah lubricates them everyday for you and wakes you up and allows them to work for you I'm not paying attention to how important for example is your wrist. By the way the wrist is an Arabic word is a rooster.

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If I tell you the sight Look, look 99% of scientific work on Arabic whatever you know is already Arabic is just people don't know

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it English, French, other languages took from Arabic language.

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this for example, have you seen some times you have been here and you have banded you cannot even move it? Or your finger here whatever thumb

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just let that be.

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So am I saying all my slave indirectly through our solar system is telling us Oh my slaves. This is a big dilemma to be able to move your knees and this and that. And you are not paying attention you should pay sadaqa for it. It's not for free. What is not necessarily money

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Rasulullah made it easy for us. What is it? He said every morning the sun rises. That is a compulsory PSA that are to be given on every Muslim when it comes to his joints

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as a sign of gratitude to His Majesty unless panda wants

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to just to jump justly between two people.

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So judges have done that they can be in their in their court and having said that

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your sister is a judge let's say or your brother is a judge. She is a jack Turner Mashallah lucky if you do justice from the moment you start, although you are paid for it, actually you're giving so much because you're doing justice. You your mother, your son hates the other child and you make justice justice means you return thing, not share it. It doesn't belong to Him. It belongs to this boy

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and you have to call your son that is justice.

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So justice between any

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justice between your kids

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in bed you buy them the same bed not one luxurious mattress and one that sleeps Mashallah one Abu Dhabi fatty one I hear, I don't know and it doesn't work like that.

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You buy shoes stay

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At least

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one wants blue one was a no problem. That's that likely, but not one that 300 green gate and 120 cents doesn't work like that.

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That is justice. Yes.

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If you do What sorry? Yes. I mean coming Don't worry.

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A woman in her house like you, most of you are housewives. Actually you're lucky to be

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hardworking sisters. They may have money to tie to the stress system.

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At least you have stress of your husband and kids. They have stress of 300 workers I don't know why. Finance 7000 What is this? Why you want that?

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And after a while you start feeling so tired and exhausted serious after working late

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and they will never appreciate you no matter what you do to them. Have you seen you build up the company you those people were about to break without us panel at the end?

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They make you hear even bad words. People are like that, but can you do

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but with Allah? You do good. He says you know one of the names of Allah is a shortcode.

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A shortcode means the Grateful

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Yes, he's grateful to you when you do good. Yama, whatever I did good is yours. For example, the knowledge Allah gave me Is he still sent you SATA? SATA essential for the other man is yours. You gave me the money. He wants you to be like that. So he thinks you. Okay, so I'm coming to that no one. So doing justice between two people is a saga. You have someone to get on to his ride. Like an old lady, or a man getting you you wait for him or her you open the door. You let that say it properly. Especially your parents.

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She's slow now. She's not like she used to. Because of you. You slow her down. You ate all of her Casio when you were inside. Now you say why my mom is so slow.

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Wait, you're gonna be super slow.

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When you reach her age, you realize

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so you you someone handicap.

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So I wait for you. Let's say you're getting out from your car from your sorry, from your home. You're reversing which is very bad. managers. They don't do it.

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When you're reversing no one wants to wait. And let you know this is the roadies mind. And they and they speed up in this. This is very dangerous. You know here in America if you if you drive more than 20 kilometers

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per hour, they can take you today. Yes.

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Imagine your son God forbid

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something he wants to cross go to his friend's house and he passes or your cat or whatever.

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By the time he slams the brake, he touches your sister's car for you too. Are you trying to slow slow slow slow? So you wait for that person? It's It's yours? The road is yours. It's your life and you let him come and that is

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a lot less you especially if he's engaged or she's engaged engaged because if they're still there, they should wait. Things like that. Yes.

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So helping someone getting someone's luggage and putting in and

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getting a bag of someone somewhere one of your sisters is coming and having books or extra extra extra bags May Allah forgive her she has I don't know how many bags you you carry with one bag. That's

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Good Monica. Sara. Were you able to schedule a holiday but if

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one can imagine

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you do good Mashallah. That's a good one.

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You see a sister sick are very good.

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You give them

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Don't say what's wrong with you today? You look like you're gonna die after one hour.

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One hour she dies because of

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Serious. Don't say that.

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I can even type especially when you visit someone sick when someone is in hospital or at home say to say goodwill positive and please don't say what's happening in the world. So and so is about to divorce so and so.

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This lady wants to eat good work not so and so wants to

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know, just good words or nothing. Good news.

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What can you

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tell your poor husband? How much data they use? Every step your husband, your son takes towards the message it is on you to what you told him. You reminded him you akima

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so every step we do sisters including you when you go let's say you pray in the masjid, it's a SATA.

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One don't go to the masjid sisters. Sometimes you have nothing to do

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nothing. And sometimes you are near the machine.

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If you go inside and make will do

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you don't die. But your makeup prevents you.

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If I go, they see by your face. It see my hand to nature. Allahu Akbar

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Miss j, you go wash your face, and you fix your teleco then you pay

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and you go home or go wherever you want to be

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careful. Many ladies Miss Salas because of their makeup.

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handled in actually yesterday we talked about little bit of that handler today. I see my sister's practicing. May Allah bless them.

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You gave me sada this morning.

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And you look much better well without those things. Like

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Okay, so

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going through the mud with every footstep so that Ah yes. So how many? I'm losing every day. How many chances of sadhaka

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Is it the same to go driving? Yes.

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is the same. Don't worry just both right.

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Better walking. Walking is actually your, your daily exercise. You want to

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know because some women, some women there they don't go properly. But if a sister covers herself, and goes to the masjid and come out straight to her home, fitna No, it's not fitna fitna if she doesn't dress properly, if he goes there and start talking nonsense, yes, but if you go and pray Mashallah shake hands with the sisters around you and go back to your room. What is the fitna

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fitna also to leave the kids alone, if you have small kids, babies, and you leave them and God that is fitna, you yourself in this age, let's say your children are handled quite safe. And you go to the mercy what is the problem and there is a made with them. There is no problem

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where you meet on other anapanasati sadhaka and removing harmful things from the way is

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so it's not SATA one day hamdulillah. Now back to the question of system offenses. How about the women who stayed home housewives or home engineers so that you don't get upset?

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We have to come up with new words for you. Yeah, home engineer, the lady who stays in her house Actually, she has more power than the lady who leaves her house serious. Because Allah when he created the family, he made the men to be outside the house to go be the breadwinner. Most of the time, the man is supposed to be outside the house. The woman is supposed to be inside the house. And Allah didn't put any burden on her when it comes to providing

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now when she agrees with her husband and they agree how to go out and this and that that's the issue. We are saying what's the most ideal way to run a family is that the husband

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gets out of the house the woman looks after. So he brings for her what she needs for them to live a happy life and she enjoys raising your children.

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And Mashallah

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Rani or administrate think or managing the finance of the past

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is the other way today.

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So men are inside. And women are outside. And this is the problem my sister's alpha became omega and omega became alpha.

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Now, Father raising children, mother, outside, working meeting pressure, highway, traffic jam, and you can't take it scissors, you cannot take the stress. The stress of outside is not for us, Paula, do you know women are medically stronger than men medically,

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but not physically.

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What is physically physically mentally stronger than you? It can carry things you can. But medically in terms of pain, you take the pain of birth, we can't

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a fraction of that birth case a man

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what you go through during labor can kill a man if a man goes through that he dies. So women are not medically weak. That's why they can carry babies and raise them and wake up at night. panola you want another step that Allah didn't put on you have outside you break?

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You got it

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be more acute, because he was

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the man who don't like to work. And that's what a lot of companies

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True, but it's a political issue. That should be political decision that the companies must hire mentors and

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punish them. If they don't.

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He finds man sitting doing nothing. He goes to them. What are you doing here? What are you doing?

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Why you don't have a job? Why? Why aren't you working?

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This is how one way to punish us. We don't give you our daughter you don't have a job. You go manage.

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You know, you just give him some key one day and then your your daughter suffers.

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System B and you start working on your son in law

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providing for him food and

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it's okay so that my daughter be happy. What is this?

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Yes, yes, this

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Definitely like you that they

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like you, mother, widow, or divorce he and she has to really work. She has no one to provide for her after Alaska.

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She can work no problem. I'm talking about a woman whose husband is doing very well.

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Now unless that position you are in is very important. And it doesn't clash with your

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responsibility as a wife. As a mother, no problem.

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Part time.

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But no. For example, your own baby cannot suckle your milk anymore. What's that? Because your boss needs you were postponing so much.

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bozo baby, the beat of boss or the baby choose.

00:18:28--> 00:18:31

I chose my baby, not my boss. Things like that.

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So let's stick to this the subject of sadaqa and mother housewife, whatever she does, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, whatever she does panela

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it is her sada

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to her husband and children.

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support yourself. You know when you're really thirsty and you buy some water in order to quench the thirst it's not on yourself.

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You stop somewhere you buy some water millenia is your associate I want to drink this water as a southern myself yes that money because

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Allah rewards you for it. Although you drink it

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How about you buy two others with you? Or you see a word of their resources. Like sometimes you don't pay attention. These people contractor who clean why we don't give them someone

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why these people are cleaning our streets are too hot sometimes. You go outside Oh my god, what's this? It's too hot. to people you know, they are cleaning.

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I'm not saying give them

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but you have to worry themselves. You have to think about that. Human assassin said for every level there is a sadhaka

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What does it mean for every level for everything that are created level? There is

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I want to open since I remembered something I want to open bracket,

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you know, sort in sort of

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this has nothing to do with options. But since I remember delivery

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Allah subhanaw taala said yes.

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About the puppy. He said yes, Rue Domingo, Tony Ha.

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From the the stomachs, plural stomachs of the bees come honey.

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They found that each bee has three stomachs.

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When you study the bee, it has three, one where she puts their colon. When she takes the appointment, she started there that she passed it on to the second where she makes honey. Then she takes a little bit from the honey to feed herself. It goes to the third stomach where poop comes out. So the honey will not be mixed with the poof. It comes out later on when she goes to the hive and vomited. She makes honey

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for acid Butoh, Neha, when they started, just listen to me when they studied they found 123 He didn't say but we have one from stomach. Every every one of us has only one stomach. The bees have three.

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Pamela, so the four ends from dawn, because this just recently discovered this is a new scientific discovery.

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Now, I have to show you that Nike Air Muslim Central one for being a Muslim.

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So mighty sisters, we continue now DOMA is on. Look, you will prepare your children for school. salata is not easy. Especially mother she wakes up early. Oh, she's sick or tired. she prepares the kale masala Sanders, you drive them to school in Santa

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Fe, yes, you drop them there and make sure you prepare their large of their sandwiches, whatever.

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So you want to get tired of soccer?

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Because sometimes you go upset. Why only me?

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very good. But you should make Nia very good. You should say from now on like every morning when I get up to have dinner. I say I'm offering you this day.

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Yeah, I'm accepted for whatever good I do. Please accept it. Whatever mistake I make Please forgive me. But I intend to do the whatever my day is for Allah or in NASA to know Suki.

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Steadicam? I

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mean, you have to be you have to be what we call

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near here.

00:23:09--> 00:23:13

So yeah, I'm intending any good camera class today. Your class coming in?

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on yourself? on yourself.

00:23:19--> 00:23:25

So there is sadaqa on yourself. There is sadaqa on your family. There are two people you don't know.

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There is sadaqa on animals. There is not on plants. Let's say for two three days it doesn't rain. Can you stay to three days without water? Yeah, stop watering your plants.