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Life And Death

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Zohra Sarwari

Channel: Zohra Sarwari

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Bismillah Monterrey Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. My name is Doris sawari. And today I'll be discussing a book that I've written called imagine that today's your last day. And if you have not seen it, this is what it looks like. And in this book, I actually discuss how it would be how it would feel if it was your last day and what you would do.

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It's a book to inspire and motivate you to think about death to think about our last day because as you know, most people are in denial. They don't think about death they don't think about their last day they don't think about how they're behaving and what if today is their last day. So this book is a book to inshallah God willing, motivate, inspire you and think about death, what will be coming towards us and in the process of death, and to think about how we will leave our families, our friends, and where we're headed to so shall follow again, like I said, it's a book to inspire and motivate not scare anyone, but to show you guys and share with you how we should be living and how

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our last day would look to each one of us. So inshallah I hope that you guys do find the book interesting and motivating and if you do get it please send me your testimonials. And tell me what you liked about it. does Allah Hydra salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh