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Fox News Muslim Woman Speaker

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Zohra Sarwari

Channel: Zohra Sarwari

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Students at Owens Community College got a lesson on stereotypes today.

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No, I am not a terrorist was the message of Zora sawari it focused on the stereotypes that Muslims face on a daily basis. She gave us students more information about Islam as religion also gave them insight into the cultural issues including why Muslim women dress as they do. So Laurie says the talk is mostly about stopping hatred.

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Hatred isn't going to get your life anywhere, it's only going to hurt you. And there's no point because you're not hurting me. If you hate me, you're hurting yourself and you're gonna live in that life of pain and there's no point for it. There's no need. And life's too short to be an agent. So ra came to the US from Afghanistan when she was just six years old.