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Why is Homosexuality Condemned in Islam?

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Zakir Naik

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Main doubt on homosexuality, or like, is it prohibited in Islam? And why? So? Because, like I had, like, from the past five years, I've been with so many homosexuals. It's like, I mean, their feelings that they have for the for the same sex or whatever it is. It's so true. I mean, it's like the same kind of pain, what we might feel for, for maybe our husbands or whoever it is. If it's wrong, why is it wrong with the question that What does Islam say about homosexuality, and if it is wrong, why it is wrong? Allah says in the Quran in Surah Surah, chapter number 17, was committed to that come not close to adultery, for adultery, then evil opening other routes to evil.

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Besides that, Allah says in Surah, chapter number seven, that telling to men that do you practice your lust after men in preference to women, that means homosexuality is prohibited in Islam, in the Quran, because Almighty God made the human beings. Allah says in the Quran in surah, room, chapter number 30, was number 21, that he has put love between the hearts of husband and wife, Almighty God has made the human being in such a way that they love the opposite sex.

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Generally, naturally, no human being loved the same sex.

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I'm talking about the love, which is required in husband and wife, not the platonic love, which you have between your brothers and between your sisters. Now, initially, there was a research which said

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that homosexuality is genetic.

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So during questioners, the time somebody asked me,

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the way you asking, if homosexuality is genetic,

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then how is that human being to blame?

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It came from his parents. So why is he to blame? Like you're saying, if someone loves someone else, so why should he be blamed?

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I said, this is a research.

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This is a hypothesis. It's not a fact. And later on, we came to know that this hypothesis was wrong.

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And the person who propounded this hypothesis himself was homosexual.

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So homosexuality is not genetic. It comes today, science tells us how to homosexuals

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evolve. Because what Almighty God has given permission for a human being what's permitted, you get married, do Nika, you can have sex with your wife. And Islam says that while doing having sex with your wife is also worshipping Allah.

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Because you're preventing the Haram.

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You're not going outside the marital bond, to satisfy your urges that Islam today, science tells us today, research tells us that those people who have multiple life partners outside the marriage bond, as compared to those who only have with the falses, they enjoy the sexual life much better than the others.

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And what happens today, when you get tired with it, you go to the Western countries, you have mistresses. 510 20, no problem. You start then do unnatural things.

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When you start doing unnatural things, you don't follow the law of the Creator, and you try and satisfy your urges in the wrong way. The moment you keep on doing the wrong way, then you keep on going beyond what is natural. And that's how the person becomes almost sexual. It is non genetic. Because you go beyond the limit what Almighty God has permitted you.

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You try other things, you try unnatural things and find new land up

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by saying you do no longer enjoy having sex with the opposite sex. So you have sex with the same sex

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sister, because they've broken the law of Almighty God, and they do unrighteous things. That's how psychologically they become a homosexual. So but naturally, if you break the law of Almighty God, that's totally wrong. And that's how it lands up a person who is homosexual, so they are to blame. And Islam prohibits homosexuality, even Christianity prohibit homosexuality, most of the religions against homosexuals. It's now the Western countries as a because in democracy, whatever majority says, You will majority wins in Islam.

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majority doesn't win, wins the wins.

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I remember when I had gone to Canada in 1996. The first time I went to give a lecture. In the front page, I saw a man kissing a man,

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a man giving a man and it says that they have married each other.

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Today in western countries, if I speak against homosexuality, it's a crime.

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It's a crime.

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So what we realize that previously,

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previously, all the countries homosexuality was a crime. Then some Western countries like Canada gave legal sanction to it today, most of the Western countries, homosexuality, legal, even India, the country where they come from their thinking, the thinking to make it legal.

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So what we realize what is truth is truth. Majority doesn't win what is wrong is wrong. And in Islam, and most of the major religions of the world, homosexuality is a sin. It's a crime. It will not take you to heaven will take you to hell. Hope that answers the question the system