Why Do Muslim Men Keep A Beard

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

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Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Man

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Maryam Kishore memory Bullseye Oh notice of India's a dizzy upload Nevada KB Kashmir Bay applica Jihad cannon pay terrorists bedarra Daria VC money Burma money breaches are at their Maha page with a bigger body kurta. amlo who serves me I'm not gonna go to his troubles there won't give it as a as my Pandora in say Abu Musab Baba Baba Yaga Mara Wong Mira Carvalho am akima Morocco, who owns a turkey Mara Maya boombah Mayo or manipal master Caprica peace, gentlemen diga or Buddha religion Keisha rumor knowlage Botha chia may Gurdwara a church to rebel party via subject a lickin Aster cucine malucia rocky muscle Mani Lovejoy director or Islam a Calico Hindi may a second Emilio na

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English name William J. manipal man or may tatanka Manipur may have a baby notice don't matter applique Beijing to both achara

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or mosaic English or Hindi very happy Malay to Malay curry Nila, there

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was a question that like people are fighting in Kashmir and they are doing jihad. Similarly in Manipur, the people are fighting and he had to leave the city and come here. And because of the terrorist he 15 days here, he's happy to learn about Islam. He wants to know that why is in peace channel in Manipur? Yeah. And he wants to know that why do Muslims keep up here? There's two basic questions. Brother in Kashmir. As I mentioned, I can't say everyone is doing jazz, they are struggling. They're striving. You're thinking me as the wrong I says you you are at the right. Height perfectly under question whether Okay, I never said that. You're wrong. No question is also

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very good brother.

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But I'm trying to clarify that everyone fighting in Kashmir, they may not be doing the true gr

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some people for the ulterior motive may be doing wrong thing. Those who are truly following the commandment of the Quran and fighting then you can say that they are doing jihad feasable Allah, I cannot put a blanket rule that everyone in Kashmir Xinjiang Yes.

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Now coming to your question of money poor, I know that there are a lot of fighting going in Manipur and because of them you are here. Maybe it is alas planning. Almighty God has planned

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that because of fighting your your

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leave us at peace in this world. Maybe we'll get peace in the year after all sorry. Now you've heard such a good lecture about peace, this world peace is a temporary peace, we should strive, but the best piece is the peace in the hereafter.

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Now, coming to your question, why do Muslims keep up here and why peace and is not seen in money poor as far as the piston are not seen in money poor, you can easily take the frequency if you put a dish

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maybe the cable operators may not be putting it, but if you put a dish which costs just a few 1000 rupees and face it in the direction of 68 degrees east towards intersect, then inshallah recipes channel, you can try and tell the cable operators to seat we cannot go to Manipur and try and force them. But if they put the dish and face it to 68 degrees east and tune into the frequency, inshallah we'll get it. Coming to your question, why do Muslims keep a beard?

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What I say that if the label shows your intent, and given the talk,

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that if the label shows your intent,

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for example,

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if you go to a conference

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of intellectuals, the people were a liberal. I'm a doctor. I'm an engineer.

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I'm a scientist. It gives an informal introduction.

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When you go to a gathering the conference only of doctors then the speciality is mentioned is Dr. Swan. So your cardiologist neurologist, nephrologist, if you have a heart problem, you go to a cardiologist if you want to know about kidney nephrologist, if you aren't brain problem, neurologist informal introduction. The Quran says in Surah Anam chapter number six, verse number 54.

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The Quran says that the Xena you mean una vi Athena foco Salam aleikum that when you meet those who believe in our signs, you say salaam aleikum, you wish them parabolica Islam pay stress on saying Assalamu alaikum it's a religion of peace.

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No minimum in a day, every Muslim at least has to pray five times a day. Now when he prays five times a day.

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Even if he prays only the furthest Allah. The comparison is Allah five times into two when we end the Salah. We say Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah may Peace and mercy and the blessing of Allah beyond all the people on my right. May the Peace and mercy and blessings of Almighty God be all the people on my left

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Every shall I say twice after it minimum five fella minimum 10 times I'm wishing Salaam to all the people on

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the BBN people on the left. If I read the Sonata makeda

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there is another 10 times so minimum 20 times

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I wish Salaam

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to the people on my right and people on my left. If I read the normal sooner, it may be more anytime I meet a Muslim activation Assalamualaikum maybe if you're new. It's also mentioned in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the medisafe it says when anyone gives you a greeting, give you a courteous greeting, which back more courteously, or at least the same.

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So anyone wishes me Assalamualaikum I have to say walakum wa salam wa rahmatullah. If anyone says Peace be on you after some a Peace and mercy on you. If someone says a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I have to say walakum wa salam rahmatullah wa barakato I have to reach back better if someone says assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I have to reach back at least they say walakum wa salam rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I summon deadness, Salam Alaikum. And if I see one

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verse are the same, but coming from the bottom of the heart, even that is better. So Allah says in the Quran, wish back more courteously. Now, when I'm traveling,

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I mean, I meet Muslims, how will I know? That is a Muslim?

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So we have identity beard. But today in the media, if you are a beard, you're a terrorist. Yeah.

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Now but

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rather than

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Please let me completely answer.

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If the 60 per beard and wear a turban, they are called a staunch follower of Muslims keep a bird they call a terrorist.

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If the Christian nun, they cover the head, they're called as religious. If Muslim women are covered. They call a subjugated media media media.

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See this beard? This beard can't even harm a fly.

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And this type of mine, it can't even harm a fly.

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If you read the Quran, the Quran does not say you should keep a beard. There's only one verse in the Quran in Surah Taha, chapter number 20 was the 94 where Moses peace be upon him, he catches the beard of how Nana salam, and in peace be upon him. And he says that, oh, son of my mother, why do you catch me by my beard? That is the only place where the beard has come. But our beloved Prophet says, and say Bukhari why number seven?

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Number seven, 810 781, our beloved Prophet said, do the opposite of what the pagans do.

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Trim your mustache short,

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and grow the beard. Now because it's the commandment of the Prophet.

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Allah says in the Quran, as you

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obey Allah and obey the messenger, a prophet is commanded, and we obey.

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And it is a good way for me to identify. Many people, when I go to anywhere on the streets or go to a foreign country, they see a cabin appear after a monocle. Assalamualaikum waalaikumsalam. It's an informal introduction, and spreading peace.

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So what we realize that it is the informal introduction. And like, for example, if you go in a car, if he's a doctor, he puts across why, to identify that that car belongs to a doctor. If you ask them emergency, you can stop the car.

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And you can ask for help. Now, when you see a person having a beard, I was covering the head. You know, he's a Muslim. I remember. And if you ask again, parents, you ask again, parents 50 years, 100 years back, they will tell you that the non Muslims when they wanted to hire a taxi cab, they looked for a driver who wore a cap and wear the beard, Muslim diver, he won't take me for a ride. When they wanted to buy from a grocery, they wanted to buy from a person whose owner had a beard, Muslim, he will not cheat. But today, if you are a cap or a beard,

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it means that a terrorist. So if the name is maligned, we have to reinstate that glory to this beard.

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Fine, and it is only a label. It's the commander of the Prophet. He said it therefore we do it. It cannot even harm a fly. But it gives an informal introduction that the Muslims, we can miss each other. And if you have any problem, if required help, it's the duty of Muslim to help the neighbor you stop a man with a beard and a cap. inshallah, we'll help you hope answer the question. Thank you.