The Most Resourceful Book in the World after the Quran

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The question which when I studied with Dr. Manoj Azmi mela granddam Jana,

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that when we talk about Quran and say Hadith we don't have all the say decompile the maximum I could do. I stayed with him in the 1997

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we could see okay, they sincerely say, but that doesn't have all the say Hadith, it contains the say has nothing to do sit down Bukhari Muslim and they are the foremost. So, the Lilla after shake, they are a man as he retired.

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There are many scholars in the last 14 years who tried to compile all the sciatic together in one volume. But all those who tried the river completed the project, a humbling lush exam and asked me after he retired, he took about 17 to 18 years to complete this project. And he compiled all this together, and he compiled the book called as Jeremy Campbell, Al Hadith. A say a shaman. The full name is Al Jami, Al Kamel al Hadith Asahi, a shaman shortform it's called a Jami coming. And about four years ago, he compiled it, and the first edition was published. And after it was published, the revision was done about two years before and it was printed just this year, and hamdulillah after

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the second edition was printed and published and examined. I mean, you checked it up and you're happy that at least the revised edition was out. Though he wrote the manuscript in 20 volumes. It was printed the first edition in 12 volumes, the second edition because the print was larger it cumulating volumes. He also made a mock the SIR Jama coming in five volumes in the Oriental Jamaica mill. As to examine Azmi said, there were more than a million Hadith. Out of the million Hadith there are many duplicates, like in say Boca, if you remove the duplicates, there are 2220 Hadith. So if you compile all the 1 billion Hadith, and remove the duplicates, the founders examine as me they

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were about 60,000 Hadith. From the 60,000 Hadith, he collected only the say Hadith removing the duplicates, and in his Jamocha mill, there are 16,546 Hadith. So according to shake DRM and ask me after removing the duplicates, the say Hadith today in the world, are 16,546.

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And we can safely say if not 100%, at least, this compilation of is at least minimum contains 95% of the say Hadith. In this compilation, he has given the whole job, he has his own criteria, he compiled all the Hadith which are say, and remove the duplicates. He gave a reason that if this hadith for say, and according to him it for these, he even mentioned that outside his Jama comment. So there are additional 3000 Hadith, which other scholars say to say, but he says it is safe, and he gives 100 whited days, and he mentioned that for that people don't think get forgotten. Then you have even added in that 3000 A very common Hadith famous Hadith, but they're they've famous Eddie

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which are more do for example, the very common and famous Hadith, that actually laugh is Rama it is a modal Hadith, then another modal deed that as far as you go to acquire knowledge, no problem we need to go to China, China was never the seat of knowledge at the time of the Prophet, the Hadith model. So, he mentioned this famous Hadith, but do not say it it is a model and giving you the reason. So totally jam may come will contain 16,546

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Plus approximately 3000 added which other mod this innocent say and he says it is safe or the other famous added which has a fan model so people don't think he has missed out and in this

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the big volume which is printed 12 volume in the first edition in the second edition, this has given the tertiary the details why they say why it is Eve and all the reasoning and if the hadith is the he gives the references there in Fable Heidy Hadith number four and so including say Muslim Hadith number so and so including without added number so and so. So at the end of every Hadith have it is available in three books of the Five Books of the or two books have added or only one book of added the details are given so that you come to know from where it comes

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in the book The SIR Jamaica will which is in five volumes.

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The crease the research has been removed so that it's easy for elementary, so the complete Jamaica mainly mainly for scholars and for the more they seen for a lay man the doctor said sufficient The Doctor sir

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we have started translating it into English. It

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TF project we started about four years back, but unfortunately when the translation was complete, I wasn't happy with the English language. So we are revising it. So now we have completed 1/3 of the revision Inshallah, next year by the end of next year it will be out, so we will, Inshallah, translate the Mukhtar sandwiches in five volumes and it will be easy for people who don't know Arabic to read it and understand it. We're translating also into Urdu, and other languages. We pray to Allah Spano that this work is a phenomenal work. So when we say Quran and say Hadith now you can say Quran and Jamaica. Jamaica contains all the detail Bukhari all the things the Muslim all the say

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it then the Kota percepta In Abu Tao in Sona Nissei in Sana Tirmidhi if the Maija Mata Malik, then other books of

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the other books of Tahi that we know that Buhari and Muslim are only two books which are 100% authentic and scholar them and says that Imam Malik also so for a layman if he wants to know he, you know, do research if that is the hiring a Muslim or a Mamata, Malik safely can say the Hadith they say otherwise, he has to check whether they say yes or no