Is Tattoo Haraam

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The next question is from brother Samir Sam. really familiar asking the question that if that to Haram in Islam

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Please answer our beloved prophet masala Salaam said

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it's mentioned hadith of say Buhari. Were number seven.

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How did number 5943

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Emily Massoud may Allah be pleased with him, said that Allah curses, the woman who practices tattooing. And who gets tattooing done on herself.

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And the woman that removes the hair from the face, and eyebrows, etc. And the woman who makes artificial gaps between her teeth to look beautiful, or changes the structure, but Allah subhanaw taala has given him

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and will not curse. Those woman who the Prophet has cursed, or Allah has cursed in his book.

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They've had a very clear cut, say Buhari on number 700 number 5943. A similar message is given in say Muslim wire number five, howdy number 5573. Let it be Massoud may Allah be pleased with him. He said

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that may Allah curse, the woman that practices that doing and the woman that does tattooing on herself. So based on these two Hadith, both of them are in the same vein, in the Moto faculae, the highest category of a deed is a hadith which is available in favor of hiring. And famously, it is the highest category of say, it says very clearly that doing that doing, practicing that doing or having tattoo done on yourself, both the Hara.

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And Allah classifies people.

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tattooing means you take a needle,

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and you inject dye one of the prominent this way is that to take out blood and in place of the blood, you put a dye maybe blue color or any other color. This is called tattooing, but tattooing. If it is permanent, it's called tattooing. So anything which is permanent, we inject a dye and you put a color, whether it be blue color, red color, any color, and you make a design or whatever it is, and that dye becomes a permanent part of your skin. This type of permanent tattooing is haram in Islam.

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It's not permitted. But if it is done on a temporary basis, for example, use henna or you use Mehndi or any color which is temporary for a few days, then that is permissible, especially henna is permissible Mandy to do a design, as long as the design that you're doing with henna within the or any other temporary color. It is not against Islam, it should not be an image of an animal or a human be. As long as it doesn't break the rule of the Islamic Sharia. It's permitted but permanent method with a needle injecting dye or there are new methods. Now if it's permanent color, using any sort of design, if it's permanent, it is changing the creation of Allah subhanaw taala This is

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